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Coron-Artem-art - 3/16/98


Coronation Ceremony of Artemisia’s second crown, John and Alyna. An example SCA coronation ceremony.


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Subject: ANST - Artemisian Coronation, etc. (long)

Date: Thu, 15 Jan 98 01:16:46 MST

From: Dennis and/or Dory Grace <amazing at mail.utexas.edu>

To: ansteorra at Ansteorra.ORG


Hi all, Aquilanne here.


Artemisia just recently had her second coronation, the new Crowns being

from our home Barony of 1000 Eyes; the King presently being a *squire* to

one of Lyonel's former squire brothers (nifty cool, eh?). They did some

neat stuff with the ceremony, and though it's a bit long, it might be of

interest to any quasi-SCA-anthropologists out there, plus I just wanted to

share a bit of it with you all.



Coronation Ceremony of John & Alyna


January 10th, 1998


Populace Draws Nigh for Coronation Ceremony


Barons and Baroness are seated in the front of the hall on either side of

the thrones. On a prearranged signal by Lord James Newton Stiles, Meg and

Conner step to the side of the dais and begin singing "Burden of the



Individual group banner bearers are in the back of the hall with their

group's rolled up banners.


Katlin will be in the back with an assistant and the mantles of state.

Gareth and Fenix will be in back with the chains of estate, and Lord Jurgen

will be with them and the sword of state.


Viscountess Anna, Viscountess Courtney, Master Einendoch, and Sir Landolf

are in the back of the hall with the canopy and poles.


Niccolo, the Royal Herald begins walking forward from the back of the hall.

He announces:


"In the year of our Lord 1997,  being Anno Societatus 32,  on the 11th day

of October; that same fated day long ago, when William, Duke of Normandy

did become known as the Conqueror, a great tournament was held in the

Barony of Arn Hold.  The undisputed victor of that day was John de Clare

fighting for the honor of his lady sister Alyna  Isabelle de Clare and the

right to wear the Crown of Artemisia.   By right of arms John and Alyna did

become the Crown Prince and Princess.  This day John and Alyna come forward

to claim the Crown and Thrones of Artemisia."


John and Alyna come forward under a canopy borne by 4 Pillars of Artemesia.

The Herald says:  "Stand and pay due tribute to John and Alyna, coming

forward under the ensign of Artemisia.  The canopy is borne by 4 members

the Order of the Pillar of Artemisia, Viscountess Anna Zauberkunstlerin,

Viscountess Courtney Caeseria lmy, Master Einendoch, Thane of Arnhold, and

Sir Landolf Witkowski".


John and Alyna come forward  to front of hall stopping in front of the

thrones.  The canopy bearers pass legs of canopy off to 4 designatedpeople

to place the legs of the canopy in portable holes.  The Pillars of

Artemisia stand to the sides of the thrones.


John and Alyna pick up the Crowns, which are on the thrones.   John says,

"These crowns represent Artemisia.  They are made of precious metals found

in these lands, crafted by the skilled hands of Artemisians.  But without

the people of Artemisia, these are mere bands of metal."


John calls forward the 4 Pillars of Artemisia and  says; " I charge you to

go to the back of this hall and give these Crowns to the people of

Artemisia and have the crowns passed forward."


4 Crown passers then go to the back of the hall.  As they walk away, John

says, "I beg a boon of the people of Artemisia. Please take these Crowns

and add your touch and warmth to them, and pass them on to your fellow



The Crowns are passed forward,  during this time the Loch Salann Music

Guild will play.


As the Crowns make it to the front of the hall they are passed to the Baron

of Arn Hold and Sentinel's Keep, who pass them to the baron/ess of Loch

Salann and 1000 Eyes, who hold the Crowns for John and Alyna.


John and Alyna point to the Crowns and say  "These Crowns now truly

contain the magic it takes to make an Artemisian King and Queen.  They have

been passed to  Us through the populace of Artemisia.   The warmth of your

love  and your belief in our common dream give these crowns life".    In

Our reign we will always try to keep these Crowns warm with our touch, in

memory of yours".


John takes the King's Crown and says: "I won the right to wear this Crown

by right of Arms. (John turns to Alyna)  But I could not win this by

Myself.  It was your inspiration that gave me the strength to be

victorious.  And it is by your hand that I wish to be Crowned.


Alyna takes  the King's Crown from John and says: "By the grace of God and

right of arms, I do crown you King of all Artemisia." and then crowns John.


John then takes the Queen's Crown and says: "As you have inspired me in the

past,  I ask you to reign beside me as Queen"  John then crowns Alyna.


Royal Herald announces that  the  mantles of state  were made by Mistress

Yelisveta Katlin  Savrasova, and  are presented to John and Alyna by her.


They either put them on or touch them and have them put away.  Next the

chains of state, made by Mistress Carol of Stargate are brought forward by

Viscount Sir Gareth ap Llewllyn and Lady Morwenna atte Fenix.  Same process.


Lord Jurgen von Lowenburg, the maker of the sword of state will bring

forward the sword and present it to John.


The Herald announces to the populace, "Now stands before you, clad in the

vestments of the Crown and Kingdom of Artemisia,  John and Alyna, second

King and Queen of these lands."   "Long live the King, Long live the Queen,

Long live these sovereign lands of Artemisia."


Royal Herald reads the listing of the lands of Artemisia. As each group is

called forward, a person from that group bearing the groups banner comes

forward.   Banner bearers will come forward and alternate which side of the

hall they stand on.


The baronies will be announced last.  As the baronies are called forward

the baron/ess will come forward with their banner and bow, then kneel

before the king and queen.   When all four baronies are called forward, the

baronage will immediately go into fealty oaths.


The fealty oath for  the baronage shall be:....


This day do I _________, Baron/ess of ___________,  render homage and

fealty to the King, Queen, and Kingdom of  Artemisia.     I do swear to be

Thier liege man of life and limb and to rule my lands justly and honorably

in the Thier name.   I shall continue to voice the words and desires of the

Crown to my people and the needs of my people to the Crown. This I do

swear by the ideals of chivalry and all I hold sacred and true, so say I



John and Alyna will say:  "So do We, John and Alyna, hear these oaths, and

do for Our part, swear to protect you and your households to the best of

Our ability, till the stars shall fall from the sky, the world ends, or

these Crowns pass from Our hands."


Completing the baronage fealty oaths the baronage will return to their



The royal herald will ask the knights to stand, when they have all stood.

John will say;  "Knights of the Realm, while I have you all gathered here

this day, I charge you with a quest.  Go forth amongst the young warriors

of Artemisia, fighting and working with as many as you can.  Share your

knowledge of chivalric virtues and values as you share the art of fighting

with these young fighters." John will have the knights face out to the

populace and John will say: "Fighters of Artemisia, before you stands the

flower of chivalry of this Kingdom.   I charge each of you to seek these

gentlemen out and learn from them, that the prowess of this Kingdom shall

be enhanced."


The Herald will ask the members of the Order of the Laurel to stand. When

they are all standing, John will say: "Laurels of this Realm,  I would

like to charge you with a quest  to impart your respective arts and talents

to each aspiring artisan in Our Kingdom."  John will have the Laurels  face

out to the populace, then John will say: "Artisans of Artemisa, before you

stands the pinnacle of artistic achievement  of this Kingdom.  I charge

each of you to seek these gentles out and learn from them, that the beauty

of Our Kingdom shall be enhanced."


The herald asks members of the Order of the Pelican to stand.   When they

are all standing, John he shall say:  "Pelicans of the Realm,  you are the

backbone of our great society.  Your knowledge and skills and your

willingness to serve are what make Our Kingdom run.   I charge you with a

quest, go forth and find those who would serve and teach them your skills."

John will ask the Pelicans to face the populace, and John will say:

"people of Artemisia, before you stands the Pelicans of the Kingdom.

'Tis by the unselfish service of the populace that Our Kingdom runs.

Those of you who wish to serve, I charge you to seek these gentles out and

learn their skills.


Herald will then ask members of the Orders who wish to swear fealty come

forward and kneel before the Crown.  The herald will call forward, Royal

Peers,  the Officers of the Realm and then the populace who wishes to swear



John and Alyna will hold the Sword of State, members of the populace will

say after the herald:  "this day do I, _________ swear homage and fealty to

the Crown and Kingdom of Artemisa.  Endeavoring always to be a true

leigeman, for the greater glory of Artemisia.  This I do swear by this

sword and by my honor."


John and Alyna will say:  "So do We, John and Alyna, hear these oaths,and

do for Our part, swear to protect you and your households to the best of

Our ability, till the stars shall fall from the sky, the world ends, or

these Crowns pass from Our hands.


Everyone is dismissed to their seats.


The Royal Herald calls forward Thorfinn and Sarah who are recognized for

their service.  And Sarah recognized as the first lady of the Rose for the

Kingdom of Artemisia.

The Royal Herald calls forward the court of Their Majesties:



So, there's a little inter-kingdom anthropology to mull over, digest, or

pop into the delete/trash receptical, as each may see fit.




Dory Grace--The Inkwell

denouncer of Tytyvylus & warrior crone

amazing at mail.utexas.edu


<the end>

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