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Roman-Wales-bib - 7/23/99


A bibliography by Tangwystyl on Roman Britain and in particular Roman Wales.


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From: hrjones at socrates.berkeley.edu ()

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Biblio on Roman Wales

Date: 28 Jun 1999 00:23:26 GMT

Organization: University of California, Berkeley


A couple days ago I promised to post something fuller in response to the

request for resources on 4th c. Wales. Here is, as Nennius said, "a heap

of all I found" -- that is, a fairly raw dump of my own bibliography on

Roman Britain and particularly Roman Wales. I've sorted things out by

general topic and type of book, but haven't really commented on them. Some

of these may be easy to find, others may be fairly difficult, and there

may be excellent books that I haven't included here. This is simply a

listing of what I, personally, own (or in the case of journal articles,

have photocopies of).





General History (and Archaeology)

Fairly Dense Textbook-type Sources

Blair, Peter Hunter. "Roman Britain and Early England." New

York: W. W. Norton & Company, 1963. ISBN: 0-393-00361-2

Collingwood, R. G. & Myre. "Oxford Hist. Eng. 1: Roman

Britain and the English Settlements." London: Oxford University

Press, 1968. ISBN: 19-821703-X

Haverfield, F. "Romanization of Roman Britain." Westport:

Greenwood Press, 1979. ISBN: 0-313-21148-5

Wacher, John. "Roman Britain." London: J.M. Dent & Sons

Ltd., 1980. ISBN: 0-460-02212-1

Wheeler, R.E.M. "Prehistoric & Roman Wales." Oxford:

Clarendon Press, 1925. ISBN:

Somewhat Less Dense "Popularized"-type Sources

Johnson, Stephen. "Britain Before the Conquest: Later Roman

Britain." New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1990. ISBN:


Priestley, H. E. "Britain Under the Romans." New York:

Frederick Warne & Co. Inc, 1967. ISBN:

Wacher, John. "Britain Before the Conquest: The Coming of

Rome." London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1979. ISBN: 0-7100-0312-9

"Coffee-table" Type Works

Clayton, Peter. "Companion to Roman Britain." Yugoslavia:

Dorset Press, 1985. ISBN: 0-088029-051-X

Jones, Barri & Mattingly,. "Atlas of Roman Britain."

Cambridge: Blackwell Reference, 1993. ISBN: 0-631-48786-3

Museum-Pamphlet Type Works

Hughes, Mike & Forrest, M. "Romans Discover Britain."

Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press, 1988. ISBN: 0 521 2817 9

Potter, T.W. "Roman Britain." London: British Museum

Publications, 1990. ISBN: 0-7141-2023-5

More Specific or Focussed Works

Tribes (the "Peoples of Roman Britain" series)

Branigan, Keith. "Peoples of Roman Britain: The

Catuvellauni." Gloucester: Alan Sutton, 1985. ISBN: 0 86299 255 9

Cunliffe, Barry. "Peoples of Roman Britain: The Regni."

London: Gerald Duckworth & Co Ltd, 1973. ISBN: 0 7156 0669 7

Detsicas, Alec. "Peoples of Roman Britain: The Cantiaci."

Gloucester: Alan Sutton, 1987. ISBN: 0 86299 177 X

Dunnett, Rosalind. "Peoples of Roman Britain: The

Trinovantes." London: Gerald Duckworth & Co Ltd, 1975. ISBN: 7156

0842 8

Higham, Nicholas & Jones,. "Peoples of Roman Britain: The

Carvetii." Gloucester: Alan Sutton, 1985. ISBN: 0-86299-164-1

Ramm, Herman. "Peoples of Roman Britain: The Parisi."

London: Duckworth, 1978. ISBN: 0-7156-1167-4

Todd, Malcolm. "Peoples of Roman Britain: The Coritani."

London: Duckworth, 1973. ISBN: 0-7156-0698-0

Webster, Graham. "Peoples of Roman Britain: The Cornovii."

London: Gerald Duckworth and Co., 1975. ISBN: 7156-0833-9


Wacher, John. "Towns of Roman Britain, The." London: B.T.

Batsford Ltd., 1992. ISBN: 0-7134-2790-6

Rivet, A.L.F. "Town and Country in Roman Britain." London:

Hutchinson Univ Library, 1966. ISBN:

Burnham, Barry C. & Wache. "Small Towns of Roman Britain,

The." Berkeley: Univ. of California Press, 1990. ISBN:


Rivet, A.L.F. "Roman Villa in Britain, The." London:

Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1969. ISBN: 7100-1657-3

Primary Sources (in translation)

Ireland, S. "Roman Britain: A Sourcebook." London: Croom

Helm, 1986. ISBN: 0-7099-1315-X

Burn, A. R. "Romans in Britain, The - An Anthology of

Inscriptions." Columbia SC: Univ. of S. Carolina Pres, 1969. ISBN:


Bowman, Alan K. "Life and Letters on the Roman Frontier."

New York: Routledge, 1994. ISBN: 0-415-92025-6

Children's "Everyday Life" Books (actually quite reasonable

for our purposes)

Birley, Anthony. "Life in Roman Britain." New York: G.P.

Putnam's Sons, 1964. ISBN: none

Quennell, Marjorie & C.H. "Everyday Life in Roman and

Anglo-Saxon Times." New York: Dorset Press, 1987. ISBN:


Works Primarily on Artifacts

Hartley, Elizabeth. "Roman Life at the Yorkshire Museum."

York: The Yorkshire Museum, 1985. ISBN: 0 905807 02 2

Johns, Catherine. "Jewellery of Roman Britain, The." Ann

Arbor: Univ of Michigan Press, 1996. ISBN: 0-472-10766-6

British Museum. "Antiquities of Roman Britain." London:

Trustees of the Brit. Mus, 1971. ISBN: 7141 1307 7

[see also several publications in the "Shire Archaeology"

series, specifically "Pottery in Roman Britain", "Roman Crafts

and Industries"]


Rivet, A.L.F. & Smith, Co. "Place-Names of Roman Britain,

The." Princeton: Princeton Univ Press, 1979. ISBN: 0-691-03953-4

Simpson, Grace. "Britons and the Roman Army." London: Gregg

Press, Ltd., 1964. ISBN:


Journal Articles (mostly archaeological excavation reports)

Ling, Roger & Ling, Lesley A. "Excavations at Loughor, Glamorgan

... Roman Fort." 1973. Archaeologia Cambrensis 122:99-146

White, Richard B. "Excavations in Caernarfon 1976-77." 1985.

Archaeologia Cambrensis 134:87-99

Branigan, K. & Dearne & Rutter. "Romano-British Occupation of

Minchin Hole Cave, Go." 1994. Archaeologia Cambrensis 142:?-?

(pg. no. cut-off copy)

?author. "Circular habitations in Holyhead Island (excerpt)."

1868. Archaeologia Cambrensis 14:419-421

?author. "Urivonium (artifacts) ." 1860. Archaeologia Cambrensis


Breese, Charles E. "Roman Buildings at Glasfryn, Tremadoc,

Carns." 1908. Archaeologia Cambrensis 8

Lethbridge, T.C. "Shell Mounds and Winkle Pins." 1928.

Archaeologia Cambrensis 83:175-181

Breese, Charles E. & Anwyl, Ed. "Roman Building at Glasfryn,

Tremadoc, Carns." 1909. Archaeologia Cambrensis 9

Nash-Williams, V.E. "Roman Villa at Llanfrynach, Brecknockshire."

1950. Bulletin of the Board of Celtic Studies 13:105-108



Heather Rose Jones         hrjones at socrates.berkeley.edu



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