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Q-Rapier-Fst-art - 8/27/99


Menu and recipes from the Queens Rapier Champion Tourney held by the Shire of Sunder Oak in the Kingdom of Aethelmearc on May 8, 1999. It was cooked by Anna OftderTurm.


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Subject: Queens Rapier Champion Tourny Feast

Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 10:16:00 -0700

From: "Nancy Santella" <annaoftderturm at pathway.net>

To: "Stefan li Rous" <stefan at texas.net>


My Dear Lord Stefan,


My SCA name is Anna OftderTurm, Sunder Oak Arts and Science Officer, Cooks

and Assassins Guild Mistress.

    The event was held by The Shire of Sunder Oak, in the Kingdom of

AEthelmearc, this is located mundanely in Butler, Pennsylvania.



Queens Rapier Champion Tourney

May 8, 1999


Spring Feast Recipes


Bread with Chive Butter and Raspberry Butter


First Course


Funges in Pastry

Le Menagier Paris


"Mushrooms of one night be the best and they be little and red within and

closed atthe  top; and they must be peeled and then washed in hot water

and parboiled and if you wish to put them in a pasty add oil, cheese

and spice powder."


Serves 8


1 1/4 lb.  Fresh Mushrooms

2 – 3  Tbs. Olive Oil

1/2 cup  Ricotta Cheese

2 Tbs.  Grated Parmasan Cheese

2 tsp.  Powder Douce

Salt and Pepper to Taste

2 Tbs. Olive Oil


Pastry to make dumplings: wonton wrappers

Butter spray to bake


Slice and saute Mushrooms in Olive Oil. Mix Mushrooms with Cheeses, Olive Oil,

and the Powder Douce. Season with Salt and Pepper. Fill the Pastries-wonton

wrappers, moisten and pinch edges sealling them well. Spray baking sheet with Butter Spray.

Arrange dumplings on sheet and lightly spray top with Butter Spray.

Bake for 25 mins. at 350 deg.


A Garlic Sauce with Walnuts

Platina  book 8


"To almonds or walnuts that have been coursely ground add as much

cleaned garlic as you like and likewise, as need be, grind them up well,

sprinkle them all the while so they do not make oil. When they are

ground up put in white bread crumbs softened in juice of meat or fish,

and grind again. And if it seems too stiff it can be softened easily in the

same juice." ( See next recipe )


A more Colored Garlic Sauce

Platina book 8


"Prepare this in the same way as above. But do not moistenit in water or

juice, but in must of dark grapes, squeezed by hand and cooked

down for half an hour. The same can be done with juice of cherries."


1/8 cup Walnuts

6 cloves  Garlic

1/4 cup  Bread Crumbs

about 1 1/2 cups Grape Juice, boil it down

4 – 6 Tbs.  Vinegar

1/4 cup Water


In food processor grind Nuts and Garlic. Soak Bread Crumbs in

Grape Juice and Vinegar. Mix with Nuts and Garlic. Thin with Water.



Barbe Robert ( Sauce )

( A 1583 cookbook quoted by Pichon et  al, p. 109 )


Take small onions fried in lard ( or butter according to the day ),

verjuice, vinegar, mustard, small spices and salt. Boil everything



1 tsp. rinsed and minced Capers

2 tsp. minced Green Onions ( just the whites )

2 tsp. fine ground prepared Mustard

1/2 stick Butter

1 tsp. Cider Vinegar or Verjuice


Mix all, over heat.


Bean Soup

"This Good Food" by Brother Victor- Antoine dAvila-Latourrette


1 lb. Dry White Beans

10 cups Water

2 Onions

2 Carrots

2 Leeks

2 Celery stalks

3 cloves Garlic

6 Tbs. Olive Oil

a few of Spinach leaves

2 (Vegetable) Bouillon Cubes

Salt and Pepper to taste

3 Tbs. Parsley, finely chopped


1. Soak the dry Beans in cold water for at least 5 hours, then rinse them

well and place them in a large soup pot  with the water.


2. Thinly cut the Onions, Carrots, Leeks, Celery and Spinach, and mince the

Garlic well. Add all this to the a soup; also the Olive Oil and Bouillon



3. Cook the soup over a medium heat for about 60 minutes, stirring from time

to time. Simmer for about 10 minutes more.


4. Add Salt and Pepper according to taste, and the Parsley. Cook for another

5 minutes and serve hot.


Sallet of all kinds of Herbs and Flowers

"The Good Huswifes Hewell"


"Take your hearbes and picke them very fine into faire water, and picke

Your flowers by themselves, and wash them all cleane, and swing hem in a

strainer, and when you put them into a dish, mingle them with Cowcumbers

or Lemmans payred and sliced, and scrape Suger , and put into vineger

and Oyle, and throw the flowers on the top of the Sallet, and of every

sorte of the afore said thinges, and garnish the dish about with the

foresaide thinges and hard Egges boyled and laid about the dish and upon the sallet."


1 head of Butter Lettuce

1 – 2 cups  Spring Mix

1/4 cup  Mint Leaves

1/4 cup  Lemon Balm

1/2 cup Flower Petals

1 Cucumber sliced very thin


2  hard boiled Eggs sliced


4 Tbs.  Olive Oil

3 Tbs.  White Wine Vinegar

1/2 tsp. Salt

1/8 tsp. Pepper

1/2 tsp.  Brown Sugar


Wash Lettuce, Spring Mix and Herb Leaves in cold water and pat dry or use salad

Spinner; refrigerate. Rinse Flower Petals in a bowl of cold water and gently

pat dry; refrigerate.


Tear Lettuce into bite size pieces combine with Spring Mix and Herbs.

Add Cucumber Slices and toss.


Mix together the Olive Oil, Vinegar, Salt , Pepper and Brown Sugar, stir until

Blended. Add to Salad, toss. Mix Flower Petals ( saving some for garnish).

Garnish With Flower Petals and Eggs.


Second Course


Grete Pye

"Two Fifteenth-Century Cookery Books"


"Take faire yonge beef, And suet of a fatte beste, or of Muton, and hak

all this on a borde small; and caste therto pouder of peper and salt; and

whan it is small hewen, put hit in a bolle, And medle hem well; then make

a faire large Cofyn, and couche som of this stuffur in. Then take Caoins,

Hennes, Mallardes, Connynges, and parboile hem clene; take wodekokkes,

Teles, grete briddes, and plom hem in a boiling pot; And hen

Couche al this fowle in the Coffyn, And put in euerych of hem a

Quantite of pouder of peper and salt. Then take mary, harde

yolkes of egges, Dates cutte in ij peces, reisons of coraunce, prunes,

hole cloves, hole maces, Canell and saffron. But first, whan thoug

hast cowched all thi foule, ley the remenaunt of thyne other stuffur of

beef a-bought hem, as thou thenkest goode; and then strawe on hem this:

dates, mary, and reysons, &c. And then close thi Coffyn with a lydde of

the same paast, And puttte hit in the oven, And late hit bake ynough;

but be ware, or thou close hit, that there come no saffron nygh the brinkes

there-of, for then hit wol neuer close."

(Harl. 4016. P.76)



1/2 cup Butter

3 Tbs. Lard

3 cups Flour

1/2 tsp. Salt

6 Tbs. cold Water


Mix Flour and Salt, blend Butter and Lard with Flour till crumbly. Make a well in mixture, adding water slowly, till dough pulls away from bowl. Divide into

two paddies, and refridgerate.



1/2 lb.  Pork Roast sliced

1 lb.  minced Beef

2 tbs. shredded Suet

3 hard boiled Egg Yolks, crumbled

Spice Mixture:

   1/4 tsp. each of ground Cinnamon, Mace, and Clove

2 oz.   Dates

2 oz. Currants

4 oz.  Prunes

3/4 cup Broth

1 Tbs. Rice Flour


Preheat oven at 450 deg.F.

Soak Fruits in water. Mix minced Beef, Suet, Egg Yolks and one half the Spice

Mixture. Add remaining Spice Mixture to drained Fruit and toss.

Roll out a crust of Pastry. Fill bottom with half the minced Beef mixture, then

cover this with half of Fruit mixture. Layer sliced Pork over this, then

remaining Fruit followed by remaining Beef mixture.

Heat Broth and stir in Rice Flour till slightly thickened, pour over all.

Cover with top crust.

Bake for 15 min., reduce heat to 325 deg.F. and bake for 45-50 min. longer.


Spiced Red Cabbage

Anderson, pp. 250-51


1 lb. Red Cabbage

1 1/4 tsp. Olive Oil

1 1/4 tsp. Sugar

1/4 lb. Apples

1/4 lb. Onions

1/3 cup Red Wine Vinegar

1 1/2  Bay Leaves

1/8 tsp.

salt 1 1/4 cups Red Wine


Saute onions and apples in oil, then add cabbage and cook for

about  5 min. Add remaining ingredients and cook for 25 mins.

Refrigerate until needed, serve cold.


Fruit Kabobs


1 Honey Dew Mellon

4 Pears

1 Cantaloupe

1/2 cup Honey

Powdered Ginger


Cut Fruit into 1-inch pieces and skewer on bamboo skewers. Mix

together Honey and Ginger. Pour Honey mixture over Fruit and serve.



Platina  5


"Roast carrots in the coals, then peel them, claening off the ashes, and

cut them up. Put in a dish with oil, vinegar, a bit of wine; scatter a

few mild herbs on top."


Choose small, even carrots, cut off any pointed tips.


1 lb. Carrots

2 – 3 Tbs. Olive Oil

2 – 3 tsp. White Wine Vinegar

2 – 3 tsp.  White Wine

2 – 3 Tbs. chopped fresh Herbs: Parsley, Dill, Chives, Thyme

Salt and Pepper to taste


Scrube and scrape Carrots, and brush lightly with oil. Roast in a 400 deg.

oven. Slice into a serving dish and dress with minced Herbs, Oil, Vinegar, Wine, and Salt and Pepper. Serve.


Third Course


Curye on Inglish,  p.119


"Makerouns, Take and make a thynne foyle of dowh, and kerve it

On peces, and cast hym on boiling water & seeth it wele. Take chese

and grate it, and butter imelte, cast bynethen and abouven as losyns;

and serve forth."


Makerouns, Take a piece of thin pastry dough and cut it in pieces,

Place in boiling water and cook. Take grated cheese, melted butter

and arrange in layers like lasagna; serve.


1 lb. Egg Noodles

1 Tbs. Oil

Large pinch of Salt

1 cup grated Cheese

1/2 cup Butter


Boil Noodles with Oil and Salt until al dente ( tender-crisp ). Drain

well. In a serving dish or platter place some melted Butter and Cheese. Lay noodles on top and add more Butter and Cheese. Serve as is or continue adding layers of Butter, Cheese and Noodles.


To Boil a Capon with Orange and Lemmons

"the Good Huswife's Handmaide for the Kitchen", 1594


"Take Orenges or Lemmons pilled, and cutte them the long way, and

If you can keepe your cloves whole and put them into your best

Broth of mutton or Capon with prunes and currants and three or

Fowre dates, and when these have beene well sodden put whole pepper,

Great mace, a good peece of suger, and some rosewater and either white

Or claret wine, and let all these seeth together a while, and so serve

It upon soppes with your capon."


2 1/2 lbs. chicken or capon, cut into serving pieces

1 cup White Wine      

1/2 cup Currants

1 Tbs. Olive Oil  

2 Oranges, peeled and cut into eighths

2 Lemons, peeled and cut into eighths.

1/4 tsp. Salt

1 Tbs. Butter

1/2 tsp. whole Peppercorns

2 cups Chicken stock

4 Prunes, coarsely chopped

1/2 tsp. whole Cloves

1 tsp. Rosewater (available from Middle Eastern groceries, or by mail order

    from cooking supply outlets such as Williams Sonoma;1-800-541-2233)

4 Dates, coarsely chopped

1/2 tsp. Mace


In a large dutch oven, heat the Oil and Butter until hot. Season Chicken or capon with Salt and Pepper and place in pan. Brown well on all sides. Soak Prunes, Dates and Currants in 1/2 cup of broth, then coursely chop.

Add 1 1/2 cups of the Chicken Broth, Rosewater and Wine and simmer for 20 minutes. Cut away peel and all the white pith, from fruit. Add the Fruit, Salt, and Mace. Place Peppercorns and Cloves in a cheese cloth bag and add to stock. (the cheesecloth isn't strictly neccessary, but biting unsuspectedly into a

peppercorn or clove can be an unsettling experience). Continue to simmer for another 15 minutes or until the Chicken is tender. Remove the cheese cloth bag.

Serve in large bowls with strips of fried bread.


Black Porray

"Le Menagier de Paris"


"Black porray is made with strips of spiced bacon. The porray

should be picked over, washed, then cut up and blanched in

boiling water, then fried in fat fron the bacon slices; Then you

moisten it with boiling water- yet some say that if it is washed

in cold water it is darker and more black- and you should set

upon each bowl two slices of bacon."


2 lbs. young Spinach

1/2 lb. Bacon


Pick over and wash Spinach, then chop them and boil for three to five minutes

In a large pot of boiling water; drain , and run cold water over them, then

roll in paper towels to dry as much as possible. Meanwhile, fry the bacon strips until brown and crisp, set aside. Add Spinach to fat and stir over medium low heat, for several mins., until wilted and dark in color. Top with bacon before serving.




4 cups Sugar

2 1/2cups Water

1 cup Red Wine Vinegar

handful of fresh Mint


Dissolve Sugar in Water. Bring to boil, add Vinegar. Reduce heat and simmer

about 20-25 min. Remove from heat. Add Mint and let cool discard Mint and

bottle. The syrup keeps indefinitely at room temp.

To serve dilute with water to taste.  5 or 10 parts water to 1 part syrup.



From  the mother of Canstance Waite


"You need a rosette iron to make them. It is a cheap little tool

and cost less then $5 when I bought mine. The recipe is 1 cup flour, 1/2

cup evaporated milk, 1/2 cup water, 1 tsp. sugar, 1/2 tsp. salt, and 1 egg.

Mix together and let sit for 1/2 hour. Meanwhile heat about 3 inches of oil

in a broad pan. Dip iron in hot oil for about 30 seconds. Dip iron into

batter. Do not cover the top of the iron. Dip into hot oil Loosen cookie

from iron. Turn to cook other side. Repeat. Drain on paper towel once

removed from hot oil. When all cookies are done dust with powdered sugar.

Store in a loosely covered container for up to therr or four days. Do not

freeze. Makes about 36 cookies."



Crme Fraiche

Cream and sugar to taste.

(Was actually supposed to be whipped cream, a good mistake)


Fresh Strawberries


<the end>

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