Newcomer's Section

This is a collection of files that I have assembled from various sources since I first joined the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) in 1989. The information in these files comes from the Rialto newsgroup (, the old fidonet medieval echo conferance area, various mail lists and articles submitted to me by their authors.

Several types of files are available:

  • -msg    These files are composed of a variety of short messages from a variety of authors having a common subject .
  • -art  A stand-alone article written by a single author. Some are off of the networks while some were submitted to me by the author.
  • -bib   A bibliography of book and article titles on a single subject.
  • -FAQ   An article file that follows a Frequently Asked Questions format.
  • All text files are available in three formats, HTML, text and RTF. If the text and RTF formats are not mentioned explicitly in this index, they are available from within the HTML file.

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