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armorers-lst - 4/19/10


List of and reviews of SCA armorers.


NOTE: See also these files: armor-chklst-msg, armor-msg, armor-plastic-msg, armor-leather-msg, f-fighters-msg, chainmail-msg, gauntlets-msg.





This file is a collection of various messages having a common theme that I have collected from my reading of the various computer networks. Some messages date back to 1989, some may be as recent as yesterday.


This file is part of a collection of files called Stefan's Florilegium. These files are available on the Internet at: http://www.florilegium.org


I have done a limited amount of editing. Messages having to do with separate topics were sometimes split into different files and sometimes extraneous information was removed. For instance, the message IDs were removed to save space and remove clutter.


The comments made in these messages are not necessarily my viewpoints. I make no claims as to the accuracy of the information given by the individual authors.


Please respect the time and efforts of those who have written these messages. The copyright status of these messages is unclear at this time. If information is published from these messages, please give credit to the originator(s).


Thank you,

    Mark S. Harris                  AKA:  THLord Stefan li Rous

                                          Stefan at florilegium.org



From: dgeiken at uiuc.edu (Deane Geiken)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: NorthStar Armory

Date: Wed, 29 Jun 1994 01:33:29 GMT

Organization: WILL AM/FM/TV, PBS, University of Illinois


Some good gentles recently requested the location of North Star Armory.  

They were right, he did live in Santa Rosa CA, but now live in VA.  I spoke

with him about some Leg armor and he said to go ahead and post his Address. (

very friendly person to talk to I might add)

Here it is:  North Star Armory

               6723 Kenyon Dr.

               Alexandria VA.



Hans Von Drache


Deane Geiken                                    Phone:    (217) 333-0850

Master Control Operator                         FAX:      (217) 333-7151

WILL AM/FM Radio                                Internet: dgeiken at uiuc.edu

University of Illinois



From: roman321 at aol.com (Roman321)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Contact for Black Sword Armorys

Date: 23 Sep 1994 09:21:02 -0400

Organization: America Online, Inc. (1-800-827-6364)


lordstyx at aol.com (Lord Styx) asks for a contact at Blacksword Armories


The armorer's name is Joe Latta (Earl Sir Seosaidgh), who was my knight.

He lives in Gainesville, Florida.


His phone # is 904-495-9967 (I think). Tell him Count Arlof sent you.



From: sandradodd at aol.com (SandraDodd)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Contact # for Johan Blau (Armorer in New Mexico)

Date: 14 Nov 1994 01:20:25 -0500

Organization: America Online, Inc. (1-800-827-6364)


In article <3a3kq4$6m3 at nntp1.u.washington.edu>, cwilkey at u.washington.edu

(Cliff T. Wilkey) writes: <<Subject: Contact # for Johan Blau (Armorer in

New Mexico)

Greetings. I am looking for the phone number for getting a new catalog

from Johan Blau.>>


John McHarney, 505-632-2854



From: Kelly.Coco at mvs.udel.EDU

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Johan Blau Armoury

Date: 14 Nov 1994 13:07:48 -0500

Organization: The Internet


   Steiner sends greetings unto the Rialto!


   The wondrous and and reputable Johan blau can be reached at the following

   number.... 1-800-753-2961. Being the proud owner of much Johan Blau armour

   I can only encourage more to buy his work. I have a set of guantlets he


   AND delivered _on time_ that have been around now for 8 years of fighting

   and were only *fine-tuned* once in the time period! They s STILL work as if

   they were just made. BTW, Johan has been talking about taking time off soon

   so NOW is the time to get him to do your work..... No, I don't work for

   Johan, but I do occaisionally hawk his wares at his Pennsic booth! He IS a

   great friend too.....






From: hwt at bnr.ca (Henry Troup)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Master Neut Nine Fingers (mail maker)

Date: 14 Nov 1994 03:49:14 GMT

Organization: Bell-Northern Research Ltd., Ottawa, Canada


In article <krekuta.28.2EC65684 at tor.hookup.net>,

Kel Rekuta <krekuta at tor.hookup.net> wrote:

>above named artisan. I met him a looong time ago while hanging

>around with Duke Dagan. Does anyone have a contact?


I suspect that this is Master Knut, maker of rivetted (and probably

welded, too) mail.  aka Master Knut Osterstorm?


Henry Troup - hwt at bnr.ca (Canada) - BNR owns but does not share my opinions



Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

From: v081lu33 at ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu (TRISTAN CLAIR DE LUNE/KEN MONDSCHEIN)

Subject: Re: Early Period Gauntlets

Organization: University at Buffalo

Date: Tue, 15 Nov 1994 23:56:42 GMT



      I played lacrosse for 3 years in high school (defense-- kinda like a

polearm :) ) and I thought the same way when I started heavy combat: "Gee!

Sticks hitting hands! Like lacrosse! I'll use my old gloves!"

      I was WRONG! They have utterly insufficient padding in the fingers (

esp. the tips) and are a great way to get hurt. Use the heavy hockey gloves,

preferably with a basket hilt! Please! I've had too many almost-broken


      BTW, I find Blacksword Armory gauntlets to be far *better* than hockey

gloves in terms of flexibility and protection. Mandrake/Blau patterns are

also very good for protecting, but have worse mobility unless they have a

n hourglass wrist. On the other hand, I highly recommend Mandrake or Blau

body armor...


                  --Tristan Clair de Lune



From: greg at bronze.lcs.mit.edu (Greg Rose)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Duke Inman's Armoury

Date: 8 Dec 1994 03:59:56 -0500

Organization: Guest of MIT AI and LCS labs


Baron Achbar writes:

>How do I write to Duke Inman's Armoury. What is his address please?


Inman's armoury is called the Highland Anvil.


Inman's address is:

      Chuck Moore

      907 Aleta St.

      Arlington, TX 76010





From: kenriggs at aol.com (KenRiggs)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Illusion Armory

Date: 10 Dec 1994 07:05:01 -0500

Organization: America Online, Inc. (1-800-827-6364)


In article <3c7b8o$i4k at www.dex.com>, lowells at dex.com (Lowell R. Snyder,

Jr.) writes:


Illusion Armoring is not in Calafia.  It is in Atenveldt.  Their address



        Illusion Armoring

        21629 N. 9th Avenue Suite #9

        Phoenix, AZ  85027

        (602)582-1355 or 1-800-760-1355


I've done a lot of business with them from here in Caid (Darach) and their

work is good and their prices reasonable.


         Old Cerdic "I'm Innocent" WhiteWynde



From: kolton at arizona.edU (Jason Kolton)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Was: WTB Armor

Date: 2 Jul 1995 11:46:10 GMT

Organization: The University of Arizona


I have been using Illusion Armoring in Phx. Az now for quite some time.  

They sell a beautiful pair of mitten gauntlets for about 85$ to around

110 for Stainless and Aluminum.  The gauntlets they sell are probably the

best I have ever had the good fortune to use.   Blasted things took a

great sword shot and held up great.

                              Jason Thorne (Kolton)



From: ldhaldan at aol.com (Ld HALDAN)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Was: WTB Armor

Date: 2 Jul 1995 10:57:45 -0400

Organization: America Online, Inc. (1-800-827-6364)


Agreed! I also have a set of Illusion's steel mitten guantlets.  The best

I've ever worn and I've been fighting nigh on 12 years......




Lord Haldan Shieldwrecker|Barony of Osprey, Kingdom of Meridies|

Per pale sable and or a lion rampant counterchanged within a bordure

embattled checky gules and argent**



From: v081lu33 at ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu (TRISTAN CLAIR DE LUNE/KEN MONDSCHEIN)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Gauntlets

Date: 20 Jul 1995 03:48:33 GMT

Organization: University at Buffalo



      The Absolute Best Gauntlets I Have Ever Seen:


            Roberto de Milano ("Mack") from Myrkfaellin (not SCA, exactly,

but he likes us, I think).


      Top-of-the-line sporting gauntlets:


      Blacksword Armory (Sir Shosaigh, Trimaris).


      Cheap but functional:


      Mandrake Armory/Johann Blau


      I wouldn't get: Anshelm. Test gauntlets by gripping a piece of rattan

and squeezing. If you feel pressure, they're bad. (Squeeze the gauntleted

hand, not the rattan!)





From: Garick Chamberlin <Garick at vonkopke.demon.co.uk>

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: God like gauntlets....

Date: Thu, 20 Jul 95 17:17:35 GMT

Organization: Drachenwald


In article <AS4932.95Jul18232717 at eve.albany.edu>

          as4932 at csc.albany.edu "Ready Willing and Abel" writes:


> Can anybody recomend a good set of gauntlets from a merchant who will

> be at Pennsic. Preferably in Stainless. I'm not one for authenticity

> but more for functionality and non-hand-damage.


> A price list would also be appriciated...


Someone of the "Valerius School" (Master Valerius, one of his ex-students,

one of their ex-students or current students, etc.) of armorers would (IMO)

be your best bet. They do *very* good work and there are enough of them that

one or more will most likely be at Pennsic. Brion Thornbird of Thornbird Arms

has been known to merchant at Pennsic, for example. Ask around.


As for prices, those vary greatly. I paid something like $175 for my gauntlets.

Gauntlets are very expensive, due to the detail work of great complexity

required for them. Good gauntlets are worth the additional expense. Look for

light, tight, and ability to use your hand normally (grip, etc.) while wearing

them. Good luck.


Viscount Sir Garick von Kopke

Honor Virtus Est



From: stddly at tiny_tim.shsu.edu

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca


Date: 28 Jul 1995 07:07:51 GMT

Organization: Sam Houston State University


vezeau at ctron.com (Michael E. Vezeau) wrote:


>Does anyone happen to know the phone numbers to the following?

>1) Blacksword Armory

>2) North Star Armory

>   6723 Kenyon Dr.

>   Alexandria VA.

>   22307

>3) Highland Anvil

>   Chuck MooreMike

>   907 Aleta St.

>   Arlington, TX 76010

>Also, if anyone knows of other amouries and/or distributers/manufacturers

>of medieval arms/armour (or related items), please email me their address

>and phone number.  

>Thanks in advance.

>vezeau at ctron.com


Highland Anvil owned by Chuck Moore and Athena has moved. Their phone

number is (817) 274-4211. They are still in Arlington. If the phone

number is not correct (it's from my lord's memory) it is under Chuck's

name in the Phone Directory.


There is also Get them on the Field out of the Outlands and


Red Dragon Armoury


Austin, Tx.

His lady's E-mail address is n.b-reid at Mail.UTEXAS.edu


Happy Hunting


Lorraine DeerSlayer



From: PTM2792 at UTARLG.UTA.EDU (Paul T Mitchell)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Seeking North Star Armoury/Max Engel, etc.

Date: 9 Aug 1995 22:12:20 GMT

Organization: University of Texas Arlington


I am still fighting in a helm made by Max Engel (Master Peter of the

Golden Isles) in 1986.  Still legal, still no complaints.


- Galen of Bristol

ptm2792 at utarlg.uta.edu

(don't know if Max's work is in question, but it shouldn't be!)



From: ThReV at msn.com (William Herrera)

Subject: RE:Johan Blau Armourer (was exit)

Date: 23 Aug 95 04:26:10 -0700

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Organization: The Microsoft Network (MSN)


> Does anyone out there have the current address of

>Johann Blau and company?

>I would appreciate very much this information.

>My thanks,

>Thomas of Aylesbury

>Barony of Grey Niche



Milord, the address of which you which you inquire:

Johan Blau Armourer

PO Box 6422

Navajo Dam,NM 87419



This was taken from his catalogue wich I procured at this year's

Estrella War. Might I recommend his "Encased in steel thumb"

gauntlets. While all of his wares were of superlative quality and

good price, the gauntlets "really" caught my Eye.(This from a

Great-Swordsman with a need to buy new gauntlets-probably Johan's)



William de Cordoba

Shire of South Keep



From: kolton at arizona.edU (Jason Kolton)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Armor Info

Date: 14 Sep 1995 20:20:27 GMT

Organization: The University of Arizona


I have gotton some armour from Illusion Armouring in Phx.  If it is the

same one that you ordered from, Scott does indeed take about 6 weeks to

deliver. As to the quality of his armour I have been fighting almost 2

1/2 years in the stuff I bought from him back in 93 (a helm, neck, legs,

vambrace) and aside from the occasional rivit going I have had no

problems with the quality of his work.  The helm I have has dents to be

sure but after 4 wars and 1 to 2 pracs a week it will.  Also the fact

that Scott is a little backed up is actually a testament to his work as

apparently he is getting enough orders to be backed up.  To be safe

though I recommend getting your order in about 8 weeks before you really

need it.


                                          Jason Thorne

                                          Kingdom of Atenveldt

                                          Barony of Tir Ysgithr



From: erichvs at ix.netcom.com (William Burns )

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Illusion Armoring

Date: 26 Sep 1995 23:24:50 GMT

Organization: Netcom


In <448361$deo at ucsbuxb.ucsb.edu> William Starmer <william> writes:

>Does anyone have the address and telephone number for Illusion Armory? I think

>they are in Arizona.

>Bilgai of Anglesea


The address is: 21629 N. 9th Ave, Suite #9, Phoenix, AZ, 85027


The phone is: 602-582-1355 or 800-760-1355


Hope you find what you need.

           In Service,

               Beatrix von Dunsel Turm

                   (S. Ferguson)


From: mcewansown at aol.com (McEwansOwn)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca


Date: 10 Oct 1995 05:15:44 -0400

Organization: America Online, Inc. (1-800-827-6364)


Could anyone please tell me the address of wolfshead armoury?

Do you know if Chico and Lupus are still in buisness in Fla. ?

I would appreciate a buisness phone number if it can be given.


LD ANGUS MACDOOGLE                                      


(rapid city, SD.)



Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

From: John Gahrmann <jrg2250 at dukepower.com>


Organization: Zippo

Date: Wed, 11 Oct 1995 16:24:49 GMT


As one of Lupus and Chico's Squire brothers. Last I heard Chico was in

Atlanta Ga. and Lupus had shut down. He still does armoring for fun and

friends, but not commercially.



From: smithda at interserv.com

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: ISO Red Falcon Armory

Date: 23 Nov 1995 01:52:06 GMT

Organization: InterServ News Service


>   wpeloqui at medar.com (Willie Peloquin) writes:


>      I am looking for the phone number for the Red Falcon

> Armory.


From a recent copy of their catalog:


Red Falcon Armouries

7798 HWY. 88E

Keysville, Ga 30816

Call 1:00 PM - 10:00 PM EST

Phone: (706) 547-0178


Reinhard von Stettin



From: ccjoe at gold.missouri.edu (Joseph Heck)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Armory Catalog On Line!

Date: 28 Nov 1995 02:52:21 GMT

Organization: University of Missouri - Columbia


Mandrake Armory is proud to announce it's online WWW catalog:




Take a look, browse the site, and tell your friends!



Shire of the Standing Stones,

Kingdom of Calontir


joe                          (314) 882-5000

ccjoe at showme.missouri.edu    University of Missouri - Columbia  



Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

From: tscott at ez0.ezlink.com (Tony Scott)

Subject: Re: Armourers taking your money and disappearing

Organization: EZLink Internet Access Fort Collins Colorado

Date: Thu, 28 Dec 1995 16:16:49 GMT


I'm sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience.  I'm often fairly

quick to rag on companies that don't do what they are supposed to, so

perhaps it's time that I said something nice.  Since many "Professional

Armourers" are on the net and cannot effectivly blow their own horn, I'd

like to reccomend;


Johan Blau

P.O. Box 6422

Navajo Dam, NM 87419



He's moving soon, but has been a reliable source here in the Outlands for

as long as I can remember.  Like most armorers, his lead times are pretty

steep, and deadlines often slip.  He's made his fair share of mistakes,

but he always makes it right.  His work is excellent, and his prices

realistic. He takes credit cards, and doesn't bill until he ships.  

Since he's moving, he'll probably shut down for a while, but I believe he

is still taking orders.





From: Donald Wagner <glaiveman at worldnet.att.net>

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Armourers taking your money and disappearing

Date: 27 Dec 1995 16:05:21 GMT

Organization: AT&T WorldNet Services


adamoferin at aol.com (AdamofErin) wrote:

>A year and a half ago I ordered a pair of clam shell gauntlets from

>Troll's Fordge and then I receive a letter from them saying that due to

>mundane reasons they cannot meet their armour obligation with me. The

>letter stated that an armoury called Crom's Keep Armoury out of Murdock

Greetings to all that read this missive!!


>I am sorry but my trust has been destoryed for armourers in the



That's really too bad.  It looks like someone had the intentions of doing

right, but didn't follow through.  If you let this cloud your view of

everyone's honor in a single profession, these two armorers have stolen

more from you than you know.  The sad thing is - they stole your

objectivity....the sadder thing is - you made the choice to let them do



Johann Blau is an honorable man in the Outlands, but may be out of

pocket right now.  Sir Eldred, here in Atlantia, is another honorable

man. Since Johann is such a good friend, I felt it necessary to reply.


I hope your attitude changes and you return to realize that you dealt

with individuals who humped you good.  Cut your losses back down to

just your money and try again.  Ask others who they deal with and who is

honorable and who they have had good experiences with.  Good Luck!





Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

From: Hugh Prescott <Hugh345 at monolith.bcl.net>

Subject: Re: Armourers taking your money and disappearing

Organization: Basic Communications, Limited

Date: Fri, 29 Dec 1995 03:20:26 GMT


adamoferin at aol.com (AdamofErin) wrote:

> A year and a half ago I ordered a pair of clam shell gauntlets from

> Troll's Fordge and then I receive a letter from them saying that due to

> mundane reasons they cannot meet their armour obligation with me. The

> letter stated that an armoury called Crom's Keep Armoury out of Murdock




Can recommend

Mandrake Armory, Count Rodrick


mka Greg Anderson

p.o. box 1551

Lawrence KS 66044


Drakehaus at aol.com


My daughter and I have delt with him for gauntlets and spaulders.

Good quality and reasonable delivery and he is on the net.

No problems



From: just Kate <ez010263 at peseta.ucdavis.edu>

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Armourers taking your money and disappearing

Date: 2 Jan 1996 06:35:18 GMT

Organization: University of California, Davis


Hugh Prescott <Hugh345 at monolith.bcl.net> wrote:

> adamoferin at aol.com (AdamofErin) wrote:

> A year and a half ago I ordered a pair of clam shell gauntlets from

> Troll's Fordge and then I receive a letter from them saying that due to

> mundane reasons they cannot meet their armour obligation with me. The

> letter stated that an armoury called Crom's Keep Armoury out of Murdock


good mi'lord Adam:

I too have been stiffed in the past.  There are many, however,

reputable and honest businesspeople in armouring and other trades

in the SCA.  From personal experience, Jim Early (that's the

mundane name in the phone book) in Ashland, Oregon, and Black

Sword Armoury in Trimaris have always delivered on time, for a

reasonable price, and require a modest deposit, not full price

ahead of time.

   Also, having been aquainted with Master Atar for almost 15 yrs,

he is an honourable man as well as a master of bladesmithing, and

I would recommend him to you with regards to his offer of help.

Good Luck!  Twcs (not dead yet but too busy right now to post much)



From: GQQX44A at prodigy.com (Donald Moritz)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Armourers taking your money and disappearing

Date: 8 Jan 1996 16:57:57 GMT

Organization: Prodigy Services Company  1-800-PRODIGY


i Think my fleecing tops them all guys....


and its why i stay away from the SCA at this point... To many people like



Ice Falcon Armory, aka Andre Sinou, and his armorer employee Wolfstan

Thorhaussen aka Dan Nicholage Were to make a suit of armor for me for

2000 dollars. Andre signed a contractual agreement to have it complete by

pensic last year, if incomplete, a full refund.  But at pensic, not only

was the armor ghastly in appearance, it was incomplete. Well, no refund,

they took the armor back to finish it, and were to send out 600 dollars

refund immediately, well, no armor, and no cash. What a dissapointment.


All i can say is that i enjoy the camaraderie and friendship of falconers

more than fighting in the SCA, so i'll stick to what i love.


Good Hawking!,

Troy Moritz aka Mordecai the Falconer



From: jearley at aol.com (J EARLEY)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Armourers taking your money and disappearing

Date: 10 Jan 1996 13:18:12 -0500

Organization: America Online, Inc. (1-800-827-6364)



I just read through all of this and I found it very illuminating.   I

have been armoring professionally for more than a decade, and for fun

since 68 or 69, and I have some comments here.  Most of the armorers in

the SCA try really hard to keep their prices low, so that people can get

on the field.(I know that we can get more from moderns- we sold $450

bascinets to the Sharper Image, with $125 marble stands, that they sold

for $1250!)  As time goes on, one finds oneself burdened with families,

houses, cars etc.  You look at what you are making and you start thinking

about other lines of work.  I know that I am 'on the edge' , as one poster

put it.

   All of the armorers that I know of seem to have at least one

'nightmare order' that we can't seem to finish out.  Mine is a full

harness (copy of Henry VIII''s foot combat gear) that was ordered and paid

for over a year and a half ago.  It is 95% finished, but needs a final

fitting. It has needed that final fitting for over a year, but I can't

get the guy who ordered it to reply to me.  I wrote, called, found him on

the net... no response.(BTW- thanks to everyone who helped me find him)

What do I do?  What is he telling _his_ friends?

   I usually take 100% down, but don't cash the check _until_ the work is

done, and depend on my reputation to get people to trust me.  One bad

order, one bad helmet or gauntlet, and my business reputation cpould be

ruined. So I try to deliver on time, and do the best job that I can- when

I make something, I think about someone's life or limb depending on it.

   Not to gripe, but I used to not take money until the customer got the

armor. Had to stop doing that as I had trouble getting paid.  Some people

thought that it was 'SCA' , not 'real'.  Note that I work as the 'James

Earley Co.' not 'Duke James Greyhelm' or 'helmsgaard Armory'  This is my

mundane living.  Most of the time it is fun, and I get a kick out of

seeing people that I know, or don't know, fighting in armor that I have


   If you have trouble getting armor that you have ordered, find out what

has happened to the armorer by talking to him.  If you are given a

delivery date that is far in the future, see about paying with a post

dated check, and call when the date is getting close.  Armorers should try

and communicate more with their clients.  There are ways that we all

should and can use to solve these problems.  Thanks for reading this

ramble     Jim Earley



From: car13 at psu.edu (Claire Rutiser)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Help Contacting Johan Blau [US mail address]

Date: Tue, 13 Feb 1996 02:41:25 GMT

Organization: CAC


I talked with Johan a few weeks ago - his phone # has changed but his

mailing address is fairly permanent:


John Mc Harney

PO Box 6422

Navajo Dam, NM 87419


   - Ragnhild the Monier  (Car at ecl.psu.edu)



From: kolton at arizona.edU (Jason Kolton)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Armouries

Date: 21 Feb 1996 17:53:14 GMT

Organization: The University of Arizona


(warlordinc at aol.com) wrote:

: Are there any armouries near Tampa?  I need armour and garb for low

: prices, and I don't want to pay $400 for real weapons.  Can anyone help?


the Armourer I usually use isn't near tampa but is in pheonix,az.  His

prices are reasonable and his delivery time is about 4 to 8 weeks

due to large amount of armour that he puts out.  Its 'Illusion

Armouring' and can be reached at 1-800-760-1355.  I also just

picked up a pair of arms from a armourer from the Gorgia, dont

know his delivery time as i bought out of stock.  Called "Red

Falcon Armouries' at 706-547-0178.  Hope it helps.


Lord Jason Thorne

Kingdom Atenveldt



From: RobWestmar at aol.com

To: bryn-gwlad at eden.com

Date: Tue, 23 Apr 1996

Subject: Re: Armor


Duke James Greyhelm  has off-the-shelf & custom,  high quality armor at

reasonable prices.     Call for catalog     James Early  in Ashland Oregon.

(he may also have a telephone # under James Greyhelm)      

email me for the particular type of armor and I'll suggest an armorer that

can do it NOW.        


robert    (sir robert of westmarch)



From: svanwie at davlin.net (Stonewall Van Wie III)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Mandrake Armory Reviews?

Date: Sat, 20 Apr 96 17:54:00 GMT

Organization: Capital Area Internet Service, Inc.


> Does anyone have an address or phone number so I can get a

> catalog.        

> Thanx,


> Lord Jason Thorne


E-mail Gregg Anderson at Mandrake at idir.net.  They have an online catalogue.  I

don't have the URL handy but you can reach it thru the merchant's page of

Current Middle Ages (SCA) homepage.


Willem Gerritsz van Wije


Stonewall Van Wie III         svanwie at davlin.net

Corpus Christi, TX 78412



From: PTM2792 at utarlg.uta.edu (Paul T Mitchell)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Duke Inman's Armory

Date: 11 May 1996 14:18:34 GMT

Organization: University of Texas Arlington


Kathryn GandekTighe (kgandek at world.std.com) wrote:

: Could someone please provide me with contact information for Duke Inman's

: Armory?  Thank you!


: Catrin o'r Rhyd For

: kgandek at world.std.com


Found it!  It's now:


The Highland Anvil

Chuck Moore

2124 Hedgerow

Arlington, TX  76010



- Galen

ptm2792 at utarlg.uta.edu



From: fletcher at micron.net (Christian Fletcher)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: New commercial armour URL

Date: Sun, 02 Jun 1996 12:11:59 -0800

Organization: Christian Fletcher Medieval Armour


Christian Fletcher Medieval Armour has a new site, with a whole new catalog

of SCA armour.


The new URL is http://netnow.micron.net/~fletcher/


Christian Fletcher

Medieval Armour




From: adamoferin at aol.com (AdamofErin)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Troll's Forge Armory

Date: 17 Jun 1996 09:40:08 -0400

Organization: America Online, Inc. (1-800-827-6364)


Good Gentle I am in need to contact the troll, for he took off with my

money and never sent me my armor, this was three years ago.  I hope that

you did not give him any money, for this was my mistake, because you will

never see the money or your armor again.  And my advise to you is that in

the future that you only give armorers 1/4 of the money as down payment,

so that this does not happen again.



Lord Adam



From: Kevin Greer <keg at traveller.com>

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Armorer needed

Date: 25 Jun 1996 16:57:43 GMT

Organization: Traveller Information Services


You may try Black Adder,Sir Sutan Bloodax, 1910 Skylark, Arlington, Tx,

76010, 817 / 860 - 7244.


Michael Craythorne <craytho1 at marshall.edu> wrote:

>I am in need of some new pieces of armor before the war this year,

>particularly a new helm, I'm thinking of a bacinet to replace my old

>one. As I usually do my shopping at major events and won't be going to

>one until Pennsic, I am looking for a good reference to a armourer.

>About the only one I have found online is Mandrake Armoury. Any leads

>would be appreciated.  Thanks

>Luther von Falkenstein

>Canton of Port Oasis

>Barony of the Black Stone Mountain

>Principality of EAthelmearc

>Kingdom of the East



Date: Sun, 21 Jul 1996 10:32:41 -0500

From: BlackRaven <pvander at vvm.com>

Organization: Bi Female Wanted

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Wolfshead armory


Karen Mann wrote:


> Does anyone know whether WolfsHead Armory is still in business? I am

> asking for a friend that is trying to find their address or url.

> Something!

> Thanks in advance.


> Philippa Graves

> aka Donna Mann


               BlackRaven replies...


       Sorry, but Lupus is no longer in business as Wolfshead Armory (I

assume you mean the Wolfshead that was based out of North Carolina and

then Florida) This is as of a convesation with Lupus about 6 months ago.



From: bhurley at washington.xtn.net (Hrothgar)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: pig-faced helmets sold at Pennsic?

Date: Sat, 03 Aug 1996 22:49:57 GMT

Organization: Nant-y-Derwyddon, Meridies


Mairi <sionnach at io.com> wrote:

>I am hoping to find a pig-faced helmet suitable for using in heavy

>fighting for sale at Pennsic. I've never actually SEEN anyone in the SCA

>with one, but I hear they do exist, and are rumoured to have been sold in

>the past at Pennsic. If you know of an armorer selling such an item who is

>travelling to Pennsic, I'd like to know who to look for when I'm there,

>and an approximate idea of price, etc.


>       Fionnghal


Good Mairi,


Oink, I mean greetings (sorry, had my visor down) :->


Illusion Armoring in Phoenix AZ makes such a helm, you may call them at

800-760-1355 and ask them if they'll be at Pennsic.


If you have a Web account, try some of the armorers on my page at:




If you find one to add, please E me with the URL.

If a link doesn't work, please let me know.






From: baron at sauron.hacks.arizona.edu (Baron Jonathan)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Plastic Armour

Date: Mon, 26 Aug 1996 08:05:38 -0700

Organization: Barony of Tir Ysgithr, Kingdom of Atenveldt


Greetings to all from Jonathan,


NACUCC1 at cris.com wrote:


> Does anyone know of a catalog of plastic ABS

> armour or have patterns on how to make it.

> I'm just starting out and can't afford the

> outragous cost of REAL armour.


An excellent armourer who happens to work exclusively in such materials is

Count Theo of Ye Olde Kutting Edge Armory.  He can be reached at:


kutedge at azstarnet.com


hope this helps...


+------------**Baron at Sauron.HACKS.Arizona.EDU**----------+

|     Baron Jonathan Thorne           |      Ermine, on a lozenge  |

|   - Baron of Tir Ysgithr               |         gules, a knights'      |

|         (Atenveldt)                         |            chess piece           |

| -Lord of House Argent Horse     |                argent.              |

+- http://sauron.hacks.arizona.edu/~chrome/jonathan.html -+




From: lobel at is.nyu.edu (Sheldon Lobel)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Armor at our Wedding

Date: 4 Sep 1996 00:37:29 GMT

Organization: New York University


Shire2308 (shire2308 at aol.com) wrote:

: Greetings from Armand D'Euzkadi,


: Also, I'm looking for a good armorer in the East Kingdom, Rusted Woodlands

: area (N. NJ, NYC area).  I don't feel safe ordering by mail something that

: really should fit right and so forth.  I've heard to many horror stories

: about delivery dates, etc.


My name is Norman Finkelshteytn (Nahum Kuzari in SCA)

My armoury is called Silk Road Designs Armoury.

I live in Brooklyn and work in Manhattan.


The following is my phone and address, I hope that you will consider my



Norman FInkelshteyn

Silk Road Designs Armoury

1802 Ocean Parkway, apt D16

Brooklyn NY 11223


(718) 376-4810



From: David Eason <dae47511 at csun.edu>

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Black Axe Armory

Date: Wed, 27 Nov 1996 14:52:34 +0000

Organization: California State University, Northridge


Hello, I just wanted to post this in an effort to actually be a "good



The last order I placed for armor was over a year ago with The Tengu's

Forge in Arizona.  The order was guaranteed to me by Estrella...  Now a

new Estrella is nearly upon us (Feb. 97)  I still don't have my order

completed. ( Toshi, mka Tim Jensen, if you are reading this you should

be ashamed of your own unreliability...)  


Anyhow, the point of this letter was not to attack The Tengu's Forge.

(which I've humorously already done in a 240 line rhyming poem...)  

Rather the point was to state that my trust in armorers has been

sufficiently shaken to the point of making me extremely cautious.   I

intend to place an order with Black Axe Armory in Ohio, operated by Lord

Ector. He seems like an honest and reliable man, but I was wondering if

anyone who has heard, seen, or bought his work could send me an e-mail

commenting on this.  I'd like to place the order asap, but first I would

appreciate some comments by those who might be able to advise me.  No

point to be taken in by an armorer again, though I truly think that this

time might be different.


Oh, and since I'm already writing all of this, until I do recieve my

order from The Tengu's Forge, I must say NEVER PURCHASE ARMOR FROM THE

TENGU'S FORGE.  Just my opinion, and I'm not writing this as an angry

yelling sort of statement, but rather I feel the experience of myself

and a good friend of mine warrants the criticism that I hold.  I'm

willing to support my views to anyone who might care to hear my



Again, not to stray too far off topic.  Any comments about Black Axe

Armory would be greatly appreciated, and would no doubt help in my

decision about purchasing armor.



From: ankh <macleod5 at ix.netcom.com>

To: markh at risc.sps.mot.com

Date: Tue, 24 Dec 1996 02:08:18 -0800

Subject: catalog and link update.


The information for Winter Steel Armory has changed.

the new phone # for catalogs is:


we also have an online catalog at:



      Thank You,

      Woody Hampton II

      Winter Steel Armory



From: thorgrim at naxs.com (Thorgrim inn islendingr)

Subject: Re: Armoury #???????

Organization: Nant-y-Derwyddon, Meridies

Date: Fri, 27 Dec 96 23:38:13 GMT

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca


In article <5a1bce$lrk at usenetw1.news.prodigy.com>, HDXQ27A at prodigy.com (Terry Aucoin) wrote:

>         I wanted to know if anyone knows the phone number to a armoury named

>Illusionary Armoury????? I heard they sell Rattan???????


> TERRY AUCOIN  HDXQ27A at prodigy.com


They can be reached at 800-760-1355.

They do sell rattan as well as shields and armour.

I haven't bought from them, but they are exceptionally

nice to talk to on the phone.


In service,




Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Blatant ad but worth it

From: 1 (dude)

Date: 8 Jan 97 05:52:22 GMT


There is a great armoury on the web.


soon to be



I know that this might be considered tasteless by some but the prices are

unbelievable and it might actually help someone out.


Shamus McBeth



From: "Ruderose" <ruth at netpass.com>

Subject: Re: Armor for women

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Date: 27 Jan 97 14:37:16 GMT


maeryktr at fast.net wrote in article <5cgjbr$l23 at news1.fast.net>...

> This is NOT the trouble causing Maeryk ;)  despite the e-mail

> address...


> I am wondering if anyone can point me to any sources (internet or

> otherwise) concerning building SCA armor for a woman (specifically ME

> :)  My male friends who have built their own armor look at my...

> specifications with some confusion.  No one seems to know how  to

> protect certain body parts adequately.  


> I would greatly appreciate it if any one of you good Gentles could

> help me out, either with URLs for any homepages (I haven't been able

> to find any that cover this topic specifically) or with gifs or jpgs

> or any other info regarding armor you may have built for a woman.  


> Thank you :)

> Charissa


       Please contact me with your measurements or send a photo of yourself to

Golden age Armoury

C/O Master Armorer

3130 Castle Cove Ct.

Kissimmee, Fl. 34746

We will be very happy to assist you in this endeavor.





From: Robin & Fred <Ballico at ns.net>

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Looking for Norman Helms

Date: Mon, 03 Feb 1997 20:23:35 -0800

Organization: NSNet Internet Services


Tom Huguenin makes the prettiest Norman Helms I've seen.  All Saints

Armory, Suisun, CA  (707) 864-5402.


Also a great armorer is MacKenzie-Smith, (800) 829-1974



From: razamutaz at aol.com (Razamutaz)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Black Axe Armory has moved

Date: 24 Feb 1997 02:47:42 GMT


I hope this missive finds all in good spirits.  Do to mundania knocking

down the door and dragging us out by our heels, Black Axe Armory has



You can now get ahold of us:

via Email at    Polearm at Stratos.net

via phone at    (216)739-9072

Snail Mail       Black Axe Armory

                3614 Oak Park Ave

                Cleveland, Ohio 44109


Thank you for your time and patience,


Lord Ector Withart and Lady Alfdis Rognvalddottir

Black Axe Armory


PS Please do not reply to this Email Address as it belongs to a friend

that is not connected to Black Axe Armory



Date: Mon, 24 Mar 1997 11:58:03 -0800

From: David Eason <dae47511 at csun1.csun.edu>

Organization: Cal State Northridge

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Lord Ector/ Black Axe Armory - Lost Order?




       It does appear that I, Akechi Nobumaru, have a certain talent for

becoming the victim of less than honest armorers here in the SCA...

First there were my dealings with Tim Jensen, of the Tengu's Forge in

Phoenix, Arizona (which is still unresolved!).  


       Now I am having quite a bit of trouble with Shalom Dunn (Lord Ector) of

Black Axe Armory out in Ohio.  I wish that I did not have the need to

post this here, but I feel that perhaps those who know him might contact

him and inform him of my situation.


       I placed an order with Lord Ector in December for a suit of Japanese

armor and the arrival date was set for the first week in February.

Well, that has come and gone.  The first delay was supposedly a mix up

with my zip code.  Then Lord Ector informed me that the armor had been

damaged, and so he did some repairs and sent it out again.  


       Then I was informed that the package was lost in the mail, thanks to

UPS. I demanded the tracking number.  Finally, about a week after my

request, he called me and gave me one.  I tracked down the package on my

own and found that it was sent to Sacramento (about 300 miles north of

my location), and was not sent to me.  It was not my package.

I called Lord Ector and informed him of this.  A few days later he

called back and left a message on my answering machine saying that he

would give me the "real" tracking number and all the info.  UPS had sent

him. He never did this...  Furthermore, he does not respond to my

e-mails, will not return my calls, and has made no effort to PROVE that

he ever sent the package in question.  I don't even know if he ever made

the armor.  


       I want answers, and I humbly ask that any of you out there who know

this man to contact him and find out the situation, or have him call

me. Obviously I am quite upset at this point, and it has taken quite a

bit of effort to be this calm when typing the account of what has



       I just want my armor... Plain and simple.  It's been over 1 1/2 years

since I placed an order for armor.  First Tim, now Lord Ector...  All my

friends now are in armor, yet it has become a sort of running joke among

those I see at tourneys ("hey Dave, do you have your armor yet?"

-followed by laughter.)  I've had enough.  I had so much desire to fight

heavy weapons, and this hobby continues to be ruined for me by dishonest

and lying indviduals.  Fine, I give up.  I suppose after close to $1000

dollars wasted and over 1 1/2 years spent trying to get together the

armor I wanted - I've finally learned not to bother any more.


This is not the Dream.  This is fraud, dishonesty, and consumer fraud.

I am envious of those who have been lucky enough to find an honest

armorer. I know they exist.  Neither Tim Jensen nor Lord Ector fall

into that catagory however...




Akechi Nobumaru


Shire of Darach

Kingdom of Caid



From: q1001001 at aol.com (Q1001001)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Lord Ector/ Black Axe Armory - Lost Order?

Date: 25 Mar 1997 00:56:40 GMT


If you decide to try again, I would suggest Illusion Armory out of

Phoenix, AZ. He seems to be the most honest and reliable of the armorers

I've run into.




I am not in any way connected with them.



From: BlackCat <blackcat at blueneptune.com>

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Lord Ector/Black Axe Armory...

Date: Mon, 24 Mar 1997 15:25:57 -0800


Greetings all!

   A great deal of patience has been spent in silence before I posted

this to such a public forum...


   In early November, I placed a posting on rec.org.sca asking if

anyone knew how exactly the skean dubh was worn as an 'armpit dagger'.

An individual going by the name "Lord Ector" responded with an

explanation, and said that he could make the whole thing using a skean

dubh ordered from Atlanta Cutlery. The money was sent in the late to

middle portion of November.

   Late in the evening on December 31st, I recieved an e-mail

requesting my address so that he could ship the completed project.  I

gave him my address, and waited. January 17th rolled around, and I

dropped Lord Ector a note to inquire on the situation. I was informed

that the flooding/poor weather in the Ohio Valley had been severe enough

that he had been unable to ship the order, but that he would see to it

as soon as possible.

   By the time Febuary rolled around, I sent a new e-mail to see what

had happened and if he indeed had shipped the order.  The e-mail was

returned undeliverable.  Shortly thereafter, there was a posting on

rec.org.sca by a gentle who was in a very similar boat (albeit with more

expensive armor) along with several others in his kingdom, searching for

Lord Ector's whereabouts.

   Late Febuary/early March I contacted a friend who I thought might

know Lord Ector.  I received the updated e-mail address, and wrote a

note inquiring of the status of my order.  He stated that he had sent

it, and that the parcel had been returned to him (wrong address), and

that he had no way to contact me in the meantime.  He requested my

correct address and promised to ship it out to me as soon as possible.

He made that promise on March 8th, today is now the 24th and I have

recieved nothing.  Lord Ector is not responding to my e-mails either.

   I have recently made contact with another gentleman out here in

West Kingdom whose story sounds frightningly similar to mine.  He had

been feed quite the same 'story' (I hesitate to use 'set of lies') that

I had.  He was looking for the new e-mail address (post move address),

and I provided it to him (as I will for anyone in the same predicament).


I have posted this for a few reasons...

1.To warn possible future clients/victims of this individual.

2.To see if there is anyone out there who has had a more positive  

experience with Black Axe Armory.

3.Lastly, as cordial [private] requests have had no effect on

resolving   this matter, I am hopeful that a public forum (and the

pressure that   can be exerted from such a forum might have the desired



   Lord Ector, if you are indeed reading this post, I invite you to

redeem yourself and follow through with the obligation that you have

willfully undertaken.  If you are unable to carry this obligation

through, please return the money that I (and the others) sent you, and I

will recant my questioning of your honor on this same forum.



                Lord Sgt. Robert Lachlan Morrison of Dun Eistein

                         (mka Christopher Handisides)



From: ladyval at aol.com (Lady Val)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Helms?

Date: 2 Apr 1997 05:37:11 GMT


I know very little about armour or types of armour, but I was looking for

a Helm for a friend of mine (SCA) and I called several merchants to sell

SCA-lega armour.  I  called one guy who is very good-------very

fast----and at much better prices than the other merchants.


I ordered a sallet-type helmet (he is a late-period German persona) and

helms of this type usually sell for $180-$200 but I got one for only $150

plus $10 for shipping.  He happened to have one in stock, and he is

shipping it to me this week. He says it is definitely SCA-legal and a good

open-faced helm with the guard attached to it.  He is polishing it for me



The two toll-free phone numbers I used were 1 - 800 - 596 - 4468 and the

guy I ordered the helm from is 1 - 800 - 205 - 7648.


I also got some other numbers, but didnt get any response.  James River

Armoury (757) 877 - 0309 and Crimson Hammer Armoury at (502) 668 - 1141.  

Also, several fighters I know use helms and armour from Red Dragon Armoury

at (512) 444 - 1532, a guy named Rollie Reid, that everyone says is a

great armourer.  But i couldnt get these to answer when I tried to call on

a weekend.


Baroness Valencia Carlota Maria de Granada

16th century Spanish noblewoman in the court of Catherine of Aragon

The Barony of Bordermarch

The Kingdom of Ansteorra



From: "Robert Lewis" <roblewis at asu.edu>

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Helms?

Date: 2 Apr 1997 18:35:03 GMT

Organization: Arizona State University


Lady Val <ladyval at aol.com> wrote in article


> I also got some other numbers, but didnt get any response.  James River

> Armoury (757) 877 - 0309 and Crimson Hammer Armoury at (502) 668 - 1141.


Crimson Hammer used to be Alan Bauldri Armoury, but he finally came up with

a name to use other than his own (apparently due do a minor accident whlie

shaping a piece). he is now starting to work with acid etching brass

decorative pieces on his armour.



From: shire2308 at aol.com (Shire2308)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Armor in San Diego

Date: 9 Apr 1997 13:12:28 GMT


>Am looking for anyplace that sells, or has second hand armor in the San

>Diego area.


Probably one of the best armorers in the Knowne World is right by you.




his email is historic at pacbell.net and his phone is 619-789-2299.


His work is beautiful and he's very reliable.


Armand Rafael D'Euzkadi



Date: Thu, 21 Aug 1997 20:41:57 -0400

To: markh at risc.sps.mot.com

From: "Robert R. MacPherson, Armorer" <armory at lightlink.com>

Subject: armorers


Dear Mr. Harris,


I notice that a few months ago, you posted a group of reviews of armorers,

in which someone was kind enough to mention my name.  I thought you might

be interested to know that I now have a web site to display my work:




Please take a look if you get a chance, and are interested.




Robert R. MacPherson


520 Adam Avenue

Ithaca, New York, 14850

(607) 277-0253

armory at lightlink.com




Date: Mon, 01 Dec 1997 17:48:06 -0600

From: Michael Peters <shdwstel at telepath.com>

To: Mark Harris <mark_harris at risc.sps.mot.com>

Subject: Re: [Fwd- self promotion/arm


Dear Stefan,


Black Hydra Armouries is in the Barony of Namron (i.e. Norman OK) so of

course we are always at the Medieval Fair. I also plan to be at Estrella

and Gulf wars this year. We specialize in Stainless Armour and although

we can make full suits the primary thrust of our business is for the

list field (helmets, coppes, basket hilts etc.) We also make gorgets for

the schlager community.


You cannot please everyone all the time but I have taken care of all

complaints to my customers satisfaction in the past and hope to continue

to do so in the future. Black Hydra Armouries website is

http://telepath.com/shdwstel and our phone # is (405)447-9626 . As for

reputation you can check with Sir Barn Silveraxe or Master Tarl



Lord Mykaru Kurodachi

AKA Michael Peters

Black Hydra Armouries



Subject: ANST - Skye Leather & Armour

Date: Mon, 30 Mar 98 07:12:51 MST

From: David Backlin <dbackli at yahoo.com>

To: ansteorra at Ansteorra.ORG


> Skye Leathery and Armour can be reached at 501-223-9143 (or 501-225-4806).


Ld. Edrei the Quiet                      mka Dave Backlin

Merchant & Adventurer                    Ad/ PR Student

Shire-March of the Grimfells             University of Arkansas

Kingdom of Calontir                      Fayettveille, AR



From: 1noireht at io.com

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Canadian Armourers

Date: 26 May 1998 22:38:59 GMT


Alain Bouchard <alain at unigiciel.com> wrote:

:     I am currently in the process of upgrading my armour and since the

: canadian looney is at such a disadvantage  compared to the dollar from

: our friends down south I was wondering if anybody knows of good canadian

: SCA armourers and if they are active on the web.


There are a couple of Canadian armourers listed on




if you find any more, let me know.






From: "D.K. Wickstrom and Camille Wood" <cdwood at micron.net>

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Online armor pages????

Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 04:07:32 +0000



> I am looking to update my armor for S.C.A. combat.

> I have been looking around some good gentle's pages looking for links to

> online catalogs, but have only found a handful.

> If you have a site or know of a good one,

> please E-mail me the URL at

> UANRBZA at grove.iup.edu


       If you haven't seen it yet, feel free to take a look at my site--

--DarkHeart Armoury--http://www.webpak.net/~cdwood/. I do custom,

made-to-order armor, with an emphasis on accuracy.      

       Let me know what you think...

DK Wickstrom, ska Morgan d‚Antioche- Viscount, KSCA, OL



Subject: BG - A plug for my brother's armour.

Date: Thu, 09 Jul 98 11:59:23 MST

From: "George Lancaster" <geolan at home.com>

To: bryn-gwlad at Ansteorra.ORG


Go to my brother's web page at http://www.armourstore.com


He has been in buisness for a decent time like 3 or 4 years.  He makes good

armour and delivers in a resonable time.  Its good stuff, I get it for

family discount, but I fight in it and its really good stuff.


He has started a second page that deals strictly with instock items.  This

page is located at and is updated daily to reflect the instock items.  Its

pretty groovy. http://www.armourstore.com/instocknow.html


Lord George of Lancaster



Subject: Re: ANST - SCA Gift ideas

Date: Fri, 04 Dec 98 07:49:23 MST

From: "Gail P. Taylor" <gtaylor at lonestar.jpl.utsa.edu>

To: ansteorra at Ansteorra.ORG


Matthew & Kelly Bowerman wrote:

> Arturus ordered his beatiful sallet and gorget from the armour store.

> While they do beatiful work, it took over ten weeks and a lot of phone

> calls to get our order.  So if you want anything from them give yourself

> plenty of time.


Just a small comment:


Ten weeks is STILL incredibly fast to receive armor, from what I've seen. Our

barony waited about a year for loaner gear, from an in-kingdom armorer.

Lionardo has been waiting for a helm since Gulf Wars.  I also ordered from the

Armorstore right before Xmas last year, and had to wait for a little less than

two months, from what I remember (the stuff that I ordered wasn't the "in stock"

stuff). I called and hastened the process.  But, considering these other

alternatives, I'll take a 2 mo wait, over a MUCH longer one that I've seen

result (without exception) when stuff has to be commissioned and custom



Isobel Hadleigh




Subject: ANST - Was- SCA Gift ideas-Now Armourers Time

Date: Fri, 04 Dec 98 14:47:30 MST

From: KTMC Radio <ktmc at icok.net>

To: ansteorra at Ansteorra.ORG


I am still relatively new to this, but I've come to think that an

armourer who replies to a query with a reply that it will take them X

number of weeks before they can make your item may be better than the

one who talks about making an item before (fill-in-the-event).


   I had a very positive experience with an Ansteorran Armourer (Lord

Mykaru,) who shipped a set of elbows exactly when he said he would, even

though he was about to leave for this just-past Pennsic. I checked with

him on another item, and was given an up-front answer about how long

before he could get to the custom piece I was inquiring about.


   I have placed a couple of orders elsewhere, and have not had nearly

as prompt shipping. It's important to remember that armourers get things

in their lives that delay them from getting what is probably there

'second-job' out as scheduled, but it's certainly nice when something

arrives exactly as 'advertised.'





From: Cumhail <xcrowx at pompano.net>

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Subject: Shameless plug


I just had a groovy experience with The Armour Store


Customer service was helpfull and patient, and the goods were of great

price/quality. Best of all, I recieved my in stock goodies the same

week that I ordered them.  I'm sure I'll do future business with them

and recommend them highly.





From: Matthew Broadway <3broadway at a-o.com>

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: New armourer on the net

Date: Mon, 28 Dec 1998 16:22:30 -0500


Ron Simmons now has a webpage up for his armour.


He cuts and dishes armour parts and sells them so you don't have to dish

any parts of the armour you might be making...   Like elbow, knee, and

shoulder cops...  He also does breastplates, etc...   He also sells a

pair of helm halves...  basically for people who don't like spuntops,

these are a good alternative.


The address to the site is:  http://members.xoom.com/armourstuff/


If your making a suit and don't like dishing out pieces this is a great

place to check out.  The prices are extremely low too.  He also gives

discounts for bulk orders, or package deals.


Sorry if this seems like a spam.  Just thought somebody out there would

want to know.  Personally, I've got two pair of his helm halves, a

breatplate, a plackart (sp?), and a pair of elbows, knees, and shoulder

cops... I think his stuff is great... it's smooth, no hammer marks...

it really is very nice.


Matthew Broadway

The Armour Archive




Subject: Re: ANST - ARMOR

Date: Tue, 23 Feb 99 01:34:35 MST

From: "Casey&Coni" <weed at sage.net>

To: <ansteorra at Ansteorra.ORG>


From: Angus <angus at okom.net>

>I am looking to buy NEW ARMOR at Gulf war

>a full set it has been 12 years since I've gotten new legs or helm

>are there any good Anst. armors going to war


>thanks Uncle IRS


Quality armor within Ansteorra is a bit of a rarity these days.


There are a few good armorers out there... Scott Haynie in Tulsa, Sir Alexis

La Bouche in Houston, and Timotheus Kranidius around Huntsville are the ones

I consider to be making a quality, reenactment-level product, but so far as

I know you'd be hard pressed to get any portion of a harness from any of

them before war.  Scott is terribly buried under his current workload and I

don't think Alexis or Timo make anything for anybody other than just

themselves, squires, and students.


Don't get me wrong... there are a lot of guys out there who can do 'list

legal' armor for you, but I think these three guys are the current cutting

edge in metalsmithing in kingdom.


I know this may sound absurd, but you might do much better just taking your

cash to war and buying off the rack.  Yes, you'll have to pad and strap

there but that isn't really all that difficult.  The best thing about this

method is that you are going to get it right then and there and won't have

to depend on an _artist_ to meet a _deadline_ (can you even say those words

in the same sentence without fear of bolts from the blue?).


Armorers to look for at war who IMNSHO make a good reenactment-level piece

that will stand out among other pieces:


Gondour Armory- despite the fantasy-ish name this guy is doing absolutely

accurate 14th and 15th century harnesses as well as some 16th century.  A

good helm in mild steel will start around $280 (a low-end bascinet) and can

run as high as $600-$700 for one of his nicer armets or close helms.  This

guy gets five Dieterich stars for his quality and four Dieterich stars for

'bang for your buck'.  His strongest piece that I saw was a sallet circa

1470. He is not on the net that I know of.


Christian Fletcher- this man falls into the same category as Gondour armory

but specializes in a  little earlier work; his best stuff is usually his

14th century.  He did a german low point bascinet for a friend of mine that

*really* impressed me and I hope he shows up at this years Gulf War with his

stuff. For a better look at his stuff check out his webpage.  This

gentleman gets four Dieterich stars for quality and four Dieterich stars for

'bang for your buck'.  His best piece is by *far* his barbute... niiiiiice

'S' curve following the back of the head and neck- good-bye mr. gorget!


Illusion Armory- good solid pieces but you may find someone else wearing the

exact same helm as you if you order from them... they churn out some serious

volume. They take forever and a day to order from so only buy from them off

the shelf.  Their strong suit is the mid to late 15th century through the

end of the 16th.  This guys strongest pieces have got to be his fluted

armets going for around $800 if memory serves.  This guy gets four stars for

quality but only three for 'bang for your buck'... although he'll do most

anything in stainless, which is definitely a plus for those of you out there

who need a low maintainance kit.


That about does it for the *quality* stuff I see at wars.  I'm sure someone

will be upset that they're either on my list or not on my list, but hey,

it's just one mans opinion.




PS. There are more quality armorers out there but I only mentioned the ones

that I regularly see at wars.  The best of the best is Robert  MacPhereson.

The man who runs the armory out of Historic Enterprises is also well worth a

look. Hope this is helpful:)



Subject: Re: ANST - ARMOR

Date: Tue, 23 Feb 99 08:44:17 MST

From: Paul Mitchell <Paul_Mitchell at Filemaker.com>

To: <ansteorra at Ansteorra.ORG>


Galen here...


Here in Elfsea, Morgan MacKenzie turns out some _very_ nice stuff;

he too, has quite the backlog.


Last year at the war, I ordered a new helm from Cold Steel Armory

in Yonkers, NY, and subsequently received the helm I've been fighting

in since August, which has garnered me so many compliments.  Good

armor, good price, good service.


- Galen of Bristol



Date: Thu, 10 Jun 1999 08:06:41 -2400 (CDT)

From: MICHAEL C STRAATMANN <mcs at unlserve.unl.edu>

To: Multiple recipients of list <sca-arts at raven.cc.ukans.edu>

Subject: sca armor/plastic


There is a merchant out of Tennesee (?) that sells some pretty good

looking plastic armor (well, for plastic).  It is heat (possibly vacumn)

molded, and doesn't look much like homemade "pickle barrel" kind of stuff.


The last address I had for him was:





Michael Straatmann



Subject: Re: ANST - cold steel armory

Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999 16:05:06 MST

From: Gail Taylor <gtaylor at lonestar.jpl.utsa.edu>

To: ansteorra at Ansteorra.ORG


CraigCC at aol.com wrote:

> Sorry avout the bandwidth, but does anyone have the contact number for

> Cold Steel Armory?

> Drake


Well...BoyHowdy!  I've got a slip of paper from Gulfwar that has their

little ole Email addy on it. Does this make up for the next 28 things that I

spontaneously lose?


coldsteelarmory at worldnet.att.net





From: mittle at panix.com (Arval d'Espas Nord)

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Subject: Re: High end armorers

Date: 26 Aug 1999 11:42:45 -0400

Organization: PANIX Public Access Internet and UNIX, NYC


> Who do you recommend for high-end armor?


The list certainly must include Master Roberto di Milano, of Myrkfaelinn.


Arval d'Espas Nord                                         mittle at panix.com



From: roguedohic at aol.com (Roguedohic)

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Subject: Re: High end armorers

Date: 26 Aug 1999 15:57:09 GMT


http://members.tripod.com/~waldryks/ armour for the sca at a low cost



From: "Chris K. Hepburn" <chepburn at calcna.ab.ca>

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: High end armorers

Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 09:54:36 -0600

Organization: Calgary Community Network Assoc.


On 26 Aug 1999, Pe11inore wrote:

> Who do you recommend for high-end armor?  Full suit, stainless, finely

> articulated? Suitable for combat, of course.


Try Valentine Armories in Calgary, Alberta.


They seem to be quite adept at making historically accurate looking stuff.

I do know I've seen them selling at SCA events so I'm guessing they make

armour that's up to the regulations.


Their stuff is about as high end as I've seen it.


Sorry, I don't have their card or I'd give you more details re: address,

phone number.


Chris, AB



From: "Anthony J. Bryant" <ajbryant at indiana.edu>

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: High end armorers

Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 11:12:05 -0600

Organization: Indiana University, Bloomington


Pe11inore wrote:

> Who do you recommend for high-end armor?  Full suit, stainless, finely

> articulated? Suitable for combat, of course.


Cadwallon, Thornbird, Valerius, Guichart, and the living god of armourers, Roberto.





From: lindal at goddess.corp.sgi.com (Linda Levy)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: High end armorers

Date: 26 Aug 1999 18:27:37 GMT

Organization: Silicon Graphics, Inc.


don't forget Master Cornelius in Lochac (take advantage of the exchange rate!)

Von Beck Armor c/o merchants medieval-



vonbecke at ozemail.com.au


He does authentic(though late for my period) SCA armor and is a Laurel for that

and his other costumes and accesories. He is VERY business-like in his

practices, and will deliver when he says he will.


Linda of the lakelands(west)



From: <twonomads at mindspring.com>

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: High end armorers

Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 18:40:09 -0400


I highly recommend Windrose Armoury. He is based out of Arizona, sorry I

dont' have the address



From: Gwyn_ab_Arddur at webtv.net (Gwyn ab Arddur)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: High end armorers

Date: Sat, 28 Aug 1999 08:38:10 -0700 (PDT)


Valentine Armouries can be found at http://www.varmouries.com


-Gwyn ab Arddur, Wyewood, Madrone, An Tir


From: sca42 at webtv.net (Gwyn ab Arthur)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Ironhart Armory

Date: Mon, 1 Nov 1999 07:20:09 -0800 (PST)


>I have been trying to contact the owner of Ironhart Armory in California.

>Sir Jon Fitz-Rauf, West


I assume you have already found his website, but just in case...


Ironhart Armoury



Gwyn ab Arthur



From: seb_fraiser at my-deja.com

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: armor makers?

Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 05:46:00 GMT


> Is there a web page or list of all (or many) of the  armoreres in the

> SCA?

> Randwulf


I have compiled a list of 96 armouries. 99% of the links are good. (I

found a few that went dead, working on fixing that.)



Hope they help.






Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2000 14:38:24 -0500

From: "Michael F. Gunter" <michael.gunter at fnc.fujitsu.com>

Subject: SC - Pennsic Bag Lunches


Siegfried Heydrich wrote:

>     Other things (non-cooking) that I'm surprised no one has done at Pennsic

> are things like a shoe (or boot) shine stand. Scotchguard your shoes for a

> buck? Five bucks if it's starting to rain? Another would be a sword wrapping

> and repair station; re-tape your sword, have an assortment of thrusting tips

> that can be quickly added, instant lanyards, clamps for emergency bellguard

> re-attachment, etc. While you wait! Or perhaps a chainmail dry cleaning

> booth (rent a concrete mixer, load it with sand and vinegar, toss in a

> hauberk, roll it for 5 minutes, pull it out, shake it, and it'll gleam)

> Things that would provide an immediate and distinct service while allowing

> you to turn a tidy profit. You won't get rich, but it'll certainly pay for

> the event!


I like this. In fact at one point during the War I wandered into one of the

armorer's shops (Red Falcon Armory. They were great folks and deserve

the plug.) with a severely broken set of leg armor. I asked if any of the armorers did repair. They took me in back and not only fixed my immediate problem but made some basic repairs and preventative maintenance on them too. All for no charge. But I did give them $10 and sent over 3 bowls of chili as a

thank you.


> Sieggy





From: "Suzanne C. Berry" <webmaster at sussen.com>

Date: October 4, 2005 4:16:28 PM CDT

To: stefan at florilegium.org

Subject: Request for inclusion as an armour supplier


I've been a thankful reader of the Florilegium for many years, and am still amazed and impressed by your work.


Now, I've a request to be added to your list of armourers.  Here's the basic info:


Von Sussen Enterprises designs, produces, and sells chain maille armour, plate armour, and sport equipment, comprising a wide variety of great sport and re-enacting products.  VSE offers a range of useful arms, armor, and accoutrements at great prices.


The website is:



If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with me or with Karl.


Thanks very much,


(of House Silverwood and of Clann O'Choda)

aka Suzanne Berry



From: Carl Chipman <cchipman at nomadics.com>

Date: December 6, 2005 11:04:56 AM CST

To: "Kingdom of Ansteorra - SCA, Inc." <ansteorra at ansteorra.org>

Subject: Re: [Ansteorra] Where Have All the Armorers Gone?


Jaspar, for just awesome, awesome, awesome early period helms, give a look at Sir Richard of Wolfewood's armory at



IMO, he has some of the prettiest early period helms ever.  He's also more local, residing up in Calontir.


If that doesn't suit your fancy, the next best (IMO) is White Mountain  Armory (Adam Berry) who does excellent early period stuff in stainless.  


His "In stock page" is here:



and the main page link is here



Finally, for a better feel of the pulse on the armouring community, you  can check out the Armour Archive, http://www.armourarchive.org   which has a good number of discussion forums for helping you put  together your kit.


Jean Paul


Carl Chipman

Nomadics, Inc.



From: Jasper [mailto:captain_jasperc at yahoo.com]


<<< I am having the hardest time trying to find active

armorers! Most of the professional sites out there are

either sadly outdated, no longer active or have a

backlog a mile long! Has anyone had any recent

dealings with any armorers as of late who could post

some contact info? Please help..I desperately want a

new helm (early crusader style, and a period design)

but as of yet have found no takers for a commission.

Any leads or info would be greatly appreciated.

Illusion Armoring, Crimson Hammer, Red Falcon, On Line

Armories, Waldryks, and Windrose have all been dead

ends or no responses after a month of attempts.


Ld. Jasper C.

Barony of Elfsea >>>



From: Bernard Wright <bwright672 at sbcglobal.net>

Date: September 1, 2006 8:08:51 PM CDT

To: Barony of Bryn Gwlad <bryn-gwlad at lists.ansteorra.org>

Subject: Re: [Bryn-gwlad] Combat archery prep (was Re: Would-be combat  archers?)


A & C usually goes down at the end of the month, Bethan has a limited bandwidth. I have a helm from A & C and I'm very happy with it, shipping took a while as I helm got lost in customs, up he sent another one out ASAP. I was very happy with mine. I belive Martel (?) got one from them too.


kcmarsh at cox.net wrote:

I concur with Sir Lyonel's reccomendations here. I will intersperse a couple of additions.


> So, here are my itemized get-'em-on-the-field recommendations:


> - a helm with chin strap and padding:


> Contact my squire, Martel. She located a Ukrainian dealer who supplies

> inexpensive helms that don't look like crap. Otherwise, most of the

> half-decent helms I've seen on-line of late start at around $200.


Armour and Castings is usually at http://www.ArmourAndCastings.com but the site seems to be down. I agree they have the best deal going on helms. Ashcraft Baker also offers a starter helm for $90 at http://www.ashcraftbaker.com/12g%20Spangen.htm


> - a gorget


> Make your own from boiled leather and a sleeping pad (blue closed-cell

> foam). Talk to Don Maelgwyn or Martel for guidance.


All of the remaining required armour can be made locally from hardenend leather and steel. I am glad to help people with this as are others. Sir Gaston has been offering open shop nights on Thursdays for those who want to make their own steel armour. Steel is cheaper per square foot than leather in most cases.


I will recommend shearling sheepskin and quilted fabric rather than sleeping pad foam for padding where needed.


If you decide to buy parts of your armour I again concurr that Stonekeep Armory at the link shown below has solid quality at excellent prices. Master Peter of North Star Armory has also been known to bring armour for sale out to Tuesday practices from time to time. I don't know if he gets this e-mail list.


> Sir Gaston could possibly tell you how much money and time it will cost to

> make your own, or you can buy. The best combination I've found of price and

> quality are at http://spiers-saddlery.stores.yahoo.net/cops1.html


If you want help with planning a SET of armour that works together functionally, aesthetically and /or historically I am happy to help with that as well. Typically this does not cost appreciably more, it merely takes a bit more planning and a consistent set of choices. If that isn't what you want I'm still happy to help you just get on the field.





From: "jan_downs at netzero.net" <jan_downs at netzero.net>

Date: June 20, 2007 2:42:03 PM CDT

To: bryn-gwlad at lists.ansteorra.org

Subject: Re: [Bryn-gwlad] Suggestion for Helm?


Stonekeep Armory http://www.stonekeep.net/scagearandar.html

Ironmonger Armory http://www.ironmongerarmory.com/

James River Armory http://www.jamesriverarmoury.com/

All three of these guys have excellent business practices, reasonable turnaround times, good prices and a good looking, excellent quality product. Ironmonger has a starter bascinet for $125 and a Mongol/Persian/Turkish helm fro $250. I think Max Engel could help you out too. He does good stuff and he's in our barony.



-- Izzy <siervua at gmail.com> wrote:

<< Any suggestions on where to get a decent starter helm? Also looking for a gorget! Thanks!


Izzy >>



From: YSFAEL at aol.com

Date: June 20, 2007 5:52:05 PM CDT

To: bryn-gwlad at lists.ansteorra.org

Subject: Re: [Bryn-gwlad] Suggestion for Helm?


I can personally vouch for Ironmonger armory's work.  I have bought a helm from them in the past.  Also, Stonekeep is now doing stainless steel work, and as Martel said, is good to do business with.





From: "jan_downs at netzero.net" <jan_downs at netzero.net>

Date: October 4, 2007 8:02:58 PM CDT

To: bryn-gwlad at lists.ansteorra.org

Subject: [Bryn-gwlad]  resources for our new fighters


Since we've quite a few new fighters I thought I'd post a few places to get rattan and armor.


Stonekeep http://spiers-saddlery.stores.yahoo.net/ Go here first. Excellent prices on armor, always has stuff in stock, quick turnaround and excellent customer service. He also sells sword length rattan for a good price. He's also Ansteorran.


Ironmonger http://www.ironmongerarmory.com/index.php Good looking muniiton helms at a good price. Decent turnaround times.


Windrose http://www.windrosearmoury.com/zc/ Beautiful, museum quality helms. Not cheap at all. However they sell aluminum sheild blanks in a variety of shapes and sizes for a decent price.


Icefalcon http://www.icefalcon.com/ Duke Andreas makes nice stainless armor, a bit on the pricey side. However he also sells fiberglass spear shafts and 9 foot lengths of rattan so you can make greatweapons and polearms.


The Armor Archive http://www.armourarchive.org/ Good place for research into armor so you can avoid the SCA generic frankenharness and make something appropriate to your period and persona.


These are but a few but should get folks started.




From: Bernard Wright <barnet1359 at sbcglobal.net>

Date: February 8, 2008 6:15:23 PM CST

To: Barony of Bryn Gwlad <bryn-gwlad at lists.ansteorra.org>

Subject: Re: [Bryn-gwlad] SCA Heavy weapons Starter kits.


Have him look at Stonekeep or Max's which are both in Texas    (cann't get onto his site today), buy as you know you often get what you pay for. Also check out Mad Mats (he is in Canada). He could buy parts and get with someone in the barony to help put it all together too. -barnet



From: "Ceallach mac Donal" <ceallach at dwarfworks.com>

Date: February 8, 2008 6:15:11 PM CST

To: "Barony of Bryn Gwlad" <bryn-gwlad at lists.ansteorra.org>

Subject: Re: [Bryn-gwlad] SCA Heavy weapons Starter kits.


I don't know about good yet, although I've heard good things.  But

Stonekeep Armory certainly seems to have a very fast turnaround since

I ordered a starter set last Wednesday and it appears to have shipped





Ceallach mac Donal


On Feb 8, 2008 6:09 PM, Eric W. Brown <Brown.EricW at jobcorps.org> wrote:

> I've got a guy at work who wants to get back into the SCA,

> He's looking to pick up a set of decent starter armor, he's a  

> developer

> So 200 to 300 it a good range.

> Can anyone suggest good Sca Heavy starter kits? Good armors with

> Quick turnaround times?

> He's looking to learn to make his own second set, but would like to

> get on the field.

> Cal-



From: "jan_downs at netzero.net" <jan_downs at netzero.net>

Date: February 9, 2008 12:40:26 AM CST

To: bryn-gwlad at lists.ansteorra.org

Subject: Re: [Bryn-gwlad] SCA Heavy weapons Starter kits.


I can tell you straight up that Stonekeep is a great place to shop. Good prices, quick turnaround and excellent customer service.



-- "Eric W. Brown" <Brown.EricW at jobcorps.org> wrote:

> Yeah for $200+ I was hoping for a hat, elbows & knees.


Those starter kits are a lot more complete then when I was a Noob!




> Cal-



From: "jan_downs at netzero.net" <jan_downs at netzero.net>

Date: August 15, 2008 8:46:26 PM CDT

To: bryn-gwlad at lists.ansteorra.org

Subject: Re: [Bryn-gwlad] Heavy Weapons gear?


For your own stuff, when you get around to buying it, Mike Spiers at Stonekeep is the man. Great prices, fast turnaround and impeccable customer service.



-- shawn stoeffler


<angusmacguinniss at hotmail.com> wrote:

I have been in the area of Bryn Gwlad for many years now, and have wanted to get back into heavy fighting. It just hasn’t happened yet. I have been doing some work with the Baron's Men recently and it has lit the fire again. I have been working with a friend here in the Barony on armor, when he has time, which as of late has not happened much. I was wondering who I could speak to about finding some loaner gear and getting back on the field until my armor is finished. Any help in the matter would be greatly appreciated!


Angus Macguinniss



From: John <iaenmor at swbell.net>

Date: March 3, 2009 9:40:59 PM CST

To: themaefare at yahoo.com, "Kingdom of Ansteorra - SCA, Inc." <ansteorra at lists.ansteorra.org>

Subject: Re: [Ansteorra] Armorers


Not sure who is on the list but I would recommend Stonekeep Armoury.  Owned and operated by a Texan in Lufkin.  He has starter kits available or you can mix and match.  

http://spiers-saddlery.stores.yahoo.net/scastarterkits.html Affordable armour is ok but please don't scrimp on the helm.  That is the one area you don't want to do so.  Try to stay away from some of the overseas made stuff, the price is nice but the quality can be real iffy.

Iaen Mor


Donna Nesbit wrote:

One of our newcomers wants to find SCA acceptable beginning armor at an affordable price.  I believe he is more interested in heavy fighting as opposed to light.  He has looked at the list of armorers given on the Ansteorran site.  If anyone can recommend to us good armorers or sites, we would appreciate it.





From: hal johnson <thundercavman at yahoo.com>

Date: March 3, 2009 11:25:37 PM CST

To: Ansteorra at lists.ansteorra.org

Subject: [Ansteorra] armors list


try swordsandarmor.com I just received my new helm from them 16 ga steel all the way around paid $195. that does include sales tax mailed it Friday received it like the following Tuesday good turn around time.


also try ebay but i understand with the war coming a lot of sites are sold out and the barony of treyloc has a armor with them now who makes some good stuff also


ld harold graybear                                                                           



From: John <iaenmor at swbell.net>

Date: March 4, 2009 6:14:29 AM CST

To: thundercavman at yahoo.com, "Kingdom of Ansteorra - SCA, Inc." <ansteorra at lists.ansteorra.org>

Subject: Re: [Ansteorra] armors list


Not so sure I would want to put a new fighter in a 16 gauge helm.  One place that comes highly recommended is Ironmonger Armoury. http://www.ironmongerarmory.com/index.php?p=helms  Scroll down the page to his basic Bascinet.  125.00.  Better price and heavier steel.  Known work and good quality for the price.

Iaen Mor


hal johnson wrote:

<<< try swordsandarmor.com i just received my new helm from them 16 ga steel all the way around paid $195. that does include sales tax mailed it Friday received it like the following Tuesday good turn around time.also try ebay but i understand with the war coming a lot of sites are sold out .and the baron of treyloc has a armor with them now who makes some good stuff also


ld harold graybear >>>                                                                         



From: "Eric W. Brown" <Brown.EricW at jobcorps.org>

Date: June 18, 2009 9:39:09 AM CDT

To: "'bryn-gwlad at lists.ansteorra.org'" <bryn-gwlad at lists.ansteorra.org>

Subject: [Bryn-gwlad] Godo starter helm for the money

I just bumped into this, it's a pretty good starter helm for the money,

I have not ordered from these guys, but the price is right It's a spun

top and not terribly pretty but it's polished stainless, so no rust.


(cut and paste the link)


Supposedly this is the non modern half of triplette.




From:       Dave C <hanko_kal at yahoo.com>

Subject:    [tri-temp] Re: Armour

Date:       December 13, 2009 10:11:33 AM CST

To:   trimaris-temp at yahoogroups.com


<<< Can anyone give me the name of a local vendor that sells cheap helms and armour??

Thanks Nikki >>>


One of the best prices for solid helms that I know of is on the Armour Archive. He is located in Glean Ahbann but he is pretty quick, cheap, and solid.


http://forums.armourarchive.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=109090&;sid=506c30541900305024a374f97caf2503 Link to one of his helm styles.


There are many local who make armour for themselves or their buddies down here, but Bokolo is one of the only full time armourers down in this Kingdom that I know of.





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<<< Failing that, I'm accepting recommendations for places to buy [mitten style gauntlets], on the "cheap but safe and servicable" end of the spectrum. >>>


In case you do fail, I have a couple of recommendations for you, but

we might have different definitions of "cheap but safe".


Brian Price is just about to release some hourglass look-a-like

mittens in spring steel, and he is offering a special pre-order price

of $350 USD, or $250 USD unassembled (BYO rivets and gloves), for

spring steel gauntlets. If my mittens weren't less than a year old, I

would already be on that list. If you check back in a week or so, he

may have a stainless version available for the same price. These look

awesome and are WAY cheaper than any equivalents I have seen.




I would also recommend the aluminium "cats-ass" gauntlets I have and

use, from Bokalo armoury. http://bokalosarmoury.com/gauntlets.htm is

the website, but it's blocked at work for me.

These were $240 USD when I bought them in June last year, plus $57 USD

for shipping. The were in my hands something stupid like 2 weeks after

I ordered them and they are safe as houses.


In the realm of "cheap", I have heard good reviews of EGG gauntlets,

which are made from a high-strength plastic. Windrose seems to stock

them for $165 USD:



http://www.eggarmor.net/ seems to be the EGG home page, but once again

blocked from work :P




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