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Asian-Cul-Bks-bib - 6/27/17


"Pre-1600 Asian Culinary Books, first pass" by Mistress Eulalia Piebakere.


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Pre-1600 Asian Culinary Books, first pass

by Mistress Eulalia Piebakere


I'd like to do more research into SCA-period East Asian food. To start, I'm compiling a list of historical texts that I can find references for. So far, it's slim pickings -- most of these references are from Wikipedia, and I can't find them referenced elsewhere. Part of my hope in posting this is that others reading might be able to point me toward better information.


Additionally, the vast majority of these works are untranslated. I am putting this out into the ether partly in hopes that I might someday find people who are interested in translating any of these into English, as I believe this is some valuable food history that has heretofore gone overlooked.


I've split this by modern country and am focusing on the "big three" of China, Japan, and Korea. I will likely expand this list in future posts.




A Soup for the Qan (a translation of and commentary on Hu Shihui's Yinshan Zhenyao), WorldCat entry


Ni Tsan's Cloud Forest Hall Rules for Eating and Drinking, a translation of which was published in PPC #60 (now out of print, PDF available from publisher -- follow link); translations of some of these recipes are also available from my new favorite Tumblr: http://rulesfordrinkingandeating.tumblr.com/


Zhou Li (aka "Rites of Zhou), Han Dynasty, specifically the Offices of Winter which contains agricultural information; Wikipedia; Chinese text?


Yi Li (aka "Etiquette and Ceremonial), Han Dynasty, notable sections: banquet rites, feasting a great officer, rites of the single victim food offering, and rites of the secondary pen victim food offering; Wikipedia; Chinese text? Translation (1) and (2) on WorldCat (ooh! my alma mater has it!)


Li Ji (aka "Book of Rites" or "Classic of Rites"), Han Dynasty, apparently includes recipes; Wikipedia, Chinese text and English translation! [STAY TUNED, I'm all over this one, campers!]


Lushi Chunqiu, Han Dynasty, has sections on agriculture. Wikipedia, Chinese text.


Beitang Shuchao, from the Sui Dynasty, apparently mentions food and drink but I have no other information; WorldCat entry, Google Books


Chajing ("The Classic of Tea"), Tang Dynasty, all about tea; Wikipedia, translation (WorldCat), newer edition of translation? (WorldCat)


Shan fu lu, by Zheng Wang, Song? Dynasty, "Chef's Manuals" according to Wikipedia (no further info on Wikipedia); WorldCat entry


Shanjia Qinggong ("Simple Foods of the Mountain Folk"), 13th century / Song Dynasty, apparently includes quite a bit of information about food; Google Books, WorldCat


Benxin Zhai Shushi Pu (vegetarian recipes), 13th century / Song Dynasty; WorldCat lists a title that seems to combine this with Shanjia Qinggong above


Bei Shan Jiu Jing ("Wine Classic of the Northern Mountain"), Song Dynasty, all about wine; mentioned tangentially in several sources but I can't find anything about it that's useful yet.


Note that I've not had any luck with tracking down good Ming dynasty sources, at least not yet. If anyone has leads, please pass them along.




(None currently encountered; working on it -- if you can suggest references, please do!)




Sanga Yorok, by Jeon Soon, dated 1459. Explanation on Wikipedia, description on WorldCat and possibly another edition of the same also described on WorldCat'.


Suun Chappang, 15th or 16th century? Description on WorldCat.


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