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Platina-Lunch-art - 5/24/01


An 15th Century Italian luncheon created using recipes from Platina. Includes the menu and the recipes used.


NOTE: See also the files: cb-rv-Platina-msg, p-Italy-food-bib, Platina-bib, pasta-msg, salads-msg, mushrooms-msg.





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Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2000 12:48:03 -0500 (EST)

From: Gretchen M Beck <grm+ at andrew.cmu.edu>

Subject: SC - Platina lunch (15th c Italian, too)


Here's the redactions of my Lunch from Platina  (15th C Italian, by the

way), with comments on what I'd change for the next time. Lunch was

very well received. Any and all comments on these are welcome.



Mushrooms in green salsa

Green salad

Ham with cherry and mustard sauces


Fresh Fruit



1st comment.  This fed 8 very comfortably.  For an SCA feast, it would

undoubtably be enough for 2 tables of 8.  I had about 1/2 the salad left

over, 1/4 of the macaroni, 1/3 of the ham.  No asparagus and only a

couple of mushrooms.



2 lbs asparagus

olive oil (2-3 Tbsp or to taste)

Balsamic vinegar (1-2 Tbsp or to taste)



Bring large pot of salted water to boil.  Wash asparagus and trim ends.

Put in pot, and boil for 5-7 minutes or until desired texture (some like

it mushy, some like it just this side of raw).  Lay asparagus on

platter, sprinkle on salt.  Pour on olive oil, toss.  Pour on vinegar,

toss.  Serve.


Mushrooms in green salsa

2 lbs mushrooms

4 cloves garlic, peeled and sliced


1-3 Tbsp olive oil


Put whole  mushrooms in a pot with salted water and garlic cloves.

Bring to boil.  Boil about 10 minutes (if you're using white mushrooms,

boil until they start to change color).  Drain.

(you can do this the night before.)  Heat olive oil in skillet.  Add

mushrooms, saute about 10 minutes.  Pour on salsa, serve.


Green Salsa

20 vine leaves (I used bottled cause I didn't have access to fresh.  If

you use fresh, use more vinegar and salt. I used leaves because I didn't

have access to tendrils.)

2-3 cloves garlic

3-4 Tbsp red wine vinegar

2/4 slice white bread crumbs


If using bottled leaves, rinse well in water.  Grind leaves in mortar

(or run through food processor).  Add garlic and crumbs and

grind/process some more. If using fresh leaves/tendrils add salt at this

point, too.  Add vinegar and grind/process more.  At this point, it

should look like a moist "swamp=thing".  Put in food mill and strain.

(this step is EXTREMELY important -- otherwise it not only looks like a

moist "swamp-thing" but tastes like it too. After straining, though,

you have a really nice green sauce.) Pour over mushrooms and serve.


Green Salad

I've done this several times before, and it's basically "make a base of

romaine lettuce, and add whatever green herbs are on hand. Pour on salt

and oil and toss. Add vinegar and toss.  Serve.". Today the ingredients


14 leaves romaine lettuce

1 lb fresh spinach

1/4 cup parsley leaves, loosely packed

20 mint leaves

leaves from 3 sprigs tarragon.


Ham served with cherry and mustard sauce

4 lbs ham (I used pre-cooked sugar cured cause that's what the grocery

store had.  Next time I'm getting a country ham, but I have to travel

for that...)

1 bottle white wine (I used a jug wine a trifle less sweet than a

reisling.  Reisling would be good for this, though)



Put ham in pot.  Cover with 50/50 mixture wine/water. Bring to boil.

Simmer for about 45 minutes. Let cool.  Slice. Serve.


Cherry sauce

I wasn't satisfied with this sauce, probably because I used the wrong

cherries. This was a "it's what the store had and I forgot to check the

frozen food aisle".  Next time I'll use fresh, or if need be frozen.  It

needed a stronger cherry flavor, but wasn't too horrible for all that.

1 can Queen Anne cherries in heavy syrup. (yuck!)

2 Tbsp bread crumbs

Vinegar to taste  (I put in too much, and then added sugar to counteract

it, which added to the problems the sauce had.)

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/8 tsp ginger.


If using canned in syrup, rinse cherries well.  Blend cherries, bread

crumbs and vinegar in food process or mortar.  Put sauce on stove and

simmer for 20 minutes stirring often. (this time will vary with fresh

cherries, since this will be necessary to cook them) Sprinkle on

cinnamon and ginger.   Cool. Serve.


Reddish Mustard

5 Tbsp mustard seed

1 Tbsp raisins

1-2 tsp flour

12 - 3/4 piece toast, crumbled.

Sprinkle cinnamon

Red wine vinegar to desired consistency.  (I used about 4 Tbsp.)


Grind mustard seeds  in spice grinder or mortar.  In mortar or food

processor, grind/process in mustard seeds, raisins, flour, toast and

cinnamon.  Add vinegar and grind/process.  Keep adding vinegar until

mustard is desired consistency.  If you like course ground, serve.  If

you like smooth, run it through a strainer and serve.



Note: I didn't make my own noodles.  I'm also not sure how to interpret

the "This dish should be cooked for two hours" Does this mean the

noodles, or that you should cook the boiled noodles cheese and herb

mixture?  Anyhow:


1 1lb box penne rotini

Beef boillion/stock/broth (I used 5 cubes in the water used to boil the


1 cup fresh grated 50/50 Romano/Parmasan mixture

2 Tbsp butter

1 tbsp each chopped parsley and basil

3 sage leaves, chopped.


Bring pot of broth/boillion to a boil.  Add noodles and boil until

noodles are as done as you want them to be. (my husband and I have

arguments about mushy or al dente...).  Drain off most, but not all of

the remaining broth.  Return noodles to pot and mix in butter.  Pour

noodles into a lasagna/sheet cake pan (or into oven proof serving

dishes).  Spinkle on cheese.  Mix herbs together and sprinkle on.  Place

in slow oven until cheese melts.  Serve.


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