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fish-feast-art – 3/29/00


Details and recipes for a mid-Lent "fish feast" by Rudd Rayfield.


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Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000 15:38:48 EST

From: RuddR at aol.com

Subject: SC - Mid Lent 2000




On Saturday, 25 March, I hosted my fourth annual Mid Lent "Fish Feast".  

There were twenty guests at table (although four of them were children who

came and went).  Foremost among the guests was Giovanna di Firenza (MKA Liz

Pearson), Nordskogen's A&S Minister and sometime feastocrat.  The dish that

she contributed was a Blamaunger in Lenten, beautifully molded in the shape

of a fish, covered with shaved almond "scales", and elegantly garnished with

fruit and herbs, the showpiece of the evening.  It was also the only fish

served that didn't actually contain fish.  It was a delight to meet her, and

finally break bread with another medieval cook.


The guest who prepared the eggplant dish from the Neapolitan Recipe

Collection did so directly from the source, and didn't make any notes, so I

can't supply a redaction. A new redaction for Papal Torte follows the menu.

(Terence Scully wasn't sure if this pie was from the pope's kitchens or the

region of the Papal States.)  My guests determined that either one likes this

pie or one doesn't.  I more or less halved the proportions given in the

original, with a bit more rice and a bit less caviar.  Not having pike eggs,

I used black caviar, which turned the pie pale green.  Red caviar would

produce a different effect.


First Course

Apple Muse - Harleian MS 279 (Austin p. 20)

Gelee of Fish - Forme of Cury 104

Green Garlic Sauce (Congur in Sawse without the Congur) - Forme of Cury 107

Flounder (in lieu of Turbot) Roste ensauce - Harlein MS 4016 (Austin p. 106)

Eggplant Neapolitan - MS B¸hler 19 (Neapolitan Recipe Collection 33)

Papal Torte - MS B¸hler 19 (Neapolitan Recipe Collection 182)


Second Course

Perrey of Pesoun - Forme of Cury 71

Blamaunger in Lenten - Utilis Coquinario 30

Shrympes - Harleian MS 4016 (Austin p. 103)


Eyroun in Lentyn - Harleian MS 279 (Austin p. 41)

Leche Frys in Lentoun - Forme of Cury 166

Fresh Fruit  (Apples, Pears and Grapes)




Sweet Fish Paste and Caviar Pie


Get a pound and a half of soft-textured sturgeon or good pike; well cooked by

boiling, and be careful not to leave any bones, then grind it up thoroughly;

when ground, take it out of the mortar, get half a pound of almonds and a few

pinenuts and grind them together; then get half a pound of rice well cooked

in almond milk and grind it with the above; add in a pound of sugar, half an

ounce of ginger, a little cinnamon, salt, saffron and a beaker of pike eggs,

and strain everything; make a crust in the pan as is directed above, putting

the mixture onto it.

MS B¸hler 19


Pastry dough for one nine-inch pie crust

3/4 lb mild, skinless fish fillets

3/4 C blanched almonds

1/4 C pinenuts

1/2 C rice

3/4 C strained almond milk

3/4 C water

1/4 C caviar or other fish eggs

1 C sugar

1/2 tsp ginger

1/8 tsp each cinnamon and saffron

Salt to taste


1.  Pre-heat oven to 350ƒ


2. In a pot, over medium heat, bring water to a boil. Immerse fish, return to

the boil, reduce heat, and simmer for three to five minutes, or until fish is

cooked through.  Remove fish, drain, and break into chunks.


3. In a pot, combine rice with water and almond milk, bring to a boil, reduce

heat, and simmer, covered, for ten to fifteen minutes until liquid is

completely absorbed.


4. In a blender or food processor, adding about a tablespoon of water, grind

the almonds and pinenuts together to a fine paste.


5. Add fish and rice to the nut paste in the blender and grind everything

together to a fine paste. Add sugar, spices and caviar and blend them into

the mixture as well.


6. Pour the mixture into the pie crust and bake for forty-five minutes.


Serves eight to twelve


Rudd Rayfield


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