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AS-classes-lst - 9/27/99

Lists of A&S classes held at past events.

NOTE: See alos these files: AS-classes-msg, AS-food-msg, 5x8-cont-art,
cookg-classes-msg. AS-events-msg.


This file is a collection of various messages having a common theme that
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From: "Andrea B. Gansley-Ortiz" <ag1v+@andrew.cmu.edu>
Newsgroups: rec.org.sca
Subject: Pennsic War Classes
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1993 09:19:02 -0400
Organization: Information Networking Institute, Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh, PA

Pennsic XXII Classes Schedule

A complete class list will be available in the barn at the
Chatelaine's point, and will also be submitted to the daily
newspaper for publication. The Chatelaine's Point will be
taking reservations for classes with size limits and will also
take reservations for evening use of the A&S Tents.

Monday, August 16
9-10am SCA Specific Sign Language - Cedar A&S1
Byzantine Textiles - A&S2
Mistress Marian Greenleaf
Harping - Queen Arianwen of Atlantia Atlantian Royal camp
9-11 Bobbin Lace, Part I - Leah of High Wycomb Bath House
Three Dimensional Felting - A&S3
Mistress Alexis MacAlister of Beverlay
Herbal Walk - Estrella of Trinity meet at Bath House
10-11 Basic Armouring - Seamus O'Murchadha A&S1
A 16th C. Embroidery Sampler Part I - A&S2
Mistress Kaye of Triastrum
10-12 Glass Blowing - Earl Finn Ridrri Glass furnace
Fighters Collegium Marshal's Tent
Knights of the Knowne World
11-12 Scouring Out the Bead - Lady Syndara A&S1
Pattern Drafting the Elizabethean Bodice - A&S2
Genvieve de Vaucresson
Introduction to Herbs - Liesl Grasshund A&S3
12-1 Beginning Soapery - Ilyana A&S1
Lady Fighters in the SCA: Fact or Fiction - Bath House
Elizabeth Stafford and panel
12-2 Turkish Embroidery II: Counted Thread A&S2
Thread Techniques - Deonora Ridenow
1-2 Medieval Chess Variations - A&S1
Brustan de Bearsul
1-3 Harping for Complete Beginners - Ilyana A&S3
2-3 Period Wood Finishes - Bjorn hinn Heppni A&S1
History of Shoes - Master Talbott McTaggart A&S2
Intro to Candle Making - Ruedy MacChristian Magicandle Shop
3-5 Decorative Metalwork; History and A&S1
Technique - Niall dun Ulric
Historic Jewelry Slide Show - Cariadoc Bath House
Herbal Cosmetics & Perfumes - Liesl Grasshund A&S2
Intro to Ethnic Middle Eastern Dance Steps - A&S3
Tamara the Silver Heeled

Tuesday August 17th
9-10am Ukranian Eggs - Lilibeta Rudenko A&S1
Fighting Tabards - Baroness Adrielle A&S2
Bone Carving - Beowulf Gordon A&S3
Harping - Queen Arianwen of Atlantia Atlantian Royal Camp
9-11 Bobbin Lace, Part II - Leah of High Wycomb Bath House
Herbal Walk - Estrella of Trinity meet at Bath House
10-11 The Medieval World View - A&S1
Beorthwine of Grafham Wood
A 16th C. Embroidery Sampler Part II - A&S2
Mistress Kaye of Triastrum
10-11 Period Leather Decoratative Techniques - A&S3
Mattew Widdershins
10-12 Fighters Collegium - Marshal's Tent
Knights of the Knowne World
Tailoring - Garth Brandon A&S1
Beadwork Embroidery - Syndara A&S2
Beer Styles - Phillip the Pilgrim A&S3
11-1 Basic Heraldry for Beginners - Bath House
Mistress Orianna Fridrikskona
12-1pm Introduction to Blackwork - A&S1
Morwenna of North Haven
Brocading & Double Weave: History & A&S2
Technique - Susan Blair-Nelson
1-2 Medieval Board Games - Brustan de Bearsul A&S1
Multi-craft Celtic Design - A&S2
Mistress Mairin of the East Isles
2-3 Four Early Period Hands - A&S1
Austrechild von Mondsee
Group Dynamics - John of Sternfeld A&S2
Bow Making - Dughal MacDonnell Possibly Period Shop
2-5 Beginning Natural Dying - Etain o'Fearghail A&S3
3-4 Cooking from Period Sources - A&S1
Duke Sir Cariadoc & Mistress Elizabeth
Japanese Calligraphy - Solveig Throndardottir A&S2
4-5 Period Islamic Cooking - A&S1
Duke Sir Cariadoc & Mistess Elizabeth
Japanese Scroll Design-Solveig Throndardottir A&S2
evening European Sword & Fencing Manuals - Baron Ponte Alto Camp
Niall McKennett & Sir Strykar Geirhaldsson

Wednesday August 18th
9-10am SCA Specific Sign Language - Cedar A&S1
The Great Chain of Being - A&S2
Beorthwine of Grafham Wood
Early Nordic Costuming - Bath House
Viscountess Ragnheither
Harping - Queen Arianwen of Atlantia Atlantian Royal Camp
9-11 Beginning Bagpipe - Richard du MacCrimmon A&S3
Herbal Walk - Estrella of Trinity meet at Bath House
10-11 Closed Form Sword & Shield: a voice from A&S1
AS IV - Duke Sir Cariadoc
A 16th C. Embroidery Sampler Part III - A&S2
Mistress Kaye of Triastrum
Reconstructing 10th Century Danish Garments - Bath House
Mistress Thora Sharptooth
10-12 Fighters Collegium - Marshal's Tent
Knights of the Knowne World
11-12 Beaded Jewelry - Syndara A&S1
Headdresses from the Levant and North Africa - Bath House
Lady Shoshanna bat Malachi
11-1pm Shakespeare Readers Theatre - A&S2
Meadhbh ni Bhriain
Bagpipe Maintenance & Jam Session - A&S3
Richard du MacCrimmon
12-1pm Cheap & Durable Coat of Plates - A&S1
Baron Ievan & Baroness Adrielle
1-2 Medieval Dice and Card Games - A&S1
Brustan de Bearsul
Eastern European Costuming & Persona - A&S2
Lilibeta Rudenko
Backstrap Weaving - Susan Blair-Nelson A&S3
1-3 Constructing 3 Advanced Elizabethan Sleeves - Bath House
Mistress Isabella of York
2-3 Medieval Interpertations of King Arthur - A&S1
Lyanna ferch Gwynhelek
Four Late Period Hands - A&S2
Austrechild von Mondsee
Acid Etching - Master Talbott McTaggart A&S3
2-4 Period Candlemaking - Ruedy MacChristian Magicandle Shop
3-4 Basic Armour Making - Seamus O'Murchadha A&S1
Islamic Persona: A Discussion - Duke Cariadoc A&S2
3-4 A 16th Cent. Dress Worn by a Costume Doll Bath House
in the Kunst Historische Museum in Vienna -
Ban Mhi Elizabeth Talbot
4-5 Making Leather Gloves - Bath House
Ts'vee'a bas Tseepora Levi
Intro to Japanese Heraldry - A&S1
Solveig Throndardottir
Fragrant Elixers & Common Scents - A&S2
Gabrielle van Nijerroden
p.m.(?) Sources & Resources for Dance Reconstruction - Ponte Alto Camp
Baron Niall McKennett (about 2 hours)

Thursday, August 19th
9-10am Beginning Beadwork - Elspeth Grizel of Dunfort A&S1
Japanese Signet Seals - Solveig Throndardottir A&S2
Polychrome Elizabethan Embroidery - A&S3
Elspeth ni Cormac Mac Comyn
Harping - Queen Arianwen of Atlantia Atlantian Royal camp
9-11 Women's Renaissance Hair - Bath House
Deonora Ridenow & Master Ricard
Herbal Walk - Estrella of Trinity meet at Bath House
10-11 Alchemy as Philosophy - A&S1
Beorthwine of Grafham Wood
A 16th C. Embroidery Sampler Part IV - A&S2
Mistress Kaye of Triastrum
Period Wood Finishes - Bjorn hinn Heppini A&S3
11-12 Beaded Headdresses - Syndara A&S2
11-1 Known World A&S Meeting A&S1
Beer Faults - Phillip the Pilgrim A&S3
11-1 Beginning Needle Lace - Bath House
Jeanne Anne la Bonnetierre
12-1 Spindle Spinning - Etaoin o'Fearghail A&S2
1-2 How to Make a Real T-Tunic from Period Bath House
Sources - Bleiddianyn y Lwynnonn
Factors Affecting Natural Dying - A&S2
Etaoin o'Fearghail
1-3 Known World Exchequer's Meeting A&S1
Beginning Basketry - Liesl Grasshund A&S3
3-4 How to be your Persona - Duke Sir Cariadoc A&S1
3-4:30 Gilded Pearl Meeting A&S2
3-5 Intro to Middle Eastern Dance Steps - A&S3
Tamara the Silver Heeled
Bobbin Lace, Part I - Leah of High Wycomb Bath House
4-5 In Persona Story Telling - Duke Sir Cariadoc A&S1
5-6 Middle Kingdom Seneschal's Meeting A&S1

Friday August 20th
9-10 SCA Specific Sign Language - Cedar A&S1
Fragrant Elixers & Common Scents - A&S2
Gabrielle van Nijerroden
Beginning Cardweaving - Ingerith of Egilsey A&S3
Harping - Queen Arianwen of Atlantia Atlantian Royal Camp
9-11 Herbal Walk - Estrella of Trinity meet at Bath House
10-11 How to Start a Fire Like a Smart Saxon - A&S1
Master Nigellus le Haie
Early Period Illumination - Marian Greenleaf A&S2
11-12 A Period Weave on an Inkle Loom - A&S1
Baroness Margaret von dem Schwartzwald
Late Period Poetry - Marian Greenleaf A&S2
11-1 Period Oriental Cooking - Gwyneth Banfhidhleir A&S3
Handicapped Accessability - Cedar Magicandle Shop
12-1pm Intro to Blackwork - Morwenna of North Haven A&S1
A 13th C. English Lady & Her World - A&S2
Nicholaa de Bracton
12-2 SCA Harpers Gathering Atlantian Royal camp
1-2 Period Knitting: Discussion Group - A&S1
Jeanne Anne la Bonnetierre
1-3 Basic Heraldry for Beginners - Bath House
Mistress Orianna Fridrikskona
2-3 Bow Making - Dughal MacDonnell Possibly Period Shop
2-4 Advanced Candlemaking - Ruedy MacChristian Magicandle Shop
Intro to on Loom Tablet Weaving - A&S2
Bleiddianyn y Lwynnonn
3-5 Bobbin Lace, Part II - Leah of High Wycomb Bath House
4-5 Intro to Celtic Knotwork - A&S1
Rolin Thurmundsson

The Academy

Sessions consist of informal classes/conversations conducted in
Persona. The Academy meets after lunch in the Enchanted Ground
beginning Monday August 16th. Discussions will include:
Jewels & Gems of the East, the West, & the Foreigners - Cariadoc.
Poetry of the Hebrews in Spain - Yaakov Ha'mizrachi
A Session on the Law by a Learned Englishman

The Heralds of Pennsic cordially invite all heralds,
pursuivants, and cornets to a Known World Heraldic Reception,
Monday, August 16, starting at 8:00 pm in the consult tent at
Heralds Point.

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca
From: andrew@bransle.ucs.mun.ca (Andrew Draskoy)
Subject: Re: Pennsic War Classes
Organization: Memorial University of Newfoundland
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1993 18:02:19 GMT

This class schedule doesn't include the dance classes. There are going
to be *many* dance classes this year. The tentative plan is to have
two two-hour classes on actual dances each day, and an hour-and-a-half
discussion class or workshop before the dancing each night. If you
like dance you're in for a treat this year; there are more new
reconstructions being taught than you're likely to have ever seen
in one place before.

Somehow, we will fit music practises into this schedule as well. It
looks like they will be in the mornings.

IMPORTANT: If you are interested in helping to run the music practises
and/or the music at the balls and evening dance sessions, please let me
know. We've got lots of musicians. What we need is people experienced
at directing large impromptu dance music ensembles. The more people we
have to do this, the less pressure on any given individual.

If you'd like to teach a class on anything to do with dance music, let
me know. We may be able to arrange space and advertising.

If anyone needs to contact me, I'll post a note on the barn notice-board
saying where I can be found. I'll also look there for "To Miklos" notes.

Lord Miklos Sandorfia
Pennsic XXII Dance Music Coordinator

To: Mark Harris
RE>Wanted- EK Univ. class l

All I have on hand right now is a list of titles. And you are right,
it is a zoo right now. It's not only a very large event with ALL of the
Royalty of the East attending, including the Principality's, I have a series of
disasters, from blown engines to sick parents to work schedules that is
decimating my work crews.

So I will get back to you on Monday or so, with the full list and
descriptions. But for now...

East Kingdom University Schedule as of 10-23-93

Classes are scheduled to be 1 hour long. Exceptions are listed last,
with a note of when the class will run. The times may change.

They are in Certain Tracks, to try to make sure we didn't overload with just
one kind of topic. Dance & Music (held in the Great Hall); Cooking
(in the Kitchen); Messy; Period Studies; Sewing; Herbs & Brewing;
Calligraphy & Illumination; Fighting; Needlework; Personal; and
SCA Life.

10 am Making Marbled Paper;
Viking Tunic Construction;
roll Design for Beginners;
Tactics for Melee Fighting;
Basic Blackwork;
Problems in Dark Ages Scottish History (or Who Was Alpin?);
SCA Specific Sign Language
Also: 10-Noon: Middle Eastern Dance Seminar
10-3pm: Basic Candle Making, Limit $10, $5

11AM: Mathematical Basis of Medieval Astronomy;
Mead Making;
Beginning Gothic Illumination;
Textile Heraldry for Men;
Design & Theory of
Blackwork Embroidery;
Practical Chivalry & Courtesy
Also: 11-1pm: Basic Bodice Patterning
11-1pm: Medieval Memory Techniques

NOON: Cooking for the Masses:
Basic Feastocrating ;
Medeival & Renaissance Dances;
Basic Middle Eastern Dance;
Canterbury Tales;
Dying with What's in Your Backyard;
Celtic Illumination;
Basic Arrow Making;
Basic Bobbin Lace;
Making Period Pavillions

1 pm Break for Maunche
and Laurel Order Meetings

2 pm Saucing Through the Centuries;
Pre-1400 Dance Music;
History of Stained Glass;
Liripipe Hoods;
Medieval Herbal Medicine;
Beginning Drollery;
Getting New People to do Your Illumination;
Medieval Quilting;

ALSO: 2-4pm: Basics of Making a Longbow
2-4pm Runes for the Viking & Medieval Persona
At the Museum: A Look at the Nuremburg Chonicle and Its Times
Note: this is using the Museum's current display, including the
Chronicle, Augsburg Chronicle, Gutenburg Bible, etc.

3 pm: Exploring Binchois Work; Names as Medieval Artifacts;
Garb Making on a Budget; Teneriffe Lace; How to
Autocrat an Event;
ALSO: 3-5 pm Period CandleMaking (lecture only) $1, Limit 20
3-5pm Gold Leaf, $1
3-5pm Scouting Out the Bead

AT THE MUSEUM: Tour of an Italian Renaissance Furnished Villa.
We are asked not to sit on the furniture, but the museum
is willing to let us poke and peek. Come see what
in-our-period- folding chairs look like! And what seem to
be just ornamental table knickknacks.

4PM Loud Instruments; Great Romances: Troilus & Cressida;
Basic Beer Brewing; How to Re-Create a Medieval
Tournament; Documenting a Middle Eastern Persona;
Award Structure of the East;
Contra Passo in a Circle (Italian 16th Century Dance)

AT THE MUSEUM: A Look at The Real Thing: Gold Couchwork
with Silk Embroidery (Plus a Few Tapestries)

5pm Brewer's Guild Meeting
5-7pm: Basic Armoring

Museum Closes

5:30PM How to Plan a Feast Realistically;
Choral Workshop;
Fabric Dying:
Medieval Origens of Nursery Rhymes;
Reproducing the Mid-14th Century Bocksten Tunic;
How to Judge Brewing:
History of Printing;
Period Applique;
Choosing Lace for Garb;
How to Write Recommendation Letters

7:30 Royal Court in the Great Hall
8:30 Dancing.
Midnight - School Closes and Custodians will want to go home.

The changing rooms, the Royalty Rooms, and many of the
classes are now placed on the Third floor. The four bathrooms on
every floor will be available for changing if you do not wish to go to
the Third Floor, but items may not be stored in any of the bathrooms,
ONLY in the changing rooms.
. INTERNET:PBOYNTON@sescva.esc.edu
Shire of Glenn Linn, EK

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca
From: strauss@murdoch.acc.virginia.edu (John Strauss)
Subject: U of Atlantia Catalog (LONG)
Organization: University of Virginia
Date: Sun, 22 May 1994 02:16:19 GMT

(reply to strauss@hopper.itc.virginia.edu)

My lords and ladies,
Here is the Internet version of the University of Atlantia June
course catalog, warts and all. As you can see by your calendar, I
am WAY behind schedule. Further, the University account can't pay
for 1200 first class stamps AND Kinko's printing. So I will be
unable to mail the catalogs until Monday evening. So please
spread this around Atlantia and our near neighbors along our
northern borders.

An this missive reach you in lands far from Atlantia, my
apologies. I hope you do not consider this too drastic a waste of
bandwidth. Here is a sample of work from the east coast, an SCA
interkingdom anthropology moment, if you will. I would be happy
to answer questions about it.

Lord Henry Best
Magister Scholarum
Universitas Atlantie

University Atlantia #36

My thanks to the Shire of Stierbach for hosting the 36th session
of the University of Atlantia, June 4th, 1994. Classes will be
held at the Metz Junior High School in Manassas, VA. Everything I
have heard tells me we will have spectacular resources at our
disposal. There will be plenty of room for whatever we want to
do, indoors or out. The school is air-conditioned to hold that
June weather at bay and we have full handicap facilities. I am
looking forward to a fine session.

Take your best route to I-66, which is west of DC.

Westbound on 66: Take exit 53, Route 28 South, to Manassas. After
about 5.5 miles, turn left at the stop light onto Liberia Rd.
After about 1.7 miles, turn right at the 2nd stop light onto
Fairview Ave. The school is 3/4 of a mile ahead on your left.

Eastbound on 66: Take exit 47, Route 234 South, to Manassas.
After about 4.5 miles, turn left on Richmond Ave, just past the
downtown area. The school is 1 mile ahead on your right.

Shortcut: If you would travel on I-95 North to reach DC, then
take I-95's exit 152, Route 234, to Manassas. After about 14
miles, turn right onto Richmond Ave, just prior to downtown
Manassas. The school is 1 mile ahead on your right.

Lunch: Stierbach will provide a food concession throughout the
day. Coffee & donuts in the morning and Stierbach Stew (plus a
vegetarian offering) for lunch. Figure $3. There are also local
eateries in Manassas. Info will be provided onsite.

Childcare: There will be a babysitter with children's activities
all day for $5 per child.

Lodging: Arrangements have been made with local hotels for
reduced rates, ranging from $35 to $40. There is also crash space
available. For either commodity, contact the autocrat, Annejke
MacAiodh at (703)369-5192.

Post Revel: After school, Stierbach will give us hospitality at
another of their regular sites. Admission is free and they will
stay open late. Alas, the site is dry. There will be a feast
served there at 7:30 PM. The feast is $7 for adults and $4 for
children. For your convenience and as a courtesy to Stierbach,
University will accept money for the feast with preregistration
forms. But, in light of the late delivery of this catalog, you
might be better advised to contact the autocrat.

Guido's Knave & Coin will be open in the afternoon, so bring your
persona money and invest it in a lesson on probability and

The University Theatre will be available for performances all
afternoon. I invite all performers of any sort, actors, jugglers,
musicians, stand-up comics, goldfish swallowers, or whatever to
come put on a show. I will post a schedule outside the theatre so
that your adoring fans will know when to come visit. Call me to
reserve a time in advance or take your chances the day of.

About Tuition

The University charter contains a mandate to spread knowledge of
the Arts and Sciences in Atlantia. I have always felt that meant
I should do whatever I could to get teachers and students
together in one place. And so my policy has been to waive tuition
for faculty, staff (lots of faculty & staff pay anyway...), the
Crown, kids under 17, and anyone who might have trouble making
the payment. Up to now, I have kept that last proviso out of
print for fear of abuse. But I have had two different college
students tell me the same story: "I wanted to attend. I even had
a ride. But I was low on cash. So I stayed home." Well, I learned
that unpublished policies don't buy us any benefit. So here is my
new, simplified, public, tuition policy:

University of Atlantia no longer charges tuition for admittance.

We suggest a donation of $5 per warm body to attend University.
This donation is NOT required to participate in ANY way. If you
have the money for us, thank you. We need it. Make checks payable
to University of Atlantia. If you do not have the money, be
welcome anyway. Pay us back by learning and teaching, here and
back at your local group.

Site & equipment rental, catalog printing and postage,
babysitting services, and administrative costs will put our
breakeven point at about 190 persons chipping in $5 apiece. If
you wish to make a larger donation, thank you very much. You have
my word of honor that the money will go to pay for University
sessions and services. If I determine that University has excess
funds, they will go to the Oak. If the Oak doesn't want them,
they will go to children's programs as recommended by the

A Modest Inquiry

Some of you may have heard, I was recently laid off from my
paying job. My future is uncertain, but it looks like I will be
attempting to go back to school, with a goal of becoming a
professional teacher. Although I hope to be able to stay in
Atlantia, this experience has made me stop and think about
looking for a successor to the post of Chancellor of the

If you are interested in a spif kingdom job that is completely
open-ended, send me a letter or something. I hope to keep the job
an additional two years; but can't be certain. I should at least
be opening dialogue with potential replacements.

I've been at this for two years now, and words cannot describe
the fun I've had. Thank you, Gyrth. It wouldn't have occurred to
me to volunteer.

-Henry Best

The autocrat has requested I pass along these rules from the site
1) No weapons. This does not include rapier, rattan, cambok
clubs, or archery gear. Those are all "sporting goods". It does
include eating knives and decorative swords.
2) No drugs. This does not include prescription drugs but does
include alcohol.
3) No black-soled shoes allowed in the gymnasiums. Contrary to
what you read in the Acorn, I do not intend to hold convocation
in the gym. But if you are taking any of the outdoor activity
classes, such as rapier, rattan combat, archery, cambok, or blind
man's bluff, you might consider bringing appropriate shoes in
case those classes are moved indoors.

CLASSES ----->

About the class numbers: The number in the ones column is the
starting period for the class. This makes more sense in the
hardcopy, which has a schedule chart. The number in the tens
column is the room number. So, class 11 and 21 are taught
simultaneously in adjacent classrooms.

There are 7 class periods. If you see me skip a number, that
means the previous class was two hours long. Class 12 is an
example of a two hour class. Again, I will someday figure out a
clean way to do this on internet.

11) Rapier 101 -Giacomo Vincenti An introduction to Atlantian
rapier combat. Bring your armor and weapons, if you have them.

12) Rapier for Ladies -Ceridwen ferch Owain The history of women
duellists, women duellists and their place in the SCA, and garb
for fighting. Strengths, weaknesses, and specific tactics for
women. The second hour will be a practice, so bring your armor
and weapons if you have them.

14) Rapier in the Round -Giacomo Vincenti Modern fencing is done
along a narrow strip, with penalty zones at either end. Even
though Atlantian rapier is fought in the round, modern fencing
has an undeniable impact on our technique. Giacomo will show you
how to break out of that linear trap and will introduce you to
the simple concept of the circle.

15) Rapier and Buckler -Fritheric Ulman Learn how to fight with a
car antenna in one hand, and a trashcan lid in the other.

16) Rapier: Schtick and Attitude on the Field -Padraig Muadhan If
all you do on the field is fight, you have changed a fine and
noble activity, loaded with persona play and fun, into a dull
sporting event. Padraig will explore the rich persona
possibilities inherent in rapier combat.

17) Case of Rapiers -Alan of Gravesend There is a lot more to
fighting with two rapiers than the infamous "Danger, Will
Robinson Attack". Alan will show you how.

21) Eastern Persona -Ito Nori An introductory class on eastern
persona. Includes common customs, languages, and how they can fit
into the SCA. We will cover primarily Japanese/Chinese persona
but will give an overview of other eastern types, both near and

22) Japanese Arts & Sciences -Ito Nori An introductory class on
Japanese A&S with practical applications. During this class, you
will be shown a sample of what the Eight Isles has to offer the
Known World.

23) Sakana to Gohan -Marie de la Terre An introduction to the
morning meal of medieval Japan. The class will be served an
authentic meal, giving them the opportunity to explore this
cuisine first-hand. There will be a lab fee of $5 to reimburse
food costs. Class limit: 12.

24) Japanese Garb -Ito Nori An all-around intro to eastern garb.
Patterns for male Japanese garb (which can be adjusted to fit
females). Info on where to find these elusive patterns.

25) Japanese Arms & Armor -Ito Nori How to make oriental style
SCA weapons. Bring your own rattan and we will help you craft it
on the spot. We will also cover the different types of eastern
armor that has practical use in SCA combat.

26) The Game of Go (or The Sword and the Stone) -Hanashi Ancient
samurai strategy, tactics, and philosophy masquerading as a
simple yet elegant board game. Class limit: 15. (Hey, if you are
looking for something new, this is it. You can learn the rules of
Go in about 20 minutes. Then spend the rest of your life enjoying
learning how to play. Give it a look see. -H)

31) Board Games -Tehair MacDiarmada A look at period board games
such as Nine Man Morris, Alquerques, Tablero de Jesus, Fox &
Geese, and Tafl. How to run a Games Tourney. Armed with the
information from this class, anyone can turn the dullest corner
of an event into a good time. Small fee for photocopies.

32) Cambok -Dafydd ap Gwystl Cambok is essentially medieval field
hockey. I let Dafydd teach this class in South Carolina. It was a
pretty big success. Now, he has a whole mob with hockey sticks to
bully me. So, I have to offer the class again, just to preserve
my own skin. Wear suitable clothing, of course. I heard noises
about a UA varsity cambok team. Are we witnessing the birth of
inter-kingdom cambok leagues here?

33) Courtly Amusements -Tehair MacDiarmada Those cambok players
had better clear the field! Tehair is going to be teaching
several games, all played by ADULTS in period: Bells and Pillows
(aka Blind Man's Bluff), Clench a Wench, Take the Castle,
Croquet, Hopscotch, and more. And they are NOT interested in
taking prisoners! This class is scheduled just before lunch in
case you guys want to keep playing.

34) Casino Games -Rabah Az-Zafar An exploration of period
gambling such as Blind Dice, Basset, Hazard (Craps), Primero,
Glukshaus, & Zodiac. Rabah will introduce you to these games and
share some of his experiences starting up and running Atlantia's
second gambling hell.

36) Soccer -Eian Bahn Rhudarra University has always featured a
lot of "hands-on" classes. Not wishing to seem "extremicentric"
(extremist?), we offer a "feet-on" class in Soccer. The
instructor, a member of a pre-olympic soccer team, will share his
research into period soccer type games from all over the world.

41) Airs and Graces -Fern de la Foret How to swirl your cape,
twirl your skirt, or doff your cap elegantly. Being graceful is a
skill and requires practice like any other. Come to this class
and learn how to wear your garb with confidence and style. Learn
to sweep into a room without tripping on your train and how to
enter a low tent without knocking off your hat. Learn how to
enter Court and how to bow neatly before you kneel. Both
practical and elaborate styles will be practiced.

42) Hands-on Bobbin Lace -Nicole Sinclair How to make bobbin lace
in a period style. There will be bobbin lace kits available for
your use during the class. These kits may be purchased,
afterwards, for a nominal cost. The class will also cover how to
manufacture your own equipment. Class limit: 6.

44) Period Pattern Poetry -Ceridwen ferch Owain This class will
cover the different forms of pattern poetry, from anagrams to
poems in picture form. For those people who can't do calligraphy
and would like to find a poetry form where "a picture's worth a
thousand words" without writing that much, this class will give
you some ideas.

45) Abelard and Heloise -Deirdre O'Siodhachain One of the most
famous and tragic love stories of the Middle Ages involving two
great minds and the secular and heavenly aspirations.

46) Roses -Aleisha de Murcia The influence of roses in medieval
life. We will cover gardening, cooking, literature and legends.
Learn how to put this hardworking plant to use rather than just
"smell the roses".

47) Machiavelli -Thaney mac Eoghan Was Machiavelli the
misunderstood genius of the Italian Renaissance? Who was Niccolo
Machiavelli and what were his motives? A short overview of his
life and his most well known work, The Prince.

51) The Crossbow -Ton the Traveller The history of the crossbow,
including its construction and use.

52) The Archer's Equipment -Reynard An explanation of the
construction and physics of arrows and longbows.

53) The Archer in Society -Hrodbearth MacBeath Examines the role
of the archers as members of society -- who they were, how they
lived, and how they were regarded.

54) Robin Hood -Keilyn fitzWarin A look at the Robin Hood legend,
its basis in history, and how it changed over time.

55) Archery in the Hundred Year's War -Aelfgar Greyseas A study
of the role of archery in the Hundred Years War, including close
looks at the great battles of Crecy, Poitiers, and Agincourt.

56) Teaching & Learning Archery -Galen Woodwalker Instruction in
archery form for people who wish to teach others, improve
themselves, or are just starting. It is suggested but not
required that students bring archery tackle.

61) Truthseeking -Stefan of Cambion From trial by ordeal, to
trial by combat, to trial by jury, we will explore man's attempts
to determine whether an accused person is lying or telling the

62) Common Law -Igor Medved The difference between felonies and
misdemeanors, why medieval law is still relevant today, hanging
offenses, why it is called common law, crimes and punishments.

64) Statutes of Parliament -Igor Medved The interesting bits, why
they are numbered like 12 Henry VIII 23, the Magna Carta, and why
some are still in effect today in the United States.

65) Sheriffs and Royal Writs -Stefan of Cambion On the extension
of national authority over legal disputes.

66) Ecclesiastical and Admiralty Law -Stefan of Cambion and
Thomas the Navigator We will explore two specialized sets of
laws. Stefan will compare ecclesiastical courts with secular ones
and talk about benefit of clergy. Thomas will talk about piracy,
privateers, letters of marque, and will explain the difference
between flotsam and jetsam.

67) Rights and Duties of Landowners -Thomas the Navigator Feudal
system and obligations, what you can do to your serfs,
inheritance, fealty.

71) SCA Music for the Modern Musician -Greg of Isenfir So, you
were in your high school band or orchestra and haven't touched an
instrument since? You already have most of what you need to make
music in the SCA, for dancing or whatever. This class will give
you the other 10%, a bibliography or interesting books, sources
for music and instruments, and like that. Materials cost: $1.

72) Galliards & Basse Dances -Greg of Isenfir If you think that
pavannes are boring, this class will open your eyes to new
possibilities. We will be learning and dancing galliards, the
fast dances that were performed along with pavannes, and basse
dance, which are somewhat like pavannes, only much faster. Since
galliards involve lots of jumping up and down and kicking, wear
comfortable footwear. We will teach at least one low-impact
version as well.

73) Courtly Dance -Richard le Pochier Tired of the peasant dances
where you wonder if you are trapped in a game of cambok? Come to
a refined class on the elegant side of dance. Dances where you
can gaze meaningfully into your partner's eyes, where you can
wear your finest garb without tripping. We will only incidentally
cover the basic steps, after that, we will focus on the important
things in processional dancing, such as courtly elegance and
grace. Specific dances will include the Carolingian, the Earl of
Salisbury, and the Black Alman.

74) Basic Voice -James of Rutland Voice projection, how to carry
a tune without a tote bag, etc. A good class for beginning
singers, heralds, autocrats, kings, or anyone else who wants to
be heard in a room full of people and hopes the experience will
be pleasant for all concerned.

75) Early Music Sampler -Felicia Eberling & Jim Stimson A
presentation of Medieval and Renaissance instrumental music,
played on lute, cittern, shawn, krummhorn, cornemuse, renaissance
recorder, and sundry percussion instruments. Commentary giving
general overview of styles.

77) Portraits -Daniel of Rutland Daniel will share with you all
that is involved in painting a portrait. Even if you are not
personally contemplating doing portraiture or having your
portrait done, I think you will be fascinated to see Daniel's
stuff. (Chancellor's Pick: Like they say on A&E, "Time well

81) Designing an SCA Name -Aodhain Doilfin How to construct a
name for use in the SCA that meets the requirements of the
College of Arms.

82) Designing an SCA Device -Evan da Collaureo How to design an
heraldic device that meets the requirements of the College of
Arms with emphasis on our understanding of medieval style.

83) Flash Card Heraldry -Leifr Johanson Heraldry is first and
foremost, a communication tool. You use it to tell Ulf from Alf
while they are wearing helmets over their heads. You use it to
find their camp. Like that. Leifr is going to use the ancient and
venerable teaching technique of "flash cards" to help us learn
the arms of important entities. I expect we will see arms of the
13 kingdoms, Atlantian groups, significant persons and/or
households found in kingdom, etc.

84) Conflicting Armory -Herveus d'Ormonde What does it really
mean when the herald says "Those arms conflict with
whatshisface"? Learn how the College of Arms counts heraldic
difference. Learn to vary your design to get clear of a conflict
without having to start over.

85) Heraldic Costume -Jaelle of Armida How did people wear their
arms? See the various styles of display on clothing during
different periods.

86) Banners and Pennons and Flags, Oh My! -Brian du Bois Breton
Do you know a banner from a guidon? A pennon from a standard?
What shape should your banner be and when should it be flown?
Answers to these and other questions about vexillographic

(Ok, Brian: You get the Obfuscation Award this session, to be
displayed prominently during your class. Folks, vexillographic is
not in the 13 volume OED. I was delighted to learn that
"vexillary" means "standard bearer" so I am now slightly more
educated than when I started this catalog. I assume that
"vexillographic display" means "official picture display picture
display". Kind of the same thing people with ATM cards are saying
when they say "PIN number". -H)

87) Titles, Precedence, and Forms of Address -Ysabeau Cameron
What titles do people use in Atlantia for various ranks? What is
the order of precedence of the awards? How should a person be
addressed and announced? Where do the temporal offices fit into
the structure?

91) Knots and Splices -Robyyan Torr d'Elandris Making rope do
what you want it to do. Making sure your pavilion doesn't come
down, or your wagon get uncovered, or your armor untied, or your
sack come open, due to faulty knot tying. Also discussed will be
splicing rope and how to care for different kinds of rope.

92) Farces and Interludes -Fern de la Foret Short comedies for
the popular theatre. 20-30 minute plays, distinguished by
slapstick comedy, typecast characters, undistinguished dialog,
and eternal themes. You will be surprized at the familiarity of
the mischief and trickery shown in these plays from England,
France, Germany, Italy, and Spain in the 15th and 16th centuries.
Even in these lesser-known short plays, the eternal themes of
outwitting authority and carpe diem are clear evidence of the
popular apporach to humor. Many of these plays are suitable for
SCA performance.
There is a theatre at the site, right adjacent to the town. Fern
tells me that, if members of her class are interested, she will
help them rehearse a play for performance that very afternoon.

94) Period Leather Techniques -Conor MacLean Have you ever looked
at some medieval leather artifact in a museum or book and
wondered how the heck they made it? Did you ever want to make
your own? Learn some of the techniques and tricks of the medieval
leatherworkers. This class assumes you have basic familiarity
with leatherworking and the use of sharp hand tools. There will
be some hands-on work.

96) Dress for Success -Conor MacLean Garb is more than just the
right style of tunic or cote. Find out how clothing and
accessories were used as social indicators in the late middle
ages (1300-1450). Who you were was what you wore and what you
wore was who you were...

101) Chemical Safety -Winifred Corbet Although I applaud artisans
who explore period techniques and materials in their researches,
your activities are rife with the potential for hidden chemical
dangers. If you work with period materials, you NEED this class,
for your own safety and continued health. I know of a blacksmith
who has suffered cumulative metal poisoning and I am always a bit
concerned about folks who make their own pigments. Winifred has a
masters in modern chemistry and can clue you in on basic safety
with toxic materials before you hurt yourself.

102) How to Run a Mazer's School -Rosine of Rowanwald The folks
in Marinus (Marinites? Marinauts? Marinusians? Mooties?) are
running a successful program for adolescents approximately 12 to
16 years of age, greatly enhancing their participation and
contribution. This is a age group we traditionally have trouble
keeping around. Rosine will share her experiences in this area.
Chatelaines? Parents? Kids? Come compare notes with Rosine.

103) A & S Critics and Criticism -Deirdre O'Siodhachain We will
cover the art of giving and getting criticism at SCA A&S exhibits
in a constructive manner, supporting the goal of improving
quality while avoiding the damping of enthusiasm.

104) Topics in A & S -Aerin of the Red Oaks "Why does it have to
be period and how you can substitute". Lady Aerin is 12 years old
and intends her class primarily for teens and pre-teens, though
anyone is welcome.

105) Kids' Forum -Eian & Aerin An open panel about SCA teens and
pre-teens. A discussion on what they would like to see in the
SCA, what they would like to do, where they are having fun and
where they are not. The discussion is primarily by and for kids;
but, I suspect that parents, chatelaines, autocrats, et cetera
might find much of interest.

106) SCA Camping -Arn Bjorn Bassi Danson & Rosine of Rowenwald
Last session, I cut this class back to one hour, drastically
shortchanging both students and teachers, as it turned out. In an
effort to fix that mistake, I am shifting regions and doubling
the class length. Arn & Rosine will teach you everything you ever
wanted to know about SCA camping, from overnighters to Pennsic.

111) Basic Research Methods -Thaney mac Eoghan This class will
focus on resolving research problems. Bring your troublesome
research questions and help will be provided in finding the
information you seek. Basic research materials will also be
available. Extra: The Library of Congress may be opening their
online catalog for modem access. If so, Thaney will attempt to
have full access information available at her class.

112) The SCA and the Single Girl -Alethea Attendolo de Ancona The
SCA is arguably a subculture in its own right. So we shouldn't be
surprized to learn that it is developing its own mores and
courtship rituals. This class will cover flirting, proper ways to
"disincline" someone's attention, alternative lifestyles, the
cloven fruit dilemma, courtesy at camping events, favors &
tokens, and a question and answer session. Both males and females
are welcome.

113) Cordials and Liquers -Kenwrec FitzRaymund Take a deep breath
and enjoy the finer things in life. Learn to make period tonics.
(For medicinal purposes, natch. -H)

114) Marshall Training -Richard fitzGilbert We will start with a
classroom lecture on marshalling theory. "Knowing what to look
for gives you the ability to make correct decisions." Then we
will have a lab, consisting of a guided bear pit tournament with
contrived situations. Students will be put in the position of
marshall and will get the chance to experience several real
tournaments worth of problems in a single afternoon. Fighters, if
you are interested in being a training aid, contact Richard at
(301)871-3837. And bring your armor and weapons.

T1) Leather Shoes -Damon Argent Silver will teach you how to make
comfortable and elegant shoes in the style typically worn from
1350 to 1450. These are spif shoes, folks, and I can't do them
justice in these pages. But if you really want to know how to
make shoes, come to this class. Bring an extra sock that fits
your foot and some duct tape. This is an all day town class. You
really will come away with a new skill, given you in intensive
hands-on instruction;but you will have to spend the day at it.
Class limit: 8. Materials cost: $30.

T2) Leather Gloves -Jorunn ni Lochlainn Jorunn taught this class
last session in two hours. I heard an overwhelming cry afterwards
for two things #1 Teach it again #2 Two hours isn't long enough
to cover the material. Well, you don't need to drop a brick on MY
head. Jorunn will teach you how to make leather gloves. All day.
'Nuff said. Bring a chamois cloth (you can find them at auto
stores with the car wash stuff). Class limit: 12.

Fiber Arts
The last three classes are all-day town classes. But
here are the ground rules, as I understand them: You can fit
these in around other classes for a "gee-whiz" look at these arts
or you can spend the day and get an in-depth background. The
classes will be loosely structured to let the teachers adjust to
your needs and level of expertise. If you expect to spend the
entire day, or have a particular interest you want to learn
about, please call the instructors in advance and make
arrangements so that they can be ready.

T3) Spinning -Ariane la Fileuse (703)519-9074 Learn to spin or
just find out how that thread you embroider with is made. Lessons
will cover the basics and get you started spinning real thread.
There will be fibers, spindles, spinning wheels, and other
resource material available during the day, SOME of it free, as
well as other fibers and spindles available at cost. Estimate $10
to $15 for four ounces of wool and a spindle.

T4) Knitting -Ariane la Fileuse (703)519-9074 Want to learn to
knit? Knitted yourself into a corner, and now don't know how to
get out? Stop by and start a simple project or find the answers.
There will be a small amount of yarn available free (call to
reserve), and a few pairs of needles available for use through
the day. For beginners who want to make a knitted wimple, bring
about 8-9 ounces of knitting worsted weight yarn and about a #10,
24 inch circular needle. Add about 4 ounces if you would prefer a
hood (or a bit less sport-weight yarn and a smaller size needle).

T5) Weaving -Bleiddianyn y Lwynn-Onn (703)204-2661 We will cover
inkle weaving, tablet weaving, and four harness weaving. Where to
get equipment and how to set it up. As with the other fiber
classes, you are welcome to make a day of it. But please call
ahead so I can be ready for you.

Henry Best

mka John Strauss
668 Bluff Ave
Waynesboro, VA 22980
(703) 943-5646


From: gileshill@aol.com
Newsgroups: rec.org.sca
Subject: Naval Activities at the Great Western War
Date: 26 Jan 1997 02:11:51 GMT

The Royal Crescent Navy of Caid, in conjunction with the West Kingdom
Royal Navy, is happy to announce the "final" schedule for naval activites
at the Great Western War. For more information, about current classes, to
volunteer to teach additional classes, or naval activities in general,
please contact Caid‚s High Admiral, Morgan the Fellwalker (Max Fellwalker)
at GWW: at the Navy area or Drafn camp; before GWW: at EMAIL
destry@netcom.com or the West‚s High Admiral, Corwyn da Costa

The 1st Annual SEA SONG and CHANTY SING-ALONG: Bring your peg leg and a
bottle of rum and join the combined Navies of Caid and the West in song.
Featuring the "Best Caidan Pirate Song" contest (piracy FOR or AGAINST
Caid), with a *splendid prize* for the winner! Contest rules: Original
lyrics to a period or original period style melody (no modern filk,
please). All eras of period piracy acceptable. Please come by the Navy
area by the dock prior to Sunday evening for more info and to enter
competition. The Chanties will begin in the merchant area for the
Midnight Madness Sale, (8-9pm) and later continue by the fireside down at
the docks (bring rugs or other seating).


COMET VIEWING: What will possibly be one of the greatest comets in
decades, or even the century, will be visible in the pre-dawn sky this
month. Join us in viewing the comet Hale-Bopp and exploring both the
threories surrounding it and of comets in period. The comet should be
visible to the naked eye, but even better if you bring telescope or
binoculors. Thursday, Monday pre-dawn: Comet Viewing (depends on weather)

STAR VIEWING: How were stars used to navigate the seas by early sailors?
Bring a telescope or binoculars for an evening of sky watching, and a
demonstration of a Nocturnal (star-clock). (depends on weather Thursday

PERIOD NAVIGATION INSTRUMENTS: How to make and use an astrolabe,
nocturnal, quadrant, and more. Friday 1:00pm

CORACLE BUILDING Demo: The boat builders of Glennatiegh demonstrate the
construction of this Irish boat. Finished coracles will also be
displayed. Friday afternoon; 4-6 hour building time.

IRONROSE FORUM: The Navy hosts a gathering for Ironrose, a forum for the
exchange of information on armor design, body mechanics, training and
fighting styles, and other topics as they relate to women in the fighting
arts. All are welcome. Saturday afternoon

IRISH PIRATES/GRACE O'MALLY: The 15th century "Pirate Queen" and other
Gaelic notables are presented in this class by Captain Siobhan ni
hEoudusa of the West Kingdom Royal Navy. Sunday 4PM.

Classes TBA: History of Nautical Engagement, Vikings, additional Comet
and Star Viewing sessions as weather allows (signs will be posted at
event with updated schedule)

All currently scheduled classes will take place at the dock area, although
the star and comet viewing may be moved to castle hill depending on sky

Giles Hill of Sweetwater,
Publicity, GWW 1

Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1998 00:30:23 EST
From: <Gingen3@aol.com>
To: sca-arts@raven.cc.ukans.edu
Subject: Re: Going to be shire A&S officer - help!

Welcome to the A&S office. Here's a list of classes that are replayed on a
semi regular basis for newbies in our Shire.
1) How to choose a name / device,
2) how to make (they actually make) a T-tunic,
3) How to make chain- mail (fighters really turned out for this one),
4) How to make Weapon (choose one),
5) calligraphy,
6) embroidery,
7) Illumination,
8) Dance,
9) Research and Documentation,
10) brewing,
11) First Aid and CPR inc. How to get a fighter out of armour for
treatment./ how to use a fighter's armour as a splint,
12) Cooking Medievally,
13) speaking forsoothly,
14) Court Ettiquette - set up court, have someone
role play royalty and call people into court,
15) Bardic 101,
16) Persona development,
17) Favors and tokens - especially around 12th Night and Valentines,
18) Customs of the kingdom / ie. Why are you giving me this orange
studded with Cloves?
19) Manners - what does it mean when you see a pointy hat? How do I address
Baron #### ?
20) How to kiss a Lady's hand / How to have your hand kissed,
21) Grovelling for men...,
22) Lucet,
23) weaving...

Will this get you started? We are following a paper trail this year - making
and using paper in all its permutations.

Lady Geva

Date: Sat, 23 Jan 1999 16:57:01 -0700
From: Curtis & Mary <ladymari@cybertrails.com>
To: "sca-arts@raven.cc.ukans.edu" <sca-arts@raven.cc.ukans.edu>
Subject: [Fwd: 1999 workshops at AMTeC Co-op]

I know lots of folks won't be able to actually go, but thought this
might be of some interest to some of you....perhaps somebody could put
together a tour package for small groups to attend?.....

Mairi, Atenveldt

Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 11:02:36 -0000
Subject: 1999 workshops at AMTeC Co-op
From: "DanaG-B" <danagb@email.msn.com>
To: <britarch@mailbase.ac.uk>, <arch-experiment@mailbase.ac.uk>,
<arch-metals@mailbase.ac.uk>, <conservation-research@mailbase.ac.uk>


A series of 1-5 day ancient & historic craft workshops is currently being
scheduled for 1999. Each workshop will begin with an overview of the subject
illustrated with ancient, historical and ethnographic examples. Particular
attention will be paid to technical details. Materials science, analytical
methodologies and conservation issues will also be discussed. Each workshop
will be limited to c.8 participants, who will carry out practical work and
be provided with data sheets and samples to take away. The emphasis will be
on the use of traditional tools & materials and small-scale production

March 6-7 Mould-making for Lost Wax Casting £120
March 8-12 Sculptural Lost Wax Casting (5 days) £260
Aimed at artists - discover the process of casting a bronze sculpture.
Tutor: Andrew Gordon Lacey

March 20-21 Tools, Toolmaking and Toolmarks on Wood £125
(date T.B.C.) Prehistoric woodworking tools, their making, & use. Haft your
own bronze axe to take home.
Tutors: Damian Goodburn, Andrew G. Lacey & Dana G.-Brown

April 3 Roman Coins: Making Blanks & Striking £80
(date T.B.C.) Experimenting with the production of copper alloy coin blanks
and hot/cold striking using steel and bronze dies.
Tutors: Dana Goodburn-Brown & John Casey

May 29-30 Decorative Techniques: Medieval Buckles and Belt Mounts £120
Experimenting with tooling, finishing & 'patinating' with oils on copper
alloys: cast and sheet metal. Examination of resulting toolmarks in
comparison to a 'jewellers hoard' found at Blossoms Inn, London.
Tutors: John Clark & Dana Goodburn-Brown

June 5-6 Introduction to Ancient Metallurgy -
Non-Ferrous Metals £150
Theory & practice in metallography (including hot/cold working your own
Tutors: Peter Northover & Dana Goodburn-Brown

June /Aug. Introduction to Medieval Iron Working Technologies £150
(date T.B.C.) Knives & tools made by a visiting blacksmith, sampled &
Tutors: Brian Gilmour, Hector Cole & Dana Goodburn-Brown

July 3-4 Introduction to Ancient Casting Techniques £120
Experimental casting of copper & lead/tin alloys into cuttlefish bone, sand,
clay, stone & bronze one & two piece moulds.
Tutors: Paul Craddock, Dana Goodburn-Brown & Andrew G.Lacey

July 5 Introduction to Colour in Metals:
(Copper Alloys and Patination) £80
Creating a set of patination blocks, exploring colour variations on smooth
and textured bronze surfaces.
Tutors: Paul Craddock & Andrew G. Lacey & Dana Goodburn-Brown

July 6 Introduction to Colours in Metal:
Purple, Black, White & Gold) £100
Creating a set of copper alloy blocks illustrating 'Corinthian Bronze', and
silver/gold surface enrichment techniques.
Tutors: Paul Craddock, Dana Goodburn-Brown & Andrew G. Lacey

July 8-9 The Technical Analysis of Renaissance Bronze Casting £160
Experimenting with Renaissance bronze casting techniques and methods of
Tutors: Francesca Bewer, Andrew G. Lacey & Dana G.-Brown

Aug.7-8 Medieval and Post-Medieval Shipwrightry £65
A practical introduction - including exercises in recording and replicating
historic ship timbers.
Tutor: Damian Goodburn

Sept 27-Oct 1 The Technical Analysis of Historic Bronze Casting £350
Experimenting with Western Asiatic, Classical and Renaissance bronze casting
techniques and methods of examination.
Tutors: Francesca Bewer, Andrew G. Lacey & Dana G.-Brown

Additional workshops are planned…

We would be happy to try and arrange workshops and/or demonstrations of your
choice, so let us know if there are any topics you would particularly like
us to cover…


AMTeC Co-op Ltd (Ancient Materials, Technology & Conservation)
The Foundry, Tinker's Alley, The Historic Dockyard, Chatham, Kent ME4 4TZ
(01634)832627 / danagb@msn.com Co. Reg. No.3445958

<the end>

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