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Campng-Etiqut-art - 3/28/14


"Camping Etiquette" by Baroness Sine ni Dheaghaidh, OL.


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Camping Etiquette

by Baroness Sine ni Dheaghaidh, OL


              The season for camping and day pavilions is here.  But do you and your children know how to behave in camp and around the tourney field?  Maybe we should brush up on our etiquette.  


1.      Don't enter a pavilion or day shade unless you ask or are invited.      Treat a pavilion exactly as you would someone's home.  Would you walk in without knocking?  I don't think so!  The only exception to this is when you must enter the pavilion to close the flaps to the weather.  Then the owners will thank you.


2.      Don't sit in someone else's chair unless you ask or are invited.  If you break it you are responsible.  (That has happened many times…I have a chair that I don't allow anyone heaver than me to sit in.  If it breaks with me it's OK, but I wouldn't want that to happen to anyone else!)


3.      Don't partake of refreshments unless you are invited.  Most people bring plenty of goodies and are willing to share…but wait until you are asked.  That lovely spread of snacks might also be set for the Baroness' luncheon for the Queen.  So ask before you reach.


4.      Don't take a shortcut through a pavilion or camp.  This is plain rude.  Would you run thorough someone's house?  Don't allow your children to run and play through pavilions around the tourney field.


5.      Don't leave your stuff in common areas or in someone's pavilion unless you ask.  Don't clutter areas meant for all to share and don't expect others to look after your "stuff".


6.      Don't touch other's possessions unless you ask.  That harp or spinning wheel is worth a lot of money you might not have…so leave it alone!  Don't touch that lace pillow, she's been working on it for months and you've just ruined it!


7.      Don't remove property from a pavilion without asking. "They won't mind if we borrow these chairs…they won't be back until after dinner."  This is rude and could also be considered theft.


8.      Don't expect others to watch your children. I raised my kids…I don't want to raise yours.  When your children are out playing, please watch them and teach them these rules.  Not only will they be more pleasing to be around, these rules may prevent them from getting hurt!



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