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Getting-an-AoA-art - 6/22/98


"How to Get an AoA" by Gunnora Hallakarva.


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Subject: ANST - How to Get an AoA

Date: Fri, 12 Jun 98 13:42:17 MST

From: Gunnora Hallakarva <gunnora at bga.com>

[Gunnora's email is now: gunnora at vikinganswerlady.org -ed]

To: ansteorra at Ansteorra.ORG


"How to Get an AoA"

     by Gunnora Hallakarva


The AoA or Award of Arms is given for any number of reasons.  Usually it is

given to someone who has been playing consistently in the SCA for a year or

two, and showing a fair amount of effort on one or more fields of endeavor.


So, how to earn an AoA?  First, select a name and a persona, and begin

learning a little about the time and place you have selected.  And get

yourself a basic costume together.  Then become active in the SCA, in some

of the ways listed below:


If you are interested in fighting, become an active fighter.  Make armor

for yourself, and, if you are good at armormaking, volunteer to help others

withtheir armor.  Get authorized as a marshal and volunteer your services

at fighter practices and at those events which your local group holds, also

volunteer to marshall outside your group.  Help make tabards or sashes for

the marshals in your group.  Donate staffs to be used in marshalling.  Help

make water bottles for the waterbearers.  Volunteer as a waterbearer.

Volunteer to help the list mistress and learn how a tournament is run.

Volunteer to serve as list master/mistress yourself.


If you are interested in the arts, become an active artisan.  Learn about

period art forms and start practicing them.  Display your arts at local

events and at kingdom events.  Create items using your arts that will be

used for award regalia, or for regalia to enhance the period appearance of

your local group such as kneeling pillows, banners, pavillions, etc.  Find

out what events are upcoming, and what types of props are needed for those

events that you can make and contribute.  Practice your art and then donate

your creations to be used as prizes by your local group or by other kingdom

groups.  Donate your artwork to the Crown to be used as largesse.


If you are interested in service, pitch in and lend a hand wherever

possible.  Consider volunteering for a local office in your local group,

then serve conscientiously, turning in a good effort in your office.

Volunteer to help prepare for events, cooking feasts, building props for

events, sewing banners or garb or whatever else is needed. Volunteer at

events both local and when you travel - volunteer for gateguard, for server

at feasts, volunteer to help cook in the kitchen, help set up pavillions

and the listfield, help individuals set up their camps after you have set

up your own.  Learn the essentials of autocratting or feastocratting, and

see if an experienced autocrat or feastocrat will allow you to serve with

them as co-autocrat or co-feastocrat to help you learn. Once you have the

basics down, take a swing at autocratting or feastocratting on your own.


To earn an AoA, you basically become active in the SCA. The three areas of

suggestions that I've outlined above can help you get started, and you can

mix and match activities according to your means and your interests.


Gunnora Hallakarva



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