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names-Ger-art - 7/27/94

"Early Germanic Names from Primary Sources" by Nicolaa de Bracton of Leicester

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This article was submitted to me by the author for inclusion in this set
of files, called Stefanšs Florilegium.

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Mark S. Harris
AKA: Stefan li Rous

Early Germanic Names from Primary Sources
by Nicolaa de Bracton of Leicester

The purpose of this article is to provide a hand-list of suitable
names for early Germanic personae. Surprise! Franks and Goths
("barbarians" to you uninitiated) had multi-syllabic names! To keep
the list short, I have used only two sources. Both are primary
sources and are acceptable for use in documentation. You will notice
I took my own former personal name (Rigunth) from one of them;
providing a photocopied page from the book (with the name circled) and
a bibliographic citation was deemed sufficient documentation to pass
that portion of my name.

You will notice that most Germanic names consist of two elements. It
is possible to form new names by combining elements from two names;
this is considered a cceptable for SCA practices, provided that you
can document both elements.

I have not provided page numbers; however, both books have an index
of all persons mentioned in the text.

Women's Names from Gregory of Tours' History of the Franks
(available in Penguin classics ) (Merovingian period, 5th-7th centuries)

Albofleda, Amalasuntha#, Audofleda, Audovera, Austrechild, Beretrude,
Berthefled, Berthefried, Berthegund, Brunhild, Chlodosind,
Chlothsinda, Clotild, Faileuba, Fredegunde, Galswinth, Goiswinth,
Ingitrude, Ingunde, Lanthechilde, Leubast, Leubovera, Magnatrude,
Marcatrude, Marcovefa, Radegund, Rigunth, Ultrogotha,Vuldretrada.

Men's names from Gregory of Tours: (a selection)

Ageric, Agiulf, Alaric#, Amalaric#, Andica, Ansovald, Authari*,
Aregisel, Arnegisel, Athanagild#, Athanaric#, Audovald, Austregisel,
Badegisel, Berthefried, Berthar^, Bertram, Bisinus^, Chararic,
Charibert, Childebert, Childeric, Chilperic, Chlodomer, Chramnesind,
Clovis, Dagobert, Dagaric, Eberulf, Ebregisel, Euric, Gararic,
Garivald, Godomar, Gunderic%, Gundobad, Gunthar, Guntram,
Herminafrid^, Hermangild#, Huneric%, Imnachar, Ingomer, Leudast,
Leuvigild#, Lothar, Magnachar, Magneric, Marachar, Merovech, Munderic,
Ragnachar, Rathar, Reccared*, Ricchar, Sichar, Sigeric, Sigibert,
Sigismund, Sunnegisil, Theoderic#, Theudebald, Theuderic,Thorismund#,
Vulfoliac#, Willichar
#-Gothic names *-Lombard names ^Thuringian names
%-Vandal names

Women's names from Two Lives of Charlemagne (also Penguin classics)
(Late Merovingian and Carolingian eras, 7th-9th centuries.)

Adaltrude, Adallinda, Bertrada, Fastrada, Gersvinda, Gisela, Gundrada,
Hildegarde, Hiltrude, Liutgarde, Madelgarde , Rosamund, Ruothilde,
Rothaide, Rotrude, Theoderada, Theodelinda

Men's names:
Adalbert, Bernard, Bero, Burchard, Carloman , Drogo, Engilbert,
Gerold , Grimald, Hartmut, Hildebald, Meginhard, Otker, Pepin,
Tassilo, Waltgaud, Werinbert

Note: All names on these lists were likely in use in Frankish
territories from 5th-9th centuries. Names of saints or names derived
from Latin were also in use.
These are by no means all possible names for this period.
Copyright 1994 by Susan Carroll-Clark, 53 Thorncliffe Park Dr. #611,
Toronto, Ontario M4H 1L1 CANADA. Permission granted for
republication in SCA-related publications, provided author is credited
and receives a copy.

If this article is reprinted in a publication, I would appreciate a notice in
the publication that you found this article in the Florilegium. I would also
appreciate an email to myself, so that I can track which articles are being
reprinted. Thanks. -Stefan.

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