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tent-interior-msg - 2/5/97


Storage and decorating inside pavilions.


NOTE: See also the files: pavilions-msg, p-tents-art, tent-floors-msg, tent-alt-msg, tents-weather-msg, tent-setup-msg, tent-care-msg.





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From: <jehanne at esper.com>

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Period Tents

Date: 26 Aug 1996 05:12:53 GMT

Organization: Esper Systems


As for shelving in a pavilion: you might consider a

set of straps which have wide loops sewn into them and

a grommeted hole in the top.  The grommet goes over

your pavilion pole (which then goes through the tent

grommet), and boards slide into the loops & brace

against the poles. This arrangement has the advantage

of folding down small for transport.


In service,

Jehanne du May



From: zarquon at platinum.nb.net (Michael Greenstein)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Period Tents

Date: 26 Aug 1996 22:57:16 GMT

Organization: National Business Network Inc


Bridget O'Donnell suggests:


: I would recommend a set of plastic collapsable shelves.  They are not period,

: true, but are strong and waterproof, and not too expensive either.  


Aye, Lady, but beware.  I brought such a set, and congratulated myself

for my cleverness.  Then, in the storm on Thursday night (the second

Thursday storm, that is), a tent pole vibrating in the high winds

smacked into my shelves, sending the whole thing tumbling over and

covering things with the tomato sauce from the glass jars on the

second-highest shelf!


And yes, I've learned some lessons out of this...  8-)


                               - Michael



From: jeffebear1 at aol.com (JeffEBear1)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Period Tents

Date: 8 Sep 1996 15:28:25 -0400


In article <4vp8e4$bs9 at crow.cybercomm.net>, rhiannon at cybercomm.net (Pam

Herbert) writes:


>>some of the clutter...think we might use those storage cubes you put together

>>yourself. not period, but easily packable and a feasible solution to having

>>*stuff* all over the tent!


I have used the plastic folding portable clotheslines that I have got at

walmart for lots of things including food. they fold out in a circle

similiat to a upside down unbrella with clothespins on all the "spokes". I

hook it to the edge or ceter pole and have lots of hanging room. I also

found a chain with clips in the childrens section (for stuffed animals?)

that I hang from one side to the other and clip stuff to.


Hope this helps!




Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: tents at Pennsic or other events

From: Holly_Sullivan at elric.maximumaccess.com (Holly Sullivan)

Date: Thu, 9 Jan 97 11:38:54 PDT

Organization: The Techno-Mages' Guild * DLG Pro HQ


> From: bronwynmgn at aol.com

> For one thing, as someone else noted, there is no such

> thing as privacy at Pennsic.  Tent walls block no sound at all, tents

> shimmy nicely with certain movements, and there are few places at


> where you can not expect to be backlighted at least once a night by

> campfires, lanterns or car headlights.  


(puzzled look)  My tent (both my first 8x10 and the 12x16 monster tent I

currently use)  never (ahem) shimmied while they were being used in the

pursuit of recreational activities.  (and believe me, I can get pretty

recreational.(G) I solved the backlighting problem long ago by hanging

drapes inside my tent on all four walls. They're made from cheaply

purchased Burlington drapery fabric remnants, with a white vinyl lining.

Car headlights can hit 'em, you won't see anything.  And they really make

the inside of the tent look more like a pavilion.  


:)---Holly---<--<- at    *  San Diego, CA  *  




Date: Sun, 13 Jul 1997 00:53:28 -0500

To: bryn-gwlad at Ansteorra.ORG

From: caladin at mail.io.com (eric)

Subject: Re: Hello, want to fight he


Jason & Hilary Brashear said:


>Me and My wife Hilary Would Just like to say Hi!!

>We where planing on joning the SCA here in Bryn Gwlad.

>Well Glad to see that it is still here.

>Is there a group here that works on crafts?

>We are getting a Round End Marquee Tent

>this September and my wife wants to work on

>dressing the inside up but doesnŐt know where to start.


I find that getting my stuff in to period looking containers in my pavillion

is one of the better uses of my time ....


I've made some stupid simple 18"*18"*2' pine boxes stained with brass

harware which are simple, stackable, easy to load and export and are cheap to

make. There are even simpler/cheaper boxes, but I like the brass and all that

good stuff....


I've really cheated alot to make these easily... so ask me to show you and

rip my ideas off..


my next project is going to be a wooden folding table, you can pick my

braind about that if you wish too...




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