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Denmark-msg - 4/26/11


History and culture of Denmark.


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Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2005 04:03:03 -0500

From: rmhowe <mmagnusm at bellsouth.net>

Subject: Re: [SCA-AS] talking about Laurels

To: Arts and Sciences in the SCA <artssciences at lists.gallowglass.org>


One observation on this list about two Viking Age books published

in Denmark led me to a several year search that finally got me

a set of fifteen books on the entire history of Denmark through

the medieval period beginning with the stone age.

The reference wasn't complete enough to make it easy to find but

a kind Danish book dealer told me much of what I needed to know

about the series that was published by two publishing houses

in turn.  The set is Danmarks Historie.  There is a smaller

book that combines the three medieval books in the set put out

by one of the main people at the Museum of Denmark. But it lacks

a lot of the photos and what it has is downsized.


SESAMS DANMARKS HISTORIE [Sesams is the publisher]

Jensen, Jørgen: Bronzealderen 1-2: Illustr. 1979. Orig. shirt. 120 +

119 s. Hvass, Lone: Jernalderen 1-2(Iron Age);


This is the other publisher:

(LADEMANNS) DANMARKSHISTORIE. Bd. 1-9. (Stenalderen 1-3, Bronzealderen

1-2, Jernalderen 1-2, Vikingetiden 1-2). Illustr. af Flemming Bau.

1982-83.1979-83. Orig. shirt. med smudsomslag.


Greg Lindahl wrote:


> "The Danish book with illustrations giving constructional details on

> Viking age woodwork: Series title: Danmarkshistorien, Volume title:

> Vikingetiden,  Author: Frank Birkebaek ISBN 87-7324-485-6 (for one

> volume), ISBN 87-7324-638.7 (for the whole series) publishers:

> Forlagt Sesam a/s, Kobenhavn 1982. This is part of a series on

> Denmark's history, there are two volumes on the viking age. The one

> above is the one with cooking items such as kneading troughs,

> buckets, bowls etc. and textile implements such as looms, skein

> winders etc. The other one of the pair is the one with furniture, and

> boxes, but I left that at home, so I can't give you the details right

> now, but if you can get at an inter-library loan database, you

> should be able to find them both with that amount of information.

> Dont be put off by the fact that the books are in Danish, the line

> drawings are very clear without the text."


And they certainly are.

They include many manufacturing techniques in a general

but inclusive set of line drawings. These would not answer

the technical details but are understandable.


The above was what set me on that little quest.

The below are the various mini-series in this set.

This is not the separate titles and authors but then

one usually finds them under the publishers' names and the

series or mini-series titles. I expect they are in every

school and public library in Denmark as they form a

continuous general history written by archaeologists

and historians.

Stenalderen 1-3 / Stone Age Volumes 1-3.

Bronzealderen 1-2 / Bronze Age Volumes 1 + 2

Jernalderen 1-2 / Iron Age Volumes 1 + 2.

Vikingetiden 1-2 / Viking Age Volumes 1 + 2

Middelalderen 1-2-3 / Medieval Age Volumes 1 + 2 + 3.

{Also combined into a small book)

I got the smaller book before I finally completed the whole set.


DANMARKSHISTORIEN; Printed by Sesam: Liebgott, Niels-knud:

   Middelalderen 1, Land og by;  © by Forlaget Sesam

a/s, Kobenhavn. Norhavn Bogtrykkeri a/s, Vibor, 1984, Hardback,

128 pages with illustrations and photographs in black and white

and color. ISBN 87-73248703.

Illustreret af Flemming Bau og Beth Beyerholm;  Liebgott has

been a Museum Inspector for the National Museet since 1970

(born in 1942.)


There are actually three medieval books. Niels-Knud Liebgott is the

editor. I don't have all of them by their individual titles and

authors on my machine yet. You generally look for them in searches

including the publishers' names. I have not had time to break

down this set of 15 + 1 book into listed authors, titles and

illustrations/subjects covered as I would like to. All together

they are about 14 or 15 inches thick in total.

The only worse set to pick apart would be either the whole

York series small finds or Object and Economy in Winchester,

volumes I and II which are huge.


There are a number more books written by Liebgott, generally

published by the museum. I should say they aren't big but cover

a number of smaller subjects such as weapons. The ones I have

generally aren't worth recommending. There are usually better

books in English on similar items.




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