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Vodka-art - 10/18/06


"Vodka-The Little Water of Life" by Marija Kotok.


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Vodka-The Little Water of Life

by Marija Kotok


Experts argue that vodka first appeared in Russ between 1398 and the early 1400's. It is believed that in the late 1400's  Vodka began to be distilled in Russia! It originally was brought in for medincinal purposes. <I know you're all laughing at that. But it really was. It was known as Aqua Vitae!



1398 Introduction of Vodka to Russ & Slav


Early 1400's cottage production


1462-1505 Grand Prince Ivan III forbade production of strong spirits


1533 Tsar Ivan IV <the terrible> built the first kabak "bar" for his oprichniny "palace guard" in Moscow. But public drunkenness could get a prison term.


1584 Tsar Fyodor led a drive to destroy all the kabaks.


1598  Boris Godunov seeing the financial value of vodka led a movement build kabaks and even allow people to purchase for take out.


Early 1600's  By this time every small town had its own kabak.  Often called a Kruzhechny dvor or tankard courtyard.


1613 Tsar Mikhail  tried to enforce a brief prohibition due to drunkenness. He tore down many kabaks and tried to limit the drinking to the few kabaks left.


1645 Tsar Alexis reinstituted allowing at least one kabak in every town. And made laws about liquor only being produced by the state. In his famous Law Code of 1649. After this private production was punished brutally. All money from sales of Vodka went directly to the royal coffers.


And  now you should know in what periods a person could or could not drink in public. And when they could legally make their own. Or drop into the local kabak for a nip!  Hopefully this will help with period inappropriate drinking embarrassment.


Now you have all the time facts straight here is a web address for Vodkaphiles Recipes. They have food  and some medicinals listed. Now go have a good time with your Vodka! http://www.vodkaphiles.com/recipes1.cfm


"One charka for your health, the other, for feeling nice, the third, for a quarrel!"




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