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umbrellas-msg - 10/30/16


Period and SCA umbrellas. For sun and rain.


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Date: Wed, 28 May 1997 02:00:43 +0000

From: "Gwyn A. Carnegie" <gcarnegi at mail2.quiknet.com>

To: sca-arts at raven.cc.ukans.edu

Subject: Re: Umbrellas?


On 23 May 97 at 11:09, Debra Timmerman wrote concerning Umbrellas? :

> I would prefer to avoid sun burns plus would enjoy  the advantage of portable

> shade, I'm considering the purchase of a sun  umbrella.

>  I've only been in the SCA a shortwhile, but I have seen individuals carrying

>  cloth or paper umbrellas. Is there any period basis for this? I value

>  comfort, yes, but I'd also like to stay within the time frame.

> Liadain ni Sheanachain


Hi Liadain;


There are two articles I can direct you to off the top of my head.


" The Umbrella as an Emblem of Dignity and Power"  and "From the

History of the Umbrella and the Sunshade" by A. Varron .  These can be

found in the Ciba review.  I don't have the volume numbers but the pages are

1510 to 1525 and the journal runs it's page numbers continueous so you

should be able to find them fairly easily.


[This is in volume 42 - ed]


In "Il Libro del Sarto" ( The Italian Tailors Manual) there is a rendering of a

man in armor riding a horse with a heavy umbrella with fringe! The first

folding umbrella I've seen is in an engraving from the travel book by Johann

Theodor and Johann Israel de Bry, 1598. I'm sure I can find more if I set my

mind to it.  


They don't seem to be like our modern folding umbrellas.  There is no wire

inside.  All the parts seem to be wooden and they are covered with heavy fabrics

and not paper.  The handles are real long and heavy too.  Mistress Sir Hilary of

Serendip had a fantastic umbrella for years that was large-ish and covered with

brochade. The handle extend so that she could rest it on the ground and stand under it at court.  I remember thinking that that was the coolest thing I'd ever seen.


Also, from what I can find so far, umbrellas were popular in the sixteenth  

century in Italy and Spain and are not used in France, Germany (urumph!! ; - ),

and England.  There are religious reasons given as the basis for the difference.

Does anyone have any of the details on this?


Gwyn Carnegie         Sacramento, Ca


Dame Gwyndolynn Anne the Obscure, OL



From the fb "SCA Garb" group:


Shani Izabella Filiatrault


So, I know it's more an accessory than actual grab, but I don't know where to ask. Is there any period that embroidered parasols?


Lisa Joseph

Parasol are period for ancient Rome and Silk Road cultures. They didn't come back into fashion in Europe until the 17th century, having been rediscovered through trade contacts in the Far East.


I have a Japanese persona and I can't document personal parasols - the images I have found so far tell me I would need a retainer to follow me about and shade me with it.


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