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chariot-arch-msg - 9/22/18


Chariot archery in the SCA and period.


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From the fb "Quivers and Quarrels" group.


Michael Cain


Horse and cart archery this weekend at baroness' war


Sharon Gray

In Meridies we are just doing this for fun as a demo. There just happens to be several of us who compete mundanely in the sport of Combined Driving who will be at Fools War. We are using our mundane "war wagons" which have a step on the back to shoot from. So equipment and harness are totally modern. Period harness and chariots are actually not terribly safe and I don't recommend it. Hmmmm...but that could be an article. Why you shouldn't try to replicate period harness and chariots!


Kathleen Haak

There are a lot of similarities between the basic structure of the battle 'chariots' of Ur and today's marathon vehicles. I'm slowly working on an article about that for The Carriage Journal. One of the biggest differences being the full fifth wheel, which didn't come around until the very end of SCA time. :)


Kat B

also breeching. Like riding, there are a couple things that are worth anachronizing for safety, but as long as the horse can drive safely, cart archery should be as safe or safer than mounted. When I was active in Atlantia & EK (~5 years ago) there was interest, but far too few skilled drivers and no marshalls in my area willing to do it (I marshalled, and drove, but was new to both and that's a bad call)


Michael Cain

In An Tir I started this four or five years ago to get more people involved with equestrian. Jessica Richardson suggested doing the mounted games from chariot. It's been a blast. I know other kingdoms are doing it too. Not everyone can do mounted archery. Although Becky Northaven. Was kind enough to let me shoot off of her camel Eli. Carts and chariots are a great way to get folks involved.


Crystal Lin Smithwick

There was chariot archery at 50th year. It was one of the most popular activities. The chariots walk. trotted a path and the archers shot. There was a line and it made us giggle, "you must be this tall to shoot".


Amy Rose


Here is the chariot my husband made, the red shafts, wheels and axles are from a previous cart. The floor is made of 2x4's and plywood. The walls are bottom and top pieces made of 2x4's and skinned in thin plywood. They are sturdy enough to lean on. For both the driver and archer. A seat can be added for the driver if needed. Overall a very sturdy chariot that has been in use for about 5 years now.


There is a flag pole near the front that marks the forward point the archer may aim to keep horse and driver safe. The field is laid out with a 100' lane with flags at each end. Just like with mounted archery the archer may not shoot before or after those flags.


We usually go at a walk for a few rounds before trying a trot with this 12.2hh pony.


I thought it was a bad idea, but it's not as rough as I thought it would be and some people love it. It's also a great way to get archers and equestrians to interact. The archer wins points, the driver is just the driver. (usually)


For a normal modern cart, the archer sits and turns sideways. Using an attached flag pole (usually bamboo, tied or taped on to the frame) as a marker. The drivers help remind the archers of the rules if needed.


When we did many rounds with many people at 50 year, we had the carts going in a large circle. Pick up archer, go through the archery lane, then trade out archers. (unless we did multiple rounds with each archer before trading) A marshal at the gate, and a marshal on the inside of the circle by the beginning of the lane to signal when the next cart could go and both being aware of the entire arena worked out.



He's 6'5" so the cart is a bit bigger than it looks. The pony is shetland and haflinger.


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