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Volunteer-art - 1/3/11


"Volunteers in the SCA" by Mistress Jane Beaumont.


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Volunteers in the SCA

by Mistress Jane Beaumont


The SCA is a voluntary organization that is fun and if you are not careful it will teach you something.  You say, you are just here to have fun, not volunteer or learn anything.  Well I think, if you are going to close yourself off from the underlying structure of the SCA, you might not have much fun.


Volunteers are the life blood of the Society.  Without them, there would not be…anything. Volunteers run fighter practices, locate a venues, do the paperwork, bring water and loaner gear and instruct those who wish to learn the Martial Arts.


There must be volunteers before there are events.  Again someone must research and secure a venue, insure staff and place bids.  Then they communicate with other volunteers to populate a schedule and arrange for any special facilities needed.  The staff, ie. volunteers, plan the logistics of their area of command, be it feastcrat (breakfast, lunch, feast) or field marshal (heavy, light, melee). And there are hundreds of other tasks that require volunteers, that make events happen before you can just have fun.


Every event, every A&S night, every war, meeting, tourney, list, class, shire, barony and board meeting REQUIREs volunteers.  So go have fun, volunteer, it is fun.  Meet new people, make friends, discover new interests and learn new skills.  Start small, pick up some trash instead of stepping over it.  Offer to help carry a box someone is struggling with. I have a personal motto – To be served, you must serve.


Chivalry is at the core of our game and Chivalry is defined as qualities idealized by knighthood, such as bravery, courtesy, honor, and gallantry toward women.  These are qualities that go along with being a volunteer; a person who renders aid, performs a service or assumes an obligation of his own free will without consideration.  So you can just have fun, but you should consider why are you here, what did you want to get out of the SCA.


There is no fun to be had without volunteers.  If everyone works a little, no one has to work a lot. So lend a hand, offer to assist, have fun. VOLUNTEER!!!


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