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Stefan's Florilegium


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List of articles available through the SCA Librarian.

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This article was submitted to me by the author for inclusion in this set
of files, called Stefanšs Florilegium.

These files are available on the Internet at:

Copyright to the contents of this file remains with the author.

While the author will likely give permission for this work to be
reprinted in SCA type publications, please check with the author first
or check for any permissions granted at the end of this file.

Thank you,
Mark S. Harris
AKA: Stefan li Rous

The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.

Office of the Librarian/Archivst and Deputy for the SCA Database
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December A.S. XXIX known as 1994 Gregorian

NOTES TO THE POPULACE: The Database is always in need of more articles.
PLEASE, send copies of your articles and your newsletters to the SCA
Librarian/Archivist. If you would like information on a subject not listed
in the Database, please write the Librarian/Archivist and he will try to
find someone knowledgable in that area to help you.

This is a list of the articles available from the Database placed in order
by subject.

Bold indicates that this article was added to the database without the
author's permission. These articles were written before the United States
Congress enacted the Berne Convention Implementation Act which went into
effect on March 1, 1989. Under this Act all works published without notice
of copyright before March 1, 1989, fall into the public domain in the
United States unless registered is before or within five years of
publication. If you are the author or know the author of one of these
articles please contact the SCA Librarian/Archivist, I would like to
communicate with the author about thier work and any updates they have. And
if you have futher questions about the use of these articles please contact
the SCA Librarian/Archivist.



An easy bracer
Cedric the Diviner - .10
An Archery Butt
Cedric the Diviner - .10
An easy inexpensive archery butt frame
Mark of the Potted Shamrock - .10
Portable Advancing Archery Targets
Timothy Grahamson - .10
Combat and target Archery Scenarios
Sir Dafydd ap Gwystl - .30
Marking Your Bow Limbs
Lord Sean Michael MacKay - .10
Archery Bibliography
Bard Francis Goodfellow - .20
I shot an Arrow into the Air (backstops)
Sir Jon Fitz-Rauf - .10
Arrow Quivers of Medieval Europe
Duke Sir Baudoin MacKenzie - .20
How to Build an Archery Target
Lord Gwilym O'r Afonydd Tair - .10
SCA Combat Archery Tactics
Lord Randall Arrowsmith - .10
The Art of Shooting
Sir Dafydd ap Gwystl - .20
Better Physical Condition makes better Archery Scores
Mark of the Potted Shamrock - .30
SCA Golf Tube Arrow
Gillian Clayshaper - .20
Combat Archery for Beginners: Quivers
Lady Tessa the Huntress - .10
The Crossbow: A Brief History
Master Iolo Fitzowen - .30
Sight Your Arrows
Lord Sean Michael MacKay - .10


The Compleat Legionaire
Ivanov - .60
One the Hardening and Forming of Leather for Armour: some very basic
Graf Syr Shadan - .10
Basic Armouring: Dishing
Lord Peter of the Golden Isles - .10
The Portable Armory
Lord Ranyart Boarsbane - .30
Experiments with Gauntlets
Lord Ranyart Boarsbane - .50
List of Armorers for the SCA
Ioseph of Locksley - .10


Folk Song Convention and Symbology for the Balladeer
Mistress Vasilikee - .30
About the Bard
Mistress Willow de Wisp - .50
Character of a good story
Mistress Willow de Wisp - .20
List of Sources of Chivalric stories
Mistress Willow de Wisp - .20
Points on Performing; Battle of the Bards; The Import of Oral Tradition
Lord Liam MacConal - .20
Notes on Composing and Appreciating Early Welsh Verse (600 - 1000 A.D.) in
Master Cadfan ap Morgan Godrudd - 1.00
The Cywydd - Period Welsh Poetry
Master Cadfan ap Morgan Godrudd - .60
The basis of Rhyme and Meter
Master Cadfan ap Morgan Godrudd - .60
Bardic Arts Made Easy
Donal MacKenzie - .10


Documentation for Brewers and Vintners
Sir Roger de Bayeux - .10
A collection of currant wine recipes from several books
Compiled by Mistress Nerissa Meraud de la Fontaine - .40
The Origins of Cordials
Margali ap Taliesin - .10
Master Webbes Meath - .10


Mail Order Sources for Scribes (1991)
Mistress Rayah Blackstar - .10
Manufacture of Inke
- unknown - .10
A Hands-on Lesson in 15th Century French Illumination
Lady Darina mor Uigin - .20
15th Century Style Illumination
Mistress Maeve of the Lone Isles - .30
The ABC's of Scroll-Making
Mistress Aelith Tourblanc - .20
Common Mistakes in Blackletter Calligraphy
Katrina Dietrich von Villach - .10
Proper Calligraphy Tools
Melanie de Chanson bean Edric - .10
Unravelling Celtic Knotwork
Edric of Trimaris - .30


A Camping Clothes Rack
Herr Johann von Graustein - .10
SCA Camping for new parents
Eilinel Finduriel of Caranbar - .10
Get ready for SCA Outdoor Events!
Arastorm the Golden - .20
How to Survive a week of living in a tent
Margali ap Taliesin - .10
A design for Camp Stools
Donal Mac Ruiseart - .20
Practical Cooler Cover
Catherine de Bellefleur - .10


Child Care at SCA Events
Catherine de Bellefleur - .20
Children's Costumes at Society Events
Countess AElflaed of Duckford - .20
Ye Baby's Booke - Setting up a children's guild
Mistress Beth Carpenter of Rye - 2.00


Complete Guide for FeastCrats
Lady Takara Fionuala MacLeod - .30
The Viking Ship Cake
Lady Patricia of Blackmoor - .10
Cooking with a pit fire
Bethia - .10
Tips for Cooks
Mistress Sara Graeham - .20
Confusion; Medieval Sources, Modern Recipes
Mistress Michaele del Vaga - .10
Mistress Michaele del Vaga - .10
Mistress Michaele del Vaga - .10
Mistress Michaele del Vaga - .10
Herbal Receipts
Mistress Michaele del Vaga - .10
Mistress Michaele del Vaga - .10
Period Foods and selecting dishes for SCA Feasts
Mistress Nerissa Meraud de la Fontaine - .80
On the making of Butter
Melanie Chanson bean Edric - .10
Specialization in Medieval Kitchen and Serving Staffs
Lady Peregrine and Lady Catherine Adrienne deSteele - .10
Herb Names in Medieval Recipes
Lady Catherine deSteele - .20
A Cook's Tour of Middle English
Lady Malkin Grey and Lady Peregrine Wyndryder - .20
The Kudzu Cookbook - 1.30


How to dress in a Kilt
Connell - .10
The all purpose t-tunic
unknown - .20
Teutonic Bronze Age Garb
Countess Ljudmilla von Konigsberg - .10
A scoop necked chemise
Caterina leonora de Forza - .10
An Overview of Fabric and Fabric selection
Lady Takara Fionnuala MacLeod - .20
On Altering Patterns
Lady Melusine Whitcroft - .20
Basic Clothing Construction
Lady Takara Fionnuala MacLeod - .10
Stupid Pants (Pants even fighters can make)
Count Treve Morningstar - .10
An Alternative for Blue Jeans
Duchess Kasmira of Natterhelm - .10
Basic T-Tunic
Duchess Leah Kasmira of Natterhelm - .10
The Wrapped Viking Over-skirt
Caryl de Trecesson - .10
Making your own cheap and easy dress form
Mistress Nerissa Meraud de la Fontaine - .10
Caitlin ni h'Arrachtain - .10
Make a one size fits all medieval looking skirt
Mistress Nerissa Meraud de la Fontaine - .10
World's Easiest Italian Renaissance Dress
Duchess Seonaid ni Fhionn - .20
The Chiton
Daria Joan de Courtenay - .10
Motifs and Sleeves to be used on a t-tunic
Mistress Kathryn of Iveragh - .10
Beaded Garb for Saxons, Vikings &Byzantines - .10


An Italian Coif
Cassadoria Finnghelli - 20
The Lindefat: Belt Ornaments and Tools in Medieval Norway
Arwen Evaine fert Rhys ap Gwynedd - .20
The Use and Care of Brocades in Garb
Madeleine de la Neige - .10
Lady Triste Cateline de la Mor - .10
A simple pattern for making fitted gloves
Mistress Janet of Morningstar - .10
The coif
Grafin Selene of the Sky - .10
A Heart Shapped Hennin
Lady Yllavona Montclair - .10
Jewels and Junk
Mistress Hilary of Serendip - .30
Caps for Viking Ladies
Countess Marike van de Dal - .10
Simple Headdresses
Mistress Hilary of Serendip - .40
Dressing up your garb
Deirdre of Hope's Dale - .10
Make Medieval hide shoes
Lord Necene of Antioch - .20


The Dying Process
Mistress Nerissa Meraud de la Fontaine - .30
Surface Designs: Paints and Dyes on Textiles
Mistress Nerissa Meraud de la Fontaine - .10


Icons of High Romance
Christian Alluns von Flakschild - .30


Nine Men's Morris and Variations
Jeanne-Marie - .20
Games of the Middle Ages: Rules - .50


Making Mantling and Crests for SCA Helms
Mistress Vasilikee - .10
Herald's Primer - (Origins of Heralds & Heraldry, documenting names,
history of coats of arms, heraldic vocabulary, charges and charge
Caitlin mag Uidir - .50
Heraldic Animals
Dougal MacTavatt - .40
The Medieval Herald
Deirdre O'Siodhachain - .20


Harvesting, Preserving, and Storing Herbs
Lady Catherine Adrienne deSteele - .30
Herbal Hair Reconstructor and Hair Rinse
Lady Constance le Royer de la Tour - .20
Fragrances of the Middle Ages
Lady Felicia Catriona Morgan - .10
How to make rosebeads
Lady Catherine Adrienne deSteele - .10


The Japanese Tea Ceremony
Maryam al Nur - .10
Japanese etiquette and forms of address: a primer
Minowara Kiritsubo-no-Inazuma - .20
Making a Kimono
Lady Brigid Morin le Mage - .20
Japanese mons and the juni-hitoe
Lady Brigid Morin le Mage - .10
Making a Hakama - .20


Towards fairer speech
Lady Catherine Adrienne deSteele - .10


Leather Hardening and Leather Elbow/Knees Protection
Lord Lokinvaldr Karlsson - .10
Fur Tanning
Uilliam Mac Eanruig - .10
Making a knife Scabbard
Lord Morgan MacLeod of Lochsmoor - .30


Some Thoughts on Maintaining a Persona
Astrith of Swansvale - .10
How to Hold a SCA Auction
Master William Blackfox - .40
An event packing checklist
Mistress Nerissa Meraud de la Fountain - .30
Garment Bags for the Known World
Duchess Seonaid ni Fhionn - .10
Titles of Nobility and court Etiquette
Caitlin mag Uidir -
The use of props at demos
Lady Catherine Adrienne deSteele - .30
Notes for novices:medievalism, re-creation and reality;local officers -
what they can do for you
Lady Catherine Adrienne deSteele - .30
What is expected when he carries your favor?
Countess Larissa Alwynn Clarewoode - .10
Documentation from a Judge's Point of View
Countess Alyson of Islay - .20
Giving & Receiving Criticism
Baron Geoffrey MacHugh of Mull - .10


On Comedy and Satire
Donal MacKenzie - .10
Early English and Scottish ballads
Caitlin mag Uidir - .10
The Haiku
Margali ap Talliesin - .10


Classical Cartography - the beginning of mapmaking
Donal Ian MacKenzie - .30
A guide to Gemstones in the SCA
Taramain Alexander - .10
Medieval Properties of Gems and Gemstones
Branwyn fer'Corran - .20
Medieval Navigation
Iohn da Milan - .10
Women in Early Celtic Society
Lady Lirial Correll - .20
Simple Brass Etching
Lord Randwulf Witlac - .10
Period Beads
Lady Sindara Lind Rachael Fessel of Falconshield - .10
An Introduction to Fresco Painting
Lord Victor Hildebrand vann Koln - .10
The Celtic Cat - .10
Early Marriage:Ceremony and Contract
Lady Talene Devana - .10
Samhain: The Origin of Halloween
Theodosia Ouranus - .10
Words for Waterbearers
Donal MacKenzie - .20
Pensic War - a history
Donal MacKenzie - .30
How to avoid the Pensic Plague
Bethany of Bonham and Stanley Yeskolski - .10
On the Art of Stick-Jockery
Peregrine Benedict deSteele - .60
Yuletide Customs and Beliefs
Breandan Ceallach O'Donnabhain - .10
Tales of Holiday plants
Lady Catherine Adrienne deSteele - .10
Deck the halls
Grafin Judith von Gruenwald - .10
Etiquette of Cloven Fruit
Lady Catherine Adrienne deSteele - .10
Tourches as light sources - .20
Celtic Ways
THL Shaanya Tanara - .10
Light the Path
Baron Corwyn Wodewarde - .10
Dehydration - Its a bad idea that can be handled
Viscount Sir William Gallowglass - .30
Some Period English Fighting Manuals
Lord Jin Liu Chang - .10
The Meaning of Colors
Mistress Willow de Wisp - .30
On the subject of Forks
Mistress Willow de Wisp - .10
Rules of Courtly Love - .10


Gordon Cornulpus - .20
The Cambric Shirt
Gordon Cornulpus - .30
Two Pavans for guitar
Gordon Cornulpus - .20
Gordon Cornulpus - .30
The Bodhran, the ancient Irish Drum with a twist
Master William Blackfox - .20
Books and Records for Medieval and Renaissance Dance
Lady Sharallele Anna MacEideard - .20
The Kontakion of St. Romanis - Byzantine Melodist
Signore Cabriele Maria Della Neri - .10
An Historical Guide for Society Minstrels
Iohn da Milan - .20
The Croud, Crwth, or Crouth
Iohn da Milan - .10
Folk Song Convention and Symbology for the Balladeer
Mistress Vasilikee - .30


Designing for Canvas and Cross Stitch
Lady Koshka Zvezdosametsova - .20
A history of Weaving
Mistress Nerak Tisserande - .20
Lady Talene Devana - .30
Some books of interest to lacemakers
Mistress Nerissa Meraud de la Fountain - .20
Introduction to Pearlwork
Mavis the Bewildered - .20
Handspinning - .20


An Introduction to Pottery for the Recreationist
Margali ap Taliesin and Cendl Llewellyn - .30


The making of books in the early middle-ages
Jeanne-Marie - .10


Creative Costume Research
Mistress Andreanna Innes - .20
A guide to Medieval Research
Pegasus Devona - .60


Build a Stained Glass Window
Duke Sir Lawrence of Ashana - .80


Archimedes Drill
Lord Eldric de Charbonneux - .10
You axed for it
Lord Ranyart Boarsbane - .30


How to build a Quitain
Palodine of Dragonwood - .10
A little Different Pell
Lord Stephen Elkshire - .10
Spurs: How a chunk of metal with a hole changed history
Otter Erikson - .10
Shield and Weapon weights
Duke Cariadoc of the Bow - .30
Making a Small Blacksmith's Forge
Lord Eldric D'Charbinneux - .20
Dry-Press Method for Curved Shields
Baron Donal MacRuiseart - .60
Building a curved wooden shield - a water an weight method
Lord Giles O'Culzane & Lady Catherine Adrienne deSteele - .20
Easy way to get a forge
Lord Ranyart Boarsbane - .70
Practical Pelling or How to practice when everyone else is out of town
THL Thomas of Aylesbury - .20


Celto-Viking Collapsible Bed
Branwyn O'Drallaghan - .10
Making Woodcuts
Mistress Niccola Sebastiani - .20
Wood Hammer
Count Treve Morningstar - .10
Wooden Bracelet
Count Treve Morningstar - .10



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