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Dog-Ball-msg - 9/1/12


A sport played in standard SCA armor and polearms, originating in the Kingdom of Calontir, based on a game in the movie "Blood of Heroes". "A good cardio workout."


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From: "Terrell" <aesop_2000 at yahoo.com>

Date: August 10, 2009 2:53:44 PM CDT

To: trimaris-temp at yahoogroups.com

Subject: Re: [SPAM]  [tri-temp] dog ball



"Dogball" is a heavy weapons game based upon the movie "Blood of Heroes".

It is a team sport played with a "dog's skull" (usually foam and duct tape).


The object is to get the "skull" on the opposing team's "spike" (usually a bucket or a box...).


There are 5 players per team:

The Quick - the only person who can touch the "skull". He is armed with a single sword, no thrusting tip.

There is the Drive and the Back Drive, who can be armed with a variety of weapons, depending on which set of rules you're using. (This game 'originated' in several different kingdoms at once.) Most often you see them with Bastard Swords. They are, to borrow a football term, the linebackers.

Next we have the juggernaut of the team, The Slash - armed with a polearm.

Finally, there is the defensive player, The Chain, who protects the spike, and the Quick - usually florentine.


Once "killed", a player must "die", but can rise immediately - unless pinned by an opposing player, who simply holds a weapon upon his body. In such a case, the "dead" player must remain upon the ground, until released, or rescued by a team member. (As soon as the opposing player's weapon leaves your body, you can rise.)


If the Quick is killed, he must release the skull.


Points are scored by the Quick depositing the dogball in the opposing teams "spike".

There are a few more rules, but that is basically it...





From: Gleann Abhann (mail list) <gleannabhann at yahoogroups.com>

Subject: Re: Dog Ball [Blood of Heroes] - was "reigndeer games"

Posted by: "Sárán" wburell at yahoo.com saranmacimair

Date: Mon Dec 14, 2009 3:26 am ((PST))


In October, you can usually find Dog Ball being played in Calontir.  The sport was taken from the movie – The Blood of Heroes.  If you are looking for a cardio work out, this is the game for you.  It is played at the run stopping only long enough to set up after a score.


Two teams of 5 members play for a specified time period – usually no more than 5 minutes on a field no larger than a basketball court.  The team members are armed with a polearm, bastard sword, long sword, two short swords, or a dagger.  I have seen other weapons combinations, but I have never seen a game with a player carrying a shield.


The object of the game is to score as many times as possible during the time period by placing the dog’s skull (a rubber facsimile) on the opposing team’s spike (orange traffic cone).


Play begins (and is reset after a score) with dog’s skull being placed in the center of a marked circle of two feet in diameter at the center of the field.  The Quick (armed with a dagger) from the opposing teams will be standing outside of the circle ready to make a play on the skull or the other Quick. The other players will be standing on the end lines near their team's stake.  Neither side is allowed to move until a Quick reaches or crosses into the circle.


The Quick is the only player on each of the teams allowed to pick up and carry the skull.  Others can knock the skull along the ground, but they are otherwise unable to handle the skull or score.


Once an attempt is made on the skull, the rest of the players run down field to support their Quick while raining mayhem and destruction upon the other team.


Blows are acknowledged the same as any heavy combat with the exception of a kill.  If a player is killed, he must fall flat on the ground on his back and count to 5 before "rising" to play.  An opposing team member can stop a dead player from “rising” by placing the point of their weapon on the dead player. 

This pins the dead player to the ground. The dead player is allowed to rise if the pinning player fails to maintain weapon’s contact on the body of the dead player.


If a player has an arm taken, they may remain standing and play without the use of their arm.


A “legged” player must drop to the ground on both knees.  They are allowed to crawl along on their knees.


In both cases, the damaged player will not recover the use of the disabled limb until such time as they are “killed” by an opposing player or one of their team mates.


Needless to say that it is a fast-paced game where you can get more bruises than any fighter practice that you have ever attended. 


This is the variation that I know.  I am sure there are other variations if anyone would care to share how they played the game.





From: Gleann Abhann (mail list) <gleannabhann at yahoogroups.com>

Subject: Dog Ball

Posted by: "Barbara Sterling" barbara at unclejohns.com bbaroness

Date: Mon Dec 14, 2009 7:44 am ((PST))


I could not have explained the game in such detail but there are photos from Axemoor Investiture 4/4/09 and Christmas Revel (at the Abby) of December 2003 that include dog ball games.





Baroness Barbara Sterling

Gleann Abhann Historian



From: Gleann Abhann (mail list) <gleannabhann at yahoogroups.com>

Subject: 5th Year Dogball & Fighting Info

Posted by: "Steve Canfield" scanfield at cobilan.msstate.edu

Date: Tue Jul 13, 2010 11:09 am ((PDT))


I have pleasure or organizing the dogball at 5th year, and I wanted to let folks know what the weapons restrictions were, so that they can plan accordingly.  


Teams will be made of 5 people, armed as follows:


1 24" single handed weapon, one full gauntlet

2 48" or shorter two handed weapons (bastard swords, axes, maces, whatever)

1 Florentine, sword length 36" maximum on each sword

1 Pole/Greatsword, 6' Maximum Length


I will have sets of the 24" swords, and 48" maces/axes, though everyone is welcome to bring their own.  I figure 6' two-handers, and 36" florentine swords ought to be easy enough to come by for the teams.  We will, in all likelihood, be doing a bear-pit style tournament of dogball.  After each point, the winner stays in the ring, and the losing team gets back 'in line'.  


Team Tabbards are welcome!


There will be open pickup fighting all day as well, for those of you to dainty too chase a rubber skull around.   


I am also looking for volunteers to bring skulls to use as 'the ball' for the tournament, if any artistic types get the urge, let me know.  A carved nerf-football sized object that is soft enough to land on without breaking a rib would work best.  :)  Heck there might be a prize!


Any questions can be directed at me,




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