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sum-clothing-msg - 4/13/00


Ideas and suggestions for SCA clothing for hot weather.


NOTE: See also the files: linen-msg, clothing-bib, cl-Mid-East-msg, cl-Moorish-msg, headgear-msg, cl-Romans-msg, veils-msg, turbans-msg.





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Date: Thu, 24 Jul 1997 08:40:11 +0000

From: "Laurie Cavanaugh" <cavanaug at ymi.com>

To: sca-arts at raven.cc.ukans.edu

Subject: Cool and Comfy, was: Arab Dress


> "Arab" Dress is alive and well in the kingdom of Trimaris.  It is devilishly

> hot here and as many of us are transplants from the Northern realms we find

> the Middle East and India wonderous places  for comfortable garb.

>                       Most Humbly Yours

>                                 Ivy~     of the Insip. Shire of Tri Os,

>                                            in the service of the Kingdom of

>                                            Trimaris


I tend to think of Caid as warm in the summertime until I contemplate

two Pennsics ago when even the local folk were melting. I have a

ghawazee outfit which I bring out on occasion, but it has two layers

and I wore it with balloon pants so it didn't seem as cool as I would

have liked. My favorite getup for hot places like Pennsic is a

single-layer not-too-tight cotehardie made of _linen_. Since I

discovered real linen I'll wear little else in the summertime. [It

can be expensive, but recently I cheated and found some 36" pastel

blue linen on sale for $2/yd in Berkeley. It is now Dylon French Navy

blue and soon to become another dress :-)]


Any other ideas for cool&comfy clothing?


Morgan Athenry

Laurie Cavanaugh                  Young Minds, Inc

cavanaug at ymi.com



Date: Fri, 25 Jul 1997 14:54:46 +1000 (EST)

From: Miesje Devogel <d9304570 at bohm.anu.edu.au>

To: sca-arts at raven.cc.ukans.edu

Subject: re: Arab Dress


Also being from Lochac, and from Polit to be precise, I'm quite fond of

middle eastern dress as a heat solution, along with the ubiquitous

cotehardie. However, I have few questions which have come out of this

whole discussion.


From what I understand, while a sort of Salwaar-kameez is appropriate for

Berber, and for late Indian, the sari is in no way appropriate, any more

than a "traditional" western costume is, being an eighteenth century

fashion thing. The little research I have done (admittedly, just a few

books particularly moghul period, and form investigating while I was over

there in January).





Date: Tue, 04 Apr 2000 16:35:55 MST

From: "Jennene Stanley" <mooharpist at mmcable.com>

Subject: Re: ANST - costuming for the summer

To: <ansteorra at ansteorra.org>


> Not to stop the wonderful conversations on archery but for those of us

> that are worried about what to wear in the heat of the summer in this area

> we would like to hear what your favorite things to wear are and how you

> made them. :)


> Chiara Francesca


     At summer events, in my campsite, and when doing some running around, I

wear a ropa over a chemise with a small ruff. The ropa is a light material

and has 4-6 fasteners in the front so that I an get some air moving. ( I

have added a picture of a "summer" ropa with it's period counterpart to my

website) I wear cotton chemises rather then linen because they're less

expensive and I can throw them in the washer and dryer. I have found that I

stay cooler with my body covered. (a lesson learned from observing Arabic

clothing). I wear short drawers and short stockings (i.e. socks since I

rarely go barefoot). I do not wear a corset or any other restrictive

clothing (luckily I'm not blessed with "endowments" <very big cheesy

grin> ). I wear a lightweight white coif over my hair, sometimes with a wide

brim hat, similar to the one pictured in QEWU). That way I can keep cool and

out of the Emergency Room while still wearing late period clothing.



Jennene Stanley



Subject: Re: ANST - costuming for the summer

Date: Wed, 05 Apr 2000 09:29:42 MST

From: Elspeth de Forbeys <ladyforbeys at yahoo.com>

To: ansteorra at ansteorra.org


--- Trish Kvamme <ladyoftherose at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Or maybe something like a chiton....my apprentices and I were discussing

> irish dresses for warlord, but it may be too hot!!!


> Larissa


My Lord Husband and I wear early Irish wear made out

of 100% cotton for day wear in the summer. For women

that means a full skirt with an embroidered tunic. For

men plaid braes(pants) with an embroidered shirt. In

period this would have been lightweight linen (Leine

where the name comes from is Celtic for shirt )




yours in service,

Lady Elspeth de Forbeys



Subject: Re: ANST - costuming for the summer

Date: Wed, 05 Apr 2000 10:50:24 MST

From: Holly Frantz <hefrantz at yahoo.com>

To: ansteorra at ansteorra.org


--- ches at io.com wrote:

> Not to stop the wonderful conversations on archery but for those of us

> that are worried about what to wear in the heat of the summer in this area

> we would like to hear what your favorite things to wear are and how you

> made them. :)


> Sincerely,

> Chiara Francesca

> ches at io.com


Buzz on the SCA-Costume list is that linen is far

cooler than cotten.


I'm making my first linen Italian Renn. so we'll see.


Niccola de Seta

Barony of Stargate


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