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Martyrs-Feast-art - 9/2/99


A review of the Feast of the Martyrs held at the Kingdom Arts and Sciences event in Kingdom of Meridies in the Barony of the South Downs (Atlanta, GA)


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Date: Wed, 2 Jun 1999 01:32:24 -0400

From: Christine A Seelye-King <mermayde at juno.com>

Subject: SC - Fw: [SD] Feast of the Martyrs


Thought I'd send this third-party review of a feast I was involved in

this weekend to the list.  Comments in the [ ]'s are mine.

My dish was the Rice St. Agatha.



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From: "Maxwell, Bambi" <X2MAXWEL at southernco.com>

To: "'southdowns at egroups.com'" <southdowns at egroups.com>

Date: Tue, 1 Jun 1999 14:56:30 -0500

Subject: [SD] Feast of the Martyrs


Good gentles of the list, greetings!


Those who could not attend Kingdom Arts and Sciences this weekend or who

left the event before feast on Sunday, heed now this account of Chef

Cotehardee and the wondrous Feast of the Martyrs!


Sunday afternoon, in the presence of Their Royal Majesties, His

Excellency the Baron of South Downs bade all still on site to enjoy the

feast as largesse of the barony, regardless of whether they held feast

tokens.  The hall was prepared and all were seated. Good Christians

passed the interval before feast in contemplation of the martyrs; their

study was aided by trading cards of the saints supplied by The Honourable

Lord Conmaol O'Maolmhoicheirghe.

[The trading cards were hotly sought after the feast was over, I

overheard one lady saying "I've got two Virgins and I only need one!"]


At only a few moments past the appointed hour, Chef Cotehardee dispatched

his retainers into the hall to serve the feast.  Master Cathal announced

each course with appropriate solemnity.


The servers first brought forth trays of cheese and bread. Spokes of

bright cheddar arrayed around Provolone in the center of each tray

betokened St. Katherine's wheel.  [St. Katherine's Wheel of Cheese]

The stoned meal of the bread represented St. Stephen.


Next came forth heads on platters, reminding all of St. John the Baptist.

Each head (of lettuce) stood in a pool of blood (French dressing).

[St. John the Baptist's Head of Lettuce Salad]


Master Cathal, keeping everyone abreast of the progress of the chef's

crew, then announced a titillating dish in honor of St. Agatha:  twin

mounds of rice, artfully sprinkled with paprika on top and garnished with

a small scoop of poppy seeds in the center of each mound.

[My favorite comment from the crowd - "A perky little dish"]


Along with St. Agatha's rice came onions, mushrooms and zucchini slices

skewered in memory of St. Sebastian. Unlike St. Sebastian, the vegetables

had been grilled after they were pierced.


Chef Cotehardee then presented his tribute to St. Valentine: baked

chicken clubs (drumsticks).

[Valentine was beaten with clubs during his persecution.]


Next came forth ripe olives stuffed with cream cheese. The hardier souls

among us were invited to imagine St. Lucy's eyes. [It was actually

provolone, and it did bring up some textural images that could have been



With the next course we all became persecutors of the faithful.  The

servers brought out platters of gingerbread martyrs to be dipped in pitch

(Hershey's chocolate syrup).  Rumors swept the hall that our beloved

queen and the tanista of Gleann Abhean were devising savage deaths for

the martyrs, and this news cheered the populace, as none present was

without guilt.

[Their Majesties were spearing the martyrs with the bamboo skewers,

dripping 'pitch' from their wounds, and holding them over candles to

toast them, perhaps waiting for them to confess or repent...]


Master Cathal then announced a surpise course of spinach and hard-boiled

eggs.  I grieve to confess that I cannot remember the saint associated

with this delicious dish.

[It was Spinach Kent.  It was for Beckett, and the {rather loose, IMO}

association with the saint was that the spinach was chopped and creamed

;P.  The hors d'oerve spears through the boiled eggs was a nice touch,



At last came the course that all had eagerly awaited since day before,

when the chef's minion, Lord Damon, tortured all in camp with the divine

aroma of ribs barbecuing on an outdoor grill. Chef Cotehardee presented

these ribs in reverence of St. Laurence.  [That's my boy! He is proud to

tell that his grilling is AoA award winning BBQ!  He'll be cooking for

the Meridian party this year at Pennsic again, by the way ;) ]


Finally Master Cathal, armed with a fire extinguisher, led from the kitchen

all of the chef's helpers bearing the piece de resistance, a course in honor

of St. Joan of Arc.  As the populace watched in awe, cherries representing

the Maid of Orleans were flamed with brandy.  The tasty result was served

over late-period gelatto. [Vanilla ice-cream]


His Royal Majesty, wishing to pay compliments to the author of so grand a

feast, sent to the kitchen for Chef Cotehardee.  Alas, the chef was not

to be found.  In his absence, the populace saluted his helpers:  Lord

Conmaol and Donya Ximena, Mistress Rhiannon, Mistress Christianna, Lady

Tara, Lord Damon, Lady Victoria, Lady Emma and many others.

[Actually, Cotehardee and the whole idea for the feast were a large

Baronial Brain Fart at a local restaurant after a meeting about a month

ago.  With no volunteers for Sunday night's feast, it just sort of fell



Thus the lives and deaths of the martyrs were celebrated, and the

populace presented with food for thought!



Bride Albanach


It was a great feast.  We didn't even know what the order of service was

until it was going out, but everyone did a single dish, and we didn't

even trip over each other much.  It was very much a 'seat of our pants'

production.   The accolades we got included "The most fun I've ever had

at a feast!".  And for all the clowning around, it was a very tasty

repast, too.



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