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Serve-H-Table-art – 9/3/12


“Serving A King’s Table” by Baroness Kay of Tre Asterium. Ideas for serving head table.


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This article was first published in the Spring 2012 issue of the “Citadel”.


Serving A King’s Table

by Baroness Kay of Tre Asterium


A couple of years ago the head of House Griffono D’Oro, Mistress Arianna Llwydd arranged for the household to act as servers for Head Table at 12th Night Feast. She wrote, “The goal is to provide ‘Olympic level’ service for Our Royal Family and Head Table Guests.”


I have wanted to do the service of a Royal table at the highest level that is possible for ages.  I had to be at work at that day, and so I wrote up my ideas.  Today there is a rumor that Crown Tournament might be moved to Pentemere for May 2012, due to site problems down in Fenix. When I came across this material I thought it might be something that would interest Cynnabar on this occasion or another one in the future. This is Barony with a strong Theatrical tradition, and serving head table can be an excellent chance for pageantry and theatre.  


Here are my ideas, saved up for just such an opportunity.  I added numbers of people in case there turns out to be competition for jobs.  I also made some equipment notes. Maybe this will be inspirational to others.


-- If the chef does not have other plans, cloth and decorate the table as part of the pre-feast entertainment, with heralds calling the procession of articles.  There is a form for this I am sure but you could just do the call and response:  Herald, “The Kings Table Cloth!”  Page bearing cloth enters saying, “The King’s Table Cloth, my lord!”  Herald, “The King’s Salt!”  Page bearing cloth enters saying, “The King’s Salt, my lord!” Et cetera…. 2-10 people.


-- See if anyone has a fancy bowl on a stand or a ship model or other artsy item that could serve as a Great Salt Cellar. Use it as a centerpiece.


-- Wash everyone's hands with a basin and pitcher. Do it at the start and finish of dinner? Two people or two teams.


-- Arrange with the kitchen to carve anything that can be carved on a sideboard made up of an extra table, clothed and decorated.  This table can serve as a station for beverages and other equipment as well. -- Herald in the various items of food if this is not being done already. One person, in a kingdom tabard?


-- TASTE the Kings food, formally, from each platter, in front of the table.  It is Way Italian.  The word for it seems to have been “credence.” It is done on the …wait for it… Credenza!  Performing credence (the verb form for this, I understand) would be nice work for a Duke... 1-2 people- one to hold the platter, one to do the tasting.


-- If a whole bird is to be served see if anyone has time to practice carving in mid air.   You spear the bird on a big meat fork, and take slices of the breast with a thin knife that clearly has to be incredibly sharp. 1 or 2 people, depending on talent and interest. -- Or you could disjoint the bird.  There are a variety of ways to do this, not just in to legs and wings and breasts.  


-- Have candies comfits to offer at the end of the meal.  Even the ones from the Middle Easter stores, if no one handy makes them.


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