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Florilegium - (literally, "a gathering of flowers").  In medieval times, Florilegia were collections of choice tidbits (from Ovid, Aristotle, various popes, church scholars, etc) arranged topically. Typically, a florilegium is huge, encyclopedic, and contains only choice selections from particular works.

This is a listing of the SCA related files I have available as of the above date. The file sizes give a rough size of the files only. These numbers change because these files are constantly being added to and sometimes split when they become too big to be manageable. Each page is approximately 3K. The date beside each file name is the date it was last updated.


Please note: Those who have access to the World Wide Web can now read or download these files at: http://www.florilegium.org


                                          Mark S. Harris

                                          (512) 719-4489



NOTE: See also the file: updated-files for a list of the latest updated and new files in reverse chronological order.


My files currently consist of these sections:


Uncatalogued            Newcomer's Section    Accessories

Animals                 Archery               Archery-FAQ

Beverages               Celebrations          Children

Chivalry               Clothing              Combat

Combat-Rapier           Commerce              Crafts

Cultures                Dance                 Disabilities

Education               Entertainment         Equestrian

Feast-Reviews           Feasts                Food

Food-Books             Food-Breads-Grains    Food-By-Region

Food-Condiments         Food-Dairy            Food-Fruits

Food-Manuscripts        Food-Meats            Food-Sweets

Food-Utensils           Food-Vegetables       Heraldry

Home-Sweet-Home         Info-Sources          Life-Steps

Medieval-Life           Nicolaa's Articles    Norse

Pennsic                 People and Places     Performance Arts

Period-Thought         Personas              Personal Care

Plants, Herbs & Spices  Religion              SCA-Camping

SCA-Event-Planning     SCA-Inc               SCA Sociology

SCA Stories             Scribal Arts          Structures

Technology              Textile Arts          The-12th-Century

Time                    Travel                Weddings


beggers-msg       (14K)  4/17/97  Beggers in the SCA and period.

Black-Death-art   (12K)  1/ 1/03  "The Black Death in Italy!" by Marija Kotok.

cameras-msg       (44K)  3/17/08  Use of cameras in the SCA.

Ciphers-art       (12K)  1/23/09 "Ciphers: Enciphering and Deciphering period

                                                                           ciphers" by Seigneur Lucien de La Rochelle.

courts-msg        (74K)  9/ 9/06  How to manage courts, royal presence.

crime-punish-lnks (12K)  8/20/05  Links to medieval crime and punishment

                                     by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

cryptography-msg (23K) 12/20/99  Codes and codebreaking in period.

flirting-msg      (14K)  2/ 4/94  How to flirt, courteously and successfully.

Holy-Grail-art    (32K)  1/ 9/97 "The Origin of the Holy Grail" by Lord

                                                                         Xaviar the Eccentric.

humor-msg         (41K)  1/11/96  Period and SCA humor.

jokes-msg         (18K)  5/15/96  Period and SCA jokes.

LivHist-bib       (14K)  9/29/94  Bibliography on Living History.

LivHist-msg       (44K)  8/24/04  Living History groups

med-law-art       (23K)  1/16/95 Glossary of medieval legal terms by Ioseph.

movies-msg       (104K)  3/17/08  Reviews of medieval and ren. movies.

other-groups-msg  (60K)  7/ 6/00 Other groups similar to the SCA.

p-espionage-msg    (7K)  2/ 1/02  Period espionage and spying.

p-police-msg      (14K)  2/ 4/94  Period law enforcement.

p-slavery-msg     (10K)  6/ 5/08  Slavery in medieval Europe and Middle East.

Peer-Fear-art      (9K)  1/23/05  Two articles on "Peer Fear" and on

                                                                         "Associate Training". (humor)

poisons-art       (42K)  8/30/94  Medieval poisons and antidotes.

poisons-msg       (28K)  3/26/04  Medieval poisons.

punishments-msg   (35K)  2/18/15  Period tortures, executions and punishments.

SCA-dishes-art    (11K)  4/13/00 "A Guide to making the most out of the SCA

                                                                            and its members" by Kim Huett. (humor)

whips-msg         (22K)  2/26/08  Medieval whips. Construction and use.



4-newcomers-msg   (28K)  2/20/01  Comments directed at SCA newcomers.

Anno-Societat-art (3K)  3/ 2/14  "Common Questions: What is the Term Anno

                                   Societatis" by Kurios Halfdan 'Two Bears'


callig-beg-msg     (9K)  3/12/96  Hints for beginning calligraphers.

Chatelaine-art    (12K) 11/24/00  The care and feeding of newcomers by

                                                                          THLady Rayne Moyra O'Ciaragain

Children-SCA-art (10K)  5/ 5/13  "Children in the SCA: An Introduction for

                                     Newcomers" by Lady Genoveva von Lübeck.

clothing-4-nc-msg (12K) 11/28/10  Comments for newcomers on SCA clothing.

Choose-a-Name-art (12K) 10/ 3/09  "Choosing a Society Name: Hints for Newcomers"

                                                                          by Dietmar Reinhart von Straubing and

                                                                          Malachias von Morgenstern.

courtesy-msg      (32K)  1/19/96  Courtesy guidelines in the SCA and period.

                                                                          Hand-kissing and bowing.

crash-space-msg   (32K)  9/26/13  'crash-space etiquette' for both the traveler

                                                                          and the crash-space provider.

Define-Yr-Win-art  (4K) 10/ 6/13 "How do you define your win?" by THLord Ian

                                     the Green.

Do-not-Wear-art   (13K)  8/19/12 "SCA – What Not To Wear – Belts, Baldrics and

                                     Scarves, Oh My!" by Lord Ian the Green.

Earng-Your-AoA-art (6K)  4/18/02  "Earning your AoA in the SCA" by Lady

                                                                          Meliora Leuedai de Ardescote.

Easy-T-Tunics-art  (6K)  5/12/06  "Easy T-Tunics" by THL George Anne.

                                    Directions for making a simple T-tunic.

Evnt-Etiquete-art (19K)  7/21/13  "Event Etiquette" by Master Donal Mac


Fabric-Stores-art (8K)  8/22/06  "Don't Fear the Fabric Store" by THL Rosalyn


Feast-Basket-art   (7K) 10/18/00  "The Well-Tempered Feast Basket: a guide for

                                                                           newcomers" by Lady Jehanne de Huguenin.

Generic-Clths-art (24K) 10/ 2/11  "Generic Clothes - Tunic, Skirt, Shirt, and

                                                                          Pants" by Caitlin nic Raighne.

Generic-Pants-art (5K)  9/24/12  "Generic Pants" by Caitlin nic Raighne.

Getting-an-AoA-art (9K)  6/22/98  "How to Get an AoA" by Gunnora Hallakarva.


Hand-Kissing-art   (8K)  1/20/11  "Ioseph of Locksley's Handy Guide to Cavalier


How-2-get-2do-art (12K)  4/23/11  "How to get to do things in the SCA" by

                                                                           Duchess Willow de Wisp, OL, OP, OR.

How-to-Behave-art (12K)  6/10/01  "How to Behave in these Current Middle Ages"

                                                                          by Lady Meliora Leuedai de Ardescote.

Houses-Guilds-art (8K)  6/19/12  "On Households, Guilds etc in the SCA"

                                     by Lord Ian the Green.

intro-books-msg   (36K)  6/ 8/99  Recommended books on the Middle Ages and


Jena-Estrella-art (16K) 10/31/10  "A report about Jenna's trip to the Estrella

                                                                          War" by Baroness Jenna of SouthWind, OP.

KW-Handbook-msg   (12K) 11/25/10  Comments about the Known World Handbook.

names-FAQ         (14K)  5/ 8/96  Choosing and registering names in the SCA.

newcomers-lnks    (15K)  4/20/05  Links for newcomers to the SCA

                                                                           by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

newcomers-msg     (60K) 10/13/11  How to make newcomers to your group

                                                                         comfortable. Integrating newcomers.


No-Ck-Potluck-art (7K)  4/25/15  "No Cook Potluck Contributions for the

                             Culinary Inept and Others" by HL Rycheza z Polska.

No-Cook-PotLk-art (6K)  5/15/14  "Period Potluck Contributions That Require No

                                    Cooking" by HL Eulalia de Ravenfeld.

On-Personae-art    (8K)  9/ 5/03  "On-Personae" by Baron Hrolf Herjolfssen OP.

                                                                         An overview of personas in the SCA.

Othr-Newcomrs-art (16K)  2/23/03  "The 'Other' Newcomers" by Lady Wilhelmina

                                                                         Catharin de Rochelle. For SCA folks

                                                                         moving from one group to another.

Period-Names-art  (14K) 12/15/14  "Picking Out A Period Name in the SCA" by

                                    Wulfhere of Eofeshamme, Amlesmore Herald.

Persna-Devlop-art (12K)  1/26/11  "Some Thoughts on Persona Development" by

                                                                         Domna Liutgard of Luxeuil (O.L.)

Persona-101-art    (8K)  4/19/08  "Persona 101" by L. Kyleena of the

                                                                         Ansteorran Rom.

Persona-4-NC-art   (6K)  4/ 2/13 "Persona, do I need one?
" by Lady Alison


SCA-Awards-art    (12K)  7/15/12  "AoA’s, Barons, and Laurels: 
Who’s who in the

" by Lady Alison Wodehalle.

SCA-courtesy-art (14K)  5/22/96  Courtesy guidelines by Ioseph of Locksley.

SCA-courts-nc-msg (21K)  5/30/01  Comments and about SCA Courts for newcomers.

SCA-Feasts-art    (16K)  3/10/12  "Orts It All About, Alfred? - (Attending your

                                    first year or two of SCA Feasts)" by Lady

                                    Caterina della Pieri.

SCA-Housholds-art (10K)  8/31/09  "Introduction to SCA Households" by Maistor

                                                                          Justinos Tekton called Justin.

SCA-intro-art     (20K)  2/21/00  "Life in the Current Middle Ages",

                                                                          An Introduction to the SCA.

SCA-Personas-art  (16K)  6/ 9/01  "On Choosing a Name and a Persona; A Quick

                                                                          and Dirty Guide" by Ld. Daniel Raoul Le

                                                                          Vascon du Navarreí.

SCA-Rialto-FAQ    (51K)  6/ 2/00  SCA FAQ list from the Rialto (rec.org.sca).

SCA-trans-msg     (18K)  1/ 4/96  How to handle the move from one group to

                                                                         another. For the people in the group too.

Thrifty-Anach-art (29K)  6/29/10  "The Thrifty Anachronist: The Handbook" by

                                                                         Lady Mathilda Harper. Thrift stores for

                                                                        inexpensive SCA clothing.

Volunteer-art      (4K)  1/ 3/11  "Volunteers in the SCA" by Mistress Jane


Why-Reg-A-Nme-art  (8K)  5/11/14 "Why Register a Name in The SCA?" by

                                     Wulfhere of Eofeshamme.

Y-Join-th-SCA-art (10K)  2/ 5/02  "Why You Should Join SCA, Inc.?"

                                                                          by Meg Baron.

Your-1st-Evnt-art (16K)  7/15/12 "Going to your 1st Event"

                                     by Lady Alison Wodehalle.



13C-W-Headger-art (12K)  7/ 2/15  "13th Century Women's Headgear" by Lady

                                    Rosalie Langmod of Calontir.

2-Norse-Hoods-art (6K)  6/18/15  "Skjoldehamn Hoods" by THL Ceara Shionnach.

amber-msg         (17K)  5/ 2/01  Period use of amber. What it is. How to buy.

bags-baskets-msg  (16K) 12/ 1/11 Items for carrying things in.

beads-msg         (53K)  7/29/10 Necklaces, beads.

belts-msg         (44K)  7/24/11  Medieval and SCA belts and baldrics.

body-piercngs-msg (4K) 11/27/05  Body piercings, other than for ear rings.

brooches-lnks      (8K)  4/ 2/05  Links to medieval Chatelaines and Brooches

                                                                          by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

chasity-belts-msg (14K)  9/12/97  Chasity belts in the Middle Ages.

chain-o-estat-msg (12K)  4/11/15  Chain of Estate. A heavy chain of flat links

                                    worn about the shoulders.

Cloth-Circlet-art (7K)  3/18/14  Creating a 12th - 15th century cloth circlet

                                    by Murienne de Corbeau.

combs-info-art    (16K) 12/35/02  Source material for medieval combs and how

                                                                         to make them by Master Magnus Malleus.

coronets-msg      (58K)  1/ 5/15  Medieval coronets and crowns. Modern sources

Diamonds-art       (6K)  1/22/10  "Diamonds - Rare and Precious"

                                                                          by Lady Rutilia Fausta.

ear-rings-msg      (8K)  7/12/02  Medieval ear rings. Men's and women's.

E-Period-Hats-art (6K)  3/ 2/14  "Early Period Hats" by Kurios Halfdan 'Two

                                    Bears' Ôzurrson.

Emeralds-art       (8K)  3/27/10  "Emeralds Throughout History" by

                                                                         Lady Rutilia Fausta.

fans-msg           (5K)  6/ 9/04  Use of folding fans in period.

favors-msg        (97K)  9/ 6/14  On the making and giving of favors.

feathers-msg      (20K)  3/20/03  Period uses of feathers. Feather sources.

finger-rings-lnks (10K) 12/18/04  Links to information on medieval finger

                                                                          rings by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

finger-rings-msg (23K)  7/10/02  Medieval finger rings.

gem-sources-msg   (16K)  9/26/08  Sources for real and artificial gemstones.

gloves-msg        (36K)  2/ 2/14  Gloves and Muffs. Making gloves. References.

glovs-mittns-lnks (8K)  9/27/05  links to info on medieval gloves and mittens

                                     by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

Goffered-Veil-art (4K)  3/12/15  "Making a Goffered Veil" by Lady Elizabeth


hand-muffs-msg     (8K)  2/ 3/12  Period hand muffs. Hand warmers.

hds-liripipes-msg (20K)  5/14/10  Medieval hoods and liripipes. Patterns.

hnd-fan-hist-art   (8K)  8/17/07 "A Brief History of the Hand Fan"                                                                                                                 

                                                                          by Lady Drueta de la Rosa.

hnd-fan-cnst-art   (6K) 11/16/07  "Constructing an Ostrich Feather Fan"

                                                                          by Lady Drueta de la Rosa.

headgear-msg     (114K)  2/ 5/08  Hats, veils and other headgear.

Irsh-Onion-Ht-art (11K)  6/ 4/15  "16th c Irish 'Onion Hat'" by THL Ceara


jewelry-msg       (94K)  9/29/14  Medieval jewelry. Jewelry sources.

jewlry-storag-msg  (7K)  6/19/05  Jewelry storage in period and the SCA.

jwlry-sup-lws-art (8K)  1/ 2/10  "Period Sumptuary Laws" by Lady Rutilia Fausta

Kolpac-art         (9K)  2/21/15  "How to Make a Kolpac" by Pan Zygmunt

                                    Nadratowski. A Slavic male hat.

Ldys-Headgear-art (10K) 11/18/14  "Seemly and Fashionable head-dress for the

                                    Lady of the Middle-age" by Lady Helouys le


Liripipe-Hood-art (16K) 12/18/10  "A Liripipe Hood" by Lady AElfgifu of the Glen

Making-Hoods-art   (7K)  3/27/14 "Thoughts on the Making of Hoods" by

                                     Varakreivitar Kareina Talvi Tytdr, OL.

netting-msg        (8K)  5/26/08 Netting for hairnets, snoods, fishnets,


On-Favors-art     (18K)  5/ 7/99  "On Favors" by Donal Mac Ruiseart.

p-favors-art      (14K)  9/21/94  Article on period favors by Ray Lischner.

pearls-msg        (26K)  3/26/08 Period pearls. Use in jewelry and elsewhere.

Pearls-Law-art     (6K)  4/17/02  "Pearls - An Example Sumptuary Law"

                                                                         by Lord Anton de Stoc.

pouches-msg       (18K)   11/16/08 Medieval pouches, purses and bags.

Rubies-Spphrs-art  (8K)  2/18/10 "Rubies and Sapphires" by Lady Rutilia Fausta.

Russian-Tffia-art (12K)  1/25/15  "Russian 16th Century Men's Taffia (Skull

                                    cap)" by Baroness Anastasia Alexandrovana

                                    Andreeva (OL).

SCA-Bling-art     (29K)  3/27/13  "SCA Bling on a Budget, or Trolling for

                                    Treasure" by Ld. Daniel Basques du Pau.

Semi-Pre-Gems-art (8K)  8/27/13  "Semi-Precious Gems in Period" by Lady

                                    Rutilia Fausta.

Signet-Rings-art (38K)  8/ 4/06  "A Brief Historical Summery of Signet Rings"

                                                                          by Lord Gustav Minnesinger.

Simple-Wimple-art (8K)  2/23/12  "How to make a simple medieval wimple"

                                    by Lady Wenyeva atte grene

snoods-cauls-msg (21K) 12/27/01  Period snoods (netting) and cauls (cloth).

turbans-msg       (13K)  6/10/04  Medieval turbans. Wrapping turbans.

umbrellas-msg      (9K)  6/17/97  Period and SCA umbrellas. For sun and rain.

veils-msg         (20K)  1/31/12  Period veils. How to wear them.

Viking-Beads-art   (8K)  3/ 5/10 "Viking Beads" by Lady Sileas ni Dhomhnaill of


wearng-cornts-msg (10K)  9/12/07  Wearing coronets at SCA events.



Angling-art       (24K)  8/24/01  "A Historic Look at the Sport of Angling" by

                              Creador TwineDragon. Pennsic 26 class.

Angora-Rabits-art (39K)  3/18/14  "The Angora Rabbit" by Mistress Cassandra

                                    di Capalletti

animal-prices-msg (9K)  3/27/00  Animal prices and worth in period.

Aviculture-art    (22K)  4/27/15  "Aviculture in the Middle Ages and the Current

                                    Middle Ages" by Lady Biya Sama Fujin.

bees-Markham-art (13K)  7/17/05  A translation by Baroness Morgan of Anglesey          

                                     of the section on bees and beekeeping in                                                                                         

                              one of Gervase Markham's books.

bees-msg          (66K) 12/17/10  Period beekeeping.

Beekeeping-AS-art (20K)  1/ 2/09 "Beekeeping in Anglo-Saxon/Norman England"

                              by Baroness Morgan of Anglesey.

Bestiaries-lnks   (14K) 10/ 5/04  Links to on medieval bestiaries by Dame

                              Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

bestiaries-msg    (21K)  5/25/13  Medieval bestiaries and modern sources.

The-Bestiary-art   (8K)  4/29/12  "A Brief Overview of Bestiary" by Lady

                                    Katharine of Caithness.

B-H-Cheviot-art   (16K)  2/27/03  "The Brecknock Hill Cheviot - A Shepherds

                                                                         Investigation" by Blacksheep.

British-Sheep-art (12K)  3/ 1/12  "A History of Sheep Breeds in Britain" by

                                    Maistreas Siobhan nic Dhuinnshleibhe, OL

butchering-msg    (56K)  1/ 9/08  Overview of butchering livestock and game.

butch-goat-art    (16K)  7/14/98 "Butchering a Live Goat, for (and by)

                                                                         Beginners" by Charles McCathieNevile.

cattle-msg        (49K)  3/ 3/11  Period cattle and cattle raising.

cats-msg          (14K)  1/ 2/97  The housecat in medieval times.

Cats-n-the-MA-art (6K) 10/18/00  "Cats in the Middle Ages"

                                                                         by Sister Mairi Jean.

coursing-SCA-msg   (8K)  6/29/03  Coursing dogs in the SCA.

Dog-Barding-art   (13K)  6/27/15  "Dog Barding" by Fortune Stykewynd.

dogs-msg          (82K) 12/19/10  Dogs. Barding for dogs. dog collars.

dogs-lnks         (16K) 11/ 2/03  Medieval dog links by Dame Aoife Finn.

medieval-dogs-art (20K)  9/ 1/07  "Introduction to Dogs in Our Period"

                                                                         by Pavla de la Satu Mare.

falconry-msg      (35K)  9/25/04  Keeping and flying birds of prey.

falcons-hwks-lnks (14K) 10/ 9/05  Links to info on medieval hunting with hawks

                                                                         and falcons by Dame Aoife Finn.

p-falconry-bib    (14K)  5/14/96  Biblio. of period falconry texts.

Featherd-Gold-art (4K)  7/ 7/01  "Feathered Gold, Golden Feathers"

                                                                         by Ld. Daniel Raoul le Vascon.

Ferret-Basket-art (9K)  1/ 2/99  "Constructing a Ferret's Basket for Rabbit

                                                                         Hunting" by Pamela Hewitt, the Harper.

Ferrets-Hunt-art (17K)  1/ 3/99  "Rabbit Hunting with Ferrets"

                                                                          by Pamela Hewitt, the Harper.

Ferets-Genets-art (14K)  1/ 4/99  "White Ferrets, Genets, Virgins And

                                                                         Unicorns" by Pamela Hewitt, the Harper.

ferrets-msg       (61K)  8/19/10  Ferrets in the SCA and Middle Ages.

fish-cleaning-art (10K)  4/29/06  "Amra's Capsule of Cleaning, For Freshwater

                                                                                      Fish, Intended for Beginners" by Amra.

fishing-msg       (33K) 12/26/09  Medieval fishing. Fish ponds.

fowls-a-birds-msg(120K)  5/10/11 Period fowls and birds. Period Chickens.

gargoyles-msg      (9K)  2/ 6/95 Animal statues and drainspouts.

Guinefort-art     (16K)  8/30/06 "Guinefort: The Sainted Dog of France" by

                                                                           Mevanwy verch Tuder de Courtecadeno.

goats-msg          (7K)  2/ 2/14 Period goats and how they were used.

hedgehogs-msg     (12K)  2/ 7/12  Hedgehogs in medieval Europe and in heraldry.

hounds-lnks        (8K)  3/ 4/05  Links to information on medieval hound dogs

hunting-msg       (25K)  5/17/10  Medieval hunting.

livestock-msg     (68K) 12/24/05  Medieval livestock. Pigs, cattle, sheep.

med-fishing-lnks  (14K)  4/ 3/05  Links to information on medieval fishing

                                     by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

mice-msg          (14K) 10/ 6/97  Medieval mice. dormice.

p-animals-bib     (24K)  7/24/00 Biblio. on period animals by Thomas Gloning.

p-gme-animals-msg (5K) 10/10/01  Period game animals. Elk, deer, boar.

p-pigs-msg        (38K)  1/15/07  Medieval pigs. Differences from modern pigs.

p-thts-animls-msg (18K)  9/ 8/13  Period thoughts on and behavior to animals.

Pest-Control-art (32K)  5/16/97  "Medieval Household Pest Control"

pets-msg          (36K) 12/30/99  Pets at SCA events.

pig-to-sausag-art (17K)  8/31/98  From pig to sausage by Mordonna Dubois.  

rabbits-msg       (22K)  8/20/09  Medieval rabbits. As pets and food.

Shep-Wol-Hst-art  (11K)  7/27/13  "Sheep and Their Wool Throughout History" by

                                    Maistreas Siobhan nic Dhuinnshleibhe, OL.

sheep-lambs-msg   (38K) 12/24/06  Medieval sheep and lambs. Breeds.

The-Sheep-art      (8K) 10/30/02  "The Sheep That Changed the Face of Art and

                                                                         History" by Blacksheep.

whales-msg         (7K)  1/10/02  Hunting and use of whales in period.

Zoomorphics-art   (13K)  3/ 2/99  "Zoomorphics In Celtic Irish Illumination"

                                                                         by Pamela Hewitt, the Harper.



16C-Arrow-Bag-art (4K) 11/30/13  "16th Century Arrow Bag" by Seamus


Arch-H-Gntlet-art (4K) 12/23/13  "Archer's Half Gauntlet" by The Honorable

                                    Lord Jochen Schwalbe.

arch-shoots-msg   (42K)  5/25/97  Different types of archery shoots.

arch-supplies-msg (28K) 10/ 8/11  Archery supplies and merchants.

archery-books-msg (10K)  5/ 9/09 Books on archery. Book reviews.

archery-SCA-msg   (32K)  1/ 2/96  Archery rules in the SCA. Archery ranks.

archery-msg       (74K)  5/20/10  Modern traditional archery. Techniques.

archr-defense-art (6K)  2/16/08  "Defensive Combat Archery Techniques" by Sir

                                                                          Jon Fitz-Rauf, R.C.A., R.C.Y.

Arrow-Inspect-art (6K) 11/ 3/02  "Combat Arrow and Bolt Inspection

                                                                         Guidelines" by Sir Jon Fitz-Rauf.

Arrow-Matchng-art (12K)  8/ 4/02  "Precision Arrow Matching"

                                                                         by Sir Jon Fitz-Rauf, R.C.A., R.C.Y.

Arrow-Making-art   (8K) 11/ 9/14  "Make Your Own Arrows" by The Honorable

                                    Christophe of Grey.

arrows-msg        (70K) 10/ 2/10  Period arrows, making arrows. quarrels.

Arrows-w-Flair-art(18K) 2/13/15  "Target Arrows with Medieval Features for

                                    Tournament Shooting" by Lord Mungo Napier.

Back-Quivers-art   (7K)  5/27/15  "The Existance of Back Quivers in the Middle

                                    Ages" by Baroness of the Court Moira nic

                                    Connell the Strongbow.

Bow-a-Buckler-art (6K)  2/14/08  "Bow and Buckler Competition" by Sir Jon

                                                                         Fitz-Rauf, R.C.A., R.C.Y.

bow-making-msg    (62K)  1/10/08  Making archery bows.

Bow-Tuning-art    (15K)  1/25/15  "Simple Bow Tuning for Novice Archers"

                                    by Lord Mungo Napier.

bowstrings-msg    (12K)  7/ 3/11  Medieval bowstrings. Making bowstrings.

Buyng-Usd-Bow-art (5K)  8/ 8/14  "Buying a Used Bow" by The Honorable

                                    Christophe of Grey.

C-A-Basics-art     (8K) 11/18/07  "Some Combat Archery Basics" by Sir Jon      

                                                                         Fitz-Rauf, R.C.A., R.C.Y.

C-A-Handbook-art (108K) 10/29/96  Sir Jon's Combat Archery Handbook.

CA-Hunt-Tips-art (10K)  9/10/98  "Hunting Tips for Combat Archers" by Octavia

c-archery-msg     (44K)  9/ 6/14  Combat archery in the SCA.

Crane-Beaks-art   (17K)  5/ 9/01  "Crane Beaks - Markland-Type

                                                                         Arrowheads That Can Be Reused" by


Crossbow-Care-art (25K)  9/25/10  "Care and Feeding of a Medieval Crossbow" by

                                                                         Lord Siegfried Sebastian Faust.

crossbows-lnks      (10K) 5/ 4/04  links to information on medieval crossbows

                                     by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

crossbows-msg     (36K)  1/31/12  Period and SCA crossbows.

Encourag-Arch-art (12K)  3/18/08 "Some Ideas on Encouraging Archery

                                                                        Participation" by Sir Jon Fitz-Rauf.

fiber-blunts-art (27K)  4/21/97  "Experimental Fiberglass Shafts and Plastic              

                                                                         Cored Blunts" by Sir Jon Fitz-Rauf.

Get-n-Shape-art    (8K)  1/29/15  "Getting in Shape For Archery" by The

                                    Honorable Christophe of Grey.

Hbow-vs-Xbow-art   (5K)  5/19/14  "Handbow vs. Crossbow" by The Honorable

                                    Christophe of Grey.

Iolos-book-rev    (14K)  1/10/97  Reviews of "Iolo's First Book of Crossbows".

IKAC-pd-msg       (14K) 10/11/94  Rules of new IKAC period division.

LB-Efficacy-art   (20K)  4/18/15  "The Efficacy of the Longbow during the Middle

                                    Ages" by HL Christophe of Grey.

merch-archery-msg (25K)  5/23/10  Merchants selling archery equipment.

P-Arch-Target-art (14K) 11/13/08  "A Period Archery Target for the SCA"

                                    by Sir Jon Fitz-Rauf OL, OP.

p-archery-msg     (49K)  5/ 7/14  Period archery and equipment.

quivers-msg       (18K)  4/14/00  Period and SCA quivers.

rtn-bow-cnst-art  (27K)  1/14/97 "How to make a rattan bow" by Jorgen Jonsson

royrnd            (14K)  1/24/95  Rules for Royal Round. (Atenveldt).

Scotsh-Archrs-art (28K)  6/ 3/12  "Scottish Archers? Really?"

                                    by Lord Mungo Napier.

Siloflx-Nocks-art (9K)  5/15/14  "How to Build and Install a Siloflex Nock" by

                                    THLady Ingilborg Sigmundardottir of Caid.

T-Arch-Child-art (10K)  9/ 9/98  "Teaching Archery to Children"

                                                                          by Master Magnus Malleus

Trgt-les-Prac-art (12K)  1/12/08  "Target-less Practice" by Sir Jon Fitz-Rauf.

Triangle-Targ-art (5K)  9/23/12  "The Triangle or Fitz-Rauf Target" by Sir Jon

                                    Fitz-Rauf, R.C.A., R.C.Y.

Trubl-Shootng-art (5K) 11/24/14  "Trouble Shooting" by The Honorable Christophe

                                    of Grey.

Turksh-Flight-art (16K)  3/30/15  "Turkish Flight Archery with Notes on the

                                    Construction of Flight Arrows" by Magister

                                    Arion the Wanderer, OL.

SCA-T-Archery-art (5K)  4/26/14  "Getting Into SCA Target Archery" by Christophe of


War-Archry-SS-art (70K)  9/11/10  "War Archery and Social Status" by Sir Jon

                                                                          Fitz-Rauf, R.C.A., R.C.Y.

Winners-Choic-art (8K)  1/15/08  "Winner's Choice" by Sir Jon Fitz-Rauf.


ARCHERY-FAQ  Selected FAQs on archery topics.

archery-FAQ        (9K) 12/ 4/96    Intro. and T. of C. for Archery FAQs.

arch-books-FAQ    (32K)  1/ 9/97    List and reviews of books on archery.

arch-hist-FAQ     (36K) 12/ 5/96    History of archery.

arrow-making-FAQ  (23K)  3/24/97    Making arrows.

clout-shoot-FAQ   (14K) 12/ 4/96    Clout shooting in and outside the SCA.

construct-FAQ     (50K) 12/13/96    Construction of self bows and longbows.

crossbow-FAQ      (54K)  9/ 6/96    Crossbow history, definitions, construction.

serving-FAQ        (9K) 12/ 5/96    Repairing and replacing your bowstring


string-mak-FAQ    (41K) 12/ 6/96    Making and serving your own bowstring.

WB-tuning-FAQ     (27K)  3/27/97    Walk-back tuning of bows.



12-Step-Mead-art (16K)  6/15/08    "The Twelve Step Method to Making Mead"

                                                                              by Master Rurik Petrovitch Stoianov.

13thC-Mead-art    (10K) 12/ 3/08    "Mead, using a 13th/14th century English

                                                                              manuscript" by Master Rhys Terafan


absinthe-msg      (14K)  5/21/06 A cordial made with wormwood.

ale-msg           (74K)  3/30/10 Medieval ale.

Ale-a-Beer-lnks   (13K)  5/27/05  Links to info on medieval ales and beers

                                     by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

Apricot-Crdal-art (12K)  6/30/00  "Apricot Cardamom Cordial"

                                                                          by Constance de LaRose.

Atholl-Brose-art   (8K)  5/ 9/08  "Atholl Brose" by Mistress Morgana yr Oerfa.

barley-water-msg (46K)  3/ 4/08  Period barley water. A non-alcoholic drink.

Basic-Beer-art     (8K) 10/30/08  "The Basics of Beer Making"

                                                                         by THL George Anne.

beer-msg         (119K)  3/30/10  Making beer, period beer and ale. Hops.

beverages-msg    (112K)  3/ 4/08  Beverages in general. alcoholic drinks.

beverages-NA-msg (106K)  6/25/09  Non-alcoholic beverages.

bev-distilled-msg(142K) 10/25/09  Medieval distilled beverages. Distilling.

Bev-f-Hot-Day-art (12K)  9/26/08  "Medieval Beverages for a Hot Day"

                                                                          by Mistress Euriol of Lothian, O.P.

bev-labels-art    (10K)  6/15/08  "How to Make Labels (and What to Put on

                                                                          Them)" by Freiherr Johann von

                                                                          Drachenfels, OL, OP.

bev-water-msg     (35K) 10/ 7/14  Water as a beverage in period.

Bottle-Labels-art (8K) 10/27/10  "'Labels? We don't need no stinking labels.'

                                                                         Yes you do!" by HL Rory McGowen.

brewing-msg       (85K)  3/ 2/13  General brewing info and sources.

caudles-art       (12K) 11/21/97  A medieval drink of warm wine or beer

                                                                        thickened with eggs by Tibor.

caudls-posets-msg (33K)  9/ 7/10  Caudles and Possets. Thickened beverages.

Chocolat-Mead-art  (8K) 11/ 6/11 "Chocolate Mead aka Liquid Sex Mead" by Lord

                                                                         Rhys, Capten gen y Arian Lloer.

cider-art         (23K)  1/31/95  Article on brewing ciders.

cider-msg        (111K)  1/ 1/11  Apple and other ciders. Cider presses.

Clarea-d-Agua-art (12K)  1/ 7/01 "Period drinks - Spiced Wines and Sweet

                                                                          Waters" by Vicente Coenca.

coffee-msg       (119K)  5/14/10  Coffee and coffee-type drinks.

Cordials-art      (24K)  6/24/12  "Cordials, Brewing, and Vinting using herbs

                                    and spices" by Lord William Ismeade

cordials-msg     (160K)  3/ 3/13  Period cordials and liqueurs. SCA creations.

drink-choc-Sp-art (10K)  7/ 5/08  "Tablets of Drinking Chocolate in the

                                                                         Spanish Style" by Lady Elinor Strangewayes.

Eiswein-msg       (11K) 10/ 1/04  Wine made from grapes left on the vine until

                                                                         after the first frost.

fresh-juices-msg   (8K) 11/17/07  Evidence for fresh fruit juices being used

                                                                          in period for drinking and for cooking.

fruit-wines-msg   (26K) 12/10/09  Non-grape fruit wines.

Hist-o-Coffee-art (8K)  2/20/15  "The History of Coffee" by TH Lady Miriam

                                    bat Shimeon.

Hist-o-Eggnog-art (5K)  2/ 2/15  "History of Eggnog" by Nanna Rognvaldardottir

                                    of Iceland.

Hist-of-Mead-art (74K)  3/31/08  "A Brief History of Mead" by Sorcha Prechan.

infusions-msg     (54K)  3/ 4/08  Period infusions. Herbal "teas". Barley tea.

I-Guid-Brewng-art (32K)  6/12/11 "Intermediate Guide to Brewing"

                                                                         by HL Rory McGowen.

jalabs-msg        (94K)  4/22/08  Drinks with a sugar or honey-syrup base such

                                                                          as Sekanjabin (Persian Mint Drink).

Kiwi-cordial-art (10K)  6/23/00  "Prickly Gooseberry, Mango, Cardamom,

                                                                          Cordial" by Constance de LaRose.

Kumiss-How-To-art (17K)  5/ 3/15  "Kumiss - A Practical Fermentation Guide" by

                                    Baron Drake Morgan, OL.

kumiss-msg        (70K)  1/18/08  Mongol drink made from mare's milk.

kvass-msg         (78K) 12/13/13 Russian drink made from bread or grains.

lea-bottles-bib   (20K)  1/19/03 Leather bottle bibliography

                                                                          by Master Magnus Malleus, OL.

lea-bottles-msg   (38K)  2/ 2/00  Leather bottles and jacks. Making them.

Malthouse-art     (22K)  4/ 9/15  "The Malt House and the Making of Malt" by

                               Mistress Lina von Wissen (Thorgrimsdottir) O.L.

Mead-Mkng-Tps-art (9K)  6/23/05  "Mead Making Tips" by Byron Whited.

mead-msg         (178K)  5/24/13  Making mead. Honey based alcoholic beverage.

meadery-list-msg  (26K)  4/ 4/02  Lists and reviews of commercial meaderies.

Med-Chocolate-art  (5K)  3/19/15 "The History of Chocolate" by TH Lady

                                     Miriam bat Shimeon.

N-Guid-Brewng-art (33K) 12/27/10 "Yet Another Newbie Guide to Brewing"

                                                                          by HL Rory McGowen.

Non-Alco-Bevs-art (16K)  4/ 1/11  "Non Alcoholic Beverages of the Middle Ages"

                                                                         by HL Rory McGowen.

Non-Alco-Drks-art (18K)  6/17/08  "Non-Alcoholic Drinks in Period" by Count  

                                                                         Gunthar Jonsson, OL, KSCA.

Orng-Lmn-drks-art (10K)  4/11/07  "Orange and Lemon Drinks of Summer"

                                                                         by THL Johnnae llyn Lewis, CE.

p-bottles-msg     (20K)  9/12/01  Period beverage bottles and stoppers.

p-toasting-msg    (30K)  4/30/06  Toasting customs in period. References.

Peach-Brandy-art (12K) 10/25/01  "Peach Coriander Brandy" by Lady Constance

                                                                         de LaRose.

perry-msg         (12K)  1/12/12  A cider made with pear juice.

Sekanjabin-art     (7K)  7/ 7/13  "Sekanjabin & Oxymel: The Basics" by Lady

                                    Murienne l'aloiere.

small-beer-msg    (20K) 10/28/06  A weakly alcoholic beer made using the grain

                                                                         from a previous batch of beer

spiced-wine-msg   (58K)  9/17/12  Spiced wines. Hippocras. Recipes.

tea-msg           (20K)  2/ 6/11  Tea, cha. When it appeared in Europe.

The-Egg-Test-art (19K)  3/29/14  "The Egg Test for Period Brewers and Mead

                                    Makers" by Mistress Roheisa le Sarjent.

Vintng-Harvst-art (24K)  4/ 5/09 "A Vineyard Experiment" by Baron Damon


Vintng-Tools-art (10K)  4/20/09  "A Vineyard Experiment - Appendix 1: A

                                                                          closer look at some period tools of the

                                                                          trade" by Baron Damon Hroarsson.

Vintng-Proces-art (30K)  4/12/09  "A Vineyard Experiment - Appendix 2:

                                                                          Winemaking, a personal experience." by

                                                                          Baron Damon Hroarsson.

Vodka-art          (5K) 10/18/06  "Vodka-The Little Water of Life"

                                                                         by Marija Kotok.

Warm-Beere-art     (6K)  7/23/09  "An aside― on Beer and English Customs"

                                                                         by THL Johnnae llyn Lewis.

wassail-msg       (26K)  2/10/07  Spiced cider and ale drinks. Traditions.

wine-msg         (147K)  7/20/10  Medieval wines.



5x8-Doc-art       (19K)  2/17/99  "5x8 Documentation Is All It Takes: How to              

                                                                          Write Documentation for A&S Entries" by

                                                                          Gunnora Hallakarva.

12th-nite-msg      (9K)  1/29/01  12th Night celebrations.

AS-compet-msg     (48K) 12/ 1/08  A&S Competitions. Example rules and comments

                                                                         on judging them.

AS-classes-lst    (59K)  9/27/99  Lists of A&S classes held at past events.

AS-classes-msg    (16K)  5/28/98  Comments on various A&S classes.

AS-cont-docu-msg (48K)  1/25/01  Documentation suggestions for A&S contests.

AS-events-msg     (23K)  1/12/96  A&S events in the SCA.

AS-Fd-Entry-art   (12K)  3/ 4/12  "Apple tart from Rumpolt - birth of an A&S

                                     entry" by Mistress Catrin von Berlin OL.

                                     (known as Gwen Cat)

AS-food-msg       (40K)  2/ 6/08 Displaying food items at A&S events.

AS-ideas-msg       (9K)  6/15/92  Thoughts and ideas on SCA Arts & Sciences.

Autmn-Holidys-art (12K)  5/31/07  "Autumn Moons and Holidays" by

                                                                         THL Johnnae llyn Lewis.

Candlemas-msg      (9K)  7/25/00  Candlemas celebrations.

Ceilidh-art        (8K)  6/11/12  A dog's viewpoint of the 2012 "Ceilidh" event

                                    by Baroness Jenna of Southwind's pack.

cookg-classes-msg (20K)  9/28/09  Teaching and running cooking classes.

cookg-compet-msg  (38K) 12/ 1/08  SCA cooking competitions.

Coron-Artem-art   (15K)  3/16/98  Coronation ceremony of Artemisia's 2nd crown

coronations-msg    (3K)  2/ 8/02 Period and SCA coronations. References.

Documentation-art (12K)  8/22/04 "Documentation - a Quick and Painless Guide"

                                                                          by Ld. Daniel Raoul le Vascon.

Doc-n-Obitury-art (18K) 10/21/08  "Documentation is not an Obituary" by Master

                                                                          Rhys Terafan Greydragon.

DV-Bld-o-Hros-art (12K)  3/13/11  A dog's viewpoint of the 1999 Grimfells "Blood

                                                                           of Heros" event in Calontir, by Baroness

                                                                          Jenna of Southwind.

Estrella-msg      (26K)  6/19/08  The Estrella War, near Phoenix, AZ.

Estrella-War-art   (5K)  2/15/01 "Surviving Estrella War" by Mordonna DuBois.

fairs-msg          (8K) 10/ 2/10  Medieval fairs. Trade fairs. SCA events.

fight-prac-msg    (14K)  1/22/96  SCA fighter practices.

Grimfells-Ren-art  (8K) 12/31/10 A dog's viewpoint of the 2009 Grimfells

                                                                           Renasissance event in Calontir by Baroness

                                                                           Jenna of SouthWind, OP.

GW-history-msg    (18K)  4/16/99  Histories of the SCA Gulf Wars event.

Halloween-art      (8K)  9/14/00  "Halloween, Medieval Style" by Lady Muireann

                                                                            ni Riordain (Jessica Wilbur).

Halloween-lnks     (7K) 12/26/04  Links to Halloween and its origins

                                                                           by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

Hastings-2000-art (34K)  6/ 4/01  "The Battle of Hastings, 2000" by Duke

                                                                           Arthur Lockehaven w. Duke Henrik of Havn.

Hist-of-Birka-art (16K)  9/ 6/01  Hist. of the Birka event held in NH in the

                                                                           East Kingdom.

Holiday-Celeb-lnks (13K) 12/23/04  Links to medieval holiday celebrations

                                                                            by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

holiday-gifts-lnks (16K) 11/11/04  Links to medieval holiday gifts

                                                                             by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

holidays-msg      (88K)  5/30/15  Halloween, Samhain, other Medieval holidays.

Jewsh-Holiday-art (36K) 12/23/01  "Jewish Holiday Traditions of the Sephardic

                                                                          Peoples" by Lady Sindara Lind Rachael.

Judging-AS-art    (14K)  3/25/05  Judging Arts and Sciences Competition; Some

                                                                           Thoughts and Suggestions" by Ld. Daniel

                                                                           Raoul Le Vascon du Navarre'

May-Day-art        (6K)  4/12/08  "May Anniversaries and Festivals"

                                                                           by THL Johnnae llyn Lewis.

Mystry-AS-Cmp-art ( K)  4/ 5/09  "Unraveling the Mysteries of Arts & Sciences

                                                                            Competitions" by Mistress Euriol of

                                                                            Lothian, O.P.

Narfing-Iron-art (12K) 10/23/00  "A Brief Beginner's Guide to Documentation"

                                                                           by Lady Jehanne de Huguenin.

Ovr-Doc-Pobia-art (12K)  2/17/09 "Overcoming Documentation Phobia" by

                                                                           Mistres s Laurellen de Brandevin OL

p-cstume-prty-msg (8K)  1/15/08  Period/medieval costume parties.

Ransom-Leylnd-art (8K)  1/ 2/11  A dog's viewpoint of the 1999 Ransom of

                                                                         Leyland event in Calontir by Baroness

                                                                         Jenna of SouthWind, OP.

Rowany-Festvl-msg (68K)  5/15/11  Comments on and suggestions for those going

                                                                          to the Romany Festival in Lochac.

SC-Estrela-09-msg (8K)  8/20/09  The Siege Cooking Contest at the Estrella War

                                                                          in 2009.

SC-Outlandish-msg (14K)  8/24/08  A pirate themed Siege Cooking competition at

                                                                          the 2008 Outlandish event.

SC-Potrero-art    (22K)  1/29/09  Calafia Siege Cook Off at the Potrero War.

SC-Talonvale-msg (18K)  9/29/08  Siege cooking at the "Siege on Talonvale"

                                                                          event in the Middle Kingdom in 2004.

Shw-Wht-U-Knw-art (19K)  4/28/14  "SCA Documentation or how to show what you

                                    know…." by Agnes Berengarii de Girona.

siege-cooking-msg (49K)  9/23/10  A cooking contest where teams are given

                                                                          min. time, ingredients to create a meal.

Spring-Celeb-lnks (11K)  5/29/05  Links to medieval Spring Celebrations

                                     by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

The-Yule-Log-art   (8K)  3/10/12  "The Yule Log" by Lady Katharine of Caithness.

Valentnes-Day-msg (10K)  9/20/08  St. Valentines Day in the Middle Ages.

Wassail-Trad-art   (8K)  7/ 1/07 "Wassail Traditions" by THL Johnnae llyn                                                                                                                                                    

                                                                           Lewis, CE.

Whimsy-art         (4K)  8/22/04  "A New Art/Sci. Category: A Whimsical

                                                                          Proposal" Ld. Daniel Raoul le Vascon.

Yule-msg          (26K)  6/27/05  Yule celebrations.



2-Hobbyhorses-art (5K)  1/28/01  "Two Ideas for Hobbyhorses" by Mistress

                                                                          Slaine ni Chiarain.

babies-msg       (124K) 12/ 1/11  Camping with babies.

baby-gifts-msg    (20K)  4/13/98  Period-type and SCA-useful baby gifts.

baby-slings-msg    (9K)  2/ 2/01  Cloth slings for carrying your baby.

children-msg     (178K)  4/29/09  Children in the SCA and period.

children-SCA-lnks (9K)  1/20/05  Links to info on children in the SCA

                                                                         by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

children-SCA-msg (20K)  5/20/12  Comments about children in the SCA.

chd-ck-clsses-msg (12K)  1/ 3/01  Children's cooking classes.

chd-actvites-msg (64K)  7/ 3/11  Children's activities for SCA events.

child-books-msg   (30K)  9/26/13  Children's Medieval and Ren. history books.

child-clothes-msg (54K) 10/21/14  Period and SCA children's clothing.

child-gam-msg     (30K)  8/25/00  Period and SCA children's games.

child-tags-msg    (24K)  5/20/12 Identity tags for children at SCA events.

child-wagons-msg (12K)  8/21/07  Wagons for hauling children at events.

Childs-Seat-art    (6K) 10/28/07  A Child's Seat" by Mistress Slaine ni


Chld-Costumes-art (12K)  9/21/08  "Children's Costumes at SCA Events - a

                                                                         personal testimonial" by Mistress Ælflæd

                                                                         of Duckford.

Dollhouses-art    (15K)  3/ 6/01  Building miniature houses in period styles

                                                                          by Margery La Affayte.

dollhouses-msg     (9K)  4/ 3/01  Period and period-style dollhouses.

dolls-msg         (25K)  3/ 6/11  Medieval fashion and toy dolls.

feedng-tddlrs-msg (10K)  9/28/09  Feeding toddlers at SCA events.

Horsey-Toys-art   (16K)  5/ 3/09  "Horsey Toys" by Lady Ryska Goodwyfe


Kindergarb-art    (12K)  1/12/03  Thoughts on making children's clothing

                                                                         by Lady Hrosvitha von Celle.

Lights-Shared-art (7K)  8/31/01  "Lights-Shared - A Children's activity" by

                                                                         Countess Tessa of the Gardens, OP.

Mkng-Med-Toys-art (12K)  2/22/15  "Medieval Toys You Can Make" by Aelflaed of

                                    the Weald (now Dame Joan Sutton).

p-child-manrs-art (6K) 10/18/06  "Medieval Manners for Small Folk!"

                                                                          by Marija Kotok.

p-cook-child-art   (8K)  1/25/06  "Bored? Period Cooking For the Next

                                                                         Generation!" by Mistress Andrea MacIntyre

p-cook-child-msg (20K)  9/27/08  Period cooking for children.

p-cradles-msg      (5K)  9/ 7/01  Period baby cradles.

p-rcipes-chld-art (17K)  6/ 1/05  Recipes from Mistress Christianna MacGrain's

                                                                                      pamphlet on period dishes for child cooks.

pregnancy-msg     (32K)  5/30/11  Pregnancy in period. Handling it in the SCA.

SG-SCA-Youth-art  (10K)  6/22/09 "Survival Guide for an SCA Youth" by Lady

                                                                         Gormlaith Bebbin Kathleen HRothgarsdottir.

          (Removed at request of the author)

teething-toys-msg (22K)  1/ 5/01  Period and SCA teething toys for infants.

teenagers-msg     (34K) 12/ 1/08  Period and SCA teenagers. SCA activities.

toddlr-tethrs-msg (14K)  4/29/09  Use of tethers/"leading strings" to control

                                                                     toddlers in period and the SCA.

toys-msg          (70K)  1/22/11  Period and SCA toys.

Toys-in-th-MA-art (26K)  8/30/99 "Toys in the Middle Ages" By Lady Margritte

                                     of Ravenscroft.



25-years-late-art (23K)  9/18/00  "Why I Was Twenty-five Years  Late, Swearing

                                                                         Fealty to the Crown" by Duke Arthur of


2Squire-r-Not-art  (8K)  9/26/05 "To Squire or Not to Squire? That is the

                                     question???" by Viscount Sterling, KSCA

beyond-favors-msg  (9K)  8/31/99  Things to do for your SO beyond favors.

Chivalry-art      (12K)  9/21/93  Article on Chivalry.

Chivalry-OaE-art (40K)  2/13/14  "Chivalry: It's Origins and Evolution" by Sir

                                    Valtorr of Oslo, Knight of AnTir.

chivalry-msg      (14K)  5/27/08 Codes of chivalry in period and today.

chiv-orders-msg   (18K)  4/ 8/08  Chivalric Orders, Orders of Chivalry.

courtly-love-bib  (13K) 10/15/98  Bibliography on Courtly Love.

courtly-love-msg  (16K)  2/ 9/01  The history and concept of courtly love.

fealty-art        (27K)  1/18/94  "The Feudal Contract: On Fealty in the SCA"

                                                                          by Ioseph of Locksley.

Fealty-n-t-SCA-art (12K)  8/31/03  "Fealty in the SCA" by Baron Hrolf

                                                                           Herjolffsen OP.

fealty-msg        (42K)  5/17/14  Fealty in SCA and period. Feudalism.

knighthood-msg    (44K)  9/17/08  Knighthood in SCA and period.

K-Ord-o-Spain-art (5K) 10/18/06  "Knightly Orders of Spain" by Marija Kotok.

oaths-lnks        (14K)  4/ 2/06  Links to info on oaths of fealty, loyalty

                                     and homage by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon

Rules-of-Love-art (10K)  5/13/02  "The Rules of Love" by Master Giles de Laval.

Squires-n-CMA-art (8K)  6/24/08  "Recreating the Position of Squire in These

                                                                         Current Middle Ages" by Master Rurik

                                                                         Petrovitch Stoianov O.L., O.Pel.

squires-msg       (24K) 10/16/05  Comments on SCA and period squires.




16C-Irsh-Dres-art (42K)  6/22/15  "16th Century Irish Dress" by Tiarna Brann

                                    mac Finnchad.

2Shod-a-Shire-art (8K)  7/ 4/02  "To Shod A Shire" by Lady Eowyn "Eo"


aprons-msg        (28K)  6/ 2/99  Medieval aprons for both men and women.

AS-Cloaks-art     (10K)  5/ 3/02  "An Anglo-Saxon Cloak"

                                                                          by Lady Eowyn "Eo" Swiftlere.

Atachng-Butns-art (8K) 11/10/13  "Attaching Buttons to the Garment" by Mistress

                                    Dunstana Talana the Violet, OL.

Ball-Buttons-art   (9K)  8/14/13  "Making Medieval Ball Buttons" by Mistress          

                                    Dunstana Talana the Violet, OL.

The-Bliaut-art    (24K) 11/20/11  “The Mysterious Bliaut Revealed” by Mistress

                                                                          Enid d’Auliere, OL

bliauts-msg        (7K)  2/ 8/01  Comments about Bliauts.

boots-msg         (47K)  9/13/00 Period boots and SCA imitations.

Buttonholes-art   (12K)  9/11/13  "Buttonholes" by Mistress Dunstana Talana

                                    the Violet, OL.

Caligae-Boots-art (16K)  4/ 4/10  "Caligae Roman Army Boots" by Viscount Sir

                                                                          Corin Anderson (KSCA, OP).

cl-12C-Woman-art (18K)  1/20/07  "The Wardrobe of a 12th Century Frankish

                                                                          Noblewoman" by Mistress Roheisa Le Sarjent.

cl-13th-fem-art   (17K) 12/26/09  "A Brief Critical Look at Women's Thirteenth

                                                                          Century Dress"

cl-academic-msg   (27K) 12/30/14  Medieval academic clothing.

cl-Afghnistan-msg (3K)  9/22/00  Clothing of period Afghanistan.

cl-Anglo-Saxn-msg (5K)  9/ 8/14  Clothing of the Anglo-Saxons.

cl-Byzantine-msg (19K)  6/28/02  Clothing of Byzantium.

cl-Celts-msg       (9K)  6/ 5/96 Clothing of the Celtic peoples.

cl-Danish-11C-art (20K)  9/11/09  "A Reconstructed 11th Century Danish

                                                                          Costume" by Master Giles de Laval.

cl-EastEur-msg     (5K)  3/31/95  Clothing of Eastern Europe.

cl-Elzabethan-msg (25K)  5/25/13  Clothing of Elizabethan England.

cl-equestrian-msg (8K)  9/ 7/10  Period and SCA clothing for horseback riding.

cl-Germany-msg    (20K)  2/ 5/12  Clothing of Medieval Germany.

cl-Hungary-msg     (5K)  5/28/02 Clothing of Hungary and the Magyars.

cl-Ireland-msg    (98K)  2/ 6/08  Medieval Irish clothing.

cl-Italy-msg      (12K)  8/22/09  Clothing of medieval and Renaissance Italy.

cl-Japan-msg       (4K)  5/23/12  Clothing of medieval Japan.

cl-Mid-East-msg   (21K)  5/ 8/13  Clothing of the Middle East. Persia.

cl-Moorish-msg    (14K) 10/ 4/95  Clothing of the Moors and Arabs.

cl-Norse-msg      (20K) 12/29/12  Clothing of the Norse. Viking clothing.

cl-Persia-msg      (4K) 10/ 2/10 Clothing of medieval Persia.

cl-Rom-Brit-art   (18K) 10/17/95  "Basic Romano-British Clothing" by Sion Glas

cl-Romans-art      (8K)  8/ 8/14  "Basic Roman Clothing" by Despotes Halfdan

                                    'Two Bears' Ôzurrson.

cl-Romans-msg      (8K)  2/29/08  Clothing of Classical Rome. Togas.

cl-Russia-msg     (15K)  8/29/04 Clothing of medieval Russia.

cl-Scot-fem-art   (14K)  7/ 2/96  Scottish women's clothing.

cl-Scot-male-art (18K)  6/20/96  Scottish men's clothing.

cl-Scotland-msg (120K)  6/17/12  Clothing of Scotland. folding of kilts.

cl-Spain-msg      (22K) 12/22/09  Clothing of Medieval Spain.

cl-Tudor-msg      (25K)  5/25/13  Clothing of Tudor England.

cl-Wales-msg       (8K)  8/28/04  Clothing of medieval Wales. Resources.

cloaks-msg        (64K)  5/ 6/12  Cloaks, cloak pins and clasps.

clothing-bib      (27K)  4/19/95 Bibliography of Russian, East Europe, Middle

                                                                         East clothing books. Other books, too.

clothing-books-msg(108K) 12/30/14 Book reviews, bibliographies and pattern


clothing-FAQ      (56K)  8/ 2/93  Clothing - Frequently Asked Questions.

clothing-msg      (96K) 12/24/02  General comments on clothing.

clothing-L-msg    (33K)  9/29/98 Period clothing for large women.

clothing-LM-msg    (7K) 11/29/01  Period clothing for large men.

clothing-MN-msg   (64K)  2/21/12 Maternity and nursing garb.

clthg-storage-msg (12K)  7/ 3/11 Storing SCA clothing at home and at events.

codpieces-msg     (15K)  8/28/04  Codpieces. Making and fitting them.

corsets-msg       (64K)  5/ 6/07 Tudor and Elizabethan corsets. making them.

costuming-lnks    (28K)  8/ 6/04  Links to medieval clothing by Dame Aoife

                                                                         Finn of Ynos Mon.

Cotehardies-art   (23K)  6/16/15  "Four Panel Cotehardies: History and

                                    Construction" by Lady Rosalie Langmod.

cotehardies-msg   (92K) 10/21/14  Making 13th century cotehardies.

cross-dressng-msg (12K) 12/17/10 Cross-dressing in period.

dagging-art       (10K)  6/19/09  "Dag on It!" by THL Giles fitz Alan.

D-Up-T-Tunics-art (5K)  9/15/13  "Dressing-Up T-Tunics" by Lady Ealasaid Mac

                                    al'Bhaird (known as al AERYN).

Elzabethn-Gwn-art (6K)  5/21/08  "An Elizabethan Gown of 1575-6" by Mistress

                                                                          Marguerite Dinard, O.L.

Esy-Itn-Rn-Gn-art (11K)  5/ 4/15  "An Easy Italian Renaissance Gown" by Madonna

                                    Contessa Ilaria Veltri degli Ansari.

Fabric-Buttns-art (14K) 12/19/09  "Medieval Fabric Buttons" by Mistress

                                                                         Laurellen de Brandevin OL.

fashion-msg       (16K)  4/29/11  Why certain clothes were in fashion.

fasteners-msg     (69K)  5/31/01  Clothing fasteners, buttons, lacings.

How-2-Fnd-Fab-art (16K) 12/18/11  "How to find Great Historic type Fabric for

                                                                        Garb cheaply, at Thrift Stores." by Lady

                                                                        Catherine Rose FitzEdmunds.

Gaelic-Dress-art (81K) 11/30/13  "Gaelic Dress" by HL Finnacan Dub.

Garboholic-art    (11K) 11/ 5/91  Humorous article warning those making garb.

hoops-msg         (20K)  1/23/08  Period and SCA hoopskirts. Hoop sources.

hose-msg          (76K)  6/24/99 Hose and leggings.

hose-manu-MA-art  (22K) 10/21/97 "Hosiery Manufacture in the Middle Ages"

                                                                          translated by Johanna Lemercer.

Houppelande-art   (42K)  6/22/98  "The Houppelande C. 1355-1450"

                                     by Allison Poinvillars de Tours.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

houppelandes-msg (12K)  9/23/98  Making 14th century houppelandes.

Indian-Sari-art   (13K)  8/11/13  "A 15th Century Indian Sari" by Baroness

                                    Anastasia Alexandrovana Andreeva (OL).

Irish-Brat-art    (20K)  2/14/09  "Weaving an 11th Century Irish Brat"

                                                                          by THL Cassandra of Glastonbury.

Kilts-1590-art    (20K)  2/13/11  "More than you ever wanted to know about the

                                                                         kilt" by Lord Gregor Mac Beathain.

Knit-Stockngs-art (23K) 10/ 2/01  "Knittted Stockings" by Baroness Rhiall of

                                                                         Wystanesdon (better known as Wrynne).

knit-stockngs-msg (16K) 12/24/02  Period knit stockings.

leg-wraps-msg      (8K)  2/ 5/12  Period leg wraps. How to make or buy and wear                 


merch-cloth-lst   (25K)  8/19/10  Lists of clothes and pattern merchants.

merch-shoes-msg   (32K)  5/18/11  Lists and reviews of period-style shoe makers.

ME-Clothing-art   (12K)  6/13/11  "Middle Eastern Clothing Practical Primer"

                                                                          by asim al-talib.

Otto-Clth-Ovr-art (31K)  3/ 3/15  "Ottoman Clothing in SCA Period: An Overview"

                                    by asim al-talib.

Ottoman-Cloth-art (10K)  9/11/09  "Ottoman Costume - An Overview of 16th

                                                                         Century Dress" by Master Giles de Laval.

p-sleepwear-msg    (6K)  3/20/02  Period sleepwear. References.

p-shoes-msg       (68K)  9/ 4/11  Medieval footwear.

p-sumpt-laws-msg (17K) 11/24/13  Period sumptuary laws.

pants-msg         (25K)  6/27/13 Medieval pants, pantaloons, breeches.

pants-trews-lnks  (10K) 11/ 9/05 Links to info on medieval trews and pants by

                                     Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

pattens-chpns-msg (12K)  3/ 6/09  Medieval pattens and chopines.

patterns-msg     (115K)  4/19/10 Sources for clothing patterns. Altering

                                                                          mundane patterns.

QD-Trunk-Hose-art (8K)  7/19/09  "Quick and Dirty Trunk Hose" by Don Tivar


raingear-msg      (61K)  2/15/10  Period raingear. waterproofing cloth.

ruffs-msg         (36K) 12/24/02  Elizabethian clothing ruffs. Making them.

SCA-Upcycling-art (16K)  6/ 3/10  "SCA Upcycling: Costuming on a Budget"

                                                                         by Lady Jeanne-Marie la Verriere.

seamstresses-msg (22K)  3/22/02  Working with seamstresses. Lists & reviews.

shirts-msg         (9K)  4/13/99  Medieval and Renn. shirts.

shoemaking-msg    (36K)  3/24/12  Making shoes. More detailed than shoes-msg.


shoes-lnks        (16K)  6/11/06  Links to info on medieval footwear by Dame

                                                                         Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

shoes-msg        (124K)  5/24/11  Medieval footwear and SCA imitations.

smptuary-laws-lnks (9K)  5/27/08  Links to info on medieval sumptuary laws

                                                                          by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

sum-clothing-msg   (7K)  4/13/00  SCA clothing for hot weather.

Thorsbj-Pants-art (10K)  1/11/15  "Thorsbjerg Trousers" by Lady Rosalye Langmod.

trim-msg          (61K)  8/16/10  Medieval and SCA trim for clothing.

Tudor-Shirts-art (10K)  9/11/09  "Tudor Shirts - How to accurately cut &

                                                                         reconstruct 16th century shirts"

                                                                         by Master Giles de Laval.

underwear-lnks    (16K) 12/ 2/06  Links to information on medieval

                                                                         unmentionables, underpinnings, hosen,

                                                                         corsets by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

underwear-msg     (94K)  9/22/14  What to wear under garb. SCA and period.

wearg-p-fshns-msg  (6K)  2/25/06  Wearing period clothing. Moving in them.



a-treating-msg    (27K)  1/15/97  Surface treatments for armor. Blackening.

armor-msg         (56K)  4/29/02  General comments on armor, SCA armor.

armor-books-msg   (15K)  7/30/12 Books about medieval armor. Reviews.

armor-chklst-msg (12K)  9/23/98  Armor checklist for SCA events and wars.

armor-leather-msg (48K)  2/ 8/08  Making leather armor.

armor-plastic-msg (67K) 10/17/00 Making plastic armor.

armor-stands-msg   (4K)  3/20/03 Making armor stands to hold armor.

armorers-lst      (86K)  4/19/10  List of and reviews of SCA armorers.

axes-msg          (13K) 12/13/99  Viking axes, throwing axes.

b-battles-art      (9K)  8/ 4/94  Creating more authentic bridge battles.

battle-ideas-msg (32K) 10/ 4/95  24 hour battles and other ideas.

blackpowder-msg   (23K)  2/ 5/96  Making and using gunpowder and variants in

                                                                         the SCA and period.

blades-lnks       (10K) 11/ 5/05  Links to info on medieval blades, swords and

                                     knives by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

bld-a-javelin-art (18K)  4/26/15  "How to Build a Thrust and Throw Javelin" by

                                    THLady Ingilborg Sigmundardottir of Caid.


blow-cal-devs-msg (14K)  3/ 2/13  Ideas for SCA blow calibration devices.

boffer-weapns-msg (44K)  7/24/11  Making and using boffer weapons in the SCA.

caltrops-msg       (8K)  7/25/11  A medieval 4-pointed anti-personnel/anti-

                                                                         equine item. Lands with 1 point always up.

chainmail-beg-art (24K) 11/ 2/00  "Chainmaille Tutorial for Beginners"

                                                                          by Culann Mac Cruimeinn.

chainmail-msg    (132K)  1/ 8/08  Making chainmail. Mail armor. References.

duct-tape-msg      (9K)  6/16/05 Sources for unusual colors of duct tape.

chnmail-clean-msg (6K) 10/18/01  Cleaning mail armor in period and today.

merch-chainml-msg (24K)  4/29/06  Chainmail merchants and supplies.

chainmail-beg-art (24K) 11/ 2/00  "Chainmaille Tutorial for Beginners"

                                                                          by Culann Mac Cruimeinn.

chainmail-msg    (132K)  1/ 8/08  Making chainmail. Mail armor. References.

duct-tape-msg      (9K)  6/16/05  Sources for unusual colors of duct tape.

chnmail-clean-msg (6K) 10/18/01  Cleaning mail armor in period and today.

merch-chainml-msg (24K)  4/29/06  Chainmail merchants and supplies.

Chalngs-Boasts-art(60K) 12/ 3/00 "Challenges and Boasts: A Compendium and

                                                                        Guide" by Michael and Elizabeth Labbe-Webb.

coat-of-plates-msg (20K) 5/10/10  Coats-of-plates, scaled armor.

f-fighters-msg    (37K)  1/23/01 Protective gear for female fighters.


Fightng-Small-art (24K)  2/19/99  "Fighting for those of Small Stature"

                                                                           by Centurion Romanius Vesperanius.

firearms-msg      (76K) 11/27/05  Early firearms and cannon. Reproductions.

Fustibalus-art    (10K) 10/26/08  "How To Throw Rocks Really Far: A

" by Jehanne de Wodeford

gambesons-msg     (32K)  2/ 8/08  Gambesons, SCA and period.

gauntlets-msg     (12K)  9/17/08  Hand protection, gloves, gauntlets.

gorgets-msg        (9K)  5/17/96  Gorgets. Neck protection for SCA combat.

helmets-msg        (6K) 11/ 5/01  Helmets. SCA and period.

helm-padding-msg (29K)  8/28/10  Period and SCA helm padding and strapping.

Iron-Rose-lnks    (12K) 11/23/05 Links to info on women warriors, past and

                                     present by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

jousting-msg      (10K)  2/25/06  Medieval and modern jousting from horses.

Killing-Blow-art (12K)  8/22/04  "The Killing Blow Dilemma; A Suggestion..."

                                                                          by Lord Daniel Raoul le Vascon.

knife-sheaths-msg (19K)  6/10/96  Making knife sheaths.

knife-throwing-msg(22K) 5/11/00  Knife-throwing and throwing knives.

LH-fighting-msg    (8K)  1/ 4/04  Techniques for left-handed fighters.

Lite-Lg-Hrnss-art (25K)  1/31/10  "Light Leg Harness: Tube-reinforced Gamboised

                                                                         Cuisses" by Baron Timothy Garagchan


m-fighters-msg     (8K)  9/ 5/10  Protective gear for male armored fighters.

marshalling-msg   (14K)  6/13/95  Marshalling SCA combat.

melee-tactics-art (36K) 11/ 6/98  "An Essay on Melee Tactics" by Duke Kein


mercenaries-msg   (25K) 10/ 4/99  Mercenaries in period.

Mk-Eng-Kv-Scab-art(31K) 11/ 9/14  "How to make a Medieval English Scabbard Using

                                    Period Techniques and Tools" by HL Czina


On-Warfightng-art (5K)  7/22/13  "On Warfighting" by Master Donal Mac Ruiseart.


Osprey-M-Arms-msg (4K) 12/10/11  Reviews and comments about the Osprey Men at

                                                                          Arms series of books.

p-armor-msg       (77K) 11/ 8/01  Period armor. References.

p-handgonnes-lnks (12K) 12/10/04  Links medieval handgonnes, and related

                                                                         weapons by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

p-tourn-styls-lnks (12K) 9/24/05  Links to information on medieval tournament

                                     styles by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

pottery-wepns-msg  (6K) 12/21/99  Period use of pottery in weapons.

quarterstaff-msg  (20K)  2/ 7/08 Quarterstaffs and why they're not used in

                                                                         the SCA.

rattan-msg        (72K)  3/19/12  Working with rattan. Rattan sources.

Scabbard-Mkng-art (16K)  8/17/07  "How to make a Seax Scabbard with a Metal

                                                                          Edge Binding" by Ana Deissler.

scabbards-msg     (46K)  2/ 7/08  Making sword scabbards. Different types.

SCA-armor-lnks    (11K)  6/11/05  Links to information on SCA armor

                                     by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

SCAweapons-msg    (42K)  5/ 1/15  SCA weapons ideas. Construction tips.

Scot-Targe-art    (25K) 10/ 4/13  "The Highland Targe" by Lord Mungo Napier.

shields-msg      (120K)  3/24/12 SCA and period shields.

Shield-Balanc-art (10K)  6/23/99 "How to Balance your Shield to YOU!"

                                                                         by Master Sir Anluan Trelaine.

W-T-Shields-art   (20K)  1/19/01  "War and Tourney Shields"

                                                                          by HL Aaron of the Black Mountains.

shoes4combat-msg  (16K)  1/20/15  Footwear suggestions for SCA combat.

siege-engines-msg (98K)  1/10/08  Catapults, trebuchets. Period and modern.

slings-msg        (42K)  1/15/08 Slings as weapons. combat and hunting.

swordcare-msg     (18K) 10/23/05  Comments on the care of steel swords.

Sword-Fighting-art (22K) 3/27/04 "'The Secrets of Sword Fighting!' (Now they

                                                                         can be yours!)" by Duke Arthur of

                                                                         Lockehaven, MSCA, OL, OP.

Swords-bib        (21K) 12/30/01  A bibliography on swords and sword

                                                                          construction by Master Magnus Malleus.

swords-msg        (27K) 10/ 2/12  Medieval swords, history of various types.

swordsmiths-msg   (14K) 11/ 9/01  Reviews and contact info. for swordsmiths.

The-Joust-art      (5K) 10/18/06  "The Joust" by Marija Kotok.

tournaments-art   (36K)  8/16/95  Articles on doing more authentic SCA

                                                                        tournaments by Arval.

tournaments-msg   (52K)  2/25/06  Medieval tournaments.

tourn-ideas-msg   (59K)  9/ 1/12  Ideas for SCA tournaments.

Tourney-Fence-art (12K)  6/24/08  A Proper Tournament Fence" by Sir Dafydd ap


warfare-msg       (40K)  5/30/11  Period warfare.

weapons-msg       (14K)  3/12/92  Period weapons other than the sword.

Wel-Rnded-Ftr-art (11K) 12/ 5/04  "The Well Rounded Fighter"

                                                                         by H.E. Brian du Val.

Women-Battle-art  (35K)  5/21/99  "Women and the Art of Battle in the late

                                                                         Middle Ages" by Robin E. Craig.

Women-Warriors-art (31K) 7/12/09  "Women Warriors: Myth or Reality?"

                                    by Mistress Siobhan ni Seaghdha.

wounds-msg        (18K) 10/12/95  Battle wounds in period.



ATFRCGuide        (45K)  1/ 8/96  An Tir Fiberglass Rapier Construction Guide.

bucklers-msg       (9K)  9/26/95  Bucklers (small shields) in period and SCA.

fencing-art       (23K) 11/ 9/95 Review of Edgar Castle's fencing books.

fencing-msg       (57K)  3/ 5/10  SCA rapier combat.

merch-rapier-msg (18K)  8/11/97  Merchants who sell rapier and fencing gear.

p-rapier-msg      (36K)  6/ 6/08  Period rapiers and tactics.

paintg-f-msks-msg (32K) 10/19/11  Discussions on whether to paint designs on

                                                                        fencing masks for SCA rapier combat.

Pnt-o-Measure-art (12K)  8/20/11  "The Point of Measure - Using measure to

                                                                         defeat your opponent" by Lord Ian the Green.

r-tourn-ideas-msg (20K)  9/ 2/06  Rapier tournament ideas.



Rapier-Armor-art (12K) 12/28/00  "A Few Practical Notes on the Construction

                                                                          of Rapier Armour" by Mistress Nicolaa de

                                                                          Bracton of Leicester, O.L.

rapier-armor-msg  (25K)  3/ 5/10  Construction of armor for rapier combat.

rapier-books-msg (24K)  2/12/12  Period and modern books on rapier combat.

Rap-Cbt-S-Hst-art (136K) 5/ 8/08  "Rapier Combat: A Social History"

                                                                         by Don Henry Fox.

Ren-o-t-Sword-art (12K)  5/24/01  "The Renaissance of the Sword"

                                                                          by Lord Simon fitz Tomas.

Silver-1-man     (140K)  9/15/94  Paradoxes Of Defence. Period rapier manual.

Silver-2-man     (113K)  9/15/94  Brief Instructions Upon My Paradoxes of

                                                                        Defence. Period rapier manual.

SPD-msg           (12K)  7/28/13  Silly Parrying Devices for SCA rapier combat

Square-Bucklr-art  (8K)  2/ 1/10 "To make a Square Target In the Style of

                                                                         Marozzo or DiGrassi" by Don Tivar Moondragon

Styles-Swrdpl-art (16K)  5/ 9/01  "The Styles of Swordplay" by Lord

                                                                         Simon fitz Tomas.



charcoal-msg      (39K)  9/ 6/14  Use and making of charcoal in period.

Chndler-Guild-art (12K)  8/ 8/09  "A Brief History of the Worshipful Company of

                                                                          Waxchandlers, London from the 13th to 17th

                                                                          Centuries" by Lady Kate the Candelmaker.

coins-msg        (132K)  1/10/08  Period coins, making coins.

commerce-msg      (67K) 12/25/09  Commerce and trade in period.

Eng-Wts-Meas-art   (8K) 11/ 2/02  "English Weights and Measures" by Lord Anton

                                                                        de Stoc. Excerpts from a period document.

guilds-msg        (49K)  4/20/15  Medieval and SCA guilds.

high-finance-art (24K)  1/12/03  "A Boke on the Financing of Warre, of

                                                                         Courtes and the Other Divers Expenditures

                                                                         of Princes" by Lord Anton de Stoc.

measures-art      (21K)  1/ 5/98  Definitions of many medieval measurements

                                                                         by Marc Carlson (Diarmaid)

measures-msg      (74K)  2/ 3/08  Period measures.

Med-Merchants-CA (152K)  3/ 5/01  "Medieval Merchants and Artisans" by

                                                                        Catriona Macperson (AKA Milly McCloskey).

merchanting-msg   (64K)  6/29/07  Merchanting in the SCA.

merchants-msg     (85K)  9/ 4/04  Directory and review of SCA merchants.

merch-books-msg   (26K)  9/ 2/04  Directory and reviews of book merchants.

Messengers-art    (32K) 10/ 7/01  "Medieval Messengers" by Byron Whited.

mining-msg         (5K)  5/12/00 Medieval mining techniques.

Mvl-Indentur-art (24K)  3/28/15  "Medieval Apprenticeship Indentures"

                                    by Master Crispin Sexi.

occupations-msg   (29K)  7/12/99  Lists of medieval occupations.

p-butchering-msg (28K)  6/14/01  Medieval meat butchering of animals.

p-Engsh-coins-lst (17K)  6/25/99  A list of period English coins

                                                                          by Kestrel of Wales.

p-insurance-msg   (17K)  8/22/00  Use of insurance in period. Dowry insurance.

p-lawyers-msg     (24K) 11/27/99  Medieval laws and lawyers.

p-markets-msg     (10K) 10/22/06 Medieval markets.

p-prices-msg      (84K)  9/ 8/13  Prices for medieval items.

p-prices-srcs-art (11K)  4/14/02 "A review of useful sources for Period

                                                                         Prices" by Lord Anton de Stoc.

p-spice-trade-msg (47K)  2/10/14  The period spice trade. Routes, methods.

prostitution-lnks  (8K)  7/24/05 Links to info on medieval prostitution

                                     by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

prostitution-msg (28K) 11/25/01  Medieval prostitution.

salt-msg          (64K) 10/29/11  Medieval salt production and use.

salt-comm-art     (18K)  1/ 9/97  "Salt of the Earth" by Lord Xaviar.

scales-msg         (3K)  9/27/00  Period scales. References.

silk-road-msg     (14K)  6/11/06  The silk road medieval trade route.



Arch-Chem-Nms-art (8K) 10/ 3/08  "Archaic Chemical Names and Modern

                                     Equivalents" by Baron Ibrahim ibn Abih al

                                     Thaalibi, OP, OL.

Bambo-4-Kites-art (13K)  5/27/14  "Split that stick! Preparing bamboo for

                                    oriental kites" by Lord Archer McRobert.

basketweaving-msg (24K)  6/12/09  Medieval basketweaving.

beeswax-msg       (20K) 12/ 6/11  Beeswax sources. Period uses of beeswax.

Beg-Pwtr-Cast-art (25K)  7/ 4/10  "Soapstone Pewter Casting" by Baroness Giliana

                                                                         Attewatyr, OL. (Beginning pewter casting)

bellows-msg       (20K) 10/ 2/10  Medieval bellows.

Bg-P-Wodwrkng-art (44K) 11/ 3/02  "Beginning Period Woodworking"

                                                                          by Master Tamlene ap Guidgen, O.L.

Blacksmithing-bib (4K)  2/24/03  "Medieval Blacksmithing Bibliography"

                                                                           by Master Tamlene ap Guidgen, O.L.

blacksmithing-msg (56K)  2/10/12  Blacksmithing, forges, tools.

blksm-anvils-msg (32K)  7/14/06  Blacksmithing anvils. sources.

blksm-forges-msg  (38K)  6/29/07 Blacksmithing forges. sources.

blksm-welding-msg (23K)  3/25/97  Forge welding. fluxes.

bladesmithing-msg (62K)  7/25/04 Steel sources, making knives and swords.

block-printing-msg (18K)11/ 6/98  Block printing for cloth.


bone-msg          (76K) 10/26/01  Working with bone and antler.

brushes-msg        (5K)  5/25/01  Period brushes. Sources and substitutions.

BY-Blacksmith-art  (4K) 11/14/07 "The Backyard Blacksmith" by Master Sven

                                                                         Odin Eye.

cast-cutlefsh-msg (6K)  8/26/08  Casting pewter using cuttlefish molds.

Cast-Wax-Seal-art (8K)  1/10/10  "Pewter Casting for a Wax Seal" by HL Hucbald

                                                                         ap Urp, JdL.

Cast-Wood-Mlds-art(12K) 4/ 7/09  "Pewter-Casting in Wood" by by Lady Shara of

                                                                         Starwood, OVO, CMC, AoA

casting-lnks      (22K)  7/14/06 Links to info on medieval metal casting by

                                     Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon

casting-msg      (216K)  9/ 8/14  Casting pewter and other metals.

ceramics-bib       (7K)  7/20/01 A ceramics, pottery and tile bibliography.

Ceramics-Intro-art(13K) 11/19/01  An introduction to pottery and ceramics

                                                                         by Lady Artemesia Serena.

chip-carving-msg   (5K) 11/29/99  Comments on chip carving, (wood carving).

coopering-msg     (56K)  5/26/11  Making and maintaining barrels and kegs.

craft-supplies-msg (9K) 12/16/91  Scavenging tools and supplies.

crafthints-msg    (23K)  1/31/92  Various useful comments on different crafts.

Cuir-Bouilli-art   (8K)  8/25/14 "Hardening Leather" by The Honorable

                                     Christophe of Grey.

decor-rivets-msg   (8K)  8/ 8/08 Decorative rivets for leather, armor.

ear-wax-msg        (3K) 10/ 3/00  Use of ear wax in period.

enameling-msg     (45K)  4/14/10  Enameling techniques.

fabric-paint-msg (10K)  7/15/99  Fabric painting in the SCA and period.

Forg-Cnstrctn-art (18K)  4/28/02 "A Simple Portable Brake Drum Forge"

                                                                         by Master Magnus Malleus.

frescoes-msg      (18K) 10/11/09  Creating frescoes. Painted stonework.

fur-msg           (20K)  2/13/08  Use of fur in period. Dyeing it., fake fur.


Gem-Cutting-art   (11K)  4/25/15  "Gemstone cutting and polishing in the 12-15th

                                    century" by Lord Silvius Foppa.

glass-bib         (16K) 11/30/02  A bibliography on glass and glass beads

                                                                           by Master Magnus Malleus, OL.

Glass-Goblets-art (16K) 10/16/11  "Venetian Betrothal Goblets" by Mistress

                                                                          katherine kerr.

glass-lnks        (16K) 12/25/03  Web links to medieval glass

                                                                         by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

glasswork-msg     (74K)  8/31/09  Stained glass, glass etching. glassblowing.

glues-msg         (33K)  8/ 4/99  Medieval glues and pastes. Recipes.

hand-crafts-lnks (10K)  9/24/05  Links to info on medieval "Little " arts for

                                    idle hands by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

horn-msg         (116K)  2/ 2/15  Working with horn. drinking horns.

Horn-Spoons-art    (9K)  1/ 5/00 "Making Horn Spoons" by Mistress Gunnora


Horn-Working-art (18K)  5/21/08  "Method for period horn work" by Kirk


horsehair-msg      (6K)  3/ 9/09  Obtaining and using horsehair.

HTBuy-Leather-art (8K) 11/ 2/14  "How To Buy Leather" by The Honorable

                                    Christophe of Grey.

Int-Pwtr-Cast-art (24K)  2/12/12  "Intermediate Pewter Casting in Soapstone

                                    Beyond a Simple Site Token" by Baroness

                                    Giliana Attewatyr, OL.

Intaglio-Gems-art (12K)  6/17/10  "Intaglio: Sculpture in Reverse (or: Hey! My

                                                                         jewelry does impressions!)" by Lady Rekon

                                                                         of Saaremaa.

ivory-bib         (10K)  1/ 4/99  Bibliography of medieval ivory carving by

                                                                         Mary Haselbauer (Slaine).

ivory-msg         (82K)  2/ 6/11  Ivory carving. ivory substitutes.

jwlry-soldrng-art (12K)  9/22/08  "Jewelry Soldering Simplified"

                                                                          by HL HRothgar Thorsson.

lampwrk-beads-lnks (12K) 12/19/03  Web links to info on historical lampwork

                                     beads by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

lapidary-msg      (68K)  6/ 9/09  Period and SCA gemstone cutting.

A-Lapidary-art    (32K)  3/31/99 Period descriptions and virtues of gemstones

                                                                          by Agnes deLanvallei.

leather-bib       (18K) 11/ 1/94  Bibliography on leather and leather goods.

leather2-bib       (9K)  6/11/99  Leather bibliography by Vilyehm the Merchant

leather-msg       (99K) 10/13/13  Working with leather. tanning.

leather-dyeing-msg(52K) 3/10/13  Dyeing and painting leather.

lea-bladders-msg (15K)  8/ 3/98  Tanning, cleaning, dressing animal bladders.

Lea-Hardware-art   (8K) 10/ 6/07  "Leather 'Hardware' for the Woodworker"

                                                                          by Master Sven Odin Eye.

lea-tanning-msg   (58K)  7/22/04  How to tan leather. Types of tanning.

lea-tooling-msg   (55K)  6/26/05  Leather tooling. decorating leather.

LMM-Repousse-art  (12K)  2/21/10 "Leather Mallet Medallion, Repoussé" by

                                                                          Lady Ingeborg bildsbriótr Ulfsdottir.

lucet-cord-msg    (25K)  2/21/01  Making lucet cord for trim, lacing.

LWax-casting-msg  (19K)  9/ 8/14  Lost wax casting of metals.

Lye-Soap-art      (23K)  8/ 8/97  "The history of and how to make soap"

                                                                         by Baroness Leonora Kathryn de Provence.

merch-a-parts-msg  (5K)  1/ 6/14  Reviews of merchants who sell various animal

                                   parts, other than leather, furs and fleeces.

merch-leather-msg (18K) 10/10/96  Leather merchants and sources.

metals-msg        (32K)  5/ 2/08 Medieval and modern metals and alloys.

metal-etching-msg (4K)  1/ 7/00  Period and modern metal etching.

metal-sources-msg (10K)  5/ 2/08  Sources and merchants for metals.

metalworking-FAQ  (50K)  5/16/95 FAQ from the metalworking newsgroup.

metalworking-msg (72K) 10/14/06  gauge thicknesses, inlays.

Mk-a-Horn-Cup-art (16K) 10/ 2/11 "Making a Horn Cup" by Bran Buchanan.

Mk-Plgrm-Souv-art (12K)  8/28/10  "Making Pilgrim Souvenirs" by HL Jutte

                                                                          Haberlein. Pewter Badges and Ampullae.

Mk-Vik-Brooch-art (8K) 12/ 7/08  "Making a Simple Viking Ring Brooch"

                                                                          by HL HRothgar Thorsson.

Mk-Pole-Lathe-art (7K) 3/11/12  "Making and Using a Pole Lathe" by Lowrens


mkng-a-p-lathe-art (12K) 2/15/04  "An Easily Made Primitive Lathe"

                                                                           by Master Magnus Malleus.

Mkng-Charcoal-art (20K)  1/ 2/10  "Making Charcoal" by Viscount Sir Corin

                                                                           Anderson (KSCA, OP).

Non-Ferrous-bib   (37K)  3/19/01  Annotated bibliography on non-ferrous metal

                                                                         and metal objects by Magnus.

p-asbestos-msg     (8K)  1/17/10  Period use of asbestos.

p-lathes-bib      (16K)  7/ 2/03  Bibliography on period lathes and turned

                                                                         objects by Master Magnus Malleus.

p-lathes-msg      (25K)  8/21/10  Period lathes. Use and construction. Turning


p-petroleum-msg   (16K)  2/27/05  Period use of petroleum. Crude oil.

Paper-Folding-art (20K)  9/ 1/14  "Paper Folding in 15th Century Europe"

                                    by Donna Serena da Riva.

papermaking-msg   (23K)  8/24/99  Producing pulp, making handmade paper.

paintg-panels-msg (20K)  2/25/12  Wood panels as a painting medium.

painting-msg      (63K)  6/26/05 Period and SCA painting. terms used.

pewter-msg        (41K)  2/25/10 Pewter in period. References. Sources.

pewtr-ampull-msg   (8K) 12/17/14  Medieval pewter ampullae. Small pewter bottles

                                    that held water, earth, oil, etc.

pigments-msg      (45K)  4/24/05  Period pigments. Modern sources. Safety.

plane-art         (18K)  8/30/94  Reconstruction and Use of a Saxon Plane.

plaster-msg       (16K)  3/17/99  Use of plaster in period. References.

polishing-msg     (18K)  7/23/04  Period polishing and sanding materials.

Pottery-bib        (9K) 10/ 8/08  A pottery bibliography by Master Hroar.

pottery-msg      (147K) 10/17/14  Medieval pottery, kilns. modern equivalents.

pottery-whels-msg (28K)  1/24/01  Period pottery wheels. Types. Building them.

Pyrography-art    (22K)  8/30/08  "Pyrography" by Lady Lillian the Wandering

                                                                         Artist. (woodburning)

pyrography-msg     (3K)  9/19/14 Burning designs into wood.

pysanky-eggs-msg (18K)  9/13/00  Painted and dyed eggs of eastern Europe.

Relief-Carvng-art (11K)  9/ 7/99  Class handout from Relief Carving 101 taught

                                                                         by Lord Valdis of Gotland at Pennsic 28.

Ren-paint-art     (36K)  5/12/95  Article on Renaissance painting

                                                        by Tristan Clair de Lune.

repousee-msg      (12K) 11/19/99  Period process of raising decorations in

                                                                         metal by hammering the backside.

HaS-Repousse-art (13K)  4/23/05  "Hammer and Stake Repousse'"

                                                                          by Master Tamlene ap Guidgen, O.L.

Rock-Crystal-art (12K) 10/19/00  "Carving Rock Crystal According to

                                                                     Theophilius" by Lord Valdis of Gotland (humor)

sculpture-msg     (13K)  7/23/04  Period sculpture. Terra-cotta sculpture.

Sharpng-Tools-art (9K)  8/21/02  "Sharpening Tools" by Master Tamlene

                                                                        ap Guidgen.


smeltng-coper-msg (16K)  6/27/07  Comments on small-scale smelting of copper.

soapmaking-msg    (62K)  2/ 3/08  Period and modern soapmaking techniques.

Soapmakng-CMA-art (24K) 10/ 6/97  "Soapmaking in the Current Middle Ages" by

                                                                          Gillian Fhlaitheamhail (Fraya Davis).

soapstone-msg     (61K)  2/ 2/10  Use of Soapstone in period. Modern sources.

stained-glass-lnks (12K) 10/24/03  Web links to medieval stained glass

                                                                         by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

straw-crafts-msg (11K)  5/ 4/98  Medieval straw crafts. Straw hats.

Throwing-Pots-art (13K) 11/21/01  "Throwing Pots" by Lady Artemesia Serena.

                                                                          Using a potter's wheel.

tiles-art         (18K)  5/ 9/97  "To Make Tiles, Bricks or Other Building

                                                                          Materials of Clay" by Tryffin ap Myrddin.

tiles-bib          (8K)  5/28/02  A bibliography on period tile making by

                                                                          Master Magnus Malleus.

tiles-msg         (11K)  8/21/02  Period tiles and uses. Sources. Making tiles

Token-Making-art (24K)  6/14/15  "Introduction to Pewter Casting" by Baron

                                    Christopher MacConing, OL.

Tool-Making-art   (13K) 11/ 9/04  "Tool Making" by Master Tamlene ap Guidgen,

                                                                          O.L. A class handout on making tools.

tools-bib         (11K)  1/29/99  Bibliography of medieval woodworking tools

                                                                          by Thora Sharptooth.

tools-lnks        (10K)  9/ 1/04  Links on medieval tools by Dame Aoife Finn

                                                                         of Ynos Mon.

tools-msg         (66K)  8/21/10  Period and modern tools.

urine-uses-msg     (9K)  4/15/15  Period uses of animal and human urine.

wood-msg          (62K)  2/ 8/08 Different types of wood, period terms.

merch-woods-msg    (5K)  5/25/02  Sources for period and exotic woods.

wood-bending-msg  (20K)  1/ 6/11 Period and modern methods for bending wood.

wood-finishes-msg(104K)  2/ 1/15  Period and SCA wood finishes. Stains.

wood-utensils-msg (18K)  3/29/08  Making and finishing wooden utensils, mugs.

woodworking-msg   (50K)  4/24/05  Woodworking tools and techniques. wood


Working-Horn-art (62K)  7/19/08  "Working with Horn and Skeletal Materials"

                                     by Lord Mikal Isernfocar (called Ironhawk).

Working-Slate-art (8K) 10/22/07  "Working with Slate" by Master Sven

                                                                         Odin Eye.

Workng-Beswax-art (6K)  1/23/09  "Working With Beeswax" by Master Bedwyr


Workng-Tallow-art (6K) 11/ 4/08  "Working With Tallow" by Master Bedwyr


Vkng-Wir-Weav-art (6K)  9/ 1/14  "Viking Wire Weaving" by Sorcha inghean ui Coinin.



Africa-lnks        (8K)  3/ 7/07  Links to info on medieval Africa by Dame

                                                                         Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

Africa-msg        (18K)  9/ 7/00  Africa during the Middle Ages.

Anglo-Saxons-msg (66K)  2/ 2/15  Anglo-Saxon history and culture.

AS-jewelry-art    (18K)  4/11/96  Jewelry found at Anglo-Saxon archeological


AS-Salt-Extn-art   (8K)  9/26/09  "Common Salt Extraction in Anglo-Saxon

                                                                         England" by Melanie Wilson.

Arabs-msg         (14K)  4/19/00  Arab culture and dress.

Armenia-msg        (5K)  5/28/02  Medieval Armenia. References.

Armenia-TL-art    (28K)  2/24/99  "Medieval Armenia and Cilicia Timeline"

                                                                         by Keran Roslin.

Assassins-msg      (8K)  1/24/02  A Moslem brotherhood of murderers created by

                                                                         Rashid ad-Din Sinan.

Balkans-msg        (8K)  2/ 7/12  Balkan history and culture. (Yugoslavia)

blacks-msg        (80K)  1/16/05  Blacks in medieval Europe.

Basques-bib       (16K)  9/14/01  A Basque biblio. by Senhora Ester Mendes.

Basques-msg       (28K)  4/29/06  Basque culture, language, names, clothing.

Bedouins-msg      (15K) 10/18/13  The Bedouin peoples of the Middle East.

Birch-Brk-Wrt-art (10K)  3/ 2/02 "Old Novgorod Birch-Bark Writings"

                                                                         by Posadnik.

Brasov-art         (9K)  3/23/01  Trans. of "Citizens of Brasov", 13-15th

                                                                          century by Bogdan.

Byzant-Cerem-art   (8K) 11/21/05  "Byzantine Ceremony" by Baron Hrolf


Byzantine-msg     (31K)  5/ 7/01  Byzantine culture, clothing, commerce.

Celts-msg         (19K) 11/ 1/01  Info sources for the Celts.

Congo-art          (9K)  4/ 3/00 "Bakongo" The African renaissance"

                                                                          by Jan van Seist.

Cornwall-msg      (12K) 11/21/06  Cornish history and food.

Cyprus-msg        (10K)  8/25/06  The culture and food of medieval Cyprus.

Denmark-msg        (8K)  4/26/11  History and culture of Denmark.

East-Eur-msg      (24K)  2/12/04  Eastern Europe. Poles, Czechs, Bohemia.

Egypt-msg         (24K) 12/ 3/11 Medieval Egypt.

England-msg       (52K)  4/ 9/05  Medieval points of interest in England.

Estonia-msg       (15K) 10/19/13  Medieval Estonia. Medieval sites, food.

Ethiopia-art      (16K)  2/18/98  "The Abyssinian Empire - Africa & Europe

                                                                        600-1600ish" by Jan van Seist.

Ethiopia-msg       (4K) 11/29/99  Period Ethiopia. References.

eunuchs-msg        (6K)  3/30/00  Eunuchs and castration in period. References

Europe-msg        (16K)  5/17/09  Medieval points of interest in Europe.

Fall-o-N-Rome-art (8K)  9/18/02  "The Causes for the Fall of (New) Rome"

                                                                         by Baron Hrolf Herjolffsen OP.

Finland-msg       (11K)  9/25/98  History and culture of Finland.

Finland-hist-art (14K)  3/26/98  "The History of Finland (years 500-1250)"

                                                                          by Pasi Malmi.

France-msg         (8K)  4/24/08  French culture. Medieval points of interest.

Gaul-art          (14K) 11/15/96  "Of Things French in the Middle Ages"

                                                                         by Lady Isabelle de Foix.

Germany-bib        (5K)  6/25/99  A bibliography on German medieval history

                                                                          by Erilar.

Germany-msg       (12K)  4/ 9/05  Medieval points of interest in Germany.

Greece-msg         (6K)  1/17/01  Medieval Greece. References and resources.

Greenland-msg     (20K)  9/28/02  Greenland history. Period points of interest

Gypsies-art       (14K)  4/ 7/02  "Gypsies in Period" by Sayidda Rakli Zada


Gypsies-lnks      (11K)  5/ 1/05  Links to information on medieval Gypsies

                                                                          by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon

Gypsies-msg       (60K)  9/ 4/02  Gypsy culture. Also called Rom or Romani.

Gypsy-tmeline-art (12K)  3/ 1/03  "Timeline of the Roma" by Sayidda Rakli

                                                                         Zada Orlenda.

Hungary-msg       (38K)  1/20/05  Medieval Hungarian history and culture.

Iceland-msg       (34K)  6/25/09  History and culture of Iceland.

Iceland-bib        (5K)  4/21/95  Bibliography on Iceland.

India-lnks        (14K)  7/ 1/07  Links to info on medieval India by Dame

                                     Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

Ireland-lnks      (20K) 12/25/03  Web links to medieval Ireland

                                                                          by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

Ireland-msg       (78K)  9/ 8/14  Irish culture, dress. Points of interest.

Islamic-bib        (9K) 11/11/94  Bibliography on Islamic cultures.

Italy-lnks        (20K) 12/ 7/03  Web links to info on medieval Italy by Dame

                                                                          Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

Italy-msg         (37K)  6/26/10  Italian culture, families. Medieval P.o.I.

Jannissaries-msg  (10K)  1/11/02  An elite military group in service to the

                                                                          Ottoman Turks.

Jerusalem-lnks    (16K) 3/ 8/06  Links to info on medieval Jerusalem

                                     by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

Jews-msg          (66K)  9/29/14  Medieval Jews, Jewish personas.

Khazars-msg       (20K)  8/28/10 Medieval Jewish kingdom near the Caspian Sea

Kiev-Slavery-art (22K)  9/ 8/99  "Slavery in Kievan Rus" by Peotr Alexeivich


Landsknechts-bib  (12K)  3/ 3/03  A bibliography on German mercenary soldiers

                                                                          by Master Magnus Malleus.

Landsknechts-msg (12K)  4/10/05  German mercenaries of the 16th Century.

Leicester-art     (11K)  2/ 7/01  "Going Home" by Mistress Nicolaa de

                                                                         Bracton of Leicester.

London-Hist-art   (10K) 11/ 5/05  "A Brief History of the City of London" by

                                    Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton of Leicester.

London-msg        (76K)  7/24/11  Medieval points of interest in and around


Low-Countries-msg (27K) 11/23/99  Medieval Netherlands and Belgium.

Manx-msg          (14K)  2/15/08  The Isle of Man. Manx personas. references.

Medeval-Paris-lnks (20K) 10/12/03  Web links to info on medieval Paris

                                     by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

Middle-East-msg   (12K) 11/ 6/08  Info. on the period Middle East.

Moghul-India-msg (46K) 11/ 6/08  The culture and food of Moghul India.

Mongl-Mission-art (9K) 12/16/99  "Mission to the Mongols" by Bojegei (Kate

                                                                          Bercaw). Period comments about Mongols.

Mongol-Rus-lnks    (8K)  1/28/06  Links to info on the Mongol Rus and the

                                     Golden Horde by Dame Aoife Finn.

Mongols-msg       (54K)  1/31/08  Mongol culture, bibliography. Mongol horses.

Mongols-N-o-B-art (60K)  1/ 7/01 "Mongols - Nomads or Barbarians" by Baroness

                                                                          Catriona Macpherson, GoA.

Moors-msg         (54K)  2/ 4/08  Culture and clothing of the Moors.

Nw-World-sit-msg (16K)  8/24/06  New World sites of interest to SCA folks.

Normans-msg       (30K)  3/24/09  Norman culture, dress.

Norse-msg        (120K)  2/ 7/08  Norse culture. Viking raids.

Norway-msg         (8K)  9/ 4/01 Medieval points of interest in Norway.

pst-Vik-Norse-msg (17K)  1/10/00  Post Viking Norse. Sources.

Palestine-msg      (7K)  3/25/94  Medieval points of interest in Isreal.

Paris-msg         (20K)  7/22/12  Medieval points of interest in and around


peasants-msg      (52K)  7/22/12  Peasants in period and SCA. peasant personas

Persia-msg         (8K)  7/22/12 History and culture of period Persia.

Picts-msg         (10K) 10/25/09  Info. on the Picts. Name sources.

Pirates-lnks      (12K) 12/ 7/03  Web links to info on medieval Wales

                                     by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

pirates-msg       (38K)  3/ 6/08  Pirates throughout the Middle Ages.

Poland-bib           (10K) 11/29/08  Some books on medieval Poland from Magnus.

Poland-msg        (25K)  3/23/15  Medieval Poland. References.

Medvl-Poland-art  (26K) 11/11/08 "Introduction to Medieval Poland"

                                                                         by Metressa Jadwiga Zajaczkowa.

Rila-Bulgaria-art (4K)  4/14/12  "Medieval Rila, Bulgaria" by Tamara of


Rus-Handbook-art (97K)  9/ 2/99  Rus' Handbook from the Eoforwic Novogrod

                                                                          event AS 24. Edited by Nicolaa de Bracton

Russia-bib         (8K)  7/20/94  Bibliography on Russian history.

Russia-msg        (78K) 12/19/09  Russian and Kievian Culture and language.

Rus-women-art     (14K) 12/12/95  Lecture notes on 16c. Russian women.

Saxon-England-lnks (12K)  2/ 4/04  Links to info on Saxon England by

                                                                           Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

Scandinavia-lnks (16K)  2/15/04 Web links to medieval Scandinavia

                                     by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

Scotland-lnks     (20K) 10/12/03  Web links to medieval Scotland

                                    by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

Scotland-msg      (89K) 12/17/14  Scottish culture. Who lived where. Medieval

                                                                         points of interest. The Orkney Islands.

Sicily-msg        (18K)  3/22/14  Period Sicily. Culture, history, food.

Muslms-Sicily-art (36K)  4/23/08  "Muslims in Sicily" by Lady Adelisa di Salerno

Spain-msg         (45K) 12/ 3/10  Medieval Spain. Info. sources.

Sweden-msg         (4K)  5/24/01  Medieval points of interest in Sweden.

Switzerland-msg    (4K)  9/17/12  Medieval Switzerland. Resources.

SwissGuard-msg    (28K)  6/28/05  Swiss mercenaries hired by the Pope.

Scythians-msg     (10K)  1/31/00  A Eurasian Nomadic people. 700 - 300 B.C.

Turkey-msg        (16K)  5/15/11  Period Turkey. Culture. History.

Wales-lnks        (24K) 10/26/03  Web links to info on medieval Wales

                                     by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

Wales-msg         (86K)  1/ 3/05  Welsh culture. avail. newsletters.

Roman-Wales-bib    (9K)  7/23/99 Bibliography on Roman Wales by Tangwystyl.



15C-Ital-Dce-art  (24K)  9/ 5/01  "Fifteenth-Century Italian Dance" by

                                                                          Rosina del Bosco Chiaro.

Belly-Dance-art   (22K) 12/25/07  "Re-Creating a 'Belly Dance' Persona in the

                                                                         SCA" by Rebba (Lady) Esther bat Baruch.

dance-msg        (182K)  3/20/15  SCA and period dancing.

dance-music-msg    (8K)  3/18/15  Sources of recorded music for medieval and SCA


dance-par-art     (12K)  1/20/92  What the future might think of 20th C. dance.

ECD-Glossary-art   (8K)  2/27/15  "ABC's of English Country Dancing" by

                                    Mistress Adelaide de Beaumont.

G-Peasnt-Dnce-art (18K) 10/ 8/09  "16th Century German Peasant Dance from Period

                                                                         Woodcuts - Two Dances from the Beham

                                                                         Brothers" by Viscountess Elisa von Sophey.

Ital-Ren-Dce-art (16K)  8/22/02  "Italian Renaissance Dance for Dummies"

                                                                          by Rosina del Bosco Chiaro.

Maypole-Dance-art  (6K)  1/31/06  "Maypole and Morris Dancing" by THL Dagonell

                                    Collingwood of Emerald Lake.

ME-dance-msg      (48K)  5/13/08  Middle Eastern dance, "bellydancing".

The-Pavan-art     (16K)  6/19/09  "A Brief Study of the Pavan" by THL Michaela

                                                                         de La Chesnaye des Bois.



15C-Eyeglsses-art (10K)  4/14/02  "Eyeglasses and Concave Lenses in 15th C.

                                                                          Florence and Milan" by Lord Anton de Stoc

eyeglasses-msg    (78K)  1/16/08  Period eyewear. Making replicas.

Deaf-History-bib (12K)  9/11/09  "A Preliminary Bibliography of Deaf History

                                                                         before 1600 CE." by Lady Ásfríðr


Diabetes-SCA-art (20K) 12/22/09  "Surviving Diabetes in the SCA" by Forester

                                                                         Padraig MacRaighne and THL Geniveve Rose

                                                                         D'Glendalough (called GenRose).

disabilities-msg (147K) 11/12/14  Disabilities in the SCA and period, hiding

                                                                         wheelchairs, SCA sign language.

SCA-SL-art        (14K)  9/ 8/94  SCA specific sign language.

sign-lang-msg     (18K)  7/31/01  Sign language in the SCA and in period.

Sign-Lang-Wed-art (12K)  8/28/09  "Wedding Vows Performed in 'Sign Language',

                                                                         and Signs in Other Ceremonies" by Lady

                                                                         Ásfríðr Ulfvíðardóttir.

Sign-Language-bib (12K) 11/ 1/09  "An Annotated Bibliography on Monastic Sign

                                                                         Lexicons (MSL), Finger Alphabets and

                                                                         Mnemonics" by Lady Ásfríðr Ulfvíðardóttir.



apprentices-msg   (15K)  1/18/02  Comments on medieval and SCA apprentices.

Art-of-Arith-art   (7K)  4/ 3/00  "The Noble Art of Arithmetic"

                                                                          by Jan van Seist.

GSRE-art          (45K) 11/18/96  "Great Scholars of Renaissance Europe"

                                                                           by Lady Isabelle de Foix.

Hist-English-lnks (12K)  1/11/06  Links to info on the history of the English

                                     language by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

Ital-Phrases-art   (8K) 11/ 2/02  "Useful Italian phrases from Florio"

                                                                          by Lord Anton de Stoc.

languages-msg     (88K)  9/ 5/09  Sources for learning Anglo-Saxon, Latin.

Latin-msg         (36K)  2/ 4/08  Learning Latin. Some basics. WWW course.

Latin-online-art (15K)  6/10/99  Learning Latin On-Line" by Gunnora


literacy-msg      (18K)  2/ 4/08  Literacy levels in the Middle Ages.

Med-Math-Sci-bib   (6K)  4/ 4/00  "Medieval Math and Science Bibliography" by

                                                                         Lord Midair MacCormaic (Charles Cohen).

museums-msg       (45K)  9/ 8/10  Experiences in museums by SCA people.

p-education-msg    (8K)  5/26/00  Descriptions of period education.

redactn-class-msg (5K)  5/24/00  Teaching how to "redact" period recipes.

teaching-msg      (26K)  9/ 9/09  Teaching in the SCA and in persona.

Teach-in-SCA-art (16K) 12/26/00  "On Teaching Classes in the SCA" by Lady

                                                                         Meliora Leuedai de Ardescote.

Teaching-SCA-art (22K) 12/20/08  "Teaching in the SCA" by Mistress Alicia


universities-msg (35K)  9/17/99  Medieval universities.



2-Roman-Games-art (5K)  7/19/14 "Roman Games: Tesserae and Tropa" by Despotes  

                                    Halfdan 'Two Bears' Ozurrson.

Balls-art         (23K) 7/ 3/15  "Balls" by Dame Joan Sutton.      

Boules-Bocce-art   (6K) 8/21/06  "Boules and Bocce" by THL Dagonell

                                    Collingwood of Emerald Lake.

Bowling-art        (6K)  6/20/06 "Bowling" by THL Dagonell Collingwood.

Brf-Lok-Tennis-art (8K)  2/ 7/05  "A Brief Look at Tennis" by Baron Hrolf


Brothel-Games-art (34K)  9/14/07  "Brothel Games" by Master Brusten de

                                                                          Bearsul, OL, OP.

Cambok-art        (14K)  4/27/08  "Cambok!" by Master Dafydd ap Gwystl.

Cards-a-Dice-art (12K)  3/17/12  "Some Cards and Dice Games" by mistress

                                    katherine kerr.

cloved-fruit-msg (25K)  2/23/12  Period cloved fruit. Origin of the SCA game.

Cockstride-art      (4K)  7/ 3/06  "Cockstride" by THL Dagonell Collingwood.

court-bingo-msg    (8K)  2/ 9/12  Something for those boring Courts, from        


Curling-art        (8K)  1/29/06 "Curling" by THL Dagonell Collingwood.

                                   Played on ice by two teams pitching stones

darts-msg         (18K) 10/ 4/96  Period darts, both pub and combat.

Dog-Ball-msg       (8K)  9/ 1/12  A sport played in standard SCA armor and

                                    polearms, based on a game in the movie

                                                                           "Blood of Heroes".

Dwyle-Flonkng-art (4K)  2/28/06  "Dwyle Flonking" by THL Dagonell Collingwood

                                                                         A traditional English tavern game.

fireworks-lnks     (8K)  8/20/05  Links to info on medieval fireworks

                                     by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

Football-art       (6K)  6/ 9/07  "Football" by THL Dagonell Collingwood

                                                                         of Emerald Lake.

Game-History-art (33K)  8/31/14  "Is This Game Period?" by THL Dagonell

                                    Collingwood of Emerald Lake.

games-msg        (143K)  3/14/14  Medieval board games and sports.

games-cards-msg   (70K)  2/27/08  Period card games and card decks.

games-SCA-msg     (36K)  7/ 4/08  Games for SCA events.

golf-msg          (17K)  7/16/98  Medieval golf. History of golf.

Golf-Med-Era-art  (33K) 12/ 3/09  "The Royal and Ancient Sport - Golf in the

                                    Medieval Era" by Baron Giles Leabrook.

Hazard-Craps-art   (6K) 11/30/06 "Hazard and Craps" by Dagonell the Juggler.

Helga-Ball-msg    (10K) 12/ 3/09  Helga ball is a Ladies Only game combining

                                                                         aspects of soccer, rugby and wrestling.

Hnefatafl-art      (6K)  6/29/14  "How to Play Hnefatafl" by Despotes Halfdan

                                   "Two Bears" Ôzurrson. Norse board game.

Hopscotch-art     (10K)  1/20/06  "Hopscotch" by THL Dagonell Collingwood.

Horseshoes-art     (6K) 2/27/06  "Quoits, Dobblers and Horseshoes" by THL

                                    Dagonell Collingwood of Emerald Lake.

hunt-spears-msg   (18K) 10/14/96  Medieval hunting spears.

Knucklebones-art   (6K)  2/26/07 "Knucklebones" by THL Dagonell Collingwood

                                                                          of Emerald Lake.

Kubb-art           (6K)  1/25/07  "Kubb" by THL Dagonell Collingwood

                                                                          of Emerald Lake.

M-Cmpter-Gmes-art (8K) 12/15/14  "Medieval Computer Games" by Master Richard

                                    the Poor of Ely, OP.

Mancala-art       (10K)  1/31/08  "Mancala" by THL Dagonell Collingwood. A

                                                                          family of Middle Eastern board games.

Marbles-art       (14K) 10/12/06  "Marbles" by THL Dagonell Collingwood of

                                                                         Emerald Lake.

medvl-humor-lnks   (6K) 12/12/05  Links to info on medieval humor by Dame

                                     Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

Quintain-Gmes-art (12K)  9/10/11  "Quintain Games" by Mistress katherine kerr.

Shove-Groat-art    (6K)  6/19/06 "Shove Groat" by THL Dagonell Collingwood

                                                                         of Emerald Lake.

sports-msg        (54K)  3/14/14  Medieval sports.

Stool-ball-art    (12K)  3/27/09  "Stool ball: an early bat and ball game"

                                                                          by Lady Wenyeva atte grene.

T-H-Dreidel-art   (12K) 12/26/00  "The Hannukah Dreidel" by Lady Meliora

                                                                         Leuedai de Ardescote.

Tarot-Crd-Ruls-art (16K) 7/ 5/03  A reconstruction of the rules for the game

                                                                          of Tarot by James D. Wickson.

Teetotms-Dreid-art (6K)  3/ 2/08  "Teetotums and Dreidels" by THL Dagonell

                                                                         Collingwood of Emerald Lake.

taverns-msg       (58K)  9/17/12  SCA and period taverns.

wintr-sports-lnks (6K) 12/ 8/05  Links to info on medieval winter sports

                                     by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.



Desen-Y-Horse-art (12K)  2/14/10  "Equestrian Games - desensitizing your horse,

                                                                         an intro" by Lady Isabell Winter.

Equest-4-New-art   (8K)  6/ 6/11  "SCA Equestrian Activities for the New (or

                                                                          Non) Equestrian" by Lady Eowyth þa Siðend.

equest-hlmts-msg   (4K)  7/14/15   Riding helmets for SCA use. Hiding them.

                                    Includes photographs.

equest-shoes-msg   (8K)  7/ 8/15   What shoes or boots to wear for SCA

                                     equestrian activities.

Horse-Barding-art (14K)  6/29/09  "Introduction to Horse Barding"

                                                                          by Lady Lyonet Lamoureux.

Horse-Events-art (16K) 12/15/10  "SCA Equestrian Events - Everyone is          

                                                                         Responsible for Success" by Lady Lyonet


Horse-Games-art   (26K)  7/25/09  "Equestrian Games" by Lady Lyonet Lamoureux.

Hors-Gme-Eqmt-art (18K)  8/16/09  "Equipment for Equestrian Games" by Lady

                                                                         Lyonet Lamoureux.

Horse-Sense-art   (15K)  7/ 1/15  "Horse Sense in the SCA" by THLady Roana

                                    Aldinoch. (A must-read for wannabe riders)

Hors-Training-art (16K)  8/12/10  "SCA Equestrian Training Tips" by Lady

                                                                         Lyonet Lamoureux.

Horse-n-t-MA-art   (9K) 11/ 1/00  "The Horse in the Medieval Age"

                                                                          by Malachy of Adamastor.

horse-barding-msg (3K)  3/12/14  Comments on horse barding.

horse-racing-msg   (6K)  8/21/02  Period horse racing.

Horsebread-art    (22K)  2/ 8/15  "Horsebread" by Madonna Contessa Ilaria

                                    Veltri degli Ansari.

horses-bib        (12K)  8/26/02  A bibliography on medieval and ancient

                                                                         horses by Master Magnus Malleus.

horses-lnks       (11K)  8/25/04 Links on medieval and SCA horses by Dame

                                     Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

horses-msg        (86K)  1/31/10  Medieval horses. Horses in the SCA.

Int-Equestran-art (10K)  6/29/09  "Introduction to Equestrian Activities in

                                                                         the SCA" by Lady Lyonet Lamoureux.

p-horses-bib      (18K)  4/ 4/01  Bibliography on period horses by Master

                                                                           Magnus Malleus.

p-saddle-bags-msg (12K)  8/ 6/11  Period saddle bags. The ways items were

                                                                         carried on horses.

saddles-msg       (12K) 11/26/04  Period saddles. Saddles for SCA use.

Sadle-Blankts-art (20K) 11/ 8/08  "Treasures Under the Saddle (16th Century

                                                                        Persian Saddle Blanket)" by The Honorable

                                                                        Lady Maria de Andalusia.

Side-Saddle-art   (18K)  2/ 7/15  "A Sidesaddle" by Madonna Contessa Ilaria

                                    Veltri degli Ansari.

Stirrups-Hist-art (30K)  4/ 8/08  "A Short History Of Equestrian Stirrups" by

                                                                         The Honorable Lady Maria de Andalusia.

warhorse-size-art (8K)  7/12/09  "A Refutation of the Myth of the Giant

                                                                         Medieval Warhorse" by Siobhan ni

                                                                         Seaghdha, OP

Women-Riding-art (12K)  3/ 2/10  "Women Riding in Medieval Times - Practical

                                                                          Experiences" by Lady Isabell Winter.



11tC-Scot-fst-art (25K)  7/26/10  Recipes f. Coron. Feast for Siredean and Sile

                                                                         of Calontir by THL Suzanne de la Ferté.

12th-nite-fst-art (20K)  8/25/98  Ansteorran 12th night feast AS 32.

12th-N-Oertha-art (9K)  7/ 7/00  Oertha 12th Night Feast, Jan 2000 by

                                                                          Mistress Cedrin Etainnighean, OL.

12thN-Caerthe-msg (20K)  2/ 1/09 Caerthe's 12th Night Feast in 2008.

15C-Italn-fst-art (24K) 10/24/02  Meridian Kingdom A&S Fair feast by Fra

                                                                          Niccolo Difrancesco. 15C Italian.

16C-Italn-fst-art (49K)  2/ 3/15  A 16th Century Italian style feast at

                                   Canterbury Faire 2012 by Lady Caterine de

                                   Vantier. Comprehensive notes.


A-French-Meal-art (40K)  7/21/01  "A Spring Supper by the Seine" by Her

                                                                          Ladyship Katja Davidova Orlova Khazarina.

AB-Saturnalia-msg (12K)  4/26/11  Barony of al-Barran's Midwinter feast in Dec.

                                                                        2010 by Mistress Cailte Caitchairn, O.L.

ACG-Feast-art      (9K)  1/ 7/99  Menu and recipes from Heralds and Scribes

                                                                        Collegium in Abhain Ciach Ghlas.

Al-Halfla-art     (18K)  2/15/09  Al Halfla 2009 event dayboards

                                                                          by Lady Adelisa di Salerno (was Gianotta).

Andalusan-Fst-msg (8K) 10/26/02  An Andalusian summer banquet

                                                                          by Giles de Laval.

Anst-12Nt-Fst-art (24K) 10/24/08  Ansteorra 12th Night Feast in 2007 done by

                                                                         Count Gunthar.

Arthurian-Fst-art (15K)  9/30/98  Arthurian event feast menus and recipes.

BB-Dragonship-art (42K)  2/ 3/99  Feast for the Baronial Birthday for

                                                                         Dragonship Haven, EK. 12/5/98.

BC-Delftwood-art (21K)  2/ 5/99  Baronial Championship feast for Delftwood.

BM-Slvr-Av-Fst-art (16K) 1/ 4/04  Bordermarch Silver Anniversary Feast"

                                                                         by Countess Tess of the Gardens MP.

Bnfld-Bat-Fst-art (12K)  7/13/99  Menu and recipes from Bonfield Battle event

                                                                         in Ealdormere in 1998.

Broccoli-fst-art  (10K)  3/24/05  The Feast of St. Dorinda of the Broccoli.          

                                                                          by Edouard Halidai (Doc).

Camp-Dinner-art   (12K) 11/ 5/06  A small camp dinner of period foods for 7

                                                                         people by Mistress Elaine de Montgris

                                                                        (known as 'Lainie).


Carnival-Fst-art (25K)  3/19/99  An Italian Carnival Feast in Delftwood.

ClancyDay-fst-art (16K)  7/ 1/01  "Clancy Day Feast" by Dame Hauviette d'Anjou


Coron-Fst-BP-art  (31K)  1/26/01  Coronation feast based on 14C recipes by

                                                                           Baroness Minowara Kiritsubo (Kiri)

Danelaw-Feast-art (32K)  3/ 8/07  A 9th Century Anglo-Saxon feast served at

                                                                              the SCA's Market Day at Jorvik event.

Daybrd-Advent-art (16K)  8/ 5/02  "Dayboard Adventures" by Jadwiga Zajaczkowa.

Drgn-Drmt-fst-art (18K) 11/28/05  Dragon Dormant Baronial Investiture feast        

                                                                                         by Lord Petru cel paros Voda.

EK-Crwn-Fst-art   (45K)  5/20/98  Details on the EK spring Crown AS 33.

EK-Crwn-Fst2-art  (30K)  6/25/06  Review and Recipes for a French-style feast

                                                                         for the EK Crown Tourny, AS 41 by Petru.

Elizabet-Fst-art (30K)  5/ 8/01  An Elizabethian feast menu and references by

                                                                          Baroness Minowara Kiritsubo (Kiri)

Fall-Norse-Feast-art (  K)  1/29/15  A Fall Norse Feast in the Province of

                                       Golden Rivers, West Kingdom.

finger-fd-fst-art (13K)  9/15/98  A light supper feast using finger foods.

fish-feast-art     (6K)  3/29/00  Details and recipes for a mid-Lent

                                                                         "fish feast" by Rudd Rayfield.

Frenc-Ren-Fst-art (  K) 12/ 5/14  “Feast of St. Golias” by HL Baric Firehand

                                    Bear). Menu and recipes.

Fst-4a-Prince-art (16K)  1/26/09  A feast for the Prince of the Mists by

                                                                          Urtatim, based on Ottoman Turkish dishes.

Fst-St-George-art (10K)  6/26/01  Feast of St. George by Bonne of Traquair.

German-Feast-art  (32K)  2/26/06  German feast cooked for the Erud Sul

                                                                         Investiture by HL Caitlin Ruadh (called

                                                                         Ru) and Lady Evja Johannsdottir.

German-Fst-OC-art (22K)  9/26/09  German feast for the Outlands Crown Tournament

                                                                          from "Ein New Kochbuck", 1581 by Catrin von

                                     Berlin (Gwen Cat).

Good-Fd-Feast-art (26K)  3/30/98  Description of a fancy feast done in Lochac.

Greco-Romn-fst-art(48K) 12/ 7/03  An SCA Greco-Roman feast by Urtatim.

GT-Unicrn-Fst-art (14K) 10/10/08 "Grand Tournament of the Unicorn Feast" by

                                                                          Lady Avelyn Grene. (MK, 4/08)

Hatherleigh-art    (6K) 10/19/00  12th annual Hatherleigh Fire Festival

                                                                          Medieval Dinner hosted by Rudd Rayfield.

Hathrlgh-2000-art (8K)  2/19/02  13th annual Hatherleigh Fire Festival.

                                                                        Includes roasted Cockentrice photo.

Icelandic-Fst-art (15K) 12/ 4/09  An Icelandic feast cooked by Master Adamantius

                                                                          for the Barony of An Dubhaigeainn.

ill-fd-feast-art (10K) 12/ 8/97  A feast consisting of illusion foods.

Irish-Vik-fst-art (20K)  5/27/01  A feast based on the Irish Vikings.

Islamic-Feast-art (20K)  5/27/99  "An Islamic Feast in a Barbarian Court"

                                                                          by al-Sayyid A'aql ibn Rashid al-Zib.

Italian-Feast-art (20K)  1/10/10  An Italian-themed feast at the Pounce VIII

                                     event by Mistress Helewyse de Birkestad.

Just-a-Feast-art (32K) 11/ 2/03  "Just a Feast" by Lady Katherine Rowberd. An

                                                                         SCA event organized around just a feast.

Kentwell-Hall-art (25K) 6/25/98  A period kitchen at a Living History site.

KF-feast-msg       (9K)  5/12/00  The King's Forest feast.

Lansknecht-fst-art (12K) 11/ 8/05  EK Lansknecht Feast by Jadwiga Zajaczkowa.

Lenten-Fst-mnu-art (9K)  4/ 4/04  The menu for a small feast in Lent by Brekke


Maidens-Fest-art (10K)  1/29/99  Festival of Maidens. Middle Kingdom. 1999.

Martyrs-Feast-art (8K)  9/ 2/99  Feast of the Martyrs. South Downs, Meridies.

Mdwntr-AS-Fst-art (14K)  9/28/99  Midwinter AS feast in South Downs, Meridies.

ME-Refrsh-Tbl-art (28K)  9/ 7/08  A Middle Eastern themed refreshment table

                                                                         by Urtatim at Mists Coronation. Recipes.

Mid-Lent-Dnnr-art (7K)  4/27/01  A Mid-Lenten dinner by Rudd Rayfield.

NOTT-X-fst-msg    (54K)  2/21/09  "Night on The Town X" cooked by Lady

                                                                            Hrosvitha von Celle (Vitha).

NP-Italian-fst-art (24K) 2/ 1/05  An Italian feast done by Bear for

                                                                           Namron Protectorate XXVIII.

Nrmn-Scly-Fst-art (64K)  7/10/06  "A feast based upon the culture of Norman

                                                                           Sicily during the reign of King Roger II"

                                                                           by Donna Serena da Riva. (12th Century)

Psge-East-Fst-art (29K)  3/21/01  A 15th century Italian feast.

Perf-P-Feast-msg (59K) 12/22/14  "Perfectly Period Feast" cooked by Mistress

                                                                          Crystal of the Westermark. A medieval

                                                                          feast, with atmosphere, 'done right'.

Picnic-Basket-art (26K)  5/21/08  "A Pilgrim's Picnic Basket" by Master

                                                                          Gideanus Adamantius, O.L.

Platina-Feast-art (10K)  5/24/01  A feast from Platina by Lady Clotild.

Platina-Lunch-art (8K)  5/24/01  An Italian lunch using recipes from Platina.  

Q-Rapier-Fst-art (15K)  8/25/99  Feast menu and recipes from Aethelmearc.

Ru-Vik-daybd-art  (10K) 11/27/05  A Russian/Viking dayboard done by Mistress

                                                                         Jadwiga Zajaczkowa.

Spanish-Feast-art (16K) 12/23/06  A Spanish feast cooked by Mistress Jadwiga

                                                                         Zajaczkowa at the Conviencia 2 event.

Sumits-Wn-Inv-art (15K)  2/ 7/01  Summits Winter Investiture Feast - AS 34.

Taste-o-Calon-art (61K)  5/16/10  Recipes from the "Taste of Calontir" tasting

                                                                                       table at the Calontir Jubilee Celebration

                                                                                       provided by Mistress Kateryn de Develyn.

Tavern-Feast-art (14K)  1/13/99  An all-day tavern-style feast.

Topkapi-Serai-art (14K)  9/18/08  An 16th C Ottoman feast by Urtatim.

Unicorn-Feast-art (20K)  5/31/11 Feast of Unicorn in Atlantia in 2004 headed up

                                                                          by Lord Nichola Buscelli.

Valentine-fst-art (28K)  3/23/04  A Valentines Day themed feast by Faerisa

                                    Gwynarden (Illusion foods and aphrodisiacs)

Whole-Pig-Fst-art (36K)  9/22/98 Feast menu and recipes incl. a roasted pig.

Wills-Revenge-art (19K)  1/ 7/99  Feast menu and recipes from an SCA event.

Winter-Feast-art  (30K) 10/13/05  A 12th Night Feast served near Hamburg,

                                                                                       Germany in 2004 by Giano Balestriere.



14thC-Kitchen-art (16K)  5/19/05  The Fourteenth Century Kitchen - A Guided

                                                                                        Tour" by Baroness Minowara Kiritsubo

                                                                                       (known as Kiri).

bread-for-fsts-msg (42K) 5/15/06  Baking and buying bread for SCA feasts.

child-feasts-msg  (25K)  9/25/10 Discussion of separate feasts for children.

child-kitchen-msg (33K)  9/25/10 Having children in the kitchen during feast


ckng-4-vigils-msg (24K)  5/15/11  Cooking suggestions for SCA peerage vigils.

cookng-grains-msg (34K)  4/24/08  Cooking grains in quantity.

cooks-clothng-msg (44K)  5/ 6/12 Period and SCA cooks clothing.

cutting-onions-msg (8K)  1/ 4/04  Techniques for cutting onions.

Dsyboards-T-P-art  ( K)  2/ 1/09   

dayboards-msg     (76K)  1/ 6/11  SCA dayboards, middle-of-the-day meals.

Fd-Service-MA-art (12K)  9/19/09 "Practical Foodservice in the Middle Ages"

                                                                         by THLady Avelyn Grene.

fd-transport-msg (28K)  1/26/09  Transporting cooked and prepared food.

fd-kitch-staf-msg (8K) 10/23/08  Feeding your kitchen staff.

feasts-msg       (117K)  5/17/96  Ideas and comments for SCA feasts.

feast-decor-msg   (17K)  4/10/01  Decorating the feasthall.

feast-ideas-msg   (76K) 12/26/09 Ideas for SCA feasts.

feast-menus-msg   (73K)  8/22/04  Feast menus from various SCA feasts.

feast-serving-msg (150K) 3/31/13  Ideas for serving feasts. How to organize.

feast-seatng-msg   (6K) 11/28/09 Comments on seating at feasts. Seating charts.

feast-spices-msg   (6K)  4/ 4/09  Purchasing and storing spices for feasts.

feastgear-msg     (44K)  3/24/08  Obtaining feastgear for use in the SCA.

                                                                         cleaning wooden feastgear.

feasts-fish-msg   (50K)  3/ 7/09  Serving fish at SCA feasts.

Food-Safety-art   (12K)  7/27/09 "Food Safety in the SCA" by Lady Avelyn Grene.

food-safety-msg    (8K)  5/ 2/11  Comments on serving food safely in the SCA.

French-Tbl-Srv-art (7K)  5/22/04  An example of French table service

                                                                         translated by Angharad ferch Iorwerth.

fst-disasters-msg (86K)  3/ 3/13  Tales of SCA feasts that were disasters.

fst-entertain-msg (8K)  7/21/07  Entertainment at period and SCA feasts.

Fst-Managemnt-art (12K)  7/22/01  "Feast Management" by Lady Eden Blacksmith.

Fst-Menus-art     (11K)  8/22/04  "On Rules for Feast Menus"

                                                                         by Lord Daniel Raoul le Vascon du Navarre.


game-4-feasts-msg (20K)  4/16/11  Serving game animals at SCA feasts.

Handwashing-art   (22K)  2/24/02  "Scented Handwaters For Feasts and

                                                                          Dayboards" by Jadwiga Zajaczkowa

HC-butchers-art   (13K) 10/ 4/97  For Headcooks - How to work with your local


headcooks-msg    (180K)  3/14/14  Advice for SCA headcooks. Planning feasts.

high-alt-ckng-msg (10K)  9/ 5/09  Cooking medieval food and feasts at high


high-table-msg    (38K)  7/21/07  Setting up and serving the High Table.

Hlvg-Fst-Csts-art (20K)  2/ 8/11  "Rob Peter to feed Paul: halving feast costs"

                                                                         by Alizaundre, Demoiselle de Brebeuf, C.O.L.

hot-weth-fsts-msg (8K) 12/ 4/09  Ideas and menus for hot weather feasts.

ingred-lists-msg  (18K)  4/ 6/07  Posting ingredient lists at SCA feasts.

kit-job-titls-msg (20K)  9/ 9/09  Medieval kitchen job titles.

kitch-toolbox-msg (8K) 11/30/02  Suggested items to put in a kitchen toolbox.

kitchen-clean-msg (25K)  3/ 7/10 Cleaning the kitchen after an SCA event.

kitchen-knives-msg (36K) 4/21/08  Kitchen knives for the modern kitchen and

                                                                         feast preparation, Knife care.

kitchen-tips-msg  (22K) 11/ 4/08  Practical, short kitchen tips for SCA feasts

kitchn-gloves-msg (6K)  6/28/07  Comments on using gloves in the kitchen.

kitchn-safety-msg (14K) 12/ 6/06  Kitchen safety for SCA feasts.

KT-mandolins-msg  (10K)  9/ 5/09  Kitchen Tools - Mandolins. History and use of

                                    the mandolin slicer. Reviews.

lunch-feasts-msg (16K)  4/18/10  Ideas and recipes for warm weather lunch

                                                                         feasts with limited kitchen facilities.

ME-feasts-msg     (41K)  9/29/14  Middle Eastern feasts. sitting, serving.

meat-carving-bib   (9K)  4/ 5/01 Biblio. on meat carving by Thomas Gloning.

Med-Fsts-CPHP-art (33K) 12/26/10  "Medieval Feasts - culinary creativity,                

                                                                         pageantry, honour and prestige" by Lady

                                                                         Dominica de Zeragoza.

Med-Kitchens-lnks (10K) 10/ 1/06  Links to info on medieval kitchens by Dame

                                                                          Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

Medieval-Cook-art (5K) 10/20/00  "The Medieval Cook"

                                                                          by Lady Jehannede Huguenin.

Medievl-Feasts-art (16K) 2/24/05  "The Medieval Feast - An Event, Not Food"

                                                                         by Mistress Willow de Wisp.

Of-Course-art     (10K)  6/22/06  "Of Course It's 'Course'! Remove 'Remove'!"

                                    by Dame Alys Katharine, O.L., O.P.

on-r-offboard-msg (16K)  9/17/01  Comments on allowing non-paying/non-eating

                                                                        folks to attend SCA feasts.

out-fst-safe-msg (14K)  6/26/05  Cooking outdoor feasts safely.

p-cooks-msg       (58K) 12/20/08  Comments on specific period cooks.

p-Coronat-fst-art (22K)  3/26/01  The Coronation feast of Richard III.

p-feasts-msg      (84K)  2/21/08  General comments about period feasts.

p-fst-servng-msg   (7K)  9/19/14 Comments on how feasts were served in period.

p-menus-msg       (79K) 10/17/14  Examples of medieval feast menus.

picnic-feasts-msg (28K)  7/23/12  Ideas for light, picnic style feasts.

pot-luck-fsts-msg (22K) 11/24/13  Handling 'pot luck' feasts in the SCA.

practice-fsts-msg  (7K)  2/14/01 Using practice feasts.

prim-sit-fsts-msg (22K)  6/28/07  Preparing feasts at primitive sites

rasng-fd-fsts-msg  (8K)  9/ 5/05  Raising plants and animals for SCA feasts

rec-AFCF-art      (25K)  9/17/97  Recipes from Aethemearc's First Crown Feast.

Run-a-Feast-art   (14K) 11/ 2/98  "About Running a Feast" by Minna Gantz.

Serve-H-Table-art  (5K)  9/ 3/12  “Serving A King’s Table” by Baroness Kay of            

                                     Tre Asterium. Ideas for serving head table.

Servng-Roylty-art (10K)  1/ 1/06 "When Royalty Graces Your Head Table" by

                                                                         Dame Alys Katharine, O.L., O.P.

servng-drinks-msg (14K)  8/30/07  Serving drinks and beverages at SCA feasts.

serving-soups-msg (18K)  4/14/07  Serving soups at SCA feasts.

table-manners-msg (24K)  6/16/08  Period table manners.

tasting-tabls-msg (13K) 10/17/14  Introducing people to medieval foods using

                                                                                     food samples and tasting tables.

warming-ovens-msg (10K)  6/ 1/08  Using warming ovens for SCA feasts.

Your-1st-Fst-art (62K)  3/29/13  "How to Successfully Pull Off Your First

                                    Feast" (or any feast) by Lady Miriam Ester

                                    Bat Issacha.



14C-Fingerfds-art (10K) 10/14/01  "English - 14th Century Fingerfoods"

                                                                          by THL Kateryn de Develyn.

almond-milk-msg  (127K)  2/ 2/15  Making almond milk. Recipes. Deskinning nuts

alnd-mlk-chs-msg (25K) 10/ 2/10  Period almond milk cheese.  Cheese and butter-

                                                                         like compounds make from almond milk.

aspic-msg         (48K)  9/29/14  Notes on aspic, a meat-base gelatin.

bag-cooking-msg   (61K) 12/23/10 Using plastic bags to warm pre-cooked foods

                                                                         at SCA events. Vacuum food sealers.

Barons-Taste-art (119K)  5/21/10  "To A Baron's Taste - Period and period style

                                                                         recipes" by Baron Hrolf Herjolfssen, O.P..

beer-in-food-msg (40K)  3/25/13  Period recipes with beer or ale in them.

blancmange-msg    (40K)  2/ 7/12  A medieval rice dish composed principally of

                                                                          rice, almond milk and chicken.

Blood-Soup-art    (12K) 12/26/00  "Polish Black Soup - Czarnina" by Casamira

                                                                          Jawjalny, O.L.

Brakng-t-Fast-art (32K)  5/10/01  "Breaking the Fast or What did they eat for

                                                                         breakfast?" by Mistress Christianna

                                                                         MacGrain, OP,OL, Meridies.

breakfast-msg    (108K)  2/17/12  What's for breakfast? SCA and period.

broths-msg        (90K) 10/30/09 Broths in period recipes. Substitutions.

caldron-cookg-msg  (5K)  5/ 9/02 Cooking foods in a caldron over an open fire

Camp-Cooking-art   (8K) 12/ 4/00  "Camp Cooking" by Lady Caointiarn.

M-Camp-Cookng-art (11K) 10/ 2/01 "More Camp Cooking" by Lady Caointiarn.

                                                                         Some simple one-pot meals.

campfood-msg      (84K)  2/21/12  Non-refrig., period food for camping events.

canning-msg       (52K)  6/17/09  Use of canning in the SCA. Directions.

Cheap-Apicius-art (13K)  9/28/98  "Apicius for the Impoverished" by Margali.

chestnuts-msg     (49K) 12/17/10  Medieval harvesting and use of chestnuts.

                                                                          Roasting. Recipes.

Complet-Anglr-msg (14K)  5/26/00  Recipes from "Compleat Angler", 1653.

Compleat-Cook-art (28K)  9/ 4/97  "The Compleat Cook" by Dame Alys Katharine.

compost-msg       (88K) 12/ 1/09  A pickled food of fruits and vegetables.

cooking-msg       (34K)  3/22/94  Cooking techniques.

cooking-oils-msg (128K)  2/29/12 Period cooking and food oils.

cook-flowers-msg (90K) 12/ 1/06  Cooking with flowers. Medieval flower dishes

cook-ovr-fire-msg (68K)  6/ 8/09  Cooking over open fires. Outdoor feasts.

crockpot-dshs-msg  (8K)  2/25/10 Medieval dishes which cook well in a


cuskynoles-msg    (74K) 10/ 2/10  A medieval fruit-filled pasta dish.

Docu-Cookery-art (18K)  8/ 4/97  "Documenting Cookery" by Dame Alys Katharine

drying-foods-msg  (68K)  5/18/11 Drying foods in period and for the SCA.

dumplings-msg     (70K)  9/26/13  Period dumplings. Spetzle. Recipes.

DYKIP-Brekfst-art (20K)  3/ 7/10  "Did You Know its Period? Part 7: Time for

                                                                          Breakfast" by HL Rowan Houndskeeper.

DYKIP-Food-art    (10K)  5/29/09  "Did You Know It's Period? - Modern Medieval

                                                                         Food" by HL Rowan Houndskeeper.

DYKIP-Frid-Fd-art (18K)  7/ 4/09  "Did You Know it's Period? Part 4: Fried

                                                                         Foods" by HL Rowan Houndskeeper.

DYKIP-Pies-art    (16K)  7/ 5/09  "Did You Know it's Period? Part 5: Simple

                                                                          Simon's Pies" by HL Rowan Houndskeeper.

DYKIP-Startrs-art (16K) 10/31/09  "Did You Know it's Period? Part 6: Starters

                                                                          and Appetizers" by HL Rowan Houndskeeper.

DYKIP-Sweets-art (18K)  6/11/09  "Did You Know it's Period? Part 3: Satisfying

                                                                         Your Sweet Tooth" by HL Rowan Houndskeeper.

DYKIP-Veg-Frt-art (14K)  6/ 2/09  "Did You Know It's Period? Part 2 - Vegetables

                                                                          and Fruits" by HL Rowan Houndskeeper.

easy-p-recip-msg (12K)  3/ 7/10  Some easy period recipes. Ideal for new

                                                                        cooks or for cooks new to period cooking.

egg-whites-msg    (16K)  6/26/10  What to do with extra egg whites.

eggs-msg         (187K) 10/19/13  Egg storage. Recipes. Substitutions.

egg-storage-msg   (24K)  2/ 1/12 Period and modern raw egg storage.

eggs-stuffed-msg (40K)  1/20/08  Period stuffed eggs dishes. Recipes.

fasts-msg         (82K)  3/12/14 Fasts and fastdays. Food restrictions.

fd-decoratng-msg (26K)  3/ 7/05  Decorating and presenting period foods.

fd-monks-msg      (24K)  5/27/11  Food of medieval monks.

fd-paintings-msg (45K)  3/12/11  Period paintings that show food items.

fd-sumpt-laws-msg (12K) 10/ 8/08 Medieval food sumptuary laws.

finger-foods-msg (26K)  7/ 5/09  Ideas for finger foods at feasts and events.

food-msg          (99K) 12/14/93  History and descript. of various foods.

food2-msg        (126K)  5/21/96  More of food-msg.

food-gifts-msg    (38K)  1/15/09  Period food items that make good gifts.

food-seasons-msg (18K)  5/ 3/08  When various foods were in season.

food-sources-msg  (68K)  1/31/08 Modern sources for unusual medieval meats

                                                                         and other foods.

food-storage-msg (88K) 12/29/08  Storing and preserving food in period. Non-

                                                                         refrigerated food for camping and Pennsic.

freezng-foods-msg (17K)  4/28/13  Freezing foods for storage. Techniques.

fried-foods-msg   (52K)  2/ 1/12  Medieval fried foods. Recipes.

frittours-msg    (106K)  3/ 4/11  Period fried breaded foods. Recipes.

frumenty-msg      (84K)  9/ 7/08  A period cooked grain dish, often barley.

gazpacho-msg      (12K)  2/21/08  A soup or sauce of vinegar, garlic and bread

German-Eggs-art    (7K)  1/ 2/15  "German Eggs" by Lady Anne du Bosc,

                                    known as Mordonna the Cook.

grape-leaves-msg (41K) 11/ 7/10  Use of grape leaves in cooking. Sources.

healing-food-msg   (8K)  1/ 4/01  Period foods proscribed to heal the sick.

herbs-cooking-msg (60K)  5/ 4/08  Period herbs used in cooking.

hollopotrida-msg  (36K)  6/22/08 Period holopotrida recipes. Stews with a

                                                                          very wide variety of ingredients.

humorl-theory-bib (16K)  1/ 8/01  A biblio. by Thomas Gloning on the period

                                                                          theories of humors and dietetics.

humorl-theory-msg (54K)  6/22/08  Concepts of medieval Humoral Theory.

illusion-fds-msg (147K) 12/13/13  Medieval illusion foods. Disguised food.

Intro-P-Cookg-art (12K)  2/ 8/09  "Clotild's Brief Intro to Period Cooking"

                                                                                       by Domina Clotilda Suessionensis.

larding-msg       (14K) 11/ 6/08  Inserting fat into meat in period and today.

Lenten-Diet-art   (16K)  3/15/15  "Medieval Lent - The Basics of Medieval Lenten

                                    Dietary Practices" by Domna Liutgard of

                                    Luxeuil, OL

Lrds-Salt-Exp-art (15K)  9/11/00  "Lord's Salt Experiment" by Lady Hauviette


mashed-food-msg   (16K)  3/17/99  Period 'mashed' food. Recipes.

Medv-Fd-Myths-art (14K)  7/23/08  "Medieval Food, Fact and Fantasy" by

                                                                         Mistress Helewyse de Birkestad

Medicinal-Fds-art (14K) 10/18/06  "Medicinal Foods of the Middle Ages" by

                                                                          Marija and Petr Kotok.

medvl-cooking-lnks (6K)  1/16/04  Links on medieval cooking by Dame Aoife Finn

                                                                         of Ynos Mon.

Medievl-Pasta-art (7K) 10/24/00  "Medieval Pasta!" by Lady Jehanne de


MF-vegetarian-art (20K)  5/30/10  "Medieval Food for Vegetarians"

                                                                          by Lady Katherine Rowberd.

mincemeat-pie-msg (16K)  2/ 2/15  Period mincemeat pies. Recipes.

Mrdonas-Ktchn-art (16K)  7/ 3/00  Mordonna's Kitchen. A series of articles

                                                                         on period cooking by Mordonna DuBois.

mustard-soup-msg  (13K)  4/ 3/02  Mustard soup. HE Salaamallah's version.

no-fire-cook-msg  (14K)  6/ 9/00 Period no-fire and solar cooking.

nuts-msg         (140K)  3/ 6/12 Nuts, acorns, nut flours in medieval foods.

onion-soups-msg   (38K)  1/31/08  Period onion soups.

Opn-Fr-Cookry-art (26K)  6/23/07 "Outdoor Open Fire Cookery" by Count Sir

                                                                         Gunthar Jonsson, CIM.

p-cold-treats-msg (26K)  5/21/13  Period cold or frozen foods eaten in period.

p-fd-coloring-msg (44K)  6/22/08 Period food colorings.

p-food-terms-lst   (9K)  9/25/00  List of period food terms maintained by

                                                                         Phillipa Seton.

p-kitchens-msg    (70K) 10/11/10  Period kitchens and kitchen staff.

p-street-food-msg (19K) 12/15/14  Period street food.

paella-msg        (16K) 5/13/08  Possible history of the Spanish rice and

                                                                                      seafood dish called paella.

pasta-gnocchi-msg (14K)  5/15/06 Period gnocchi pasta. Recipes.

pea-soup-msg      (33K)  7/17/10 Period pea soups. Recipes.

Period-Pies-art   (33K)  9/29/97  "Raising a Coffin or the Fine Art of Making

                                                                        Period Pies." by Lady Aoife Finn.

pickled-eggs-msg  (16K)  5/21/13  Period pickled eggs. Recipes.

pickled-foods-msg (160K) 5/ 7/14  Medieval pickled food. recipes.

pierogies-msg     (12K)  8/ 2/01  Stuffed dumplings/pies from Eastern Europe.

pies-msg         (193K)  5/25/10  Period pie crusts, meat and fruit pies.

pot-lck-ideas-msg (25K) 11/24/13  Menu ideas for pot luck feasts and revels.

potted-foods-msg  (16K)  5/21/04 Cooked foods put in pots and sealed w. fat.

Preservng-CMA-art (32K)  1/24/01  "Preserving Foods in the Current Middle

                                                                         Ages" by Hauviette d'Anjou.

puddings-msg     (102K)  6/27/13  Medieval puddings. Recipes. Custards.

raw-fruit-vg-msg  (29K)  9/23/10 Evidence that raw fruits and vegetables were

                                                                        eaten in period.

rec-in-verse-msg  (12K)  2/ 2/07  Period recipes written in a verse format.

rec-tim-pray-msg (32K)  6/18/09  Period recipes using prayers for timing.

recipes-msg      (117K)  9/29/99  Recipes for medieval food.

Redacting-art     (10K)  7/ 3/00  "The Kitchen Wench Way: Redacting Recipes"

                                                                         by Caointiarn.

Redacting-Rec-art (14K) 12/22/08  "Take a Quayle, and Sle Him - A Beginner's

                                                                         Guide to Redacting Medieval Recipes"

                                                                          by Mistress Euriol of Lothian, O.P.

redacting-msg     (50K) 10/ 8/08  Changing period recipes into modern format.

rotten-meat-msg   (50K)  5/19/06  Comments on the "they used spices to cover

                                                                        the taste of rotten meat" myth.

salads-msg       (188K)  1/ 9/11  Period salads. lettuce, greens.

sapa-msg          (25K)  7/ 3/10  Concentrated grape juice. Also called saba,

                                                                         sabba. Often used in Italian cooking.

Scappi-Salad-art (24K)  1/30/15  "Salads of 16C Italy" by Mistress Helewyse de


Scotch-Eggs-msg   (34K)  9/20/14  Fried sausage-wrapped hard-boiled eggs.

sel-frts-veg-msg (18K)  6/28/00  Selecting the best fruits and vegetables.

soup-msg         (106K)  7/17/10  Medieval soups. Cooking soups at events.


spice-use-art     (18K)  6/ 9/97  "The Question of Heavy Spice Use and Rotten

                                                                         Food" by Lord Xaviar the Eccentric.

substitutions-msg (30K) 11/ 8/14  Substituting ingredients in period recipes.

Sumr-Fd-Safty-art (8K)  4/28/09  "Summer Food Safety" by THL Johnnae llyn Lewis

Summer-Salad-art (17K) 11/28/00  "A Summer Salad" by Lady Jehanne de Huguenin

tarts-msg        (108K)  6/22/08 Period small, open-topped, shallow pies.

thickening-msg    (29K)  6/11/10  Use of period food thickening agents.

To-Mke-A-Tart-art (20K) 11/30/93  Article on medieval recipes using a cheese-

                                                                         onion tart as an example.

Tourny-Basket-art (20K) 11/24/01  "Filling the Tourney Basket"

                                                                          by Lady Caointiarn.  

vegetarian-msg    (94K)  8/17/10  Medieval vegetarianism. Lenten foods.

veg-hrb-juice-msg (12K)  6/22/10 Obtaining vegetable and herb juice.

verjuice-msg     (164K) 11/24/13  Medieval verjuice. Modern substitutions.

Vinegar-art       (20K)  5/26/01  "What's so special about Vinegar?" by

                                                                         Mistress Christianna MacGrain.

Vinegar-NJFCC-art (18K) 10/23/01  "Vinegar: Not Just for Cleaning Coffeepots"

                                                                          by THL Mirin ben DhIarmait.

vinegar-msg      (142K)  2/ 4/15  Vinegar in period. Making vinegar.

Warners-art       (32K)  6/29/98  An article on disguised food.

                                                                          by Alizaunde, Demoiselle de Bregeuf.

White-Mash-art     (8K) 11/20/99  A white pudding from the Harpestraeng        

                                                                          manuscript by Elysant de Holtham.

wine-cooking-msg (30K) 12/10/06  Cooking wines. Substitutions.



16thC-cookbk-bib (11K)  3/ 2/00  A bibliography of 16th C. cookbooks.

App-a-Eye-rev-art  (8K)  4/11/08  A review by Mistress Jadwiga Zajaczkowa of

                                     "The Appetite and the Eye:...", edited

                                     by C. Anne Wilson.

Banquet-Stufe-art (10K) 11/17/07  A review by Jadwiga Zajaczkowa of the book,

                                                                           "Banquetting Stuffe", edited by C. Anne


books-food-msg   (220K) 10/18/13  Books about food. Not cookbooks.

Caliphs-Ktchn-rev (6K)  1/10/09  Review by THL Johnnae llyn Lewis of "Annals

                                                                           of the Caliphs' Kitchens".

cb-novices-msg    (15K)  2/18/15  Cookbooks for those new to medieval cooking.

cb-rv-Apicius-msg (66K) 12/ 1/06  Reviews of cookbooks having Apicius recipes.

cb-rv-Menagier-msg(16K) 12/17/11 Reviews of cookbooks containing recipes from

                                     the medieval "Le Menagier de Paris'"

                                     household management manuscript.

cb-rv-Platina-msg (27K)  1/30/05  Reviews of cookbooks having Platina recipes.

cb-rv-Taillvt-msg  (9K)  6/28/05 Reviews of books having Taillevent's recipes

ckbks-13th-C-msg   (5K)  4/10/02  Cookbooks remaining from the 13th Century.

Concordance-msg   (14K)  7/ 1/08  Reviews and comments on the "Concordance of

                                                                        English Recipes..."

cookbooks2-bib    (14K) 10/ 3/97  Cookbook bibliography by Stephen Bloch.

cookbooks3-bib    (20K) 10/14/98  Cookbook bibliography by Lady Allison.

cookbooks-msg     (66K)  5/30/10  Reviews of cookbooks with medieval recipes.

                                                                         Messages posted before September 1995.

cookbooks-SCA-msg (68K)  3/ 1/14  Cookbooks written by people in the SCA.

cookbooks2-msg    (76K)  1/23/09  Reviews posted between 9/95 and 1/98.

cookbooks3-msg   (102K)  5/30/10  Reviews posted between 1/98 and 7/99.

cookbooks4-msg   (110K)  1/23/09  Reviews posted between 8/99 and 7/00.

cookbooks5-msg   (102K)  5/30/10  Reviews posted between 8/00 and 1/07.

cookbooks6-msg   (123K)  5/31/10 Reviews posted after December 2006.

cooking-bib       (14K)  1/24/95  Bibliography on cooking sources.


Fabulous-Fsts-msg (26K)  4/12/08  Reviews and comments on Madeleine Pelner

                                                                         Cosman's "Fabulous Feasts".

Curye-on-Ingl-msg  (8K) 7/28/06  Reviews and comments on "Curye on Iglysch" –            

                                                                         English Manuscripts of the 14th C.

fd-in-Chaucer-msg (12K) 12/22/08  Mentions of food in Chaucer's writings.

fd-n-Shkspear-msg (11K) 11/ 4/14  Mentions of food in Shakespeare's works.

fd-Mer-Gaul-rv-art (8K)  2/ 8/04  A review by Raymond Van Dam of "Creating

                                                                         Community with Food and Drink in

                                                                         Merovingian Gaul".

Feudl-Gourmet-art (6K)  3/ 1/14  A list of the Feudal Gourmet pamphlet

                                                                         series by the Madrone Culinary Guild.

Fix-4-TTEM-art     (3k)  4/28/02  A correction to the book "Take a Thousand

                                                                         Eggs or More" by Cindy M. Renfrow.

food-hist-lnks     (6K)  7/27/07  Links to info on medieval food and cooking

                                                                          by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

Gd-Huswfs-Jwl-msg (28K)  7/29/02  Recipes from and comments about "The Good

                                                                         Huswife's Jewell" pub. 1596 in London.

Harpstrang-cb-msg (37K)  1/31/05  The Harpestraeng cookbook. The oldest

                                                                          cookbook in the Western medieval Europe.

Livres-rev-art    (12K)  6/25/99  A review by Martha Carlin of a book about

                                                                         the history of medieval cookbooks.

M-Wash-Cookbk-art (25K)  5/31/10  Reviews and comments on Martha Washington's

                                                                         Book of Cookery.

Markham-msg       (10K) 12/25/01  Gervase Markham and his _The English

                                                                         Housewife_ published in 1615.

Md-Cu-Islmc-Wd-rev (6K)  1/31/09  A review by Urtatim of "Medieval Cuisine of

                                                                         the Islamic World: A Concise History with

                                                                         174 recipes" by Lilia Zaouali.

Md-Cu-Islmc-Wd-msg (12K) 2/25/12 Reviews and comments on "Medieval Cuisine of

                                     the Islamic World: A Concise History with

                                     174 Recipes".

Med-Cook-rev-art   (9K)  6/26/96  Review of "The Medieval Cookbook".

merch-cookbks-msg (9K)  1/24/05  Merchants selling period cookbooks.

Messisbugo-rev     (6K) 11/15/09  A review of Charles Potter's translation of

                                                                         Messisbugo by Raphaella DiContini.

Nathnls-Nutmeg-rev (4K) 11/ 1/09  A Review of "Nathaniel's Nutmeg" by Johnnae

                                                                         llyn Lewis, CE.

online-ckbks-lst (12K) 12/18/06  A list of online medieval cookbooks and food

                                                                           manuscripts by Thomas Grozier.

online-ckbks-msg (68K)  6/27/13  Online versions of period cookbooks.

p-Dutch-food-bib   (6K)  4/30/01  A Bibliography on period Dutch food by

                                                                         Thomas Gloning.

p-Italy-food-bib   (9K) 12/ 1/99  Bibliographies on period Italian food.

Platina-bib        (7K) 11/ 7/00  A bibliography on Bartolomeo Platina by

                                                                          Thomas Gloning.

Scully-Opera-rev (12K)  3/22/09  "Lost in Translation - a critical review of          

                                                                           the Scully translation of Scappis 'Opera'"

                                                                           by Mistress Helewyse de Birkestad.

Sweet-Delights-rev (7K)  9/30/13   Review of "Sweet Delights From a Thousand and

                                     One Nights: The Story of Traditional Arab

                                     Sweets" by Urtatim Al-Qurtubiyya.

Wst-Nt-Wnt-Nt-rev (8K)  5/ 6/07  A review by Mistress Jadwiga Zajaczkowa of

                                                                         "Waste Not, Want Not: Food Preservation

                                                                          ...", edited by C. Anne Wilson.



3-F-Toast-Rec-art (8K)  8/17/03  "Period French Toast Recipes"

                                                                         by Lady Hauviette d'Anjou.

Ancent-Grains-art (24K)  5/30/01  "Looking into Ancient Grains" by Mistress

                                                                          Christianna MacGrain.

Bagels-art        (28K)  3/ 3/08  "Period Bagels?" by Mairi Ceilidh.

bagels-msg        (35K) 10/ 4/14  Period bagels.

biscotti-msg      (22K) 12/22/08 Period biscotti, a twice-baked travel bread.

BNYeast-art       (14K)  4/24/97  "A Brief Note on Yeast" by Katerine Rountre.

boulting-msg      (14K)  4/15/07  Sieving meal to get various grades of flour.

Bread-Hist-art    (26K)  5/ 7/08  "A Treatise on Bread" by Mistress Aldyth


bread-msg        (244K) 12/16/07  Medieval breads and grains.

bread-stamps-msg  (12K) 11/16/02 Stamps used to leave insignia in bread.

bread-stuffed-msg (44K)  9/ 7/09  Period stuffed bread. Rastons. Recipes.

breadcrumbs-msg   (20K)  8/13/10 Obtaining bread crumbs for use in recipes.

breadmaking-msg  (262K)  3/20/08 Period bread recipes and re-creations.

brd-manchets-msg (66K)  3/ 3/11  Small bread loaves of the finest white flour

brd-mk-ethnic-msg (32K)  4/ 2/08  Making various ethnic breads. Recipes.

brd-mk-flat-msg   (88K)  9/ 1/14  Period flat or unleavened bread recipes.

brd-mk-sour-msg   (92K)  3/20/08 Breadmaking -Period sourdough bread recipes.

cheese-breads-msg (12K) 12/23/10 Period cheese bread or biscuit recipes.

flour-msg        (138K)  1/ 5/15  Types of flour. Sources. Period flour.

French-Toast-art (27K)  3/31/00  "From Lost Bread to French Toast" by

                                                                         Christianna MacGrain.

French-Toast-msg (23K)  3/12/14  Period French Toast. Recipes.

fried-breads-msg (68K)  3/14/14  Period fried breads. Funnel cakes, donuts.

Funnel-Cakes-art  (24K)  7/15/12  "Yes, Funnel Cakes are Period!!!"

                                    by HL Alianora de Olmondiers.

grains-msg       (119K)  4/15/10  Medieval grains. Recipes. Cooking.

hartshorn-msg     (12K)  9/22/11 Hartshorn in period. Use as an leavening agent

India-Samosas-art (8K)  7/ 6/15  "15th Century East Indian Samosas" by Baroness

                                    Anastasia Alexandrovana Andreeva (OL).

Ital-Fnl-Caks-art  (6K)  6/29/06 "Italian Funnel Cakes" by Mistress

                                                                          Helewyse de Birkestad

jumbals-msg       (10K)  3/20/08  Knotted twists of dough similar to pretzels.

leavening-msg     (68K)  9/ 6/14 Period leavening agents other than yeast.

Litle-Morsels-art (18K)  6/23/06 "Little morsels or biscotti from 16th cent.

                                                                         Italy" by Lady Helewyse de Birkestad.

maize-msg         (78K)  8/25/10  Discovery of maize (Indian corn) in the

                                                                         Americas and its introduction to Europe.

oatcakes-msg      (28K)  9/ 5/09  Period oatcakes.

pancakes-msg      (84K)  2/12/12 Period pancakes and pancake-like foods.

pasta-msg        (225K)  7/28/13  Period pasta. Period references. Recipes.

Pasta-Hndout-art   (7K)  6/28/15  "Pasta Handout" by Lady Dawn Schadue.

pasta-stufed-msg  (43K) 12/ 7/09 Period stuffed pasta dishes. Ravioli.

pizza-msg         (20K)  9/ 2/06  Period pizza and similar items.

Is-it-Pizza-art   (27K)  4/27/04  "When is a Pizza not a Pizza?"

                                                                          by Helewyse de Birkestad

polenta-msg       (33K)  7/22/10  Period polenta. Wheat and maize polenta.

porridges-msg     (62K)  9/19/14 Period porridges and gruels.

pretzels-msg      (77K)  9/25/13 Period pretzels and pretzel-like breads.

S-Stufed-Brd-art  (14K)  6/28/13  "Bazmawards and pasticcio Ibn Ath Thumnaby" by

                                    Lady Adelisa di Salerno.

                                    Sicilian Stuffed Bread.

rice-msg         (130K)  9/ 1/14  Period rice. Recipes.

rissoles-msg      (22K)  4/30/06  A stuffed, fried pastry or a dough mixed

                                                                           with various items and then fried.

sops-msg          (41K)  5/ 4/10  Slices of bread soaked in a sauce.

Trenchers-Hst-art (14K)  9/15/06  "Trenchers - A Brief History" by HL Baric

                                     Firehand (Bear).

trenchers-msg    (137K)  2/18/15  Wooden and bread trenchers. Plates.

wafers-msg       (148K)  9/ 4/11  Period savory and sweet wafers. Recipes.

Wheat-2-Flour-art  (6K)  8/ 8/14 "From Wheat to Flour – a Hands On Approach"

                                     by HL Czina Angielczyka

yeasts-msg        (94K)  6/ 7/08 Medieval use of yeast. Using it in the CMA.



E-Arab-recip-art  (48K)  3/23/03  Early Arab recipes prior to the 13th Century

                                                                         by Anahita.

Erly-Irish-Fd-art (23K)  8/ 1/13  "Lawyers, Legends and Landfills: Early Irish

                                    Food" by Ban-Fili Cailte Caitchairn, O.L.

fd-Arabs-msg      (15K)  3/12/14  Foods of the medieval Arabs.

fd-Africa-msg     (20K)  4/15/10  Period food of northern Africa.

fd-Anglo-Saxn-msg (33K)  7/19/10  Food of Anglo-Saxon England. References.

fd-Arthur-msg     (18K) 10/13/98  Food references in the King Arthur legends.

fd-Bohemia-msg    (14K) 12/ 3/08  Food of medieval Bohemia.

fd-Brazil-msg      (4K)  5/18/11 Food of period (colonial) Brazil.

fd-Byzantine-msg (45K) 11/ 4/14  Food of medieval Byzantine. References.

fd-Caribbean-msg (16K) 10/28/03  Food of the 16th Century Caribbean.

fd-Celts-msg      (34K)  6/ 1/08  Celtic food. Celtic feasts.

fd-East-Eur-msg   (12K)  7/ 3/05  Period food of Eastern Europe. Recipe source

fd-England-msg     (8K)  5/27/14  Food of medieval England. Cookbooks.

fd-France-msg     (35K)  5/17/14  Food of medieval France. References.

fd-Germany-msg   (186K)  3/25/15  Medieval and Period German food. Cookbooks.

fd-Greece-msg     (26K)  3/16/08  Food of medieval Greece. references.

fd-Hungary-msg    (36K)  1/26/09  Food of period Hungary.

fd-Iceland-msg    (96K)  1/ 6/11  Food of medieval Iceland. Recipes.

fd-India-msg      (20K)  3/ 5/11  Food of medieval India. Recipes.

fd-Ireland-msg    (87K)  3/25/13  Medieval Irish food. references. recipes.

fd-Italy-msg      (63K)  9/19/14  Period Italian food. Cookbooks.

fd-Japan-msg       (4K) 11/17/13  Food of medieval Japan.

fd-Jewish-msg    (144K)  3/16/08  Jewish medieval food. Sources.

fd-Khazaria-art   (37K)  2/15/10  "Eating patterns in pre 12th Century Khazaria

                                                                          among observant Jews" by Baron Khadir bar

                                                                          Yosef Ha-Kuzari.

fd-Lw-Cntries-msg (12K)  6/ 1/08  Period food of the Low Countries.  

fd-Mid-East-msg   (76K)  1/13/09 Period food of the Middle East. Recipes.

fd-Mongols-msg    (74K) 10/ 2/10  Food of the Mongols. Recipes.

fd-Morocco-msg    (26K)  9/ 6/08  Food of medieval Morocco.

fd-New-World-msg (57K) 11/16/08  16th C. food of and from the New World.

fd-Normans-msg    (18K)  2/24/08  Food of the Normans. References.

fd-Norse-msg      (74K)  4/20/15  Norse and Viking food.

fd-Ottn-Turks-msg (47K) 10/22/14  Food of the Ottoman Turks. Resources.


fd-Persia-msg     (25K) 12/15/14  Food of medieval Persia. References.

fd-Poland-msg     (48K)  2/23/12  Food of period Poland. References.

fd-Portugal-msg   (17K)  3/12/14  Food of medieval Portugal. References.

fd-Romania-msg     (6K)  1/ 7/09  Food of medieval Romania. References.

fd-Romans-msg     (66K)  3/26/10  Food of Classical Rome. Apicius.

fd-Russia-msg    (105K)  3/31/13 Russian food. Russian cookbooks.

fd-Scotland-msg   (66K)  8/21/10  Medieval food of Scotland. Recipes.

fd-Scot-11tC-art (45K) 10/16/10  "Food of 11th Century Scotland" by

                                                                          THL Johnnae llyn Lewis.

fd-Sicily-msg     (24K)  2/23/12  Food of medieval Sicily.

fd-Spain-msg     (201K)  9/27/13  Food of medieval Spain. Cookbooks.

fd-Turkey-msg     (86K)  7/19/10 Medieval Turkish food. References. Recipes.

fd-Wales-msg      (30K)  1/29/08    Food of medieval Wales. Recipes.


ME-revel-fds-art  (59K) 10/22/04    Medieval Middle Eastern foods suitable for a

                                                                              revel or buffet w. recipes by Anahita.

NW-Fds-Italy-art  (62K) 10/15/06   "A time for change: new world foods in old

                                                                            world menus", by Mistress Helewyse de



Roman-Cuisine-art (41K)  2/24/15  "Roman Cuisine" by Master ibn Jelal.

Roman-Recipes-art (19K)  5/31/00  Some recipes from "Anthimus' _De

                                                                         Obseruatione Ciborum_" by Adamantius.

Russian-Snaks-art (10K)  4/23/02  "A Russian Snack!" by Posadnik.



Balled-Mustrd-art (10K)  9/20/07  A Preliminary Examination of 'Balled

                                                                          Mustard for Trips" by THLord AEduin of

                                                                          Skye, OLC, OHA, ODC.

camelne-sauce-msg (36K)  7/25/11  Sauces w. cinnamon as a major component.

flavord-butrs-msg (45K) 10/26/10  Period and SCA, flavored butters.

garlic-sauces-msg (58K)  3/ 3/13  Various period garlic sauces. Recipes.

garum-msg         (78K)  2/24/08  Roman fish sauces made from fermented fish.

                                                                         Also includes comments on liquamen.

gravy-msg         (24K)  7/ 3/11  Period gravy. Renaissance, not medieval.

green-sauces-msg  (24K)  2/ 5/12  Period green sauces. Sauces of green herbs.

Honey-Butter-art (20K) 11/17/01  "Is Honey Butter Period?" by THL Katja

                                                                         Davidova Orlova Khazarina.

hummus-msg        (21K)  4/28/13  Modern "hummus" dip is not the same as period


Medvl-Sauces-art (27K)  5/30/15  "Before Béchamel & Hollandaise - an

                                    Introduction to Medieval Sauces" by

                                    Mistress Euriol of Lothian, O.P.

murri-msg         (44K)  2/14/08  Rotted barley paste condiment of Arabia.


Mustard-art        (5K)  9/14/00  "Mustard" by Ld. Daniel le Vascon du Navarre

Mustard-Making-art (36K) 12/ 7/03 "Making Medieval-Style Mustards" by Pani

                                                                          Jadwiga Zajaczkowa.

mustard-msg      (192K)  7/24/11  Mustard seed in period. sauces. recipes.

sauces-msg       (164K)  2/ 5/12 Period sauces. Sauce recipes.

spreads-msg       (25K) 12/15/10 Period spreads for bread. recipes.

The-Saucebook-art (33K)  9/ 2/99  The Saucebook" by L. Allison Poinvillars de

                                                                          Tours. Sauces and the humours in the MA.

za-atar-msg       (20K)  7/24/06  A Middle Eastern spice mixture using za-atar



Aged-Cheese-art   (25K)  8/31/10  "Aged Cheese" as taught by Hildegard filia


Almond-Milk-art    (6K)  3/ 2/14  "Almonds & Almond Milk: A Few Questions

                                    Answered" by Lady Murienne l'aloiere.

bag-cheeses-art   (18K)  9/ 5/05  "Making Simple Bag Cheeses / Cheese in

                                      Period" by Lord Jakys the Chesemonger.

baked-cheese-msg  (20K)  3/ 8/07  Period baked cheese dishes.

blue-cheese-msg   (20K)  9/23/07 Period blue cheeses.

butter-msg       (201K)  3/ 3/11  Period butter. Making butter. Butter churns.

Camp-Cheese-art   (12K)  5/29/10  "Camp Cheese" by Hildegard filia Vulframn.

Charles-Chees-art (14K)  2/27/02  "Charlemagne's Cheese: a study in the

                                                                         un/reliability of sources" by Tangwystyl

cheese-lnks       (15K) 10/ 1/04  Links to medieval and modern cheese

                                    by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

cheese-msg       (211K) 10/21/14  Medieval cheese. Recipes.

Esy-Chees-Mkg-art (10K) 11/30/13  "Easy Cheese Making - Acid-Coagulated Soft

                                    Cheeses in Your Own Kitchen" by Lady

                                    Wenyeva atte grene.

fresh-cheeses-msg (75K)  4/28/13  Fresh cheeses such as cream cheese and

                                                                       cottage cheese. Non-aged cheeses.

cheese-goo-msg    (44K) 10/31/06  Digby's Savory Tosted cheese. melted cheese.

Cheese-Histry-art (37K)  7/10/10  "Cheeses, A History" by Mistress Marcia of

                                                                         Jarrow Motte.

Cheese-Making-art (30K)  9/29/97  "Cheese Making for the Compleat Novice" by

                                                                         Lady Aoife Finn.

cheese-soups-msg (24K)  9/26/09  Period cheese soups. Recipes.

cheesecake-msg    (52K)  1/12/08  Medieval cheesecake. Recipes.

cheesemaking-msg (208K) 12/15/11  Comments and info. on cheesemaking. Recipes.

clotted-cream-msg (36K) 12/15/04 Clotted cream products. Devonshire cream.

dairy-prod-msg   (108K) 12/15/13  Dairy products. milk, butter, curds, cream.

Dairy-Prodcts-art (26K)  4/27/09  "1450 Flanders Dairy Challenge"

                                                                          by Lady Hrosvitha von Celle (Vitha).

fried-cheese-msg (10K)  2/ 1/08  Period fried cheese recipes.

larded-milk-msg   (20K) 11/ 8/05  Larded milk. A fried, fresh cheese dish.

milk-msg          (31K) 12/15/13  Medieval and modern milk.

pig-milk-msg       (7K) 10/17/14  Use of pig milk. Difficulties in milking pigs.

raw-milk-msg      (16K)  5/20/12  Finding and using raw milk.

whey-cheeses-msg  (32K)  6/ 1/06  Cheeses such as ricotta made from the liquid

                                                                         left after making other cheeses.



apples-cinn-msg    (8K)  7/24/11  Period recipes which include both apples and


apples-msg       (123K)  3/29/10  Period apples and apple recipes.

bananas-msg      (104K) 12/ 1/11  Period bananas. When and where known.

berries-msg      (106K)  5/29/10  Period berries and berry recipes.

cherries-msg      (84K) 12/ 6/11  Period cherries and cherry dishes. Recipes.

coconuts-msg      (24K) 11/27/05 Period use of coconuts. Opening them.

crabapples-msg     (8K)  1/ 6/12  Period crabapples and their uses.

currants-msg      (22K)  9/ 3/08  Medieval currants. Red or black currants,

                                                                         not "raisins of Corinth".

dates-msg         (52K)  6/17/12  Period date fruits. Recipes.

elderberries-msg (20K)  9/ 7/10  Medieval use of elderberries. Processing

                                                                         them and recipes.

figs-msg          (18K)  1/12/08  Period figs. Period uses. Recipes.

fruits-msg       (114K)  2/ 2/14  Medieval fruits and fruit dishes. Recipes.

fruit-citrus-msg (177K) 12/15/14  Period citrus fruits. Recipes.

fruit-melons-msg  (36K) 10/ 8/08 Period melons. References. Recipes.

fruit-pears-msg   (28K)  5/17/09 Period pears and pear recipes.

fruit-pies-msg    (75K)  4/20/15  Period fruit pies. Recipes. Baking pies.

fruit-quinces-msg(126K) 12/15/14 Period uses and recipes for quinces.

grapes-msg        (49K)  7/14/10 Period grapes, raisins and currants.

Hst-U-o-Aples-art (24K)  1/21/06 "The Historical Uses of Apples"

                                                                         by Mistress Andrea MacIntyre.

medlars-msg       (20K)  1/28/09  Medlars. A member of the quince family.

Peaches-art       (10K)  6/26/14  "Peaches" by THL Madoc Arundel, CSH, CLM.

peaches-msg       (36K)  5/ 7/14  Medieval peaches and peach recipes.

Period-Fruit-art (60K)  1/13/02  "Fruit of Period Times" by Baron

                                                                          Akim Yaroslavich.

persimmons-msg    (20K)  1/22/11  Eating persimmons. Recipes. Where grown.

pineapples-msg    (18K) 12/10/06  Pineapples and their introduction to Europe.

plums-msg         (61K) 10/11/10 Period plums and plum recipes.

pomegranates-msg  (73K)  4/ 1/13 Pomegranate fruit, juice and seeds.

presrvd-lemons-msg(51K) 5/ 1/15  Dried, pickled and salted preserved lemons.

Strawberries-art  (14K)  9/ 5/09 "Strawberrie Season" by Johnnae llyn Lewis, CE

strawberries-msg (54K) 11/28/07  Period strawberries. Recipes.

Watermelons-art    (6K)  8/12/07  "Regarding Watermelons" by THL Johnnae llyn




About-Cheese-art (12K)  3/ 4/05    "About Cheese" A tranlation by Aelianora de

                                                                              Wintringham of a 1556 letter on Swiss

                                                                              cheese and dairy products.

Eberhard-art     (91K)  6/29/05    A 15th century German recipe collection

                                                                                            translated by Giano Balestriere.

Enseignements-art (16K)  6/29/06    A translation of a 13th C. French manuscript

                                                                                            on preparing meats by Daniel Myers (Doc).

Fadalat-art       (58K)  8/15/08    "Culinary Abundance With Recipes with

                                                                              Medieval Variations". Translation

                                                                              by Susan Lord-Williams.

Ital-cheese-art   (12K)  8/ 2/08    "16th Century Italian Cheese Recipes" trans.

                                                                             by Mistress Helewyse de Birkestad.

Guisados1-art    (220K)  5/28/01    A translation of Ruperto de Nola's

                                                                             1529 "Libre del Coch", part 1 of 2

                                                                             by Mistress Brighid ni Chiarain.

Guisados2-art    (116K)  5/28/01   "Libre del Coch". part 2 of 2.

                                                                            Lenten recipes.

Inntal-art       (32K)  6/29/05   An early 16th century recipe collection from

                                                                                          Bavaria translated by Giano Balestriere.

Konigsberg-art    (28K)  6/29/05   A 15th century cookbook from East Prussia

                                                                           translated by Giano Balestriere.

Portugues-15C-art (95K)  7/27/13   "Livro de Cozinha" by Mistress Faerisa


Romanian-ckbk-art (112K)  1/25/04  "A Translation of a 17th Century Romanian

                                                                            Cookbook" by Lord Petru cel paros Voda.



anchovies-msg     (12K)  4/ 3/10  Medieval anchovies. Recipes.

bacon-msg          (6K)  2/16/08  Medieval bacon.

beaver-meat-msg   (25K)  1/15/11 Eating beaver and beaver tail in period.

birds-recipes-msg (30K)  2/17/08  Bird recipes. Squabs, pheasants, quail.

blood-dishes-msg  (48K)  4/26/11  Use of blood in period foods. Recipes.

Braised-Beef-art  (16K)  6/10/01 "Frankish Braised Beef - A Recipe from

                                                                         Anthimus' De obseruatione ciborum" by

                                                                         Lady Clotild of Soissons

Calontr-Jerky-art (6K) 11/15/08  "Sex Red Wine Jerky - the Calontir Army

                                                                         Standard" by Bns. Jenna of Southwind.

Carbonadoes-art   (14K)  6/19/97  "Carbonadoes" by Adamantius. A medieval

                                                                          barbecued" meat dish.

carbonadoes-msg   (38K) 12/22/08  Broiling meat on a gridiron previously

                                                                          slashed to increase the cooking speed.

caviar-msg        (14K)  4/ 3/07  Medieval caviar and fish eggs. Recipes.

cheap-meats-msg   (18K)  9/ 4/97  Cheap meats for feasts. Cooking with them.

chicken-legs-msg   (8K)  5/14/09  Period dishes using (inexpensive) chicken legs

chicken-msg      (172K)  3/20/08  Period and SCA chicken recipes.

chck-n-pastry-msg (30K)  3/20/08  Chicken recipes cooked or baked in pastry.

chopped-meat-msg   (7K) 10/11/04  Period chopped meat. Differences between

                                                                         chopped and ground.

Cooking-Piggy-art  (5K)  9/27/01  A humorous adventure cooking a pig.

corned-beef-msg   (12K)  9/ 3/06  Corned and salted beef.

Dried-Bef-Qan-art (12K) 10/ 4/13  "Dried Beef for the Qan" by Mistress

                                    Ailleagan nas Seolta, OP.

dried-meats-msg   (27K) 10/19/13  Dried meat and recipes in period.

duck-goose-msg    (36K)  3/25/13  Cooking duck and goose. Recipes.

eels-msg          (31K)  5/25/13  Eel dishes. Getting and cleaning eels.

exotic-meats-msg (126K)  9/26/13  Period and SCA exotic meats. Swans, ostrich,

                                                                         crawfish, dormice, cat.

Filts-Galtyn-msg (25K)  5/13/10  Fillets in Galentyne. Meat in a thickened

                                                                         sauce. Recipes. Comments.

fish-msg         (188K)  4/16/10  Medieval fish dishes. Fish in the SCA.

fish-pies-msg     (24K)  5/10/11  Period fish pies. Recipes.


frogs-msg         (20K)  4/29/06  Medieval and period frog recipes. References

goat-msg          (24K)  5/23/06  Period goat dishes. Cooking goat. Recipes.

Gos-Farced-art    (26K)  4/ 5/02 "Gos Farced & Endored - (Stuffed Roast Goose

                                                                          with golden glaze)" by Lady Constance de

                                                                         LaRose. Stuffing, endoring, ovens.

haggis-msg       (115K)  2/12/11  Scottish haggis recipes. comments on haggis.

ham-msg           (66K)  1/24/11 Period ham. Modern sources. Recipes.

horse-recipes-msg (61K) 12/13/13 Period horse recipes. References.

Ital-Stuffing-art (20K) 11/ 3/02 "Stuffing Recipes from 16th Century Italian

                                                                         Cookbooks" by Lady Helewyse de Birkestad.

lamb-mutton-msg  (172K)  9/29/14  Medieval lamb and mutton. Recipes.

liver-msg         (46K)  3/ 6/12 Medieval cooking of liver. Recipes.

LeMen-Sausags-art (14K)  3/25/09 "Le Menagier's Sausages" by Master G.

                                                                          Tacitus Adamantius, OL.

marrow-msg        (37K)  5/15/10  Getting bone marrow. Recipes with marrow.

meat-aging-msg    (20K)  1/10/08  The aging of meat to tenderize it in period

                                                                         and today.

meat-pies-msg    (158K) 11/13/08  Period meat pies. Recipes.

meat-rolled-msg   (20K)  2/ 7/02  Period dishes of meat rolled with a filling.

meat-smoked-msg   (74K)  2/12/11  Medieval smoked meats. Smoking meats.

meat-stuffed-msg (24K)  4/20/05  Meat stuffed with various mixtures.

Meat-wo-Refrg-art (42K)  6/ 4/09  "Preserving Meat without Refrigeration"

                                                                         by THL Giles fitz Alan

meatballs-msg     (20K)  5/17/14  Period dishes with meatballs.

meatloaf-msg      (16K)  6/ 1/08  Period meatloaf-like recipes.

minced-meat-art   (11K)  2/13/98  "Paste en Pot de Mouton" by Anne-Marie

                                                                         Rousseau. Period minced meat and onions.

organ-meats-msg  (140K)  9/22/11  Period cooking of organ meats, unusual parts.

p-marinating-msg  (12K)  7/16/09 Period marinating of meats.

peacocks-msg      (72K)  5/ 7/11  Serving peacock sotelties safely.

Period-Chili-art   (4K)  3/22/15  "How Period is Chili?" by HL Rycheza z Polska.

pickled-fish-msg (40K)  7/28/11  Pickled fish. Either by storing in vinegar or        

                                     by the action of lactic acid.

pickled-meats-msg (60K)  3/20/08  Period pickled meats. Lord's Salt. recipes.

pig-heads-msg     (22K) 10/20/08  Cooking, displaying or otherwise working

                                                                         with pig's heads. Real and artificial.  

pork-msg          (45K) 10/18/10  Use of pork in period. Pork recipes.                       

rabbit-dishes-msg (72K)  3/24/12  Period rabbit and hare recipes.

ribs-msg          (10K)  2/10/14  Period rib recipes.

roast-chicken-msg (39K)  8/31/00  Period and SCA baked or roasted chicken.

roast-meats-msg (101K) 12/17/14  Hints and period recipes for beef roasts.

roast-pork-msg    (60K)  1/21/07 Cooking pork roasts. Medieval recipes.

salmon-msg       (102K)  2/ 5/09 Period use of Salmon. Recipes.

sausages-msg     (208K)  7/28/13 Period sausages. Making sausage.

sausage-makng-msg (71K) 12/26/09 Sausage making techniques. Supplies.

seafood-msg      (134K)  3/10/14 Medieval non-fish seafood. Recipes.

shrimp-msg        (29K)  7/20/10  Medieval shrimp recipes.

Shrympes-art      (16K) 10/11/01  "Shrympes" by Lady Constance de Larose.

skewred-meats-msg  (8K)  9/11/05  Period meat dishes cooked on skewers.

snails-msg        (20K)  7/ 3/10  Eating of snails in period. Recipes.

spit-roasting-msg (20K) 12/ 7/09  Period spit roasting of meats. Recipes.

steaks-msg        (31K)  7/28/13 Period grilled steaks. Descriptions.

stews-bruets-msg (84K)  1/15/12  Period stews and bruets. Recipes.

stockfish-msg    (144K)  7/28/11  Period preserved fish.

stufed-pltry-msg  (12K)  5/27/05  Period stuffed poultry recipes.

tongue-msg        (36K)  5/15/11  Medieval cooking of tongue. Recipes.

turkeys-msg      (109K) 11/24/13  Use of turkeys in Renaissance Europe.

Turkeys-a-GB-art   (6K) 12/14/05  "On Turkeys and Great Birds" by Johnnae llyn


veal-msg          (12K)  2/12/12  Period veal and veal recipes.

venison-msg       (83K)  3/14/14  Medieval and modern recipes for venison.

whale-meat-msg   (12K) 10/18/14  Use of whale and porpoise meat in period.

                                                                                       Recipes. Substitutions.

whole-pig-msg     (69K)  2/20/14  Info. on roasting a whole pig. Experiences.

Yseult-Chickn-art (12K)  4/ 2/10  "Yseult's Spit-Roasted Chicken with Wine and

                                                                         Herbs" by Mistress Yseult de Lacy. (humor)



14C-Sweets-art    (17K)  9/14/00  "Sweets and Treats of the 14C"

                                                                          by Lady Hauviette d'Anjou.

3-Span-Sweets-art (13K)  4/26/01  Three Spanish sweet dishes from de Nola by


About-Marzipn-art (16K)  1/19/06  "About Marzipan" by Dame Alys Katharine.

almond-cream-msg  (28K)  2/ 7/08  A sweet custard filling used in sotelties.

Andlsn-Pstres-art (20K) 11/24/01 "Andalusian Pastries" by Dinah bint Ismai'l.

baklava-msg       (70K)  1/21/08  Period baklava-like layered pastries.

Bakng-w-Sugar-art (76K) 10/21/06  "Baking with Sugar in Renaissance Germany"