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Winter-Feast-art – 10/13/05


A 12th Night Feast served at an shire SCA event outside Hamburg, Germany in 2004 by Giano Balestriere.


NOTE: See also the files: 12th-nite-fst-art, 12th-N-Oertha-art, Drach-hist-msg, Carbonadoes-art, sauces-msg, onions-msg, cucumbers-msg, eggs-msg, mustard-msg, feasts-msg, feast-ideas-msg.





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Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2005 22:44:36 +0200

From: Volker Bach <carlton_bach at yahoo.de>

Subject: Re: [Sca-cooks] Seekin Recipe ideas

To: Cooks within the SCA <sca-cooks at ansteorra.org>


Am Montag, 10. Oktober 2005 17:50 schrieb wildecelery at aol.com:

> The Student Groups at dartmouth College is hosting a small feast 20-40

> people on November 12.  The feastocrat is hoping to do a Christmas or

> Yule theme... does anyone have simple recipes with solid documentation

> that are inexpensive to prepare, easy to find the ingredients for, and

> simple to vary the quantity on?


Can't really think of any particularly winter-themed ones, but these are

definitely wintery and easy and relatively cheap to shop for (we served them

for a Twelfth Night). You may have trouble getting brown mustard seed, and a

goose may not meet your definition of 'inexpensive' (we had a feast budget of

around $8 per capita on this one), but still, it was good.






By Giano Balestriere




Carbonadoes with Sauces and Bread


From Franz de Rontzier (1598)


Karbanart von Rinder unnd Hamelfleisch / Schwein / Hirsch unnd Rehe



Wenn mans thun will / mag man uber die Karbanart / wenn sie gar sein / Wein

oder Bieressig geben. Man sol sie allezeit / ehe sie gebraten werden / mit

einem Messerruecken schlagen da§ sie moerbe werden.


Carbonadoes of Beef and Mutton, Pork, and Venison of Hart and Roe Deer


If you want you can pour vinegar or alegar over the carbonadoes once they

are grilled. You must always beat them with the back of a knife before they

are grilled so that they become tender.




3. Item man vermischet Salz und Pfeffer / bestrewet sie damit unnd bradet

sie darnach auff einer Rost / wenn sie gar sein gibt mans also warm zum



4. Item man bestrewet sie mit Saltze und Ingber / und bradet sie auff einer

Rost / und gibts zu tische.


5. Item / man bestrewet sie mit Muscatenblumen unnd Saltz / unnd  

bradet sie

auff einer Rost / etc.


6. Item / man bestrewet sie mit Saltze und Negelein / bradet sie dann ab /




3. You mix salt and pepper, sprinkle them with it, then roast them on a

griddle and serve them when they are done.


4. You sprinkle them with salt and ginger, fry them on a griddle, and  

serve them.


5. You sprinkle them with salt and mace and fry them on a griddle etc.


6. You sprinkle them with salt and cloves, fry them, etc.






This one's simple.


2 lbs pork chops or roast







If using roast, cut into 8-10 slices. Work with a mallet or the back of a

knife for a few seconds each until flattened out slightly and tenderised. Rub

with a little salt and ginger, cloves, or mace according to taste (slightly

flouring them may also help). Fry in a hot pan till done, or barbecue on a

grill. The spices add anm interesting not to otherwise mundane pork  




Onion Relish


14. Item / man bradet Zwybeln in bradfeist / wens ein wenig gebraten / thut

man Essig / Pfeffer und Saltz darein / gibts uber die gebraten Karbanarten

/ etc.


14. You fry onions in dripping and when they are fried a little you add

vinegar, pepper and salt and pour it over the fried carbonadoes etc.






4-6 medium-sized mild onions

1/4 cup beef suet or beef dripping

1/4 cup white wine vinegar




Peel and finely dice the onions. Melt the suet or dripping in a pan and fry

the onions until glassy and soft. Add vinegar, salt and pepper to taste and

serve warm. This is delicious with all kinds of meat.



Lemon Sauces


19. Item / man treufft Zitrunensafft uber die gebraten Karbanarten / und

besprengt sie mit Saltz und Muscatenblumen / etc.


20. Item / man kocht Zitrunen in scheiben zerschnitten / Ingber und Zucker

in Wein / gibt's uber die gebraten Karbanarten / etc.


19. You drip lemon juice over the roasted carbonadoes and sprinkle them with

salt and mace etc.


20. You boil lemon slices, ginger and sugar in wine and pour it over the

roasted carbonadoes etc.





The easy way is to drizzle lemon juice over the chops. The harder way  



4-6 lemons

1 cup dry white wine

1/2 - 1 cup sugar



Peel and slice the lemons, removing any pips. Make sure to remove most of the

white pith or the relish turns out too bitter. Place in a small pot with wine

and 1/2 cup sugar and boil till the lemons fall apart. Add sugar to taste to

get the right balance of sweet and sour. If desired, strain through a coarse

sieve or foodmill (though if you removed enough of the pith the resulting

relish should be fairly liquid and homogenous already). The sweet-sour

flavour creates an interesting contrast to the hot spices.





Cucumber Salad


31. Item / man schneidet Augurcken in scheiben / gibt sie sampt Baumoel

unnd Weinessig uber die gebraten Karbanarten / bestrewet sie mit Saltz unnd

Pfeffer / etc.


31. You slice cucumbers and pour them over the fried carbonadoes with olive

oil and vinegar, sprinkle them with pepper and salt and etc.




A very basic cucumber salad, this requires


1 salad cucumber

white wine vinegar

olive oil




Peel the cucumber if desired, then slice thinly. Add oil and vinegar to taste

and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Serve chilled. If you have a firmer, more

organic-type cucumber, this can also be diced, making a semi-liquid cucumber






Mustard Eggs


> From Marx Rumpoldt


Nim Eyer / die hart gesotten / unnd sauber geschelt seyn / schneidt sie

viertel weiss / oder rundt unnd dŸnn. Nimm Butter in ein Pfannen / mach sie

hei§ / und wirff die harten Eyer darein / rš§t sie wol in der Butter / und

versaltz sie nicht / thu sauren Senff / der mit Essig angemacht ist darein /

wirffs zwey oder dreymal mit dem Senff umb in der Pfannen / gibs warm auff

ein Tisch / so ist es gut und wolgeschmack


Take eggs that are boiled hard and shelled cleanly, quarter them or slice them

thin. Heat butter in a pan, place the eggs in it and fry them. Do not

oversalt. Add sour mustard that is made with vinegar, stir it around two or

three times in the pan and serve it hot. That is good and tasty.




5 hard-boiled eggs

1 tbsp butter

3-4 tbsp mild mustard vinegar


Shell and quarter or slice the eggs. Heat the butter in a pan and fry the eggs

briefly, adding the mustard once they are warmed through. Stir them

vigorously until coated fairly evenly, then serve immediately, piping hot.





Goose on Onions


Noodles cooked with pease broth and mace, with butter, and made yellow a bit,

these will be good and tasty.




1 lb pasta

2 tbsp butter




Heat water (or pease broth if you can get itu) in a pot. When it boils, throw

in a generous pinch of saffron, then the pasta. Cook al dente, strain, and

season with mace to taste. Add the butter to the hot noodles and stir. Serve



> From Marx Rumpoldt


Gebratene GŠns mit Zwibeln im gescharb. Nimm die Zwibeln / schel und schneidt

sie breit / und gar dŸnn / thu sie in Butter / unnd schwei§ sie wol / da§ du

sie doch nicht verbrennest / auch nicht braun machst / thu ein wenig Mehl

darein / und rŸrs umb / und ist zu viel Butter daran / so seig sie ab / und

geu§ ein gute RindtfleischbrŸh / die wolgeschmack ist / darein / mach sie an

mit gestossen Pfeffer / so wirt es ascherfarb von dem Pfeffer / thu ein wenig

schwartze Rosein / die sauber ausgewaschen seyn / darein / und la§ mit den

Zwibeln eynsieden / da§ fein dick wirt / so wirt es gut / wolgeschmack / und

fein s٤ von Zwibeln. Du magst es saur machen / oder also lassen / doch ohne

Essig ist es besser. Unnd wenn du die gebratne Gans anrichtest / so thu das

gescharb darunter / denn solche gescharb seindt zu vielerley Gebratens gut zu



Roast goose with chopped onions. Take the onions, peel them and cut them broad

and thin, put them in butter and fry them, but do not burn them or let them

get brown. Add a little flour and stir, and if you have too much butter, pour

some off. Add good, flavorful beef broth to it and season it with ground

pepper so it becomes ash-colored from the pepper. Add black raisins that are

well washed and boil them together with the onions until it becomes nicely

thick. Thus it will become tasty and nicely sweet from the onions.  You can

make it sour or leave it sweet, but it is better without vinegar.  When you

serve the goose, put the chopped onions underneath, for this kind of chopped

(food) is good to serve with all kinds of roast.




1 roasting goose (if possible with giblets)

1 kg mild onions

1/2 lb raisins

1/2 cup butter

2 cups beef broth (if you can not get the giblets)



dried sage



Combine pepper, salt and sage in a mortar and grind together. Rub the goose

with it, place in an oiled roasting pan and roast in a hot oven till done,

turning once or twice and basting regularly. Meanwhile, place giblets in a

pot with 3-4 cups of salt water and boil for 90-120 minutes to make stock

(this tastes much better with goose than beef stock in my opinion, though

beef stock also works for this recipe).


When the stock is nearly done, peel and slice the onions into rings. Heat the

butter at the bottom of a large, heavy saucepan and fry the onion rings till

glassy and soft and beginning to go brown, stirring regularly to prevent them

from burning. Add raisins and stock, and pepper generously. Simmer for

another 5-10 minutes to soften, then turn out onto a serving dish and serve

the roasted goose on top. A showy dish, well worth the effort.



Beef Stew


> From Marx Rumpoldt


Hauw Rindtfleisch von Riben / da es am dŸnsten ist / zu stŸcken /  setz es mit

Wasser zu / und verfaum es sauber / ist es fett / so schšpff es ab / und

schmelz ein Kraut darmit /unnd wenn es halb gesotten ist / so thu es au§ der

BrŸh in ein Wasser / und sŠuber es au§ / thu es in ein sauberes Geschirr /

und seig die BrŸh durch ein HŠrin Tuch darauff / thu eingebrennt Mehl

darein / und ein wenig Essig / ninmm gestossen Ingwer / gantzen Pfeffer /

ungeschmŠlzte frische Butter / unnd gesaltzte Limonien darunter / Steck die

Limonien an ein Spie§ / und thu sie in den Kessel / unnd wenn du schier wilt

anrichten / so hack grŸne wolschmeckende KerŠuter darein / la§ ein wenig mit

frischer Butter aufsieden / leg die Limonien darauff / und wirff klein

geschnittene Petterdsilge darŸber / so ist es weiss und zierlich.


Chop up beef from the ribs where it is thinnest, cook it in water, remove the

scum, and if it is fat, take that away and lard cabbage with it. When it is

half cooked, take it out of its broth into water and clean it, then place it

in a clean pot. Strain the broth onto it through a haircloth and add browned

flour and a little vinegar. Mix in ground ginger, whole peppercorns, unlarded

fresh butter and salted limes (likely lemons). Stick the limes on a spit,

place them in a kettle, and when you are just about to serve, chop green

aromatic herbs into it and boil it with a little fresh butter, place the

limes on top and scatter chopped parsley over it. That way it will be white

and pretty.




1 lb cubed lean stewing beef

3-4 lemons (salt-pickled if you can get them)

1 bunch parsley

1 bunch mixed herbs

2 tbsp butter

whole peppercorns





Heat 3-4 cups of salt water in a heavy stewpot. When boiling, add the beef and

stir, skimming off any fat or scum that rises to the survce (with

good-quality beef that should not be a problem). After 20-25 minutes of

simmering, thicken the stew with flour and add ginger, whole peppercorns,

chopped herbs and pickled lemons (or fresh lemons, sliced rubbed with salt).

Continue cooking for another 5-10 minutes, stirring regularly. Chop the

parsley and sprinkle over the stew just before serving. The lemon flavour

makes a nice addition to optherwise fairly normal stew.



Lamb Roast with Lemon and Sage


> From Marx Rumpoldt


Hinterschlegel kalt abgebraten / unn mit grŸner Salbey / Pomeranzen oder

Limonien gespickt / oder mit Weichselsalsen darŸber gegossen / oder mit einem

Ÿberzognen Confect / so sihet es fein wei§ und braun / oder mach ein

gehacktes darau§ / wenns gebraten unn warm ist. Gesotten kalt oder warm ists

auch gut.


Leg of lamb (or mutton) roasted cold with green sage or bitter oranges or

limes (likely lemons), or with cherry sauce poured over it or with candied

confits so that it looks nicely white and brown. Or you can make a mincemeat

of it when it is roasted and warm. It is also good boiled, warm or cold.




1 leg of lamb

1 or 2 lemons

olive oil



Cut one lemon into segments. Make small cuts into the leg of lamb and insert

lemon slivers (if using a deboned leg, a second, whole peeled lemon can be

used to fill the cavity left by the bone). Rub the outside of the leg of lamb

with olive oil and sprinkle with sage. Place in an oiled roasting pan and

roast in a hot oven till done, regularly sprinkling with hot water.  Serve hot

(you can remove the lemon slivers before or leave the diners to eat around




Pork Roast in Rye Crust


From Marx Rumpoldt


Nimm die Fšrderkeul / und schlag sie in einen Ruckenteig / wenns gebacken

ist / so la§ es kalt werden / so ist es eine gute Spei§. Du kansts auch klein

schneiden / sonderlich von den Riben kleine stŸcklein gehackt / und in ein

auffgetriebene Pasteten / es sey von weissem oder grobem Teig eyngemacht / es

sey mit Limonien oder Agrastbeeren / oder Klosterbeer / gelb oder wei§ / ist

es auf beyde manier gut.


Take the foreleg (of pork) and wrap it in rye dough. When it is baked, leave

it to cool and it will be good food. You can also do this with pork cut up

small, especially the little piecec chopped from the ribs, and place  it in a

risen pastry, be it from white or coarse dough, with limes (probably lemons),

or /agrast/berries (sour gooseberries?) or /kloster/berries (sweet

gooseberries?), yellow or white, it is good either way.




2 lbs boneless pork roast

1 lb rye flour

1 sachet dry yeast

sourdough starter



extra flour


Mix the rye flour with dry yeast, a pinch of salt, and enough sourdough

starter (follow manufacturer's instructions or own best practice as batches

differ significantly). Add lukewarm water to make a stiff dough and leave to

rise in a covered bowl for 3-5 hours (till roughly doubled). Clean and rub

the roast with salt and pepper. Turn out the dough onto a floured surface and

roll out large enough to wrap around the roast with floured hands. Place the

roast on the dough, bottom side up, and wrap, gently closing theedges. Prick

the top several times, then carefully flip over onto a buttered or oiled

baking dish. Bake at high temperature for 2 hours (unless you have truly

excellent pork, you will find the meat sweating out copious amounts of juice

soaking the bottom crust. Ladling off this juice helps the whole thing hold

together, but it will not become a cohesive loaf by itself in my experience).

Slice and serve warm or cold.






Lemon Relish


From Marx Rumpoldt


Klein gehackt Zitron mit weissem Zucker / der wol gestossen ist /  



Chopped lemons with white sugar, well ground.




2 lemons

1/4 - 1/2 cup fine sugar


Peel and dice the lemons, taking care to remove all the pith and the pips. Add

sugar to taste (1/8 to 1/4 cup per lemon seem to be a good guideline). Serve

cold. This is Rumpoldt's variation on de Rontzier's lemon relish, a little

easier and less syrupy, but demanding mouch greater care.



Brown Mustard


From Marx Rumpoldt


Braun Senff mit lauterm Essig angemacht / ist auch gut


Brown mustard made with clear vinegar is also good.




4 tbsp grown mustardseed, coarse-ground (by preference fresh)

4 tbsp yellow mustardseed flour

6-8 tbsp white wine vinegar


Combine the brown and yellow mustardseed in a small bowl, adding vinegar by

the spoonful and stirring till a thick liquid develops. Cover and let rest

for 4-6 hours, then stir again and if necessary add more vinegar to return to

semi-fluid consistency. Careful when serving this one - it has bite.

Especially when you grind the dark mustardseed fresh as I did.



Almond Garlic Sauce


> From Marx Rumpoldt


Nim newe N٤ und Mandeln / die sauber geschelet seyn / unnd etwan ein halbe

zeh Knobloch / sto§ es durcheinander / und nimm ein gute  KapaunenbrŸh / die

lauter und nicht fei§t / nimm die Brosamen von einem Weck / und weich sie in

die BrŸhen / sto§ die NŸ§ darunter / da§ fein dick wirt / nimm die BrŸh

darunter / da§ nicht gar zu dick wirt / gib es auff ein kleineSchŸssel / so

ist es gut und wolgeschmack.


Take fresh nuts and almonds shelled cleanly and half a clove of garlic and

grind it together. Take capon broth that is clear anmd not fat and the crumbs

of a hand loaf, soak them in the broth and grind the nuts into that so that

it becomes nicely thick. Add broth so that it does not become too thick.

Serve it in a small bowl, thus it will be good and tasty.




1 cup blanched almonds (or mixed blanched almonds and nuts)

2 slices white bread, crust removed

1 cup chicken stock

1 clove garlic


Soak the bread in the chicken broth. Chop the garlic in a food processor. Add

the almonds (and nuts, if you have them) and process till powdery.  Add the

bread and puree to a homogenous semi-liquid, adding more stock if necessary.

Serve warm - it becomes unpalatable when it cools and the top dries out.



Side Dishes


Apple Puree


From Marx Rumpoldt


Epffelmu§ mit Zimmet und klein Rosein in Butter gekocht / unnd wenn du es

anrichtest / so schneid ein Weck fein lŠnglicht / rš§ts au§ der Butter / da§

er resch ist / stecks in das Epffelmu§ / und bestrŠw ea mit Zucker /  gibs

warm auff ein Tisch / so ist es gut und wolgeschmack


Apple puree with cinnamon and small raisins cooked in butter. When you wish to

serve it, cut a hand loaf into thin slices, fry them in butter until they are

crisp, stick them into the apple puree, sprinkle it with sugar and serve it

hot. That is good and tasty.




1 lb apple puree (dry-cooked homemade if best)

3 tbsp butter

2 slices white bread

1/2 cup raisins




Cut the bread slices into finger-thick lengths. Heat 1 tbsp of butter in a pan

and fry the bread fingers till crisp. Remove from pan, clear of crumbs, add

another tablespoon of butter and ladle half the apple puree into the pan.

Stir till heated through, add cinnamon to taste, remove and repeat the

process with the second half. When serving, stick the bread fingers upright

into the bowl of hot buttered apple puree and sprinkle with white sugar. In

fact you could leave out the butter and just serve hot apple puree like this

and it would still be delicious.




Tart Cherry Puree


From Marx Rumpoldt


Weichselmu§. Nim Weichsel / rei§ sie vom Stengel hinweg / und wasch sie au§ /

thu sie in ein Fischkessel / und schneid weck darein / geu§ Wasser darŸber /

und la§ damit sieden / streich es durch ein HŠrin Tuch / da§ fein dick ist /

thu es widerumb in ein uberzindten Fischkessel / rŸr gestossenen Zimmetrinden

und Zucker darunter / setzs auff Kolen / und rŸrs umb / bi§ dz auffseudt /

richt es in ein SchŸssel an / und wenn du es wilt auf ein Tisch  geben / es

sey kalt oder warm / so bestrŠw es mit uberzogenem Fenchel / so ist es gut

und wolgeschmack.


Tart cherry puree. Take tart cherries, remove the stems and wash them. Place

them in a fish kettle with slices of hand loaves and water and boil it. Pass

it through a nicely thick hair cloth and return it to a tinned fish kettle.

Stir in ground cinnamon bark and sugar and place it over the coals until it

boils. Serve it in a bowl, and when you wish to send it to the tablebe it

cold or warm, sprinkle it with candy-coated fennelseed. Thus it will be good

and tasty.




If you have them, use fresh pitted cherries. Otherwise, those from a jar will



1/2 lb cherries

1 cup sugar (less if jarred cherries are used)

2 slices white bread, crust removed


candied fennelseed


Boil the cherries with the sugar and enough juice (from the jar) or water to

cover until they fall apart. Pass through a sieve or foodmill and return to

the pot. Process the bread slices to crumbs in a blender and stir into the

cherry puree with the sugar and cinnamon. Boil until homogenous and thick.

This one went like hotcakes at our event.





from Marx Rumpoldt


Kšl. Weissen Kšl mit jungen HŸhnern und guter RindtfleischbrŸh angemacht / thu

Ingwer / MuscatenblŸt / frische Butter / und ein wenig eyngebrennt Mehl

darein / la§ darmit auffsieden / so wirt es gut und auch wolgeschmack.


Cabbage. White cabbage made with young chicken and beef broth, add ginger,

mace, fresh butter and a little browned flour to it and bring it to the boil.

That way it will be good and tasty, too.




1 small head white cabbage

4-5 cups beef stock

2-3 tbsp butter





Clean and quarter the cabbage and slice the quarters into thin strips,

discarding all hard and woody parts. Bring the beef stock to the boil in a

large pot and place the cabbage strips in it, simmering till soft.  Season to

taste with salt and ginger, thicken the stock with flour and stir in the

butter. Serve hot. Cabbage tends to be boring, but this one is really not bad

at all. Ginger works well with the taste, for one thing.





From Marx Rumpoldt


Gehackt saures Kraut ist auch nicht bš§ / wenns gesotten ist / so macht mans

ab mit saurem Rahm und Butter.


Chopped sauerkraut is also not bad. When it is cooked, you mix it with sour

cream and butter.




1 lb sauerkraut

1 cup sour cream

2 tblsp butter


Heat the sauerkraut in a pot with a little water, stir in sour cream and

butter and serve hot. The milky flavour contrasts nicely with the  

sourness of

the kraut.





From Marx Rumpoldt


Nimm Linsen / wasch sie fein sauber au§ / und klaub sie. Nimm auch ein gute

RindtfleischbrŸh / la§ sieden / schneid Zwibeln und ein wenig Knobloch

darunter / da§ fein dick wirt / und wenns gekocht ist / so thu grŸne

wolschmeckende KrŠuter / die klein gehackt seyn / darunter / unn gesotten

Speck / la§ damit sieden / so wirt es gut und wolgeschmack. Du kanst auch

Linsen kochen one Zwibeln / wie es einer gern isset / so kann man es



Take lentils, wash them clean and pick out the dirt. Then take good beef

broth, boil it, and cut onions and a little garlic into it so it thickens.

When it is cooked, add aromatic green herbs that are chopped finely and

boiled bacon, boil it with that and it will be good and tasty. You can also

cook lentils without onions. They can be cooked according to one's  




Fried Mushrooms


From Marx Rumpoldt


Du kanst auch Maurachen auff ein ander manier machen. Wenn sie sauber

gewaschen / so thut man sie in eine Pfannen / oder in ein Kessel / thu

Butter, Pfeffer und Saltz / darein / lass damit auffsieden / so geben sie

gnungsam feuchtigkeit von inen / la§ sie kurz eynsieden. Unnd wenn du schier

wilt anrichten / so thu darein grŸne wolschmeckende KrŠuter / die klein

gehackt seyn / so werden sie gut und wolgeschmack.


You can also make mushrooms (probably morels) in another fashion.  When they

are washed clean, put them in a pan or pot with butter, pepper and salt and

heat them up quickly. They give enough liquid of themselves (to boil them).

Boil them briefly, and just before you wish to serve them add chopped green

aromatic herbs. Thus they will be good and tasty.




1 lb button mushrooms

4-6 tblsp butter

1 bunch mixed herbs




Chop the herbs. Quarter or slice the mushrooms (only very small ones should

remain whole). Heat the butter in a heavy saucepan or stewpot. Turn down the

heat, add the mushrooms, salt and pepper and cover for five minutes till the

mushrooms shrink and sweat juice. Boil in their juice till done.  Sprinkle

with the herbs before serving.



White Beets


From Marx Rumpoldt


Nimm weisse Ruben / schneidt sie Wirfflicht / und rš§t sie au§ heisser

Butter / geu§ ein RindtfleischbrŸh / die lindt gesaltzen ist / darŸber / setz

auff / und la§ eynsieden / da§ ein kurtze BrŸh gewinnet. Du magst darunter

thun Hammelfleisch / das gesotten ist / und auff dem Rost abgebreunt / oder

magst es one Fleisch geben / so ist eas auff allerley manier gut. Oder magsts

mit den Ruben sieden lassen / so wirt es fein braun / gut und wolgeschmack.


Take white turnips, dice them, fry them in hot butter and fill them up with

good beef broth that is lightly salted. Boil it down until it becomes a

'short broth'. You can add mutton that has been boiled and browned on the

griddle or serve it without meat, it is good in many fashions. Or you can

boil the mutton along with the turnips, thus it becomes nicely brown, good

and tasty.




1 lb white beets

3 tblsp butter

beef stock



Wash, clean and cube white beets. Heat the butter in a saucepan and fry the

beet cubes till slightly softened, stirring constantly. Add stock to cover,

salt to taste and simmer till soft. Serve hot. I mixed them with carrots for

budgetary reasons and that worked well, too.



Green Lettuce with Red Beets


From Marx Rumpoldt


GrŸn Salat / der klein unnd jung ist / rote Ruben klein geschnitten / und

darŸber geworffen / wenn der Salat angemacht ist / unnd die rote Ruben

gesotten und kalt seyn.


Green lettuce that is small and young and red beets cut up small thrown over

it when the lettuce is made and the beets boiled and cooled.




1 head green lettuce (not iceberg)

1-2 boiled red beets

white wine vinegar

olive oil


Wash the lettuce, remove the outer leaves and cut into strips. Add vinegar and

oil to taste and let stand for an hour. Dice the beetroot and sprinkle on top

of the salad before serving. It looks lovely indeed.



Red Beet Salad


> From Marx Rumpoldt


Rot Ruben Salat / wenn sie gesotten seyn / so schneidt sie klein / lang oder

Wirfflicht / machs mit Oel / Essig und Saltz / ab / magsts s٤ oder saur



Red beet salad. When they are boiled, cut them up small, in strips or diced,

and make it with oil, vinegar and salt. You can make it sweet or sour.




1 lb boiled beetroot

olive oil

white wine vinegar



Dice the boiled beetroots and add vinegar and oil. Salt to taste.  Steep for

1-2 hours and serve. A no-nonsense salad, though it does not appeal to haters

of red beets, and there appear to be many of these.



Barley Porridge with Pepper


From Marx Rumpoldt


Gersten / die gesotten ist mit RindtfleischbrŸh / nicht gar zu dick / da§ dŸnn

und wolgeschmack ist. Nimm ein Hammelschlegel / der braun gebraten / und feun

mŸrb ist / unnd wenn du ihn anrichtest in eine SchŸssel / so geu§ die Gersten

darŸber / thu gesto§en Pfeffer darunter / so wird die Gersten sampt dem

Hammelschlegel fein braun. Du magst die Gersten saur machen oder nicht / so

ist es gut und wolgeschmack / kost nicht viel / hat aber grosse mŸh.


Barley, well boiled in beef broth and not too thick but thin and tasty.  Take a

leg of mutton that is roasted brown and tender and when you serve it on a

bowl, pour the barley porridge over it and add ground pepper, then the barley

and leg of mutton will both turn nicely brown. You may make the barley sour

or not, it will be good and tasty (either way). This is not costly, but





1 lb barley groats

5-6 cups beef stock




Bring the beef stock to the boil in a heavy saucepan and add the barley

groats. Boil till the whole becomes a thick porridge, adding water as

necessary. Stir to prevent from burning. When the groats are done, add pepper

generously and salt to taste. Serve hot with mutton or lamb. It is not easy

to get the liquid consistency Rumpoldt speaks of, but I don't think it is

necessary, either.



Millet Porridge


After Marx Rumpoldt


Du kanst auch wol Hir§brey kochen mit einer RindtfleischbrŸh / so  

ist es auch nicht bš§


You can also make millet porridge with beef broth, that is not bad  





1 lb millet

6 cups beef stock



In a heavy saucepan, bring the beef stock to the boil and add the millet.

Simmer, stirring intermittently, till a thick porridge results (this can take

up to 45 minutes). Add water as necessary. Salt to taste and serve.



Pasta with Saffron and Mace


> From Marx Rumpoldt


Nudel gekocht mit Erbe§brŸh unnd MuscatenblŸt / mit Butter / und ein wenig

gelb gemacht / so ist es gut und wolgeschmack.


Noodles cooked with pease broth and mace, with butter, and made yellow a bit,

these will be good and tasty.




1 lb pasta

2 tbsp butter




Heat water (or pease broth if you can get itu) in a pot. When it boils, throw

in a generous pinch of saffron, then the pasta. Cook al dente, strain, and

season with mace to taste. Add the butter to the hot noodles and stir. Serve



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