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ill-fd-feast-art - 1/19/98


A feast concentrating on illusion foods done in Hartshorndale (1993?).


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From: kathe1 at juno.com (Kathleen M Everitt)

Date: Thu, 19 Jun 1997 23:04:51 EDT

Subject: Re: SC - Feast Themes-Feast of Illusion


On Tue, 17 Jun 1997 08:47:54 -0500 (CDT) L Herr-Gelatt and J R Gelatt

<liontamr at postoffice.ptd.net> writes:


>I'd like to hear more about Mistress Sincgiefu's (sorry if I mangled

>that) Feast of Illusion. That sounds lovely.




I hope Mistress Sincgiefu answers this and gives you more details, but

just in case she's busy I'll tell you what I remember. My younger son was

10 days old when I attended the feast she did in Hartshorn-dale, so sleep

deprevation blurred the evening! :-)


Some of the high points that I remember (I hope I'm remembering them

correctly!): They had acorns, hollowed out then filled with salt and

pepper, and put holes in the tops for salt and pepper shakers. I think

the chicken skins were stuffed with a pork mixture and cooked to resemble

chickens. The chicken meat was then put into hollowed out bread loaves.

They blew eggs from the shells then filled the shells with custard. There

were "oysters with pearls" but I can't remember what they were made from.

Anyway, nothing was what it looked like. Luckily, we had a squire with

us, so he tasted everything and let us know what it was really. If he

could figure it out. He at least let us know if there were any allergens

(onions or garlic) in it for several of us who couldn't eat those. There

were several dishes he never did figure out.


Great event! That feast is probably the highlight of any that I have

attended in over 19 years in the SCA! Not only was the food period and

delicious, it was so entertaining! We had a great time speculating on the

dishes as they came out and marvelling at the work that went into the

feast. And I understand that it was a lot of work.





Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 10:07:30 -0400

From: renfrow at skylands.net (Cindy Renfrow)

Subject: Re: SC - Re: Illusion food


Hartshorndale (PA, 1993?) Feast of Illusions in 2 Courses, with a separate

menu (and hall) for the children:


Pre-feast nosh of mulled cider and fresh fruit.


Placed on the tables before service:

- -Butter concealed in hollowed-out lemons with cloves on lids for 'handles'.


- -Salt hidden in acorns.  I gathered large acorns several months ahead of

time, hollowed them out, sterilized them, and bored holes in the tops with

a Dremel MotorTool.  I then filled the acorns with salt and glued the caps

on with white glue.   They were stored in an airtight container until

needed.  (BTW, there was no pepper on the table.)


- -Cider & assorted other drinks.


- -Freshly baked bread, baked on site.  I used one-fourth of the yeast called

for & allowed the bread to rise in a cool place overnite.  I also added the

egg yolks leftover from the creme bastarde to enrich the bread.


1st Course:

- -A Peacock - the body was made of bread dough,  & covered with chicken

liver pate and sliced almonds. The head was gilded & stuck with

fancy-headed pins.  The tail was fashioned of lettuce, red beets, eggs,

cheeses, parsley, radishes, anchovies, etc., and garnished with a few real

peacock feathers. (Cerruti, p. 102, Platina, p. 15, Good Hous-wives

Treasury [quoted in To the Queen's Taste, p. 40])


- -"Oysters" - mushrooms fried with lard and garlic, served in oyster shells

with candy 'pearls' - We may have had to substitute onions for mushrooms

due to availability, I don't remember. Also, the candy melted - If I had it

to do over, I'd use carved blanched almonds.  (Epulario, p. 29; crab

variation, A Proper New Booke of Cokerye, p. 17; crayfish variation,

Chiquart, p. 46 #68.)


- -Beef "Olives" - thin strips of beef rubbed with 2 different spice

mixtures, rolled, wrapped in bacon, pressed overnight & broiled.

(Epulario, p. 10; Sabina Welserin [unpubl. translation] # 196; similar to

'a lowsid bef' in A Noble Boke of Cookry, p. 95.)

- -Served on same platter with Black Olives with garlic (Cerruti, p.112-3),

also green olives without pimientos (Menagier).


- -Candied Walnuts stuffed back into their shells & glued shut with flour &

water paste.  These leaked & were a tasty mess. (Menagier; Cerruti, p. 76.)

Served with figs & almonds.


- -Farced Chickens filled with raw ground beef & pork sausage mixture.

(Menagier, p. 276; Tallevent #65.)  Farced chickens take about 20 minutes

each to separate the meat from the bones.  Work on a cold surface & put the

flesh in a chilled bowl. Slip your hand in the rear end of the chicken,

between the skin & the meat & loosen the membrane. Use a short-bladed

paring knife to remove the meat.  Alternately, slit the skin up the back,

peel back the skin & remove the flesh that way - Use toothpicks to

re-fasten the skin together, & remove the toothpicks before service.  (A

straw [see also Swiss Family Robinson trying this trick on a kangaroo!]

probably won't work on commercially available birds because the head and

neck have been removed & the hole at the bottom is too big.)  Stuff the

bird between the skin & bones with the meat mixture, & shape the meat to

look like a whole chicken. Roast till done.

- -Served with Creme Bastarde-filled eggs on a bed of greens.  The blown egg

shells were sterilized & filled with Creme Bastarde. The holes were

stopped with flour & water paste. (Take 1000 Eggs, p. 196)  If I were to do

this again, I'd use flavored almond cream instead of Creme Bastarde.



2nd Course:

- -A Non-edible boar made of papier mache, gilded, (Gilded Boar's Head -

Chiquart, Du Fait de Cuisine) garnished with radish roses & surrounded by

tea candles stuck in hollowed out apples.  The boar was hollow & contained

a Haslet (Trayne Roste) of fruits. (Take 1000 Eggs, p. 218.)  Served with

great fanfare & 'cut open' with a sword. Servers grabbed handfuls of

'entrails' & ran around to the guests.


- -Roast Pork - The sliced up boar, of course - (Traite de Cuisine, p. T1) with


- -Herb Sauce (Menagier, p. 26-7, 'saucpiquet for coney')


- -Golden Rice cooked in meat broth - served underneath the roast pork

(Cerruti, p. 84; Menagier, p. 277.)


- -Chardwardon garnished with blanched almonds(Take 1000 Eggs, p. 157)


- -Yrchon (hedgehogs) -small rye breads filled with chicken, almonds, raisins

& spices, stuck with slivered almonds.  (Sabina Welserin, #114 has similar



- -Gyngerbrede 'grapes' garnished with grape vines - (Take 1000 Eggs, v2, p. 288)


For afterwards, a sideboard with mulled cider & assorted sweets.


Children's menu:

Raisins, sliced apples, assorted fruits, Gyngerbrede 'grapes', cheese &

crackers, small sausages (hot dogs), cookies, milk & juice.


There may have been a few more last minute items, but if so, I don't remember.



renfrow at skylands.net



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