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redactn-class-msg - 5/24/00

Teaching how to "redact" period recipes.

NOTE: See also the files: redacting-msg, teaching-msg, food-seasons-msg,
Humorl-theory-msg, languages-msg.


This file is a collection of various messages having a common theme that
I have collected from my reading of the various computer networks. Some
messages date back to 1989, some may be as recent as yesterday.

This file is part of a collection of files called Stefan's Florilegium.
These files are available on the Internet at: http://www.florilegium.org

I have done a limited amount of editing. Messages having to do with
seperate topics were sometimes split into different files and sometimes
extraneous information was removed. For instance, the message IDs were
removed to save space and remove clutter.

The comments made in these messages are not necessarily my viewpoints. I
make no claims as to the accuracy of the information given by the
individual authors.

Please respect the time and efforts of those who have written these
messages. The copyright status of these messages is unclear at this
time. If information is published from these messages, please give
credit to the orignator(s).

Thank you,
Mark S. Harris AKA: Lord Stefan li Rous
RSVE60@email.sps.mot.com stefan@florilegium.org

Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2000 23:59:53 -0500
From: david friedman <ddfr@best.com>
Subject: Re: SC - Learning to Redact Recipes (Was Re: How do I get Started?)

At 9:50 AM -0400 4/5/00, Cobb, Toby wrote:
>Hey, Cooks! How do y'all run your redaction groups?

We announce a cooking workshop for a Saturday and ask everyone who is
coming to let us know a day or so in advance. The day before, we
select a number of period recipes from primary sources about equal to
the number of people who will be there. Some of them are period
recipes we have never done, some are period recipes that were tried
one or more times at previous workshops but not gotten to a
satisfactory version. We do the shopping. New recipes are entered
into the word processor (in the original form, but in English
translation if the original is in another language).

People start arriving about 1 P.M. Saturday. As each person arrives,
he is handed the stack of printed out recipes and asked to pick one.
Each person cooks one dish. We are available to make suggestions,
point to where the bowls are, etc. When each dish comes off the stove
or out of the oven, everyone not too busy samples it. We record
people's opinions on the recipe (in the computer) for the next try.

People are instructed to keep careful records of everything they
do--quantities, temperature, and time--so that we can reproduce the

We try to follow a policy of making sure that anyone who has never
done this before gets a recipe that has not been tried before, since
part of the objective is to show people that it really is possible to
work from a period recipe.

The workshop generally breaks up around six or seven. We've never
yet had to send out for Pizza.


Date: Sun, 09 Apr 2000 12:22:20 CEST
From: "Christina van Tets" <cjvt@hotmail.com>
Subject: SC - encouraging newbies

Katerine wrote
> >Hey, Cooks! How do y'all run your redaction groups?
>Sounds like a good idea. We tried to put one together a couple of years
>back for the College, and that flopped in it's face. Not enough enthusiasm
>from the crowds, who likes the sound of a feed, but not the cooking it.
>How does one get over that hurdle and encourage interest in cooking? Any

And my thoughts on the matter are: no problem! Make it sound like a game!
We had 20 mundane people over the other night, who go to 'cooking classes'
(read: they turn up and watch) regularly here on the research station.
They made and tended the fire, they baked bread over it, they made pasta
from scratch, they didn't use a single modern recipe - or the stove. I
translated some of the recipes into modern words, but not all, and they
handled them beautifully. And some of the people have come up to me
afterwards and said (a) how much fun they thought it was and (b) that they've
actually tried the recipes at home as well. Can you tell I'm bragging yet?


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