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camp-security-msg - 10/5/02


Camp security at SCA events. Securing items in your camp. Avoiding thefts.


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To: MedievalEncampments at yahoogroups.com

From: Anne-Marie Rousseau <acrouss at gte.net>

Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 07:33:49 -0800

Subject: Re: [MedEnc] Making camp secure


on making a camp more secure:


in my experience, the things that "grow legs" are the things that are out

in the open and easy to just pick up (ie smallish, light). Putting things

away in chests is one way to reduce pilfrage. Most petty theives wont

bother with going into your tent, opening chests, rifling through for

something they may want and then going out. Now, if that shiney sword is

sitting on your table in front, or on the bed inside the open tent....


if you have something really valuable, you might consider a strong box. One

guy Iknow does that and its impressive (the box itself is so heavy that you

cant lift it, and has a lock.)





To: MedievalEncampments at yahoogroups.com

From: "kisamul" <kisamul at yahoo.com>

Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 20:41:42 -0000

Subject: Re: [MedEnc] Making camp secure


I have a couple of large chests with locks on them. Never lock them,

and I've never had anything go missing, but then I also find that

keeping mundane things completely out of view, thus a period camp

site, also helps. I donŐt have a lot of little trinkets lying around,

mostly large furniture items.


If your tent (pavilion) is the type like panther with ties on the

inside and out, it is going to be more noticeable to others when a

stranger is fumbling with them to get inside, because it takes a while

to get them undone. My tent has hidden zippers as well as ties, I

suppose I could sew a loop at the bottom of the doors and put a little

lock through the zipper pull. Or you could have a yurt with a wooden

door and a deadbolt. :)


Again I stress a period site: even if you're in singles camping, an

attractive period site will have passers-by looking at your camp all

the time. People will notice someone poking around, who obviously

doesn't know where things are and doesnt' look very "at home". And a

would-be thief is more likely to avoid public eye. I keep particular

valuables locked in the trunk of the car anyway, out of view and away

from easy access of car stereo theives.


Hope this helps. I'm not a period nazi. Really. No, really!






To: MedievalEncampments at yahoogroups.com

From: Jennifer and Dan Wansing <danandjay at earthlink.net>

Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2002 09:59:02 -0800

Subject: [MedEnc] re: keeping tents secure


    Just remember... if you can pick your strongbox up and carry it into

your campsite... someone else can pick the whole thing up and carry it

away.  Never let yourself be lulled into the idea of safety by a



Mabel de Wymburn



To: <MedievalEncampments at yahoogroups.com>

From: "Karl Eklund" <eklund at evilgenius.nu>

Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002 21:33:08 +0100

Subject: RE: [MedEnc] re: keeping tents secure


>     Just remember... if you can pick your strongbox up and carry it into

> your campsite... someone else can pick the whole thing up and carry it

> away.  Never let yourself be lulled into the idea of safety by a

> padlock.


> Mabel de Wymburn


I've given this some thought. If you drive two stakes into the ground

crossing at an angle.

            o  o

   |         \/        |

   |         /\        |

   |________/  \_______| Chest bottom

___________/____\_______ Groundlevel

          /      \

Then you cut a hole, as wide as the thickness of twice a stake, in the

bottom of a chest. Place the chest over the crossed stakes so they protrude

through the bottom into the chest, crossing each other on the inside. Insert

a rod in the triangle formed by the stakes and the bottom. :-)

Not so dumb, eh! The crossing of the stakes prohibits a straight lift of the



        Heinricus vom Eichenhain

        m.k.a. Karl Eklund



To: <MedievalEncampments at yahoogroups.com>

Organization: Wolfgaard Systems

From: "Jay Yeates" <jyeates at realtime.net>

Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002 16:12:53 -0600

Subject: RE: [MedEnc] re: keeping tents secure


* ...  Just remember... if you can pick your strongbox up and carry

it into your campsite... someone else can pick the whole thing up and

carry it away.  Never let yourself be lulled into the idea of safety

by a padlock....


but if everything large, heavy, bulky, ... in that tent has a secure

eyebolt attached and there is a length of chain run around the

perimeter, behind everything, that passes through those eyebolts and

is secured to the first and last item on the chain with padlocks ...

you need a very strong juggler, or a small mob to move everything

(and if one things moves, they all have to move ...) ... for good

measure attach the tent poles and canvas (via grommets) - making it

even bigger, bulkier, more of a hassle to steal.  and its unlikely a

scadian/pagan event tent-riffler would be carrying bolt cutters.


as a alternative/added safeguard, they make portable, battery powered

"shriekers" (think "portable banshee")... sensitive to motion /

vibration that will draw attention to the fact that something out of

the ordinary is going one inside a tent ... and thieves really

dislike the attention such things draw and usually will move on in

short order. ...


i keep a small personal model (cheap, about $10) clipped to my belt /

pack straps when in bear contry - they HATE the ultrasonic component.

and it can be rigged "booby trap mode" so a string pulls the pin and

sets off the alarm (say attach string to lid so if it's opened past a

certain height it goes off, below that you reach in and unclip

module from the inside side


alternately, get a "car/truck safe" - heavy metal box that bolts into

the body, usually under a seat of a carpeted area - and lock your

valuables inside.  being a CCP holder, i often use mine to

temporarily hold my weapon if i'm carrying and in a situation where

carry, even with permit, is illegal ....





To: <MedievalEncampments at yahoogroups.com>

From: "Rowanwald Central" <Rowanwald at sybercom.net>

Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2002 17:38:37 -0500

Subject: Re: [MedEnc] re: keeping tents secure


with respect to Pennsic...


> all joking aside, the best solution is basic common sense ... carry

> your important stuff with you or lock it in your vehicles trunk.


Do NOT lock it in your vehicle's trunk. Cars are at greater risk of break-in

theft at this event than at weekend events - they sit too long unattended

and there's too many for the security patrol to visually check round the

clock. We have a flurry of "end of the War" reports of break-ins and

vandalism. Not a huge number, mind you, but sufficient for extra caution to

be taken.


  For the most part, it appears that someone with professional lock-breaking

training targets the vehicles that might have expensive equipment inside.



(I've been on staff for about 10 years - the problem is growing with the

size of the event. Steps are being taken to address it.)


<the end>

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