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Arch-H-Gntlet-art - 12/23/13


"Archer's Half Gauntlet" by The Honorable Lord Jochen Schwalbe.


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Archer's Half Gauntlet
by The Honorable Lord Jochen Schwalbe


This Half Gauntlet Pattern is a modification of a standard heavy Half Gauntlet for the specific purpose of use by combat archers. It is intended to be easy to make with a minimum of tools and expertise (I use split pin rivets for the whole thing), be light and easy to use with a bow.


Note the cuff is sized for a small wrist, should you have a larger hand simply extend the ends to fit. Keep in mind that you have to allow for padding!


Step 1


Trace the pieces in your preferred metal and cut out (you will be making a left and right hand so flip the pattern pieces as appropriate). Should you be using 1.2mm mild or stainless I strongly recommend rolling the back edge of the cuff. I usually chase a line down the middle for aesthetics. Drill holes where marked.


Step 2


Roll the cuff to the point where you can place a rivet on the back edge (I usually use a split pin leather rivet for this, In fact, I use split pin rivets for the whole Gaunt)


Step 3


Cut a strip of leather 30-40mm wide to a length that will fit snugly inside the cuff (use leather approximately 3mm thick). You may wish to sew the ends together to form a band, or strategically place it such that the cuff and the thumb plate hold the ends together. Mark Holes in this band, punch and rivet this band in place on the inside of the cuff. Most of the width of this band should be protruding from the cuff.


Step 4


Shape the wrist plate to fit the back of your hand (just roll it gently). Line the middle hole up with the chase line and punch holes in the leather band. Attach this piece with TWO rivets only, the third one, labeled "strap" will be done later!


Step 5


Shape (with some gentle dishing) the thumbplate and line it up such that it covers the back of your thumb when your hand is in place. Mark the leather band, punch holes and rivet on.


Step 6


Cut out 6mm closed cell foam to go on the inside of the thumbplate, wristplate and leather. Covering this in fabric is a really good idea since the foam lasts longer, breaths a bit and looks much nicer!


Step 7


Place the foam in the gaunt and cut straps to go over the palm of your hand and around your thumb. Use thin leather cut to a comfortable thickness (typically 20mm). Punch holes to line up with the holes in the metal.


Step 8


Rivet the palm and thumb straps in place, This is where you put in that last rivet to secure the band with the wrist plate. Glue the padding in place.


Enjoy your shooting.
Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me via E-mail at
tony_swallow at hotmail.com .


Your Humble Landsknecht

      Jochen Schwalbe



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