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Robn-Hood-Sht-art - 3/27/18


"The Robin Hood Shoot" by THL Deryk Archer.


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First published in the March 2017 issue of The Æthelmearc Gazette.


The Robin Hood Shoot

by THLord Deryk Archer


This month's On Target is the Robin Hood shoot, or "Shootin in da hood." In this shoot, archers are trying to "split" a cardboard arrow inserted in the gold center of the target. It's been a long time since I've seen this shot on any range, so here are some easy tips to build it.


I found some 1-1/4" diameter cardboard tubes, glued them end to end to make a cylinder about 4-5" long, wrapped them up with some white duct tape, and added electrical tape to look like the crest of an arrow.  Next I super-glued some feathers on it to look like fletching.



While waiting for the glue to dry, you can make a homemade compass. I drew two circles, one inside the other.



I prefer to hand paint this target instead of using a modern target because it gives it a more period look.



Next, cut six more sheets of cardboard to the same size as the target face. Drill holes in the corners and zip tie it all together. Zip ties are faster because you don't have to wait for glue to dry. In addition, glue makes the cardboard harder and less arrow- friendly.


Now that the cardboard is all zip-tied together, take a 1-1/4" inch spade bit or a gouge and cut a hole through the center of the gold, going through all six sheets of cardboard.



Now, insert the cardboard arrow into the hole. It should be a snug fit. If you want, you can glue or tape the cardboard arrow to the cardboard target face. Make sure the cardboard arrow projects no more than 3" from the target face. You don't want it to stick out more than that, because some archers may be using crossbows, and crossbow bolts are much shorter than regular length arrows. If someone split the cardboard arrow with a crossbow bolt, you would have to take the target completely apart to get the crossbow bolt out.



This should be an all-day shoot because you're going for a "dead center hit." If you have a tie at the end of the day, give each archer 6 shots, awarding 10 points for dead center, five points for the gold ring, and one point for the black ring.



'Til next month, in service

THL Deryk Archer



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