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children-SCA-lnks – 1/20/05


A set of web links to information on children in the SCA by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.


NOTE: See also the files: children-msg, child-books-msg, babies-msg, child-gam-msg, p-child-manrs-art, teething-toys-msg, toys-msg, p-cradles-msg, chd-actvites-msg.





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From: aoife at scatoday.net

Subject: [Aoife-Links] Links: Children, Parents, and the SCA

Date: January 19, 2005 6:18:39 PM CST

To: aoife-links at scatoday.net


Greetings everyone!


This week's Links List is all about kids and the SCA--How to dress them, how

to have fun while parenting them in the SCA, what there is for them to do at

events, how they can participate in your SCA life, and how to contact the

children's officer nearest you.


As a veteran children's officer (working on my 15th year) I have to tell you

that we need you. No matter where you live, you are the vital key to making

the kids SCA lives rich and meaningful. We need people who will dedicate a

small amount of time at one event to making sure the gameboy is forgotten on

the backseat of the car because the child is competing in an archery

competition or learning to spin or is composing a medieval style dance. We

need parents and concerned individuals that love kids, want to help them

learn, and enjoy watching that "lightbulb-over-the-head moment" when a kid

catches fire and really learns something. There are so many of those moments

in the SCA kids arena because so much of our area of history goes untaught.

We need artisans to spend an hour once in a while teaching kids how to do

their artform. We need Peers as role models. We need Royalty that take a

deep and abiding interest in furthering children's interests and children's

awards and children's projects, lovingly presented at court. And I have to

tell you....It's fun. Boy howdy, it's fun.Someof my favorite moments are

when teaching kids, and watching the parent creep closer and eventually say

"I know this is supposed to be a kid's class, but...can I play too?"


So, dive in, and help out, and teach and learn with our children. They are

the Future of our Past!





Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon

Canton of Riverouge

Barony of the Endless Hills

Kingdom of Aethelmearc


SCA Children's Officer Homepage


Contact the person in charge of kid's activities in your kingdom!


Barony of Forgotten Sea--Historical Kid's Activities


Tons of links and ideas from around the globe.


Teen SCA


(Site Excerpt) Welcome to our page! This was constructed by and for

teenagers in the SCA or the Society of Creative Anachronisms. We reside in

the Kingdom of Caid and in the Barony of the Angels (Los Angeles, CA).

Basically, we try to recreate the medieval period and have fun doing it.

Sounds simple, right? We wear clothing that people during the medival/ren.

times or period would have worn and we attend SCA events. There is a ton of

info on these pages, please take your time and experience the world that is



MOAS Atlantia: Games, Past-times, and Toys


Several of the MOAS Atlantia Games links are no longer functioning, but

plenty of them ARE, so dive in!


Stefan's Florilegium: Toys in the Middle Ages


Wonder what kids played with in the Middle Ages? Find out here!


Medieval Fashion and Toy Dolls


Was there an historical version of Barbie (tm)? Read here to find out!










Look at the top of each file page to see links to other child-related

messages in the Florilegium.


Ministry of Children for the Barony of Bryn Gwlad

Fun with your Medieval Child


(Site Excerpt) In the SCA (as in life) kids have more fun if they're

included in the game than if they're just asked to observe it. It's not

difficult to incorporate your children into the Current Middle Ages--after

all, kids are period! It just takes a little thought and the same kind of

research you put into every other aspect of your Society life.


®thelmearc Chancellor of Youth


Resources and articles for children, parents, and teachers.


Barony of Vinhold: Children at SCA Events


(Site Excerpt) Children can be one of the greatest joys of the current

Middle Ages and I can think of few things which are as touching as seeing a

child exhibit courtesy and good manners. However, your children are your

responsibility...Every Child Should Know "HOLD!''....Dress the Part:

Children should also have garb... Teach your Children Please and Thank

you...Do Not Touch Without Asking: Children should learn to ask ...You are

Responsible for Your Children...Do Not Make Your Children Go To

Events...(many more subject headings)


Trimaris Youth Combat Handbook (Note that other kingdoms also have Youth

Combat, and their rules and ages may differ)


(Site Excerpt) The mission of the Youth Combat Program is to provide an

environment where the youth of our Kingdom, between the ages of 9 to 17 can

practice a martial activity and learn the ideals of chivalry, honor, and

respect. The program will also give them the opportunity to lean more about

all aspects of the Society and to have fun.


Aethelmearc Youth Fencing Homepage


Web page for this fledgling Youth program.


Pennsic Preparedness for Parents/Kids


(Applicable for ANY "War". Site Excerpt)You'd be surprised at how many older

children aren't able to verbalize the basic details of finding their way

back to their own camps, or what their parent's SCA names are and the group

they are camping with.... If you think your child will be unable to remember

all this information, help them make and decorate a belt favor. On the BACK

of this favor, print the child's name and all other pertinent information.

This is always handy of your little one gets lost in the merchant area. If

you child is very young but quite mobile, pin the favor to the back of their

garb every time they go out.



"The Future of our Past"

Created for the Parents and Youth Directors of the Known World


Not an official SCAsite, but one with great information.


Garb for Kids:

Stefan's Florilegium child-clothes-msg


(Message Excerpt) It depends on how old your niece is, but there are some

period patterns for children, particularly little girls.  I even have a book that contains the period pattern for a six year old found in Augustiner-Nonnenkirche zu Blomberg. The little girl died in 1600.  The pattern is correct for a child and has all of the proportions so that you can alter it to fit a larger child.


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