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leather-bib - 11/1/94


Bibliography on leather and leather goods by Kendra of Holly Oak.


NOTE: See also the files: leather2-bib, leather-msg, leather-dyeing-msg, lea-tanning-msg, lea-bladders-msg, lea-tooling-msg.





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From: Sue=Hallock%Doc%Banyan at hippo.b (10/31/94)

To: markh at sphinx

RE>CRAFTS: Leather Sources?


I have attached a copy of the bibliography as an ASCII file.  If you know

of any resources that are not on this list, please let me know.  I would

like to compile a complete as possible bibliography on leather.  Thanks!


-- Kendra of Holly Oak, East Kingdom





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Note:     The best sites for finding intact leatherwork are

     waterlogged or waterfront sites.  The site reports for these

     types of sites usually contain the word "waterfront" or

     "lowland".  Example:  "Excavations on the Thames waterfront

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Note:     Special thanks to Master Balderic of Ealdormere for

     many of the references in this section.


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Note:     There are many more books on bookbinding -- when I did

     this research I was focusing on tooled leather.


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A Monograph on Tanning and Working in Leather.


Boots and Shoes of our Ancestors.


Dyeing of Leather.


Restoration of Leather Bindings.


Skin and Leather in Judaism (Mishnaic-Talmudic and Medieval ages

     1-XV centuries).


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