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German-Fst-OC-art - 9/26/09


Outlands Crown Tournament Feast- September 12, 2009. Menu selected by Catrin von Berlin called Gwen Cat. Recipes from Ein New Kochbuch - Marxen Rumpold 1581.


NOTE: See also the files: German-Feast-art, fd-Germany-msg, potatoes-msg, sauerkraut-msg, pork-msg, mustard-msg, fd-Bohemia-msg, rice-msg, peaches-msg.





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Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2009 12:32:04 -0700 (PDT)

From: "Cat ." <tgrcat2001 at yahoo.com>

To: Cooks List SCA <sca-cooks at lists.ansteorra.org>

Subject: [Sca-cooks] Outlands Crown Tournament Feast Fall 09 LONG Post

        Feast  report


Now that I have had a few days to recover, below follows the LONG report on Outlands Crown Tournament Feast Fall 2009. (I did this in word, so I hope everything comes across legibly, I tried to use the plain text option, please forgive me if it does not).


We used a brand new site - we were their guinea pigs. The hall had a nicely sized but only adequately equipped kitchen (2 standard electric 4 burner 1 oven home style stoves, one standard sink, lots of counter space, both refrigerators STUFFED FULL of site food items so not available.)


Feast was budgeted for 80 dinner, 16 of them comps for head table (this is standard, at least for my feasts) I provide munchies/snacks for my kitchen crew out of my own pocket, and they get first dibs on leftovers.)

At the deadline (8 days before the event, we had 21 paid reservations, so I consulted with the Autocrat, Their Majesties and Her Excellency and then made the decision to downsize to 56 total (so 40 paid)   With late reservations and at the door sales we sold 39 of those 40.  

Feast fee was $10 per person (we had a break for kids, but had no kids reserve or present)  so my original budget was $640 (of which I plan to spend no more than $600, and adjusted down was $400.  I spent $270 (and NO ONE went hungry) and so did not loose money.


Their Majesties had promised to keep court on time and be done to serve feast at 6pm.  I have done other crown tourney feasts, I know this is not likely to happen and planned feast accordingly.  Court ended at 7:40pm and food hit the tables at 7:45.


To Their credit Their Majesties apologized for the delay AND they asked that even though They were still setting up, that I please get food to the populace as soon as it was ready (and it was ready!)


Menu and recipes are below (told you it was LONG) and will also be posted to my website in the near future.


I would welcome feedback from those who stayed for feast.


What didn't work: the RAIN, which made the field into mud which everyone tracked in.

The rice - I have done this before successfully using a sleeping bag, this time I had a blanket and it did not keep the rice hot enough so it was still a bit crunchy.

I left 2 items off the menu, and didn't get the recipe books out as I had planned.


What worked:  The food was designed with a long running court in mind: the sauerbraten sat snug and warm in the sauce, the sauerkraut just kept simmering on lowest heat, and the scalloped potatoes were warm and happy in the oven.  The pasta was deliberately in the second course and I didn't start to boil it till court ended.


Oh and I had things prepped and organized enough that my kitchen crew and I had lots of sit down and just relax time.

Finally, having the Scola Metallorum Kitchen crew step up made plating, serving and clean up AMAZINGLY SMOOTH.


I would call this feast a success: It was period based food and folks seemed to love it.  Food was good (and even sauerkraut snobs loved the kraut), food was plentiful (there were some leftovers, but not excessive) and folks seemed to leave happy.



Outlands Crown Tournament Feast- September 12, 2009

Menu selected by Catrin von Berlin called Gwen Cat

*Recipes from Ein New Kochbuch - Marxen Rumpold 1581 (the word and number behind each item refers to the chapter and recipe number in the cookbook)


On the tables

Bread, butter, pickles, radishes, carrots (all store bought), Schmaltz


Erster Gang

Sauerbraten (beef 44)

Potatoes with bacon simmered in milk (veggies 37)

Sauerkraut (veggies 117)

Salad like a rose (salads 46)

Red beets with horseradish (accompaniments 3)


Zweiter Gang

Roast pork (pork 91)

Pear/apple mustard (adapted from accompaniments 10)

Pasta with peas (adapted from veggies 157)

Red cabbage salad (salads 33)

Cucumber salad (salads 20)



Rice pudding (veggies 171)

Peaches in Syrup (preserves 19)

Stag cookies (tortes 46)


As usual the menu is subject to change at the whim of the butcher, baker, grocer or Koch (and it did, the original second course was chicken)


Vegetarians - substitutions (cabbage rolls and lentils) for the meat can be created, BUT I must have your request with a paid reservation by the published deadline - no later than September 4, 2009.  

NO vegetarian reservation requests were made by the deadline, so this is NOT available.


Outlands Crown Tournament Feast - the recipes - September 12, 2009


Bread - Filone, Multigrain and French (storebough)

Butter, Schmaltz (made of pork fat, my great-grandmothers way ),

Dill pickles, Radishes, baby carrots



Sauerbraten (beef 44)

44. Gute Rindernbraten eingebei?t mit Wacholderbeer/ Ku:emmel/ vnd gestossen Knobloch/ mit Wasser vnd Essig die Zwibel angemacht/ vnnd ein wenig Saltz darein gethan/ la? vber Nacht darinnen ligen/ vnnd wenn du jn schier wirst anstecken/ so saltz jn ba?. La? die Bei?bru:eh/ da das Fleisch innen gelegen/ ein halbe stundt stehen/ da? sie sich setzt/ vnnd das lautere thu herab/ das dicke aber thu in ein Fischkessel. Nimm darnach ein wenig Pfeffer vnd Jngwer darein/ auch vngesaltzene Butter/ die vnzerlassen ist/ vnnd la? darmit sieden/ begeu? den Braten darmit/ vnnd wenn du es anrichtest/ so

<<5b>> geu? die Bru:eh oben daru:eber/ gibs warm/ so ist es ko:estlich vnnd wolgeschmack.

44. Good beef roast marinated with juniperberry/caraway/ and crushed garlic, the onion prepared with water and vinegar/ and a little salt therein/ let it therein lie overnight/and when you want to stick it (onto a spit)/ so salt it more.  Let the marinade/that the meat was laying in/ stand for one half hour/ so that it settles/ and the clear put off/ but the thick put into a fishkettle. Take tereafter a little pepper and ginger therein/ and also unsalted butter/ that is not melted/ and let is simmer therewith/ baste the roast therewith/ and when you wish to serve it/ so (page 5b) pour the broth over the top/ give (serve) warm/ so it is delicious and welltasting.

4 lb beef bottom round or other slow cooking beef

2C red wine vinegar

1C water

1 onion sliced into rounds or half rounds

4 cloves garlic, crushed

1 juniper berry, crushed

.5 t caraway seed

Simmer all ingredients except beef for 5 minutes, then let cool.  In a ziptop bag marinate the beef in the cooled marinade for one day (in the fridge.) The next day drain the beef and ideally roast on a spit till done.  Not having a spit available I seared the outside of the beef, then placed the beef along with the marinade in a roaster and cooked till tender. (oven at 350F)

Gingersnap Gravy is NOT true to period, but I am including it because it goes well with the recipe, and the recipe does state to mix the marinade (the thick parts?) with ginger and pepper and some unsalted butter.  I am using gingersnap cookies to thicken the cooking juices to make a sauce.  IT IS NOT PERIOD, but should be tasty.  Crush gingersnaps and whisk into the cooking juices, let simmer gently for 15 or 20 minutes to blend and thicken.

Potatoes with bacon simmered in milk (veggies 37)

37. Erdtepffel. Schel vnd schneidt sie klein/ quell sie in Wasser/ vnnd druck es wol ausz durch ein Ha:erin Tuch/ hack sie klein/ vnd ro:eszt sie in Speck/ der klein geschnitten ist/ nim{b} ein wenig Milch darvnter/ vnd lasz darmit sieden/ so wirt es gut vnd wolgeschmack.

37. Earth apples. Peel and cut them small/ soak (simmer) them in water/ and press it well out through a hair (fine) cloth/ chop them small/ and fry them in bacon/ that is cut small/ take a little milk thereunder/ and let it simmer therewith/ so it is good and welltasting.

[This is a rather controversial recipe. Modernly, Earthapples are potatoes, for more info on potatoes possibly in period see my Potato class :-)


10 lb Russet potatoes

1 lb bacon, diced,

~ .25 gallon milk

Peel and cut the potatoes, simmer till almost done. Meanwhile render the bacon for its fat, and reserve the cooked bacon bits. Drain potatoes well and then chop them into small dice or slices. Fry them a little in the bacon fat then add in the bacon bits, the milk and let simmer. I put the pan in the oven and let it bake there till potatoes were tender and milk is mostly absorbed. Might need a bit of salt, but I let diners make that choice.


Sauerkraut (veggies 117)

117. Gehacktes saures Kraut ist auch nicht bo:esz/ wenns gesotten ist/ so macht mans ab mit saurem Rahm vnd Butter.


117. Chopped sour cabbage [sauerkraut] is also not bad/ when it is simmered/ so season it with sour cream and butter.


1 lb Sauerkraut

1 C apple juice or wine or water

1-2T butter

8oz sour cream


RINSE the sauerkraut then simmer in the liquid for an hour or two, before serving drain and stir in the butter and sour cream, heat but do not boil any more and serve.


Salad like a rose (salads 46)

46. Du kanst auch wol ein Salt zurichten in eine Schu:ssel/ gru:n/weisz vnnd rot/ fein wie ein Rosen gemacht/ so ist es zierlich/ gut vnnd wolgeschmack.


46. You can also arrange a salad in a bowl/ green white and red/ nicely made like a rose/ so it is decorative/ good and welltasting.


Lettuce in red, green and white (perhaps butter lettuce, red oak lettuce and green leaf)

Whole lettuce leaves (and possibly radicchio?) arranged like the leaves in a rose blossom, NOT in the recipe, but in most of the other salads - drizzle with a little oil and vinegar for service.

Pickled Beets (accompaniments 3)

3. Rote Ruben eyngemacht mit klein geschnittenen Merrettich/ Aniss/ Coriander/ und ein wenig Kuemel/ sonderlich wenn die Ruben geschnitten/ gesotten mit halb Wein und halb Essig.

3. Red beets preserved with small cut horseradish/ anise/ coriander/ and a little caraway/ special if the beets are cut/ marinated in half wine and half vinegar.

3 cans (16 oz) small whole beets, cut into chunks

1 cup wine*

1 cup vinegar*

* I used 2 cups red wine vinegar and one cup beet liquid from the can

1 1/2? long piece of fresh horseradish root, peeled and cut into slivers

1/2 t anise seed

1 t coriander seed

1/2 t caraway seed


Combine all ingredients except beets in a pot. Bring to a boil, simmer 5 minutes, add the beets and heat through. Place in jar or crock and let mellow for at least 24 hours. The vinegar will preserve your beets; in period they would have been stored in the cellar. In modern times I would suggest the fridge or canning in a sterilized container.




Roast Pork (pork 19)

18. Eyngemacht Spensaw schwartz in Zwibeln/ oder one Zwibeln.


18. Made (cooked) of a sow, black in onions, or without onions.

3 lbs boneless pork loin

salt and pepper

maybe onions

maybe balsamic vinegar  - this will be a ?game time? decision ?

Season pork with salt and pepper, place in roaster, add onions and roast till done.  30 minute prior to service pour .25 C of balsamic vinegar over the meat.  NO, Balsamic is not period,but the recipe states to cook it ?black? that usually implies the use of blood.  I felt the balsamic would add richness and be different from the red wine and cider vinegars used in other recipes in this feast.

Pear Mustard Sauce (accompaniements 10)

10. Seudt Birne in s?ssem Most / thu sie au? auf ein saubers Bret / und la? kalt werden / la? den Most weiter sideden / bi? er dick wirt / la? jn darnach kalt werden / streichs mit braunem Senf durch / thu alsdenn die gesottenen Birne darein / so wirt es gut und wohl geschmack. Wiltu aber ein guten Senf haben / so sto? Ani? und Coriander durcheinander / streichs durch mit braunem Senfmehl / und s?ssen gesottenem Wein / so wirt es gut und wohl geschmack.


10. Cook pears in a sweet wine (syrup)/ put them on a clean board/ and let them cool let the syrup cook again/ till it thickens/ let it then cool/ spread it with a brown mustard through (a sive)/ put then the poached pear therein/ so it will be good and well tasting. But if you want a good mustard/ so crush anise and coriander together/ spread through with brown mustardflour/ and sweet cooked wine/ so it becomes good and well tasting.


This is an adaptation, the original recipe is for whole poached pears served in a mustard sauce, I mushed it all together for a sauce to go with meat.  Since I made a last minute switch from chicken to pork (better price for more meat ?) I used home made applesauce and store bought mustard for the sauce.  Not quite the same, but should be good.



Pasta with peas (veggies 157)

157. Nudel gekocht mit Erbeszbru:h vnnd Muskatenblu:t/ mit Butter/ vnd ein wenig gelb gemacht/ so ist es gut vnd wolgeschmack.


157. Noodles(pasta) cooked with pea broth and mace/with butter/ and made a little yellow/ so it is good and welltasting.


1lb pasta

.5lb peas

2T butter

pinch of mace (used nutmeg)

pinch of saffron  (forgot to add)

Boil pasta according to package directions, at the last minute add the frocen peas and bring back to a boil.  Drain, add in the butter and seasonings and serve.  This is an adaptation, in period the pea broth would more likely have been the water that dried peas were cooked in, so it would have a stronger pea flavor, but would not have the actual peas remaining.  I chose to use and leave in the frozen green peas to add a little color to an otherwise monochrome dish.


Red Cabbage Salad (salads 33)

33. Nimb ein rot Haeuptkraut/ schneidts fein klein/ vnd quells ein wenig in warmen Wasser/ kuels darnach geschwindt au?/ machs mit Essig vnd Oel ab/ vnd wenn es ein weil im Essig ligt/ so wirt es schoen rot.

33. Take a red head lettuce [red cabbage(Hopf, DWb)]/ cut it nicely small/ and poach it a little in warm water/ then cool it quickly/ season it with vinegar and oil/ and when it soaks a while in the vinegar/ it gets nicely red.


1/6- 1/4 head of red cabbage

1/4 C vinegar (cider)

1/8 C oil (olive)

Wash the cabbage, (remove any coarse outer leaves and the core) shred finely, poach it in a little water (to the crisp tender stage) season it with the vinegar and oil, and let sit in the dressing for at least 30 minutes prior to serving.

Cucumber Salad (salads 20)

20. Schel die Murcken/ vnd schneidt sie breit vnnd duenn/ mach sie an mit Oel/ Pfeffer vnd Saltz. Seind sie aber eyngesaltzen/ so seind sie auch nit boe?/ seind besser als roh/ denn man kans eynsaltzen mit Fenchel vnd mit Kuemel/ da? man sie vber ein Jar kan behalten. Vnnd am Rheinstrom nennet man es Cucummern.

20. Peel the Cucumbers/ and cut them broad and thin/ season them with oil/ pepper and salt. (I did not use salted cucumbers)But if they are salt-preserved/ they are also not bad/ are better than raw/ because one can salt it with Fennel and with caraway/ that both can be kept over one year. And near the Rhine-stream one calls it Cucummern

1 cucumber

1/8-1/4 C oil (olive)

Salt and pepper

Peel cucumber and slice thinly into rounds, drizzle with oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper, toss to coat.





Rice pudding aka Rice cooked in milk (veggies 171)

171. Gesotten Reisz in Milch/ vnd wenn du es anrichtest/ so gib Driet daru:ber/ so ist es gut vnd wolgeschmack.


171. Cooked rice in milk/ and when you prepare (to serve) it/ so give Driet (sugar and perhaps cinnamon) thereover/ so it is good and well tasting.


1 C rice

2 C milk

sugar and cinnamon to sprinkle over

Pick over rice and rinse to remove any impurities.

I am using the WWII trick I learned from my mom:  In a large pot bring milk to a boil, add rice, stir and bring back to a boil.  Immediately put a TIGHT fitting lid on and put the pot to bed.  Yes really, or wrap it in a sleeping bag, and let it sit for 4-8 hours.  NO PEEKING.  The rice will absorb the milk and get perfectly tender with no burning!)  



Peaches in Syrup (preserves 19)

19. Nym(b) Pfersig/ vnnd schel sie/ thu sie in ein lautern Sirup/ der fein warm ist/ vnd wen(n) er davon du:nn wird/ so schu:t es auff ein saubern Durchschlag/ vnd seudt den Sirup/ bisz er dick wirt/ vnd fein sauber versaumt/ thu als denn die Pfersig wieder darein/ wenn der Sirup uberschlagen hat. Vnd auff solche Form vnd weisz kanstu von allerley Obst eynmachen.


19. Take peaches/ and peel them/ put them in clear syrup/ that is nicely warm/ and when it becomes thin/ so pour them onto a clean strainer/ and boil the syrup/ till it becomes thick/ and nicely clean foam (I assume skim off any foam) / then put the peaches back therein/ when the syrup has boiled. And in such manner and ways you can preserve all types of fruit.


Sorry folks, storebought canned peaches, but we did simmer the syrup to thicken more before serving and added a bit of ginger when simmering.



Stag Cookies (tortes 46)

46. Nimb ein Teig/ darau? du Turten machst/ treib jhn fein du:enn au?/ vnd schneidt ein Adler oder ein Hertz darau?/ bestreichs mit Rosenwasser/ vnd bestra:ew es mit gestossenen weissem Zucker/ scheubs in Ofen/ vnd backs/ vnnd bleib darbey/ bi? geba:eckt/ denn es verbrennt sich bald/ gibs kalt auff ein  Tisch/ etc.


46. Take a dough/ of a type you make Turten from/ roll it out nice and thin/ and cut an eagle or a heart out/ brush it with rosewater/ and sprinkle it with crushed white sugar/ push into the oven/ and bake it/ and stay with it/ till it is baked/ because it burns quickly/ give it cold to the table/ ze???


Cookies created by m?lady Ysentrude using: Flour, Salt, Butter, Water, Vanilla, Rosewater, Sugar

Additional cookies created by Mistress Kate


And finally, the THANK YOUS!

A Feast like this does not happen without the help of many wonderful

individuals, and I want to thank ALL of them. Please, PLEASE, forgive me if I forgot you, I appreciate all you did, even if your name fell out of my empty head.


First and foremost my thanks to Maelgwn III and Sabine, Their Heirs Bela and Anna, and all their honored guests for letting me provide the meal on this day of days.

THLady Kseniya (the soon to flege - WHOOT) for having faith in my abilities to cook a feast worthy of Their Majesties event.

Everyone who reserved and stayed for feast, I hope you walked away full and


I especially want to thank Mistress Katherine Linnet Holford for being willing to spend the day in the kitchen with me, giving advice and doing whatever needed done.

M'Lady Ysentrude, who made yummy Crown cookies from my vague recipe

Mistress Monica for being part of Team Potato Peel and helping manage 30 pounds of spuds.

Alset and Lady Cassandra who kept popping into the kitchen to wash dishes, or wipe counters, peel cukes, or do whatever needed done at that moment.

THLord Mordrake for slicing half a mountain of bread, and manhandling heavy

pots of hot potatoes.

THLord Forrester, Lord Lochlan, Lady Thalia, Lady Maire and Lord Brynki for

arranging to get the platters and other Baronial gear to me in the nick of time.

Lord Avram and the lady (Safiya?) who fetched ice so that cold water was

available in a suddenly hot hall.

Lady Tanwen and my two wonderful apprenti - Don Adam and Lady Ailea, for being my support system, letting me bounce ideas, and listening to me wail when things tried to go awry.

My mom, for your fridge and your company on another mega shopping expedition - I know you think Im nuts to do this for fun, but thanks for supporting me anyhow ;-)


And finally my own heartfelt thanks to TEAM SCOLA METALLORUM for stepping in anywhere help was needed:

Lord Buta, Lady Jervel, Dona Arcadia, Alset, Lord Johann (Wolfson) for

arranging things on platters, and then going into the hall as servers, and then coming back to bag leftovers AND then stepping in to be the Cleanup Crew for Lady Hannah, along with the assistance of Don Logan, Lord Thomas Adler and Baron Bjarki's Squire (whose name I dont know) till the kitchen was cleaner than we found it.


And I can not forget Don Tristan, your willingness to run out to rent a steam cleaner, and then stay till the bitter end trying to scrub ground in mud out of cream colored carpets is inspiring and humbling. I am honored to call you my Grandpa.




Humbly in Service

Catrin von Berlin called Gwen Cat


<the end>

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