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Estrella-War-art - 2/15/01


"Surviving Estrella War" by Mordonna DuBois.


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Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 21:50:15 EST

From: Mordonna22 at aol.com

Subject: SC - Surviving Estrella War



by Mordonna DuBois


1. Drink a lot of fluids.

Estrella War is held at Schnepf Farms, Cave Creek, AZ, in El Valle del Sol of

the Sonoran Desert.  Annual rainfall is 9 inches.  Late January to early February are usually especially dry.  Humidity hovers around a sweltering 10%.

Drink a lot of fluids.


2. Come prepared for warm weather.  

Daytime temperatures have been know to achieve 90 degrees F. or better.  Bring some warm weather garb.  Be wary of the sun.  Bring sunscreen and shade hats, and seek shelter from the noon day sun.  The Indians were right, only mad dogs............ If possible bring a shade pavilion and utilize it.  Or sit with someone else under theirs.

Drink a lot of fluids.


3. Come prepared for cold weather.  

Nighttime temperatures have been as low as 27 degrees F. Bring cold weather garb and cloaks and blankets and hats and socks and shoes.

Drink a lot of fluid.


4. Be aware that exertion in humidity this low dries one out rapidly.  

Drink a lot of fluids.  If gator-ade sounds good, you are probably dehydrated

and need it. Drink a lot.  For this purpose, Beer is not a fluid.  Whiskey is not a fluid.  Cordials are not a fluid.  Senkajabin and diluted lemon syrup are both good fluids.


5. Come prepared for rain.  It almost always rains at least one night at Estrella.  You may even get to go surfing on an airbed, if you are lucky like me. (See Mordona-arbed-art - editor)

Drink a lot of fluids.


6. Keep in mind that in Arizona, the legal age for imbibing alcohol is 21.  

This is strictly enforced.  Just ask the bare bear I found in a porta-potty last year.  He was 20 and sleeping it off in 25 degree weather with nothing on but a kilt around his waist.  He was taken to jail in what he had on, and spent the weekend being called "Highland Boy" by his cell mates.  Drink lots of fluids.  For this purpose, Beer is not a fluid. Whiskey is not a fluid.  Cordial is not a fluid.  Senkajabin and diluted lemon syrup are both good fluids.


7. Oh, yes, and Drink a lot of fluids!  A gallon a day of water or some fluid

high in electrolytes is not too much.


8.  Drinking water is available on site, but if you have a discerning palate,

you will want to bring jugs and buy it from a water vendor at a convenience store on your way to the site.  There is a convenience store, about 2 miles from the site, and a grocer about a mile further.  Ice is also available onsite, but be prepared to pay for it.  There will be several food vendors in merchant row, you can even get breakfast there, and I will probably have coffee and War Cocoa available at my encampment, if ya wanna come over and say Hi.

Drink lots of fluids.


9. Attend a lot of parties.  Wander around and meet a lot of people.  Go shopping.  Pound on your best friends with sticks and debris. Come to the Knowne World Cooks Party and Pot-Luck.  Have fun.

Drink a lot of fluids.


10 Drink a lot of fluids.


Have fun, and drink a lot of fluids,


Mordonna The Cook



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