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meadery-list-msg - 12/1/18


Lists and reviews of commercial meaderies (places brewing mead) around the world.


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Date: Tue, 4 Aug 1998 10:11:09 -0400

From: renfrow at skylands.net (Cindy Renfrow)

Subject: SC - Mead Lover's Digest #689, 3 August 1998


Hello! Thought y'all might be interested in this.



>From: mead-request at talisman.com


>Subject: Re: Commercial Meaderies

>From: Dan McFeeley <mcfeeley at keynet.net>

>Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 09:41:46 -0500

>On Fri, 24 Jul 1998, in MLD 688, Alex (Sparrow) queried:

>>A friend recently asked if there were any commercial meaderies in the

>>US. I know that I have seen a list posted here a while back, but can't

>>seem to find it in any of my files. Would anyone out there know where I

>>could find a copy of that list out on the net?

>This is the corrected and revised directory of Meaderies which I posted a

>few MLD's back.  The original listing was taken from the August 1996 issue

>of _Inside Mead_ and has been substantially updated, thanks to Jim Brangan

>who was kind enough to provide the notes from his own meadery research.

>Also thanks to Steve Holat, Bruce Morrison and Bruce Stevens for their help.

>If anyone sees any need for further revision or has other meaderies that

>need to be added to the list, let me know by private e-mail and I'll make

>the needed corrections/additions.  As always, none of the below is intended

>as an endorsement.

>Dan McFeeley

>mcfeeley at keynet.net

>- -----------------------------------------------------------------------

>                   MEADERY DIRECTORY

>                    April 1, 1998


>Anderson's Orchard & Winery       Bell Arbre Winery

>430 E. US Hwy                      Ken Buckner

>Valpariso, IN 46383               3204 116th Ave NE

>(219) 464-4936                    Bellevue, WA  98004

>                                  (800) 313-2794

>                                  (206) 827-7689

>White Winter Winery               Linganore Winecellars

>402 South George St               13601 Glissens Mill Rd

>PO Box 636                        Mt. Airy,  MD  21771-8595

>Iron River, WI  54847              (310)831-5889

>Toll Free: 800-697-2006                   (410) 795-6432

>(715) 372-5656                    www.linganore-wine.com

>email: goodmead at win.bright.net

>Spurgeon Vineyards & Winery       Camas Winery

>Rt 1                              110 S. Main St.

>Box 201 Highland, WI  53543       Moscow, ID 83843

>(608) 929-7692

>Labeille Honey Winery             Chatham Winery

>638 So. Main St.                  Rt 28

>Stowe, VT  05672                 The Cornfield

>(802) 253-2929                    Chatham, MA  02633

>email: blachere at together.net      (508) 945-0300

>ADK Productions, Inc.              Alaskan Mead Co.

>Daniel Kassa                       David Snow/James Jensen

>5645Q General Washington Drive     5915 Lake Otis Pkwy

>Alexandria, VA  22312              Anchorage, AK  99507

>703-750-1056                       (Did not respond to mail;

>800-967-9957                      not listed in phone book.)

>"As You Like It" Meadery           Bargetto Winery

>362-370 Main St                    Paul Woffard, Winemaker

>Fitchburg, MA 01420                3535 N. Main St.

>(508) 345-6407                     Soquel, CA 95073

>                                   (408) 475-2258

>Berrywine Plantation               Betterbee Meadery

>Lucille Aellen                     Wayne Thygesen

>13601 Glissan's Mill Rd            Bob Stevens

>Mt. Airy, MD 21771-8599            RR 4 Box 4070, Meader Rd

>301-831-5889                       Greenwich, NY 12834

>                                   1-800-MEADERY

>Earle Winery                              Coventree Meadery

>John & Esther Earle                John Zeron

>Rd 1, Box 246                      29 Askirk Pl

>Tucker Hill Rd                     Newark, DE 19702-6000

>Locke, NY 13092                    302-832-0437

>607-898-3012                       www.grovenet.com/coventree

>                                   email: coventree at grovenet.com

>Fred's Mead Company                Honeymoon Meadery

>Fred Buhl                          Patti Williams & Thomas Swetland

>3009 SW Archer Rd #E8              43 Conistown Rd #2

>Gainesville, FL  32608-1875        Roslindale, MA  02131

>(352) 377-3376                     (617)769-7607

>HoneyRun Honey Co                  Inn Wines

>John & Amy Hasle                   Dick Phaneuf

>Box 3172                           4 Elm St

>Chico, CA,  95928                  Hatfield, MA  01038-9708

>916-345-6405                       (413) 247-5175


>email: honeyrun at honeyrun.com

>Lakewood Vineyards                 Life Force Honey & Winery

>Christopher Stamp                  1193 Saddle Ridge Rd

>4024 SR 14                         Moscow, ID  83843

>Watkins Glen, NY 14891             208-882-9158

>607-535-9252                       800-497-8258

>email: LVwinery at aol.com            www.evs.com/lifeforc/lfhome.html

>Little Hungary Farm Winery         Mountain Meadows Mead

>Frank Androczi                     Ron Lunder

>Rt 6, POB 323                      12 Third Street

>Buckhannon, WV  26201              Westwood, CA  96137

>304-472-6634                       916-256-3233

>Oliver Winery                      Pirtle's Weston Vineyards

>Bill & Kathleen Oliver             Elbert & Trisha Pirtle

>8024 Hwy 37                        502 Spring St, PO Box 247

>Bloomington, IN                    Weston, MO  64098

>812-876-5800                       816-640-5728

>email:woliver at kiva.net             email: patriciapirtle at sprintmail.com

>Rocky Mountain Meadery             Volcano Winery

>Fred & Connie Strothman            PO Box 843

>3701 G Rd                          Volcano, HI  96785

>Palisade, CO  81526                808-967-7479



>Cuthills Vineyards                 Bartlett Maine Estate Winery

>Ed Swanson                         RR1, Box 598

>RR2, Box 210                       Gouldsboro,ME 04607

>Pierce, NE 68767                   (207) 546-2408

>(402) 329-6774

>Cask & Hive Winery

>PO Box 275

>155 Norris Hill Rd.

>Monmouth ,ME 04259

>(207) 933-WINE


>Le Rucher Bernard Bee Bec           Ferme apicole Desrochers D

>& Assoc des hydromeliers du         Marie-Claude Dupuis &

>Que'bec                             Claude Desrocher

>Diane Rice & Bernard Blache're      113, ran 2 Gravel

>152, rue Principale                 Ferme Neuve, Qc

>Beebe Plain, Qc                     CANADA  J0W  1C0

>CANADA J0B 1 E0                     819-587-3471


>Intermiel                           London Winery

>Christian & Viviane Macle           540 Wharncliffe Rd, S

>10291, chemin La Fresnie're         London, ON

>St-Benoit (Mirabel), Qc             CANADA N6J 2N5

>CANADA J0N 1K0                      519-686-8431


>Muse'e de l'Abeille &               Les Vins Mustier Gerzer

>Les Ruchers Promiel, Inc            Ge'rald He'naul

>8862, Blvd Ste-Anne                 3299, route 209

>Chateau-Richer, Qc                  St-Antoine Abbe, Qc

>CANADA G0A N0                       CANADA J0S 1E0

>(418) 824-4411                      (514) 826-4609

>Les Entreprises Prince-             Rucher Les Saules

>Leclerc                             Patrick & Ste'phane Vanier

>239, chemin Haut de la              27, chemin Saxby Nord

>Paroisse                            Saxby Corner, Granby, Qc

>St-Agapit, Qc                       CANADA J2G 8C7

>CANADA G0S 1Z0                      514-372-3403


>Rucher Tete en Fleurs

>CP 222

>St Anaclet, Qc


>UK                                     IRELAND

>Palace Meade                       Bunratty Mead

>Hatfield, UK                       County Bunratty

>SCOTLAND                           Ty Brethyn Meadery

>                                   Llangollen,

>Highland Wineries                  Clwd

>Moniac Castle                      North Wales

>Inverness                          www.data-wales.co.uk

>FRANCE                                         COSTA RICA

>JC Daval                            La Abejita Ltd

>P Gouedard                          Apartado Postal 783Frederico Alvarodo

>A Lozachmeur                       1100 Tibas, COSTA RICA

>B Lancelot

>(no addresses available)


>Bartholomew's Meadery               Mount Vincent Mead

>RMB 1067A South Coast Hwy                  Jane Nevell

>Denmark 6333                       Common Road

>WESTERN AUSTRALIA                          Mudgee, NSW 2850

>098 40 9349                         AUSTRALIA


>                                   Havill's Mazer Mead

>Benrose Estate Wines               Leon Havill

>Box 9804                           Plasketts Rd, Fernside

>Wellington                         Rangiora Rd 1

>NEW ZEALAND                        NEW ZEALAND

>Fax 64-4-5651056



>Lietuviskas Midus

>Traku gatve 9


>Prienu raj.

>Lietuva (Lithuania)

>Lietuviskas midus means "Lithuanian mead",  Traku gatve means "Trakai

>street", Stakliskes is the town, and Prienu raj. means "Prienai Region".

>also from Bruce Stevens  <meadman at caskandhivewinery.com> . . .

>>Lastly there is also a meadery in VT now run by Bernard Blachere and

>>Diane Rice of Le Rucher BBB etc in QC called L'Abeille.  It's on Rt 100

>>in Stowe Village Vt just before the Mt Mansfield Canoe Co as you come

>>into town can't find the address at present but ........add em to the

>>list and we'll be up to speed as far as I know.




From: Syndee B <syndee at netscape.com>

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Looking For Mead Source For NJ Wedding

Date: Thu, 20 Aug 1998 09:48:32 -0700


Eileen Smith wrote:


> I am looking for a yum meader out there who can supply our Oct.31,98

> New Jersey wedding with this drink of the God's. At least enough for a

> toast for about 100 people.

> Eileen

> http://www.whiterosepath.com


Two places that I would try are Rocky Mountain Meadery



and White Winter Winery. http://www.whitewinter.com/


I've got an order placed with white winter and have had several people

reccomend them to me. I've also had others reccommend rocky mountain.





From: georg <it's.thegeorg at servtech.com>

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Looking For Mead Source For NJ Wedding

Date: Thu, 20 Aug 1998 15:30:44 -0400


Eileen Smith wrote:

> I am looking for a yum meader out there who can supply our Oct.31,98

> New Jersey wedding with this drink of the God's. At least enough for a

> toast for about 100 people.


Another option,

Earle Estates Meadery

3586 Route 14

Himrod, NY 14842

Phone: 607.243.9011   FAX: 607.898.5709

E-mail Address: earle at lightlink.com

Internet Address: http://www.meadery.com



non ani sunt permittendi



Date: Tue, 27 Oct 1998 10:21:13 -0700 (MST)

From: grasse at mscd.edu

Subject: Re: SC - mead


Here in Colorado we have the Rocky Mountain Meadery (sp?) sorry no web site

- - I looked.  They brew great mead and sell commercially.  Most of theirs

are named after the Arthurian folks (Arthur is a bit dry, Gwenevere is

sweet...) but they also make fruit meads that I adore.  The local liquor

stores carry their product, don't know if you can find them in the east...

but if you can get some.

I dont know if they can ship product, but here is contact information.


Rocky Mountain Meadery

          3701 G Rd

          Palisade, CO 81526-8614







Date: Sun, 1 Nov 1998 19:10:34 +1030

From: miche at merlin.net.au (Michelle)

Subject: SC - Re: Commercial Mead - Australia


In Australia I'd like to add Maxwell's mead to the list.

Made in McLaren Vale in South Australia, Maxwells' Winery has one wall

which had been turned into a glass-fronted hive so you can actually see

them at work :)


But they make three meads, plain, spiced and liquer.





Date: Tue, 3 Nov 1998 20:51:46 +1100

From: "Phillippa Venn-Brown" <p.vbrown at tsc.nsw.edu.au>

Subject: Re: SC - Re: Commercial Mead - Australia


> In Australia I'd like to add Maxwell's mead to the list.

> Made in McLaren Vale in South Australia, Maxwells' Winery has one wall

> which had been turned into a glass-fronted hive so you can actually see

> them at work :)

> But they make three meads, plain, spiced and liquer.



Further to Australian Mead (Commercial)


The Maxwell's mead is the one Berengaria mentioned a few days ago but

couldn't remember the name of.


I would like to add a couple of personal favourites.


Up in the granite belt in northern New South Wales is a town called

Stanthorpe. It contains many vineyards, one of which is the "Old Castle"

winery. The winemaker there produces a liqueur mead which is to die for. If

you are eager to try it find someone coming over from east coast Lochac

(Armidale, Brisbane between those areas) and chat them up to see if they

will provide/bring a bottle over for you.


the other meadery is "Taverner's" and is in Tasmania, about an hour from

Hobart (Ynys Fawr). They produce a range of meads including Good Ale mead

(as the name implies an ale that is honey based) Lots of bubbles and a very

refreshing drop. They also produce a method champagnoise style which is

very light and fruity as well as the run of the mill flat sweet, dry,

spiced and liqueur variations. If you can find them give them a try.


In the UK there is also a producer (or used to be) that specialised in

meads and 'country wines' e.g. elderberry, dandelion, borage, peach,

strawberry etc. They are called Merrydown and are from around Hastings in

Sussex. As they exported to 'the colonies' (i.e. Australia) they may also

be available in the U.S.


Happy hunting and imbibing

Filippa Ginevra.



From: Sandy.Woodhouse at ec.gc.ca

To: ldegraff at telusplanet.net

Cc: stefan at florilegium.org

Subject: Canadian Mead Source

Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2001 10:55:35 -0500


Greetings unto the gentle searching for a source of Mead in Canada;


I suggest you go to your local liquor board (one that sells vintages) and

request that they order (if they don't already carry it)Moniac Mead.  This

is a mead brewed in Scotland and imported to Canada. It is made from heather

and thistle honey and is absolutely wonderful!  It runs about $18-$20/L. I

purchase it at the LCBO in Ontario.  I am assuming that your liquor store

can order it just as easily but I am afraid I don't have the ID number for

it.  Good luck in your search.


Seonag nicThomais

mka Sandy Woodhouse  



Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2001 13:51:36 -0500

To: stefan at texas.net

From: Jane Boyko <jboyko at magma.ca>

Subject: [E_LIST] Canadian mead vendors


Stefan, sorry for posting to you privately but I deleted your mead posting

for gentleman looking for Canadian Meaderies.  I posted that message to the

e-list in Ontario (Ealdomere) and here are some results.  As you can see

both this good gentle and myself managed to not keep the gentleman's email

address. Can you forward this onto him?




>Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2001 18:38:39 +0000 (GMT)

>From: Streonwold Wulfesbana <streonwold at yahoo.co.uk>

>Subject: [E_LIST] Canadian mead vendors

>To: e-list <e_list at ealdormere.sca.org>

>I don't recall who posted looking for Canadian meadery

>info, so I can't cc to the person who originally

>requested it, but maybe this will find its way back to

>them.  I found this via a Google web search, using

>"meadery, canada" as key words:



>Le Rucher Bernard Bee Bec

>& Assoc des hydromeliers du


>Diane Rice & Bernard Blache're

>152, rue Principale

>Beebe Plain, Qc



>Ferme apicole Desrochers D

>Marie-Claude Dupuis & Claude Desrocher

>113, ran 2 Gravel

>Ferme Neuve, Qc




>Christian & Viviane Macle

>10291, chemin La Fresnie're

>St-Benoit (Mirabel), Qc



>London Winery

>540 Wharncliffe Rd, S

>London, ON



>Muse'e de l'Abeille &

>Les Ruchers Promiel, Inc

>8862, Blvd Ste-Anne

>Chateau-Richer, Qc


>(418) 824-4411

>Les Vins Mustier Gerzer

>Ge'rald He'naul

>3299, route 209

>St-Antoine Abbe, Qc


>(514) 826-4609

>Les Entreprises Prince-Leclerc

>239, chemin Haut de la


>St-Agapit, Qc



>Rucher Les Saules

>Patrick & Ste'phane Vanier

>27, chemin Saxby Nord

>Saxby Corner, Granby, Qc



>Rucher Tete en Fleurs

>CP 222

>St Anaclet, Qc


>and, additionally, from:


>Rush Creek Wineries                                   

>R R #2 Aylmer, Ontario                                                         

>N5H 2R2 Canada                                       

>Telephone: (519)773-5432          

>Fax: (519)773-5431                                       

>rushcreek at amtelecom.net

>I haven't tried any of them, so no recommendations,

>but some of them might be available and worth the tasting.


>Streonwold Wulfesbana (mka Steve Benetti)



To: spca-wascaerfrig at yahoogroups.com

From: PBLoomis at aol.com

Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2001 13:52:42 EST

Subject: Re: [spca-wascaerfrig] Re: [SCA_Brew] Re: US Commercial brewers of mead


In a message dated 12/9/01 5:48:38 PM Central Standard Time, stefan at texas.net


> Scotti forwarded a message giving two commercial meaderies in the US.


    Actually that was an edited version, giving just the ones that are in

states where I know SPCA members live. Below is the entire list.




Here is a list of U.S. commercial meaderies that I post from time

to time on the Mead Lovers Digest.  Lots of good meadmakers on

this list!


Dan McFeeley

mcfeeley at keynet.net





Bargetto Winery             Heidrun Meadery

Paul Woffard, Winemaker         55 Ericson Court, Suite 4

3535 N. Main St.            Arcata, CA 95521

Soquel, CA 95073            (707) 825-8748

(408) 475-2258              fax (707) 825-8739

                    1- 877- HEIDRUN (1-877-434-3786)

                    info at heidrunmeadery.com



HoneyRun Honey Co           Mountain Meadows Mead

John & Amy Hasle            Ron Lunder & Peggy Fulder - Meadmakers

Box 3172                12 Third Street

Chico, CA, 95928            Westwood, California  96137-1199

916-345-6405                phone 530.256.3233

www.des-chico.com/~honeyrun     fax   530.256.3234





Redstone Meadery            Rocky Mountain Meadery

4700 Pearl Street, unit 2A      Fred & Connie Strothman

Boulder, Colorado  80301        3701 G Rd

720-406-1215                Palisade, CO 81526




Stoney Mesa Winery

P.O. Box 966

1619 2125 Drive

Cedaredge, CO 81413

(970) 856-7572






Coventree Meadery

John Zeron

29 Askirk Pl

Newark, DE 19702-6000



email: coventree at grovenet.com





Fred's Mead Company

Fred Buhl

6024 N.W. 54th Terrace

Gainesville, FL 32653-3344


Fred's Mead Company World Corporate Headquarters:

(352) 381-9003

Toll-free: 1-877-886-9472





Volcano Winery

PO Box 843

Volcano, HI 96785







Life Force Honey & Winery

1193 Saddle Ridge Rd

Moscow, ID 83843







Anderson's Orchard & Winery         Oliver Winery

430 E. US Hwy               Bill & Kathleen Oliver

Valpariso, IN 46383             8024 Hwy 37

(219) 464-4936              Bloomington, IN

www.andersonsvineyard.com       812-876-5800

                    email:woliver at kiva.net





Bartlett Maine Estate Winery        Cask & Hive Winery

RR1, Box 598                PO Box 275

Gouldsboro, ME 04607            155 Norris Hill Rd.

(207) 546-2408              Monmouth, ME 04259

                    (207) 933-WINE





Berrywine Plantation              

Lucille Aellen              

Linganore Winecellars

13601 Glissens Mill Rd

Mt. Airy, MD 21771-8595

(310) 831-5889

(410) 795-6432






Minnesota Wild Winery           WineHaven Winery and Vineyard

69 Airport Blvd.            9757 292nd Street

McGregor, MN 55760          Chisago City, MN 55013

(218) 768-4917              Phone/Fax (651) 257-1017

                    info at winehaven.com






Pirtle's Weston Vineyards

Elbert & Trisha Pirtle

502 Spring St, PO Box 247

Weston, MO 64098







Cuthills Vineyards

Ed Swanson

RR2, Box 210

Pierce, NE 68767

(402) 329-6774




New Jersey


SABA TEJ (Organic Honey Wine) Co.

15 Park Avenue

Rutherford, New Jersey 07070

Tel. 1-888-772-2283 or 201 438 9994 Fax 201 438 9994

E-mail axumtej at worldnet.att.net



New Mexico


Bees Brothers Winery

619 Nowicki Lane SW

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

1-505-452-3191 answering machine

1-505-452-3192 fax

web site under construction at beesbrothers.com


Bill Smith owner

Rick Hogan meadmaker



New York


Earle Estates Meadery           Lakewood Vineyards

John & Esther Earle             Christopher Stamp

3586 Rt. 14                 4024 SR 14

Himrod, New York            Watkins Glen, NY 14891

14842                   607-535-9252

www.meadery.com             www.lakewoodvineyards.com





Jilbert Winery

1496 Columbia Rd.

Valley City, Ohio







Chateau Lorane

27415 Siuslaw River Road / PO Box 47

Lorane, OR 97451

(541) 942-8028






Smokehouse Winery

John Hallberg & Jen Cable, proprietors.

10 Ashby Rd.,

Sperryville, VA 22740.

Phone: 540-987-3194. Fax: 540-987-8189.

Website: www.smokehousewinerybnb.com.

E-mail: smokehouse at tidalwave.net.





Ambrosia by Kristy Meadery      Sky River Brewing

4921 85th Ave West          32533 Cascade View Drive

University Place, WA 98467      P.O. Box 869

(253) 307-5156              Sultan, WA 98294

http://www.wa.net/~ambrosia/       (360)793-6761




West Virginia


Little Hungary Farm Winery

Frank Androczi

Rt 6, POB 323

Buckhannon, WV 26201






Spurgeon Vineyards & Winery         White Winter Winery

Rt 1                    402 South George St

Box 201 Highland, WI 53543      PO Box 636

(608) 929-7692              Iron River, WI 54847

www.spurgeonvineyards.com       Toll Free: 800-697-2006

                    (715) 372-5656

                    sales at whitewinter.com






La Buena Vida Vineyards

416 E College Street

Grapevine, TX

(817) 481-9463



Date: Sun, 3 Aug 2003 11:55:44 -0400

From: "Jeanne" <jeanne at atasteofcreole.com>

Subject: [Sca-cooks] Mead - Honey Wine - honey wine - Honey -


To: "Ansteorra Cooks" <sca-cooks at ansteorra.org>,      "Merry Rose Tavern"

      <atlantia at atlantia.sca.org>







Date: Fri, 02 Jan 2004 11:54:18 -0800

From: Susan Fox-Davis <selene at earthlink.net>

Subject: Re: [Sca-cooks] a cooking club

To: Cooks within the SCA <sca-cooks at ansteorra.org>


>...wish I could get my hand on a bottle of meade.


White Winter Meadery   www.whitewinter.com


Commercial mead that I consider worth feeding to SCAdians and outsiders



Selene Colfox



From the FB " Medieval & Renaissance Cooking and Recipes" group:


Glitter Twin


If you are looking for braggots, look no further than Rabbits Foot Meadery


Doug Davis

Redstone Mead is good. I have a six year old bottle of Lindisfarne Mead. I can't get anymore cause the distributor quit selling it and that meadery won't sell outside the UK.


<the end>

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