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Ceilidh-art - 1/2/11


A review of the April 2012 Ceilidh event in Shire of Dun Ard in the Kingdom of Calontir from a dog's point of view, Deke Fierce Hound Hunter of Horrible Flying Flies, one of Baroness Jenna of Southwind's pack.


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by Baroness Jenna of SouthWind, OP



Shire of Dun Ard

Hunt Lodge, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

April 21, 2012


A report by Deke, Fierce Hound Hunter of Horrible Flying Flies.


 Mommy Jenna loaded me into the car and we drove further than I have ever been except for the time we and Alpha Female Finola took the Battlevan to the Grimfells.  I was a good boy and rode on my perch.  We arrived at the Fort where a nice nephew of Uncle Sam looked at Mommy Jenna's ID (which she keeps in a pouch and not around her neck like a sensible dog) and at the car but he was not at all interested in the paper that proved I have had all my shots.  The nice nephew asked if Mommy Jenna had any weapons besides Fido.  I don't know what a Fido is but Mommy Jenna said she didn't have any.  We had to drive around some roadwork and went past places Mommy Jenna had never seen, like the old prison.  But we finally stopped the car and I was lifted out and we were at the Event.


 Being good creatures we went right to Troll.  Mommy Jenna wanted to check in but I was so excited to be at an Event that I pulled until my collar popped open and I dashed right inside to meet people.  The first person I really met was a man who played chase with me and when he caught up I showed him my belly to rub but he just kept me there until Mommy Jenna came with my collar and leash and I did not get my belly rubbed just then.  We went back to Troll and paid site fee and Mommy Jenna paid for lunch but because the line was long we went to visit a merchant or two first.  Then Mommy Jenna paid for me to have lunch too, which was nice of her because I am a thin thin starving dog and had not had nearly like anything enough to eat.  I had a plate with two nuggets of CHICKEN, and a slice of summer sausage.  They smelled very nice but I was so busy resting from playing chase and merchanting that I never got around to eating them.  Mommy Jenna had egg and cheese pie with bacon in it and she liked it a lot.  I wasn't interested so she wrapped up my piece to take home to Alpha Female Finola.


 I met many people and several dogs.  I really liked Gertrude the English Bulldog, and I bowed to her and wagged my butt to tell her that I hoped we could romp.  She wasn't interested though.  I'm still a little confused about how I feel about Miss Pepper and Otis the Basset, but Mommy Jenna says that what happens in the Dog Park, stays in the Dog Park.  It was a nice Dog Park, too, just across the road from the Hunt Lodge and very handy.  Inside a tall fence there was a little area for little dogs and a big area for big dogs, and some shade and some sun, some benches and even agility equipment.  We didn't go on any of that, I think because Mommy Jenna is just not agile enough.  The part I liked best of the Dog Park was the fire hydrant just outside.  It was the most highly decorated pee-mail site I have ever visited.  I spent two or three minutes just sniffing the gravel downhill of it.  And then I sniffed <at this point, Jenna edits out a lengthy description of five solid minutes of sniffing. >


 Some of the humans were playing "Angry Sheep", and we watched for a while.  The game where they Lifted Sheep, only you had to make sure you didn't get a Goat, and you didn't really have to be the one who lifted the sheep, just the one who crossed the finish line with it, was extremely funny to watch.  We went past the list field once but not clear down to the archery line.  We got a lot of walking in anyway.  At one point Mommy Jenna bowed to an Alpha Female who had a pointy thing on her head, and the Alpha Female called Mommy Jenna "Colonel".  I was pleasantly surprised to see my human treated so respectfully by this pretty lady, for at home our Bottom Dog Daisy the Silly Whippet stands on Mommy Jenna whenever she sits on the loveseat after dinner.


 I was just starting to think about dinner when many of the humans gathered and the pretty Alpha Female and her Alpha Male gave people papers.  Not the kind on the floor but the kind like my vaccination record or Cricket's AKC papers.  Everyone seemed very pleased by these papers and admired them.  There were announcements about some contests and the Angry Sheep game.  Every once in a while everyone would yell, "Santa Maria!"  I suppose that must be Mrs. Santa Claus' first name, but I didn't see anyone from the Claus family at the event so I don't know why people were calling to her.


 Mommy Jenna had chatted with many people, and I had sniffed many things, and both of us were tired - I would normally have had at least two naps during the time I spent at the Event.  Mommy Jenna loaded me up in the car and I have to admit I was glad to go.  As we were driving back around the detour Mommy Jenna found the golf course where Cricket once saw a Venison.  Then Mommy drove a little more to where the Holy Dead are, resting in their country's earth, row on row.  Mommy had promised that I would get to see this, and I could tell it just wasn't a trip to the Fort unless she could see the Holy Dead.  We both felt very safe, and very grateful.  Then Mommy Jenna turned the car around and we drove home.  Our family was just having dinner so we joined them, and then we both went to bed early because we were very tired from the long day.  But it was a fun day.



Fierce Hound Hunter of Horrible Flying Flies


Typed by Jenna of Southwind Hall - Calontir

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